Ascendancy: The Professional's Guide
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Ascendancy: The Professional's Guide

Discover Your Mission and Go From Visualization to Realization Using Intention To Create Your Life
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
13 students enrolled
Created by Robert Affolter
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Control your brain and thoughts on command
  • Reduce your ego and attract people to you
  • Become the operator/programmer of your brain
  • Recognize opportunities all around you that lead to your goals.
  • Create brain filters that stop others from programming your brain.
  • Stop internal dialogue and develop a chatter-free mind.
  • Realize why you waver in your desires and fail to achieve your goals.
  • Let go of false beliefs and limiting thoughts.
  • Learn why visualization so often fails to lead to success.
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Scientists agree that the brain is an amazing organ. Neuroscience is giving us more and more information about our capabilities. The Secret, The Power of Positive Thinking, Think and Grow Rich, books and movies abound that tell us the power of the brain. Yet, none tell us how to do it – until now. In this course, you will learn the missing link – how to control your brain. In this eight week course, you will have experiences that go beyond words - they put you in control of your life.

Control Your Brain, Master Your Mind and Create Your Life

  • Attract people to you
  • Recognize your true desires
  • Find opportunities all around you
  • Create a chatter-free mind

You are the master – your brain is a tool

In this course, I’ll give you an exercise to demonstrate that you can control your brain and your mind. You’ll learn the science and philosophy (at the 20,000-foot-high level) behind determinism and why some believe what you are learning is impossible.

Imagine that your brain is a bio-computer. Imagine this tremendous computer that you could control and operate – but nobody teaches you how. Instead you treat it like a television. You see and hear but often don’t even realize that you could change the station – let alone program it to achieve success.

Are you like me? Ever read a diet book and when you put it down found that you hadn’t lost any weight? Of course, I’m kidding, just a little. The point is that there is a difference between knowing something from reading a book and knowing from experience. In this course you will have the experience – if you do the exercises.

Learn to think accurately. Many people are repulsed by the know-it-all. The accurate thinker considers all evidence. People are attracted to people who value their knowledge.

You will achieve your goals once you know your true desires. Many people don’t accomplish goals because they really don’t want them. I’ll explain why watching your thoughts is so helpful in obtaining your goals.

Attract what you need. You can actually have what you need show up in your life – once you know how to look.

Create a mind of pure awareness. You can stop the chatter. Stop the arguments. You can gain control of your mind.

After taking this course, you will have the tools and experience to take control of your brain, your mind and create your life.

Who is the target audience?
  • Professionals who want to be successful entrepreneurs.
  • People who want to understand their real potential.
  • People who are ready to shine and bring their uniqueness to the world.
  • Those who realize the importance of mindset to success.
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
Introduction - Why Ascendancy Is So Important
2 Lectures 04:07
Controlling Your Brain
7 Lectures 38:16

I call this the Red Ball Experience. Some say that you cannot control your mind and emotions. This experience is key to controlling your brain/mind.

Week 1. The Experience - Controlling Your Brain

Key to success in many things is practice. Professional athletes, musicians, actors, sales people, all practice. In fact, they do not practice until they get it right, they practice until they cannot get it wrong. The practice just becomes natural. Yet, many people never learn to control their minds and those who know they can seldom practice. 

Practice for 5 minutes per day. Get to the point that you can walk the street and drive your can with a chatter-free mind.

Week 1 Exercise. Practice Controlling Your Mind

This lesson gives you the reasoning behind dualism - the idea that your spirit is a different type of "stuff" than the universe. In order to be in control of energy/matter, we have to be separate from it. As you will learn in the science lesson, if our mind is a product of energy/matter, then energy/matter would control us.

Preview 07:20

People appreciate those who are open minded on all subjects. This exercise is about becoming more open-minded. Notice the reaction of those around you when you take an interest in what they think.

Week 2 Exercise. Deleting the I'm Always Right Program

This lesson is an overview of classic physics. We will combine Newtonian physics with the big bang and apply that thinking to evolution. You will learn why your mind does not exist to a classical physicist. 

Week 3 Science: From The Big Bang through Evolution

Some claim that quantum mechanics proves that we can use the power of consciousness to control our minds. While I agree with the idea, that may be a stretch in thinking based on the science.

Preview 06:14

In addition to continuing the practice of catching your mind wandering, in this lesson you will program your mind for success. 

