Archetypes for Life: Your Pathway to Spiritual Awakening
4.2 (5 ratings)
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Archetypes for Life: Your Pathway to Spiritual Awakening

Awaken Your Soul from Within & Shift from Self to Soul
4.2 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
31 students enrolled
Created by Andy Brine
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will have deeper understanding of yourself and how your express yourself in the world.
  • You will also identify positive and possible negative (shadow) aspects of yourself.
  • You learn how your character and persona are formed. This will allow you to break from old conditions and behaviours.
  • You will gain a deeper sense of clarity and perspective in your life.
  • This course is for people who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves with regards to their spiritual growth and development.
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  • There are no prerequisites for the course only to approach the course with an open mind!

During this program we will explore your Soul Pathway and the 12 Archetypes you live by. Through exploring these archetypes you are able to gain a deeper understanding of your inner work in order to assist with you ascension as you awaken to your soul pathway. You will gain clarity on your inner world to enable you to transform your outer world. We will begin by looking at The Soul Pathway as it applies to you and your life, and we will then speak about its integral role in building your character and persona as you awaken to who you are. We will also talk about how The Soul Pathway plays an integral role in assisting you with connecting to your Soul as each and every aspect of who you are. This will help you to identify the archetypes you express in the world and assist you with your Spiritual Growth, Development and Ascension

Together with the program, you will be provided with an Archetypes Assessment which will help you identify your Dominant Archetypes. By identifying your archetypes, you will be able to pin point positive aspects of yourself and potential negative (Shadow) aspects of yourself that are holding you back. Once you have identified your Dominant Archetypes we will explore each of the 12 Archetypes in detail to help you shift your consciousness and make the relevant changes in your life.

Finally, we will be speaking about the Archetypes that you will meet on your journey. These archetypes become your support network and assist you with your growth and development. It's key for you to become aware of these archetypes to ensure you are not led astray as you progress on your souls path.

This program has been created to help you with your Spiritual Growth, Development and Transformation, whilst helping you to giveback to the world in your own unique way. 

"Connect with Your Inner World and Transform Your Outer World to Awaken to Your Soul Pathway"

What you will learn:

  • How to Identify Your Dominant Archetypes
  • Positive Aspects of your Self to enhance your Character.
  • Shadow Aspects of your Persona that are Holding You Back
  • The Layers of Each Archetype to Assist You with Your Individual Transformation
  • Learn How to Build Your Soul Tribe to Support You on you Path!

Join the Program Today and Awaken Your Soul from Within!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for people on their own spiritual journey who would like to gain clarity and persepective in their lives
  • This course is for people who have an interest in mind, body and spirit and would like to connect with themselves at a deeper level.
  • The course if for individuals who would like to live with purpose and passion.
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
Introduction to the Archetypes for Life program
1 Lecture 06:29

The Archetypes for Life Course will be broken down into 3 sections. Below you can see a breakdown of the course contents:

  • Building You Character and Persona
  • The Hero's Journey and Your Life
  • Archetypes with Live by and the 12 Archetypes for Transformation
  • Building Your Archetypal Team and Identifying Archetypes of Your Journey
Preview 06:29
Introduction to The Hero's Journey and Building Your Character and Persona
2 Lectures 31:01

During this section we explore the origins of The Hero's Journey and where it came from. 

Preview 13:56

During this section we will be looking at and exploring the shaping of your Character and Persona as you connect with your Soul. We will be exploring the conditions that have shaped your Ego, helping you connect with your unconscious Self, and delving into your Shadow aspects.

Building Your Character and Persona
The Hero's Journey and You!
4 Lectures 01:03:06

During this lecture we will explore the first part of The Hero's Journey as it relates to you and your life. We will speak about Stage 1 - The Original World, Stage 2 - The Call to Adventure, Stage 3 - The Refusal to Call, Stage 4 - Meeting Your Mentor and finally Stage 5 - Crossing the Threshold of Adventure! 

At this phase of your journey, you will be living by conditions of the Ego and within the conscious phase of your adventure prior to beginning your quest. 

