Assertiveness Mastery - Boost Your Confidence & Self-Esteem
4.6 (41 ratings)
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1,592 students enrolled
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Assertiveness Mastery - Boost Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

Communication Skills. Body Language. Stress Management. Meditation. Social Dynamics. Personal Development.
4.6 (41 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,592 students enrolled
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Massively enhance your assertiveness
  • Boost your confidence & self-esteem
  • Manage stress
  • Communicate effectively
  • Control your emotions
  • Say "No" in the right way
  • Manage your verbal and non-verbal message
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  • Relax
  • Open your mind
  • Absorb the knowledge
  • This course is written and presented by a medical doctor with 20 years' experience in self-improvement training, coaching and counseling.
  • It has been recorded and produced on a studio quality level.
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Have you ever had the feeling that others were not listening to you or were not reacting to the message you were conveying?

Do you find yourself agreeing to do something even though you feel the urge to refuse?

Would you like to stand up for your rights without degrading others? If so, you have come to the right place.

My name is Roy Naraine. I’m a medical doctor and an Award Winning Udemy Instructor with over 20 years of experience in self-improvement training. During this time I have helped an eclectic mix of corporate executives to boost their power of assertiveness.

In this course, I will take you on a journey to make you understand how to communicate in a strong and confident way.

  • You will learn how to control your emotions, manage your verbal and non-verbal message and influence others.
  • You will learn how to say No without embarrassing people or destroying their dignity.
  • By using the tools I provide, you will be able to improve your relationship with others and earn their respect and admiration.

However, you do not have to take my words for granted. We have included a number of free, preview videos. Watch them and confirm that the power of Assertiveness is the tool you need to improve the quality of your life. Enroll now and see you in the first section.

Thank you and all the best.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suitable for anyone, who wants to massively boost their assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem
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Curriculum For This Course
28 Lectures
First Steps
4 Lectures 10:30

Since you have enrolled for this course, it means that you yearn to get a greater insight into the power of assertive behavior. You will learn how your physical appearance, verbal and non-verbal language can boost your assertiveness. You will learn how to manage your emotions, control the conversation and exert influence on others. The quality of both your private and professional life will improve, thus allowing you to reach your goals. By acquiring the power of assertiveness, you will be able to manage your relationship with others and feel satisfaction during your interactions.

Preview 02:32

Please, post a discussion and share a story in which you lacked assertiveness. We will surely answer.

[Activity] Share a story when you lacked assertiveness

Assertiveness is the art of interacting with people so as to convey what is on your mind without abusing them or without feeling conscious stricken by your own behavior. It is the ability to grab the attention of the recipient and hold it long enough for your message to sink in and render the required results.
So, what is assertiveness?

Assertiveness is considered to be the point of balance between a passive and aggressive attitude.

Preview 03:57
The Benefits of Assertiveness
3 Lectures 10:58

People who lack assertiveness are engulfed with the feeling of anxiety and tension whenever they face uncomfortable situations.

Social Dynamics - Preserve a healthy mind, manage your relationship and emotions

People who have low self-esteem are liable to comply with others. This is because they do not believe in themselves. They are afraid of being criticized.
Take Control - Preserve your Integrity and regain your freedom

People who have developed the skill to be assertive are able to communicate effectively with others. They do not only listen to the spoken words, but also to the manner in which they are vocalized. They pay keen attention to the non-verbal signals that accompany the verbal message and are therefore able to decrypt the real meaning behind the verbal language.

Effective Communication - Allow others to express themselves
Body-Cure & Handshake
2 Lectures 08:07

Have you ever walked into a clothes shop without being properly groomed? You hair is rumpled, your clothes scruffy and your face is still suffering from a terrible hangover. No one would pay attention to you and if they did, it would be because they wanted to keep an eye on you. You approach the shop assistant, who looks down at you and treats you like a non-entity. The mere fact that you are not well-attired will make your shoulders slouch and you will walk and talk without confidence. You become the necessary evil in the shop and the workers are frustrated because you are destroying their good name. They are waiting impatiently for you to disappear.

Body-Cure Your Assertiveness - Emit an air of confidence and authority

When you introduce yourself the first time you usually give your name and business and reach out to shake hands. The introduction phase only lasts a few seconds and you need to get it right the first time.
The Power of The Handshake - The introduction phase only lasts a few seconds
The Verbal Message
5 Lectures 14:14

During your interaction with others, it is important to make them feel that you understand and respect their point of view. Understanding their approach to a problem or their way of thinking does not necessarily mean that you agree with them. However, it clearly shows them that you are tending towards mutual respect.