Week 3 Exercise. Setting Your Mind
Gaol Setting From Visualization to Realizatin
11 Lectures 01:05:48

Many people practice visualization and yet never have the success they seek. In this lesson, you will discover the power of intention and why visualization so often fails.

Week 4 From Visualization to Realization - The Power of Intention.

You know that you can program your mind to find things. Now, it is time for you to make that practical. 

Week 4 Exercise. Practice Intention

This lesson combines our thinking of duality with our knowledge of computers. You will learn that you are the programmer and operator of your brain. You will also learn the importance of your mind/thoughts.

Week 5 Controlling Your Brain - Your Bio-computer.

Thinking of your brain as a computer, it is now time to take out the trash. 

Week 5 Exercise. Deleting Neural Programs

Implementing these two universal laws will improve your business and personal relationships.

Week 6 Two Universal Laws for Your Success.

This course is all about having experiences. This week notice how others change as you implement the universal laws. Notice how you feel when the laws are violated.

Week 6 Exercise. Practicing the Laws of Appreciation and Fair Exchange

Learn why watching your mind is so important to achieving your goals.

Week 7 How to Set and Achieve Goals.

Implement the goal setting procedure and use your thoughts to determine whether your goal is true for you. Are you enjoying the steps toward achieving your goals?

Week 7 Exercise. Goal Setting - One Step at a Time

Sometimes we are so focused on the plan, we forget about the goal. We have to be flexible. We also have to watch for a plan from Universal Intelligence that is better than the plan we made.

Week 8 Flexibility and the Master Mind.

While performing the steps of your plan, look for new opportunities or changes that might take you to your goal more quickly.

Week 8 Exercise. Practicing Being Flexible

Wrap Up
About the Instructor
Robert Affolter
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If you are considering starting your own business, there are a lot of decisions to make. I know how you feel. I've practiced chiropractic for over 30 years. I remember what it felt like to get started. I had a MBA before going to chiropractic college and still didn't know the basics I needed to succeed in healthcare. I had a mentor that I visited almost weekly. The world has changed a lot since then, but I've found that a business mindset and business basics are essential.

In 2006, my son started a construction business. Again, the principles of business are the same. It doesn't matter what business you are thinking of starting, knowing the principles of business will improve your odds of success.

The Professional's Guide to Business Basics is the first course for entrepreneurs. One of my profs in the MBA program told us that the program was not designed to make us accounting, marketing, legal, or finance professionals, but would give us the vocabulary and skills necessary when talking with those professionals. 

That is my goal with this course. I want you to have the basic business
vocabulary you need. I'll also give you a couple of videos that can save
you thousands of dollars in finance charges and legal fees. This is all
real world stuff and not just something some college prof made up to fill a 50 minute class. 

Thinking of buying or selling a business? Buying a business is the fastest way to become profitable. In the MBA program, I took a course called The Capital Budgeting Decision. It was about how to compare different investments. That is really what you are doing when you buy a business. 

The Professional's Guide to Practice Valuation will give you the basics of practice valuation. I created the class for doctors, but the principles are the same no matter what type of business you are considering. I've helped chiropractic colleagues. I helped my CPA get out of accounting and buy a business. In fact, I bought a practice myself using the information I give you in this course. 

Over a decade ago, I became a Realtor. When I took the coursework to become a broker, I learned the process of evaluating a business opportunity. It was the same as I learned in the MBA program. I'm giving you that process in a concise, easy to understand course. If you're buying or selling a business, this course could save you thousands of dollars. I bought a practice with an asking price of well over $100,000 for $50,000. A client bought a practice someone else valued at $300,000 for $10,000. My CPA friend turned down several businesses that weren't worth anything.

Napoleon Hill interviewed the 50 wealthiest men in the world and developed his philosophy of personal achievement. His book, Think and Grow Rich has been translated into multiple languages and has been a best seller around the world. He said that the only thing we've been given complete control over is our mind. That fact is evidence that while controlling our mind we are closest to our Creator.

The Professional's Guide to Ascendancy teaches how to recognize the spiritual part of yourself. You'll learn to program and control your brain and thoughts using a technique I've used for over 20 years. You'll learn how to recognize thoughts that are inspirational or limiting and how to take control. You'll experience programming your brain to find opportunities and people to help you achieve your goals. I draw from my science background and three years with IBM to give you analogies that help you operate your brain. You'll learn why so many people fail to meet their goals and how you can meet yours. 

In addition to my education and work experience, I have been married since 1978. My wife and I have four grown children and one grandson. I enjoy hunting, fishing, crabbing, boating, and camping.