The Hero's Journey - Preparation Phase

During this lecture we will explore the first part of The Hero's Journey as it relates to you and your life. We will speak about Stage 6 - The Road of Trials, Stage 7 - The Approach, Stage 8 - The Ordeal and Stage 9 - The Reward. 

At this phase of your journey, you will be living within the Unknown World and in the Unconscious as you are connecting with you Soul. This is known as the Journey itself as your Grow, Develop and Transform your Life! 

The Hero's Journey - Journey Phase (Part 1)

The Hero's Journey - Preparation Phase (Part 2)

During this lecture we will explore the first part of The Hero's Journey as it relates to you and your life. We will speak about Stage 10 - The Road Back, Stage 11 - The Atonement and Stage 12 - The Hero's Return.

At this phase of your journey, you will be reconnecting with your concious world and begin living your life be the Wise Ego.This is where you connect with your Self at the deeper core level. It is where you give back and pass your message onto your local community and tribe. The Atonement is the death and resurrection of your Self and now living life on your terms.

The Hero's Journey - Return Home Phase
12 Archetypes to Transform Your World
15 Lectures 02:57:41

Prior to delving into the 12 archetypes, be sure to complete your Archetypes Assessment. You will find these documents attached below, the first one entitled “Archetypes Assessment: Questionnaire” and the second entitled “Archetypes Assessment: Results”. Once you have completed the forms, you will have now identified the dominant archetypes you express in the world.

NOTE: Please make sure to fill your results of the Archetypes Assessment: Questionnaire into the results sheet. The will automatically calculate your dominant Hero’s Journey archetypes. You will then find your results calculated and the bottom of the document. 

Identify Your Domianat Archetypes with the Archetypes Assessment

During this lecture I introduce the 12 Hero's Journey Archetypes and talk you through filling out the Archetype Assessment Questionnaire. 

Introduction into the 12 Archetypes and Questionnaire

Within this lecture we will explore the results for the Archetypes Assessment as we look at what the results mean for you and your life. We will also speak about creating balance and harmony in your life through the 12 archetypes. 

Exploring the Archetypes Results and Creating Balance and Harmony in Your Life!

During this lecture we will speak about the Preparation phase of the journey and the archetypes you will express during this phase. We will also explore the Innocence as an archetype and the innocence "Fall from Grace" as you begin your quest. We will them speak about the layers of the innocent archetype as you step through each stage of your journey.

The Innocent is "Innocent" to the world around them, as a child we were shown the beauty of life and the world around us. Our parents protected us from seeing the darker aspects of the world, as we grow up we awaken to the innocence. As an adult we can live in denial of the pain and suffering of the of the world and neglect the truth behind the illusion in some situations and so can refuse our Call to Adventure. Below is a breakdown of the layers of the innocent archetype and the stages you may go through.

Level 1: Unquestionable Acceptance of the Environment, Authorities, belief that the world being experienced is all there is.

Level 2: Experience to the "Fall" - disillusionment - but retention of faith and goodness in adversity

Level 3: Return to Paradise, this time as the Wise Innocent, trust and optimism without denial, naivete, or dependence

Preparation Archetypes and The Innocent

During this lecture we will speak about the Preparation phase of the journey and the archetypes you will express during this phase. This time we will focus on The Orphan Archetype. The Orphan Archetype is someone who has been through neglect and abuse at a young age. This archetype will have the journey thrust upon them at they go in search for a safe haven away from the abuse and harm that has been inflicted. It is essential for the Orphan to seek healing in order to progress through the journey and to not become embodied by the shadow aspects of the archetype. Within this section we will also explore the layers of the Orphan Archetype as they progress through their journey. 

Below is an example of the stages of The Orphan archetype:

Level 1: Learning to understand the truth of one’s plight and feel pain,abandonment and victimization, powerlessness, and loss of faith in people and institutions of authority.

Level 2: Accepting the need for help; being willing to be rescued and aided by others.

Level 3: Replacing the dependence on authorities with interdependence with others who help each other and band together against authority. 