Preview 03:31

In order to increase your power of assertiveness, you need to display your readiness to take responsibility for your thoughts, understanding, judgement and behavior. This is where I statements come in handy.
The "I" Statements - Display your readiness to take responsibility

Assertiveness is the art of communicating with others in such a way that the message being sent is understood in exactly the same way as was intended. People have the tendency to conceal their real intentions or use complicated sentences to express themselves. This leads to confusion and misunderstanding, which in turn may lead to conflict in your relationship with others.
Be Clear and Concise - People have the tendency to conceal their real intentions

The essence of assertiveness is to be able to get your point across without losing control of yourself. After all, if you are a dignified person, it does not behoove you to lose your temper. You may find yourself in a situation where someone was trying to impose on you. In order to show that you are unyielding and make them understand that you really mean what you say, you need to use the broken record tactic.
The Broken Record - Get your point across without losing control of yourself

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Thank you and see you in the next video.

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The Art of Silence
2 Lectures 06:45

People find it unbearable to listen attentively during the conversation. Their impatience overcome them and as a result, they may do two things. They may bluntly interrupt you because they are too eager to get their point across. If this fails, they may spend their listening time trying to plan what they would be saying next.

Listen Before You Act - When two people are arguing - no one is listening

People who possess the power of assertiveness also know that silence can be used when they do not agree with others and at the same time consider it a waste of time to get into an unnecessary discussion.
Let Your Body Speak - Combine silence with the appropriate body language
Stress Management
3 Lectures 10:11
Stress is a normal defensive reaction to our fast-moving world of daily challenges, demands , juggling multiple responsibilities and back-stabbing. When the brain perceives an uncomfortable, difficult or threatening situation, a series of reaction take place to boost the secretion of adrenaline. This prepares us to fight or flee.
Eliminate The Stress Factors - Stress is a normal defensive reaction

A student of mine was permanently stressed at work because of a co-worker from the same office. This made her less productive and more passive. She claimed that her colleague was continually criticizing her for her performance at work and was unfriendly, sarcastic and condescending.

Change Your Attitude - A student of mine was permanently stressed at work

Everyone needs to relax and recharge their batteries. This allows us to regain our mental and physical equilibrium and repair the damage that stress has inflicted on both our body and mind. Meditation has a soothing effect on the brain, which remains for a long time after the meditation session.
Meditation - Recharge your batteries to regain mental and physical equilibrium
Nagging & Practice
2 Lectures 06:57
The majority of people today use nagging as a tool to make others change their behavior. They are deeply convinced that by underlining someone’s unacceptable behavior, they would trigger them into action to make changes.
Nagging - People use nagging as a tool to make others change their behavior

If you have reached this point, it means that you now have comprehensive knowledge of how to behave assertively. However, even though you understand how to assert your authority, your brain may still refrain from taking action.
Practice Makes Perfect - Practice, practice and practice!
Life Examples
3 Lectures 08:56
A few months ago, I travelled to Budapest with my family for a weekend getaway. I booked a cruise one day before the sightseeing tour along the Danube river as I knew that it would be difficult the next day to get a place on the boat.
Life Examples Part 1 - The security tag and the river cruise

After returning home from shopping, my wife realized that the packed cold cuts she had bought were stale and an unpleasant smell of rotten meat was slowly contaminating the atmosphere in the kitchen. I drove back to the shop and requested to speak to the manager.
Preview 05:12

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About the Instructor
Dr. Roy Naraine
4.3 Average rating
2,821 Reviews
32,480 Students
17 Courses
Medical Doctor, Coach, Award Winning Udemy Instructor

I graduated in the field of medicine in the year 1992. I have worked in various hospitals and outpatients' clinic. During the course of my studies, I became interested in the field of psychology. My profound knowledge of the function of the human brain allowed me to get better results when treating my patients.

For over twenty years I have been conducting self-improvement training, coaching sessions and counseling in international corporations. I have also worked as an interviewer in several companies and have been the personal adviser of many lucrative clients and company owners.

In addition, I possess a graduate certificate in the field of project management. This knowledge,combined with my experience in the field of psychology allows me to manage software projects for a Canadian company. As the program director I manage a multi-ethnic team of IT specialists.

My yearning to make the knowledge I possess available to everyone has driven me towards online education. Together with members of eNar Studio we are on our way to making this possible.

Adam Naraine
4.3 Average rating
2,984 Reviews
36,130 Students
20 Courses
CEO & Co-Founder at eNar Studio

I am an aspiring filmmaker and writer with many years of experience and a strong background in physics and computer science. At a very young age I became fascinated with movies and soon decided to connect my future with that area. My passion towards video production and desire to make high quality educational videos available to people all around the world has finally brought me to udemy, where I can reach millions.

In 2015 I co-founded eNar Studio and along with other founding members we began our journey towards becoming one of the best online educational businesses in the world.

Presently, at eNar Studio, I hold the position of CEO and I am responsible for the production process and marketing. This way I can secure the high, studio quality of our online products.