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Apple Watch: The ultimate user and decision guide

Explore if an Apple Watch is the right choice for you. Learn when to use the watch and when to use the iPhone or iPad.
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Created by Markus Mueller
Last updated 8/2015
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Whenever Apple releases a new device class like the Apple Watch, people lining up in front of stores to get their hand on the product as quickly as possible. The question is, if it makes sense to buy one or not.

This course shows you from a user perspective what you can do with the Apple Watch based on daily real-life use-cases. This course is for you if you hesitating to buy the Apple Watch or if you have one and you are wondering when to use the watch and when to use the iPhone instead.

Is it worth to buy the Apple Watch?
  • Only course which was specifically written from a user experience perspective
  • Comprehensive list of use-cases for the Apple Watch
  • List of use-cases when it is better to use the iPhone instead
  • Five things you should know before you buy the Apple Watch
  • My top five reasons why I added an Apple Watch to my system of Apple devices
Contents and OverviewThis course contains just 6 lectures and 6 quizzes and can be finished just within one hour. It enables the student to make a decision on the purchase of an Apple Watch based on thorough research of daily use-cases. It is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who is interested in the new functionalities of the Apple Watch.You can listen to this course from start to finish or you can read the short description of each lecture and jump right into the once you are interested in.

You will learn based on videos, slides and text. It starts with a pre-quiz and each sections ends with a quiz as well.

Use the discussion groups in each lecture to ask specific questions about details that interest you.
Who is the target audience?
  • The ultimate Apple Watch user and decision guide is for everyone who considers to buy and Apple Watch and like to understand if it make sense or not.
  • This course if for you if you recently purchased an Apple Watch and want to learn more about how and when to use it compared to an iPhone.
  • This Apple Watch guide is for any private or business user who is short on time and like to get the key answers fast.
  • This course is probably not for you if you are looking for a detailed comparison between all smart watches on the market or if you do not like Apple products at all.
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What Will I Learn?
Know if an Apple Watch is for you
Be familiar with the top five reasons you should know before you buy
Understand the new key technologies of an Apple Watch and how they can help you
Learn which use cases are best suited for an Apple Watch vs. an iPhone
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  • No previous knowledge or preparation necessary
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 6 Lectures Collapse All 6 Lectures 42:55
Pre-Quiz: What do you know about the Apple Watch?
0 Lectures 00:00

Test your knowledge about the Apple Watch before you go through the lectures. After you finished the course, come back and do it again.

Pre-Quiz: What do you know about the Apple Watch?
10 questions
Introduction and the top five reasons why I have an Apple Watch
2 Lectures 08:32

What will you learn?

  1. The top five reasons why I added an Apple Watch to my system of Apple Devices
    • I consciously use different devices for different purposes. Like in a good team, each device has specific strength that makes the entire system much better than just the sum of the individual capabilities. Learn how the Apple Watch fits in.
    • To get a more complete picture of my system you might want to take a look at my course "How I profit from using a Mac, iPhone, and iPad based system".
  2. Benefits of the watch or the unique technologies
    • What are the benefits and capabilities of the Apple Watch? Explore the new technologies of the Apple Watch.
  3. When I use my Apple Watch and why, the best use cases for the watch
    • This is my comprehensive list of use cases for the watch. I will walk you through how I used the watch during the initial 6 weeks of daily usage.
    • You can download this list for your reference.
  4. When I use my iPhone instead
    • For many situations I still prefer my iPhone. We will review them in this part so you learn about the limitations of the Apple Watch.
    • You can also download this list so that you can compare.
  5. Five things you should know before you buy an Apple Watch
    • If you did not buy and Apple Watch yet, this lecture alone is worth the price of the course. Start here if you are in a hurry to buy the watch and avoid costly mistakes.
Preview 02:52

Adding a new component to an existing system needs to make sense. Learn how the Apple Watch fits into my system of Apple devices.

  1. Tip of the device pyramid
    • The Apple Watch is directly connected to you and therefore has unique capabilities that I discuss here.
  2. Health and Fitness companion
    • Based on new sensors, the Apple Watch makes a great Health and Fitness companion. See how I use it on a daily basis.
  3. Apple Pay
    • Apple Pay is clearly one of the best apps that the Apple Watch has to offer. Learn how easy it is.
  4. Remote Control
    • There are very cool apps for the Apple Watch which allow you to control things remotely. I will point out my favorites here in this segment.
  5. Communication and instant information
    • This is the 800 pound gorilla of the reasons why I bought an Apple Watch. Get an overview of what is possible based with the watch.
The top five reasons why I have an Apple Watch

Test your knowledge why I decided to purchase an Apple Watch.

Why I have an Apple Watch
5 questions
Benefits of the Apple Watch
1 Lecture 10:51

What are the benefits and capabilities of the Apple Watch? Explore the new technologies of the Apple Watch and learn how to use them.