Preparation Archetypes: The Orphan

During this lecture we will speak about the Preparation phase of the journey and the archetypes you will express during this phase. This time we will focus on The Warrior Archetype. The Warrior Archetype is known to be the archetype that competes and strives to be the best. As a masculine role in society the warrior fights to to put bread on the table and finance the family. At the stage of your journey this is usually the father who competes for the job and the pay rise in order to support the family. As the Warrior shifts through the layers of the archetype, they fight for the noble cause and acts by principle. They will shift from an individualistic place where anything goes, towards acting from a place of being altruistic in intent. 

Below is an example of the stages of The Warrior Archetype:

Level 1: Fight for self or others to win or prevail (anything goes)

Level 2: Principled fight for self or others; abiding by rules of a fair fight or competition; altruistic intent.

Level 3: Forthright assertiveness, fighting for competition for what really matters.(Not simply personal gain) little or no need for violence, win/ win solutions, conflict honesty aired, increased communication, honesty.

Preparation Archetypes: The Warrior

During this lecture we will speak about the Preparation phase of the journey and the archetypes you will express during this phase. This time we will focus on The Caregiver. The role of the Caregiver is to provide the nurturing support, care for others and to help others and make a difference through love and sacrifice. They will usually put the needs of others before themselves. There is though I dilemma here as with every archetype, it is essential to have balance and with respect to the caregiver it is to have the balance of giving and receiving. This is essential so that you do not become the suffering martyr and use the behaviour of guilt-tripping others as you have not received what you may have expected in return. 

The archetype of the Caregiver is usually found in mothers when acting in a parenting role and caring for their children or spouse. 

Here is an example of stages of The Caregiver archetype:

Level 1: Conflict between own needs and those of others; tendency to sacrifice your own needs to what others need or want from you; rescuing. 

Level 2: Learning to care for yourself so that caring for others is enriching not maiming. Learning “tough love”, empowering and not doing for others.

Level 3: Generativity, willingness to care and be responsible for people (and perhaps also animals of the earth) beyond your own immediate family and friends to community building. 

Preparation Archetypes: The Caregiver

During this lecture we will speak about the Journey phase of the quest. This is where you will shift from the Original World at which you know, to the Unknown World of Adventure! The Seeker is when you go in search of greener pastures and seek a better way of living, where you strive for happiness and contentment. The seeker is very much the wonderer on the journey who searches for that happiness and seeks high and low to discover the life that fits with their needs. The Seeker often feels disconnected, empty and alienated from the world around them, this is why they have the inner yearning to fill that void! 

Here is an example of the stages of The Seeker archetype:

Level 1: Exploring, Wondering, Experimenting,Studying, Trying new things

Level 2: Ambition and climbing the ladder of success, becoming the best you can be.

Level 3: Spiritual searching and transformation.

Journey Archetypes and The Seeker

The Destroyer is an archetype that literally destroys old beliefs, behaviours and conditions as they break down the old in order to make way for the new. As a teenager you could liken them to being the rebel, as the rebel against that parents as they often feel confined and restricted. This can be your feeling of being restricted by society and cultural rules and feel the need in order to break free and find yourself.

Below is an example of the stages of The Destroyer archetype:

Level 1: Confusion, Grappling with Meaning of Death, Loss, Pain.

Level 2: Acceptance of Morality, Loss,and Relative Powerlessness

Level 3: Ability to Choose to Let Go of anything that no longer supports your values, life and growth,or that of others. 

Journey Archetypes: The Destroyer

The Lover is an Archetype that epitomizes love. Without Love, the Soul does not engage with life. The Lover seeks the bliss of true live and the synergy of the divine couple. The can often be become fearful about the loss of love and fear being alone. Their primary goal is to Follow their Bliss and Do What You Love! Like with every archetypes, there are Shadow aspects that can bring about pain. The Lover archetype can often anaesthetize themselves if they dont feel as though they are receiving love, this can turn into obsessive addictions such as an obsessive fixation on a love object or relationship, sexual addictions, even pornography as their need for love is not being met.

