Leadership Training – Master NLP and Become a Student Magnet
4.1 (10 ratings)
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1,378 students enrolled
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Leadership Training – Master NLP and Become a Student Magnet

The Leadership Skills and Training - ‘influence tactics’ to boost your powers of influence with NLP - Radiate Authority
4.1 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,378 students enrolled
Created by Dan Pers
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Increase Your Persuasiveness and Influence Skills
  • Use Secret Influence Tactics used by Great Speakers such as B. Obama or B. Clinton.
  • Increase Your Authority in the Eyes of Your Student
  • Attract More Students
  • Make Others Keep Actively Listening to You
  • Become Excellent in Public Speaking
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Leadership Skills – Master NLP and Become a Student Magnet - Increase Your Leadership

Just imagine becoming the GO-TO instructor whose students are not "just" students, but fans hungrily waiting for your next course.

Just imagine you can DOUBLE your impact on your students by appearing even more magnetic, more attractive, more influential. This can directly impact your sphere of influence let alone your sales.

Don't you know instructors or teachers you just desperately want to study with, because you know deep down their content is pure gold?

Perhaps you even thought to yourself - they are just great and "talented."

The truth might be, and usually is, quite the opposite. They study SECRET TECHNIQUES of VERBAL and NON-VERBAL INFLUENCE. When the master them more and more people start listening, responding and being absolutely mesmerized by their presence.

This is what NLP or Neuro Lingustic Programming can do for You.

Unlike many guides on this subjects, what you are about to discover is not a jumped-up list of 'useful phrases' that you can find elsewhere on the internet.

They are usually very superficial and don't really present with the depth you need to implement everything.

I won't tell you 'how to bend peoples' minds against their will within a minute'.' Instead it is a unique, detailed step-by-step guide to becoming truly magnetic in inspiring and show you how you can make it "flow" in your life as a trainer so you can brighten up the room build your authority and shine.

Think about what implications does it all have in terms of income, leadership and value.


I have been asked to train hundreds of businesses to help them ATTRACT more clients, SELL more and RETAIN their clients being paid thousands of dollars for the job showing them EXACTLY where to start and HOW to IMPLEMENT the PATTERNS and RE-SETTING their internal FRAMES of MIND.

Most resources on NLP put very little to no emphasis on the key element I cover thoroughly in the course. This element totally SEPARATES good Instructors and Trainers from the EXQUISITE ones.

Is it possible?

Sure, and in this guide I will show you – in detail – everything you need to know. Things like:

  • How to begin from scratch and quickly build your mind powers.
  • How to instantly copy the exact QUALITIES of the Instructor or thought Leader you admire
  • How to remove your internal blocks within days.
  • How to adjust your physiology to achieve the WOW Effect - Instant Authority
  • How to modulate your voice so that you appear mesmerizing like Barrack Obama or Bill Clinton (YES, we are conditioned to the voice patterns of Authority)
  • How to use SECRET influence patterns of Language and Intonation used by Martin Luther King or virtually 95% of the present day thought leaders and influencers
  • How to use the Power of Language patterns to start flipping the COIN and be seen as a person whose message and arguments REALLY stand.

I even give you a list of words to avoid, words which others use and fail so that you can now erase them from your vocabulary (OR use them on purpose).

I have removed all the Neuro Linguistic Jargon – no new words, everything is just plain and simple.

  • We will look at different communication styles (and go into detail about it).
  • I will share with you the powerful concept of CLEAN LANGUAGE (a powerful concept used by the top salesforce of every big company - APPLE, VIRGINMEDIA, MICROSOFT to communicate choice)
  • Plus lots of tricks of the trade that save valuable time and mark you out as a real pro

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone...
  • ...wanting to build your authority as a trainer
  • ...wanting to attract more students
  • ...interested in a long term strategy of attracting active students
  • ...wanting to really dig deep into NLP for Trainers and Leaders
  • ...interested in the HOW of Magnetically Influence with NLP
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Curriculum For This Course
58 Lectures
Introduction and Reasons for Honing the Persuasion and Influence Skills
3 Lectures 08:41

My name is Daniel Perskawiec and here is your chance to see me introducing the course on Persuasion and Influence for Trainers, Instructors and Teachers. You will increase your public speaking skills and be ready to stay in your students minds for a long time.

Preview 01:14

How to study soft skills, public speaking and persuasion skills . The "how" is very important.

Welcome and Housekeeping

Why persuasion and influence for trainers? We missed it completely at school. We were told to blindly listen instead of developing your public speaking skills . Time to catch up.

Why Persuasion and Influence
What Needs to be Done FIRST Before You Open Your Mouth
10 Lectures 30:36

Many definitions, one word. What is Rapport and why not getting this right can really damage your delivery skills. Get this right and your persuasion and influence skills will skyrocket.

Develop THIS and Increase Your Effectiveness Exponentially

Developing ALL 4 areas is crucial. You will be introduced to the CIRCLE of Rapport. How these 4 areas mutually complement each other.