  1. Heart rate sensor
    • Lern the basics of photoplethysmography and what you can do with the heart rate monitor of the Apple Watch
  2. Digital Crown
    • Understand the different ways you can use the digital crown to get to the information that you are looking for.
  3. Force Touch
    • Grasp why adding a new dimension of control helps to do more with a smaller screen
  4. Taptic Engine
    • Feel what is going on in your life with the help of the first haptic feedback in the Apple Watch
  5. Inductive Charger
    • How convenient. Learn how easy it is to connect the Apple Watch to the charger.
Benefits of the Apple Watch based on the new technologies

Test your knowledge about the new technologies of the Apple Watch

The new technologies of the Apple Watch
5 questions
When I use my Apple Watch
1 Lecture 09:35

Learn about the strengths of the Apple Watch based on the list real-life use-cases.

After I received my Apple Watch I started a list of use-cases. Whenever I used the watch I captured some notes about what I doing with the watch.

Besides checking the time, date and a few other information directly from the watch face, I mainly used it for live notifications from many different tools. Learn about the other 25 use-cases in this lecture.

Use my list of use-cases as example what you can do with the Apple Watch and you will get an idea if an Apple Watch is for you.

Preview 09:35

See if you know what I use my Apple Watch for.

Use cases for my Apple Watch
3 questions
When I use my iPhone instead
1 Lecture 03:47

The weakness of the Apple Watch are mainly related to it's screen size and processing power. However, some other points are important as well and force me to use my iPhone instead.

Learn when I typically use my iPhone instead of my Apple Watch. I counted 17 main cases, writing emails is one of them.

When I use my iPhone instead of the Apple Watch

Test your knowledge when I typically use my iPhone instead of the Apple Watch.

When I use my iPhone instead of the Apple Watch
3 questions
Five things you should know before you buy an Apple Watch
1 Lecture 10:10

Take a look at the top five things you should consider before you buy an Apple Watch.

One of them is a functional iCloud account. You will learn how this becomes important during the set up process with the Apple Watch. Other points from my list might be even more important to you.

At the end I will show you how to buy your own Apple Watch and I which resource you can use to find the best color combination.

Sit back, relax and learn about the five most important things before you buy

Test your knowledge about the most important five things you should know before you buy an Apple Watch.

Five things you should know before you buy an Apple Watch.
3 questions
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I love systems! Anything that speeds up daily chores is good, including my Apple Watch!

As an engineer and project manager I learned how to optimize my daily work to get things done.

As a consultant I see how businesses, small or large, are struggling every day with their tasks. It always amazes me that this is especially true with those little things that should be quick and easy. I will show you how I find any information in 30 seconds or less. Life can be easy and this is true for business and at home.

Learn from my experience!

Would you like to know how I reduced about 50% of computer maintenance time?

Would you like to see how I cut 20-30% of my business operations time without missing a beat?

My CV:

Business Consultant:

Today I help companies of different sizes to set up and maintain systems. For smaller companies I mainly work with Apple computers, iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch to increase the efficiency quickly. I typically recommend to add a few low cost and online based tools which will increase the efficiency of every small business dramatically.

I have led several system improvements and system roll outs which often included software that focused on project management, collaboration, task tracking and communication for my biggest and also for my smaller clients.


Teaching is a big part of my daily business and I love it. I started teaching when I was 16 years old when I lead the first BASIC training courses while I was an apprentice to become an an Electrician back in Germany. This was followed by a career as Music Teacher. I never stopped teaching computer systems and software programs inside and outside the companies that I worked for.

Today I teach my clients what systems to deploy and which one to avoid. I also make use of all fundamental learning methods (videos, audio, text and personalized meetings) to increase the success rate for my clients.

Project Manager:

I successfully managed several multi million dollar projects inside and outside the automotive industry by leading various global and cross functional teams. I worked on various automotive products (ASIC's, airbag systems, braking systems, electrical drives for windows, sunroofs and steering columns). I'm also familiar with Healthcare products, and Software development teams.

One of my projects included a close work relationship with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the Pentagon which provided me the opportunity to participate in a research paper (Los Angeles Air Force Base Vehicle to Grid Pilot Project; LBNL-6154E).

Manufacturing Manager:

I held the position of the Manufacturing Manager for a leading Healthcare telehealth device. I worked on a sensitive global manufacturing strategy after visiting many manufacturing locations in China, Mexico, Portugal, Germany and the US. I used very stringent ERM systems and a brand new Quality Management System to fulfill the requirements for the medical industry.

Engineering Manager:

I managed a group of 7 Engineers in the automotive industry and supported the local roll out of a new system that changed the way all Engineers needed to work on a global basis. Our team translated customer system requirements into actionable feature requirements for both, hardware and software development.


Digital and analog circuit design for regulator IC's in the automotive industry. We used Unix systems and very powerful software simulation software. Some of my designs are still on the road in various vehicles.


I started my first little venture back in Germany when I opened a printed circuit board manufacturing. I populated the electronic components by hand and tested the designs myself.

Today I have several entities, some with partners, to hold and manage real estate and of course my own consulting business.

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