Here is an example of the stages of The Love archetype:

Level 1: Following Your Bliss and What You Love

Level 2: Bonding with and making commitments to whom and what you love. 

Level 3: Radical Self Acceptance giving birth to the Self and connecting to the personal with the transpersonal,the individual with the collective

Journey Archetypes: The Lover

When we discover or give birth to our true selves, the creator comes in to our lives. This is when we discover the connection with the creative source of the universe, we also discover our part in the Creation process. A critical part of their quest is in finding and accepting themselves and discovering their true identity in relation to the external world. The Creator archetype is one that creates the vision of what they want their life to look like, in order to manifest that into their lives and will usually be driven by their inspiration.

Here is an example of the stages of The Creator archetype:

Level 1: Opening to receive visions, images,hunches, inspiration.

Level 2: Allowing yourself to know what you really want to have,do or create.. 

Level 3: Experiments with creating what you imagine – allowing yourself to let your dreams come true.

Journey Archetypes: The Creator

The Archetypes of the Return Home are where you give back and pass your message on to the world. This is how you communicate your message to the community or the tribe at which you serve. The quest of the Ruler is to create order and structure in their lives and in turn pass that on to the community. The Ruler as an Archetype is a symbol of wholeness and the achievement of the Self. The potential Shadow aspects of the Ruler are that they can become controlling, rigid in their thinking, tyrannical and can become manipulative. 

Below is an example of the stages of The Ruler archetype:

Level 1: Taking Responsibility for the State of Your Life. Seeking Healing Wounds or Areas of Powerlessness are reflected in scarcity in your outer life. Primarily focused on your own life of your own family

Level 2: Developing Skills and Creating Structures for Manifesting your own Dreams in the real world as it is. Concerned with good of whatever group or community you belong to

Level 3: Fully Utilizing all resources – internal as well as external; concerned with good of society or the plant.

Return Home Archetypes and The Ruler

The Magician archetype is the transformer of his or her reality by the changing of consciousness. As you change your inward world, you will transform your outer world. The goal of the magician it to Transform the lesser into better realities. The Magician is the master manifester, as they create visions  and apply the actions, they can transform their outer world. The potential shadow can by changing those positive situations in to the negative.  As the magician, you can play the role of transforming the lives of others through you the work that you do. I often regard this archetype as a someone the motivates and inspires others to take action and create the changes they desire in their life. 

Below is an example of the stages of The Magician archetype:

Level 1: Experiencing healing or choosing to notice extrasensory or synchronistic experiences

Level 2: Grounding inspiration by acting on your visions and making them real; making your dreams come true.

Level 3: Consciously using the knowledge that everything is connected to everything else, developing mastery of the art of changing physical realities by first changing the mental, emotional and spiritual ones. 

Return Home Archetypes: The Magician

The Sage is a seeker after truth and enlightenment and journeys far in search of the next golden nugget of knowledge. In reference to film and movies, I would regard the Sage to hold similar characteristics as Yoda from Star Wars. He is very much the Wise Master Mentor as he passes on his wisdom with others. The Sage unlike the Ruler and the Magician have no need or desire to change the world, they just want to understand it. The journey of the Sage is to find out the truth about ourselves, our world and the universe. He then passes that wisdom and knowledge onto others.

Below is an example of the stages of The Sage archetype:

Level 1: Search for “the Truth” and for objectivity

Level 2: Scepticism, awareness and multiplicity and complexity of truth, all truth seen as relative. Acceptance of subjectivity as part of the human condition. 

Level 3: Experience the ultimate truth or truths; wisdom.  

Return Home Archetypes: The Sage

The Archetype of the Fool often precedes the Innocent on the journey whereby they can play the fool and not connect with the seriousness of life, so as to neglect life itself. When The Fool enters the Return Home phase of the journey, they connect with the playful, joyful and aliveness of life. Towards the end of our journey, we may represent the Wise Fool who see's the darker aspects of life and yet embraces each and every aspect. This archetype at the highest level is fully living in the moment and celebrating life for its own sake. The Wise fool is also an individual that connects with their inner child that lives within so as to enjoy life. After all, life can't be taken too seriously.