Preview 02:28

Where does it all start from.This is what a lot of courses on persuasion and influence DON'T emphasize - and by the same token dimininish your results. Let's get this right.

Exquisite Teachers get this right from the start.

Buing...is acquiring something and exchanging your money/time/energy or resources for it. Being a trainer or a teacher you want to know this in order to persuade and influence.

What students REALLY buy - and it's not your product or service.

Examples and exercises. Let's rock n' roll. Become a great speaker by starting to apply these influence and public speaking concepts.

DO this now and you will start the ENGINE of Influence

How make the changes take place - You Road to Excellence

As above so below. This time you will influence inside out, not outside in. Surround yourself with the inner power of your skills. Yes, speaking in public involves "framing" your reality" in a certain way. What is in will come out and what will bounce back from the audience will go in.

What is your Outer Sphere of Influence and why you want to make it strong

Congruence Building Exercise - Become Magnetic and Irresistible

I can tell you what to do, I can tell you how to do it, what's the next step?

Preview 01:21

You are here because you want to study persuasion and influence . These are communication and public speaking skills . Contribute in the spirit of a hungry-to-learn individual and learn from the group,

Share Your Learning - Comment, Ask, Report
The Wheel and the Vehicle - the Verbal and Non-Verbal Rapport
5 Lectures 18:31

How to understand and start the process of influencing your students with what you are not saying. Sound confusing? Here is what I mean.. Public speaking is about public being, public doing and public having. It starts inside.

Non Verbal Communication - Powerful Rapport Building Tool

The Power of Non-Verbals - Redesign These Aspects of YOU

Decide what Impression you want to Give - your call

Words, phrases, sentences - influencing others with neurolinguistics. Does it work at all? If so, why and how?

Verbal Rapport - Why Language and Influence are Powerful Force Multipliers

Clean Language Verbal Rapport Building Exercise
Achieving Rapport without Words
4 Lectures 06:12

Non verbal rapport and what it consists of. What you need to understand as a trainer to increase access your persuasive self.

Preview 01:53

What are the aspects of you you wish them to notice about you... what else..?

Confidence Authority and Knowledge

Doing IC and Giving Yourself Feedback

Being Aware of your Voice in Public Speaking - Exercise
Your Students: Passive Perception and the Ways of Influencing it.
9 Lectures 21:05

Use this or loose them...Your students communicate in different languages even if all of you went to the same school...

Preview 01:58

Communication Styles in Depth

Your Visual Students

Your Auditory Sudents

Your Kinesthetic Students

Your Self Talkers and Exercises

How Different People Speak
1 page

More info and Notes on the Reps Systems
5 pages

These People Can't Get it - Help Needed
Non - Verbal Influence in Practice
8 Lectures 22:23
Non Verbal Practical Tips Introduction

Using words is one thing, BUT if you know what non-verbal strategies to fire off...you will keep them spellbound... wait... strategies of influence you say?

5 Non Verbal Patterns

Body Language Utilization in Rapport Building

The Covert Pattern of Great Speakers

Useful Tips for the Patterns

The PPL Pattern and its Structure

Examples PPL Pattern in Action

Intonational Influence
Neuro Language - Linguistic Influence in Action
4 Lectures 09:39

language is probably one of the most unconscious skills we have.., if you understand how it works it will allow you to create language patterns which will in turn make you super persuasive.

Neuro - Language and its Aspects

Why You Want to Master Neuro Language

Building Anticipation with Language

Ready to Use Language Patterns
2 Lectures 07:18

Language Patterns II and III
Lessons Learned
2 Lectures 10:19
Lessons Learned

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25 pages
11 Lectures 02:11:10
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About the Instructor
Dan Pers
4.1 Average rating
10 Reviews
1,378 Students
1 Course
Business Marketing and Persuasion Strategist

Using the principles he teaches Daniel went from zero to a successful internationally recognized influence trainer and coach. He combines a unique brand of ‘street smarts’ with heart. Daniel Perskawiec is the founder of Neurointelligence Institute, Belfast, United Kingdom, the fastest growing personal and corporate achievement company in the United Kingdom.

Pers is the author of several highly acclaimed courses such as the Excellent Mind Programme, Persuasion Engineering, Persuasion Plus and Selling Magically. Trained to the highest level, Daniel delivers Influence Skills trainings on all levels.

Dan’s ‘high-energy’ and ‘cut-to-the-chase style’ keeps his audience spellbound. He teaches using ‘breakthrough’ techniques in persuasion and high involvement, ‘accelerated learning’ strategies, so the participants learn faster, more effectively, remember more and most importantly achieve maximum results. The change in people is instantaneous and long lasting.

Dan's motto is “talk is cheap” and his unique ability is getting people to take action out in the real world to produce long lasting results.

Author of many publications and courses for entrepreneurs and business people on influence, NLP and facial microexpressions. Provides training and mentoring internationally in three languages. Daniel is passionate about people who find their way with drive, passion and excitement.