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Arabic of the Quran from Beginner to Advanced

Learn Quranic / Classical Arabic including each essential language skill: speaking, reading, writing and listening.
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Last updated 12/2016
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Arabic of the Quran from Beginner to Advanced is an easy to use, fun and interactive introduction to the language of the Quran. It's ideal for anyone interested in the Quran, Islam, Arabic, or the Middle East. All are welcome.

This course focuses on the Arabic language, not theology or doctrine.

The first section focuses on the Arabic script, its pronunciation, and its vocabulary. These build the foundation for understanding the language. The course occasionally focuses on rules for correct recitation, but this isn't necessary for completion of the course. You can skip the recitation sections at the end of the first section. Understanding is key.

The second section dives deep into Classical Arabic vocabulary and grammar.

It is my sincere hope that non-Muslims will come away with a better understanding of Islam and that Muslims will develop a deeper relationship with Allah.

The course covers 41 lessons through dynamic video lectures, PDF lessons, vocabulary lists and exercises. The course follows a structured and easy-to-use pattern developed by Rami Koujah, who studied Islam and Classical Arabic at UCLA and Oxford.

I highly encourage you to repeat words, phrases and sentences after me and the native speakers as you go through the lectures. This will speed up your learning by developing muscle memory and internalizing Arabic vowels and consonants.

After completing the Arabic of the Quran for Beginners course you will be able to read and recite the Quran accurately, and you will have a solid foundation of the most common vocabulary (over 1,000 items!) found in the Quran and Hadith (the sayings of the prophet Mohammad).

You will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding Islam
  • Have profound insight into the 1 billion+ strong Muslim world
  • Deepen your relationship and understanding with your Muslim friends, colleagues, or even lover.
  • Have a solid foundation for further studies in Islam, religion, the Middle East and its history, Modern Standard Arabic and modern Arabic dialects.

Those who sign up for the course will receive a discount on 1-on-1 Arabic lessons. Contact me for details.

Who is the target audience?
  • This Arabic course teaches Quranic and Classical Arabic from the alphabet to advanced grammar. Suitable for all levels.
  • This is Arabic course is meant for anyone interested in Islam, Muslim or not. It is suitable for anyone interested in the modern Middle East and/or its history.
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What Will I Learn?
Know 1000+ Arabic words
Speak Arabic
Read Arabic
Write Arabic
Recite the Quran
Have thorough knowledge of Classical Arabic grammar
View Curriculum
  • The only thing you need is a pen and paper!
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 44 Lectures Collapse All 44 Lectures 27:44:44
Reading, Writing, and Speaking Arabic of the Quran
11 Lectures 01:01:41

jīm, Hā', khā', wāw, yā', sukūn; ج، ح، خ، و، ي، سُكون

alif, dāl, dhāl, rā', zāy; ا، د، ذ، ر، ز

shadda, sīn, shīn, Sād, Dād; شَدّة، سين، شين، صاد، ضاد

tā' marbūTa, Tā', THā', 3ayn, ghayn; ة، ط، ظ، ع، غ

fā', qāf, kāf, lām, kursī yā', kursī wāw; ف، ق، ك، ل، ئ، ؤ

mīm, nūn, hā', alif madda; م، ن، ه، آ

alif lām, hamzat al-waSl, dagger alif, numbers; ال، ٱ، ٰ، الارقام

alif maqSūra, tanwīn; ى، ً، ٌ، ٍ

Recitation and Reading the Quran
53 pages
Grammar and Vocabulary of the Quran
33 Lectures 30:03

Introducing Nouns (Lesson, Vocab and Exercises)
73 pages

Lecture 14: The Simple Nominal Sentence (VIDEO)

The Simple Nominal Sentence (Lesson, Vocab and Exercises)
53 pages

Lecture 16: The Construct Phrase - الاضافة - VIDEO

The Construct Phrase - الاصافة - (Lesson, Vocab & Exercises)
34 pages

Introducing the Verb - الفعل - Lesson, Vocab & Exercises
37 pages

Doubled and Hollow Verbs - الفعل المضعف والاجف - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
31 pages

Introducing Verbal Sentences - الجملة الفعلية - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
35 pages

The Imperfect Tense - الفعل المضارع - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
59 pages

The Subjunctive Imperfect Tense - الفعل المضارع - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
54 pages

The Jussive Imperfect Tense - الفعل المضارع - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
54 pages

The Passive Voice - المبني المجهول - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
35 pages

Adjectives - الصفة والموصوف - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
48 pages

The Pronouns - الضمائر - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
52 pages

The Plural - الجمع - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
70 pages

Prepositions - حروف الجر - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
89 pages

The Imperative / Commands - فعل الامر - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
41 pages

Verb Forms I, II, and III - الاوزان - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
60 pages

Verb Forms IV, V, VI - الاوزان - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
38 pages

Verb Forms VII, VIII, IX, X - الاوزان - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
68 pages

Unsound (Weak) Verbs - الافعال المعتلة - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
43 pages

Numbers - الارقام - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
60 pages

Demonstratives, Relatives, and Interrogatives - اسما الاشارة والموصول والاستفهام
60 pages

Declension - الاعراب - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
43 pages

Nominative Nouns - الاسمأ المرفوعة - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
41 pages

Accusative Nouns - الاسما المنصوبة - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
28 pages

Other Accusative Cases - الاسما المنصوبة - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
42 pages

Conditional Sentences - الجملة الشرطية - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
48 pages

The Noun - الاسم - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
44 pages

Verbal Nouns - المصدر - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
80 pages

Conjunction and Interjection - العطف وحروف الندا - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
53 pages

Types of Verbs - انواع من الافعال - Lesson, Vocab, Exercises
47 pages
About the Instructor
4.6 Average rating
19 Reviews
398 Students
1 Course

Chris is a linguist from the eastern United States. He began learning Arabic at the University of Maryland, where he also earned a degree in linguistics. He continued his Arabic studies at Georgetown University and the American University in Cairo.

He discovered a talent for learning languages while studying Spanish in school. He went on to study German and Arabic in college. While working in Washington, D.C., he began taking Mandarin Chinese courses. He has lived in Thailand for 6 years, where he learned to speak, read and write Thai fluently. He has translated business documents from Thai to English.

Drawing on studies in second-language acquisition and two decades of learning languages, Chris teaches his tips and tricks to his own students. He has taught Quranic Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, and Iraqi Arabic to students for 3 years.

4.6 Average rating
19 Reviews
398 Students
1 Course
Language Instructor

BA Arabic (Honors) — University of California, Los Angeles

MA Islamic Studies (Honors) — University of California, Los Angeles

MSt Oriental Studies (Distinction) — University of Oxford, St. Antony's College

I am currently a Teaching Fellow in Arabic and Researcher at the al-Maktoum College of Higher Education.

4.6 Average rating
19 Reviews
398 Students
1 Course

Belal is a native Arabic speaker from Cairo, Egypt. He attended a bilingual British school where he also studied French. He earned a BA in Graphic Design from Helwan University and studied Spanish at the American University in Cairo. He brings his experience in learning languages and designing e-learning materials to bear on this course.

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