Below is an example of the stages of The Fool archetype:

Level 1: Life is a game to be played for the fun of it (Fool)

Level 2: Cleverness used to trick others, to get out of trouble, to find way around obstacles, to tell the truth without impunity (Trickster) 

Level 3: Life is experienced fully in the moment, life is celebrated for its own sake and lived in the moment, one day at a time (Wise Fool of Jester)

Return Home Archetypes: The Fool
Building Your Archetypal Team
3 Lectures 52:18

Within this section, we will speak about how you can go about building a support network around you. We are talking here about building your archetypal team, and identifying with those people you meet on your journey. 

During the first video, we will speak about you a the Hero or Heroine within Your Own Life and what that means for you as you become the hero in your own life story. We will also speak about the archetypes of Sidekicks that support you on your quest and become the cheerleaders in your life. Then finally, we will look at the Mentor as an archetype that you meet on your journey, as they guide you through your Physical challenges and your Emotional ups and downs. 

Building Your Archetypal Team - (Hero or Heroine, Mentor and Sidekicks)

Carrying on from the previous lecture, we will speak about the Threshold Guardians that mark the way and keep the unworthy from entering. These will enter your journey as you cross from the original world to the unknown world of adventure. The second archetype that we will speak about in this video is are The Shapeshifters, these are people who can represent trust and mistrust and can lead you astray from what you truly desire.

Building Your Archetypal Team - (Threshold Guardians and Shapeshifters)

Again, carrying on from the previous section we will speak about the final three archetypes that you meet on your journey. We will look at Trickster, the Shadow as an archetypal individual and then The Divine Feminine

The Trickster is a character is an archetype that cuts the big Egos down to size, the come into our journey to bring us down to earth and to help us connect with our inner child and our playful self. 

The Shadow as an archetype symbolises the arch nemesis on our journey, the company or institution we are fighting against, or more so the cause we are standing for. 

Finally we will look at The Divine Feminine, and take a look at how they show up in your life. The Divine Feminine helps the hero connect with the Feminine energy with himself, in order to create that balance and harmony. They are also very come in as that caregiver role as the nurturer on your journey, to nurture and love yourself, so you dont become that suffering martyr. It is essential to have the balance of giving and receiving in your life.

Building Your Archetypal Team - (Trickster, Shadow and The Divine Feminine)
About the Instructor
Andy Brine
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Awaken to Your Soul Pathway & Shift from Self to Soul! Download the Awaken Your Soul Pathway app FREE Today on iPhone and Android. Group Coaching | 1 to 1 Mentoring and Workshops

Andy Brine is the Founder of The Soul Pathway, and I help individuals embrace each and every aspect of who they are so that they can truly connect with their Soul and Awaken to their Soul Pathway. Using practices from psychology and philosophy through to coaching and spirituality, I help people to gain clarity and perspective in their lives and live in alignment with who the are. This will enable people to live more purposeful and enriched lives.

Over the best part of 10 years, I have been on my own path to purpose and transformation which has allowed me to learn from many great teachers. These mentors and guides influence much of the work that I do today where I bring together principles from Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Wayne Dyer and many other spiritual teachers to assist you in raising your consciousness and awareness as you connect with your Soul Pathway.

By connecting with your own Soul Pathway, you are able to gain a greater understanding of who you are and how you express yourself in the world. This will the allow you to create the greater shifts and changes in your life as you raise your consciousness and shift from your old conditioned Self to connecting and living from the Soul of who you are!

I have developed a phone app entitled “Awaken Your Soul Pathway”, available for both iPhone and Android. The app will allow you to explore your own Soul Pathway in the comfort of your own home whilst I guide you on your own journey and path. You will be guided through the 7 stages of The Soul Pathway to assist you with your Spiritual Awakening and Ascension process. You will also have exercises at each to phase to support you with your Spiritual Growth.