Anger Management Basics-The Cycle The Change The Action Plan
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Anger Management Basics-The Cycle The Change The Action Plan

An Anger Management System featuring a never-before-seen Anger Cycle that is simple, effective, and easy to implement.
4.7 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
41 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • You'll be able to recognize where you are in your cycle of anger and be able to STOP the cycle from continuing
  • You will KNOW what triggers your anger and be able to set up systems to avoid those triggers
  • You will discover how to make changes to your thinking, your emotions, and your environment and maximize control over your anger
  • Know how to make changes to their mind, their emotions, and their environment and maximize control over their anger
  • You will be able to start your action plan for success IMMEDIATELY!
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  • There are end of section tasks that should be completed
  • Completion of the tasks will help you to speed up and increase your success with overcoming anger

After watching the promo video, you will learn that this course will help you to pinpoint your challenge areas in your cycle of anger and through the information shared, you will be able to develop a plan for SUCCESS.

Starting with a complete overview of the all-new Emotional Cycle®, this 8-part system goes through each part in-depth and it shows you exactly what happens from the onset of your anger all the way through until the cycle repeats itself. This section alone will give you everything that you need to start overcoming your anger and stop the cycle from happening completely!

But, it doesn't stop there. This section concludes with tasks that are designed to help you identify where you have challenges within your cycle, why you have those challenges, and the types of physical and emotional experiences that you have as a result of your anger.

Section two teaches you about why change is hard and it begins with an explanation about the constant struggle that happens between your mind and your emotions. When your emotions and your mind are not working in tandem, it's generally your emotions that are in control of your decisions and unfortunately, they are what lead you through the emotional cycle. This section will teach you how to get your thinking, your emotions, and your environment in line with each other because together, those three aspects will maximize your success.

The final section for this course gives you the steps for an action plan. The plan is purposefully designed to be simple and easy to implement. Just keep in mind that real change takes consistency and practice. If you take the time to put the plan in place and you consistently work on the plan, then this system will work for you!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who needs to get into control of their anger
  • Anyone who struggles with anger
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to control their emotions
  • This course is not for someone seeking a 'quick fix' to overcoming anger
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Welcome! What is this course REALLY all about?
4 Lectures 11:41

This introduction will give students an overview of the course. It will also include the 3 basic components of the program that will be discussed in great detail.

Preview 02:06

Students will be have an understanding of the background and the anger management research that was involved with the development of this course. In addition, students will have a better understanding of where other anger management systems fall short and that's with not including a deep understanding of the real why behind getting angry from the very beginning.

Preview 06:53

The three parts to this system include:

  1. A Complete overview and explanation of the Emotional Cycle ®
  2. A description of why change is hard for most people
  3. A step-by-step Action Plan
Quick overview of the key components to the 3 part system.

This is a quick video to give you some suggestions on how to go through the course. There's a lot of information presented, so take a look here to get some ideas on how to approach things to increase your success.

How to approach this course.
An overview of the Emotional Cycle ® and how it will change how you see anger.
7 Lectures 20:37

Anytime someone begins to experience anger, it always starts with a trigger or an event. Once that occurs, the anger cycle begins and will continue unless you have the skills and the understanding to stop the cycle. Oftentimes, people are unaware of what caused them to get angry and therefore they are never able to stop the cycle.

Preview 01:17

This video breaks down phase 2 of the Emotional Cycle. Many could argue that phase 2 comes before the trigger or the event, but after watching this video, you will have a better understanding of why your trigger lead to this phase.

Your trigger/event usually escalates to phase 2!

The way that you think about anger is important. The problem is that once we are in an angry or emotional cycle, it is difficult to control how we are thinking because we are lead by our emotions. Unfortunately, by not being in control of your thinking, your anger or emotional cycle will continue. This video explains how.

Escalation is what happens when you don't get in control of your thinking.

As you continue in the anger or emotional cycle, things only continue to get worse. The range of what 'getting worse' means is extremely wide. In addition, the more you experience anger in your life, the greater the chance are that you have demonstrated a level of anger that could become physical.

Note: Anger doesn't have to be physical to be considers bad. ANY anger that is inappropriate is bad no matter what the level of escalation looks like.

After you escalate or have an outburst, the end results is the same for everyone

Everyone who gets emotional eventually begin to recover. Because of the amount of energy that's used for getting angry, eventually that energy is used up and you start to feel a lot different. This doesn't mean that you are not still thinking about what's happening, but it does mean that even the thoughts are not as intense.

Recovery is a normal part of the process, but not the end of the cycle.

Recovery is a normal part of the process, but what then?

The true goal of the entire Emotional Cycle® is revealed in this lecture. It may shock you to find out that the goal is NOT to try to get through the cycle faster. The good news is everyone can be successful with this goal.

Here's the true GOAL of what you should do with your anger/emotions.

This section ends with a list of task that each participant can work on in their daily lives. These tasks can be implemented immediately and can speed up your learning and success with overcoming your anger.

These tasks are not meant to be done in a day simply because anger is generally more intrenched than that. These task should be wired on continuously until you find the success that you desire.

Task to complete for the end of this section
Discover why change is hard for most people.
6 Lectures 25:13

This lecture is a quick overview of the Emotional Cycle® that was discussed in detail in the previous section. This is mainly for anyone who may have bypassed any parts of the previous section.

If you feel that you are familiar with the Emotional Cycle® that was introduced, you can skip this lecture.

Full recap of section 2 and the Emotional Cycle ®

There's a constant battle that's always going on with your mind and your emotions. That is because they serve two completely different purposes in our lives. When our minds and our emotions are not in sync, it can create some form of cognitive dissonance, which is really a fancy phrase for a disagreement that causes stress or discomfort.

This video is very informative in explaining exactly what's going on and sheds light on why change for most people is hard.

Preview 03:26

The key to being outsmarted by our intellectual selves centers around knowing a fundamental principle and that is that we need to be mindful about our thoughts. In other words, we have to think about what we are thinking.

In addition, find out IF willpower is enough to have to make long-lasting change. This section explains more.

Learn how we are 'outsmarted' by our Intellectual Selves

When we experience anger, it is generally because we are not in charge of our emotional selves. Our emotional selves need constant feedback and if we are not careful and we don't work to keep our emotions in tact, they can easily take over. This can undoubtedly lead to being on and staying in an emotional cycle.

Why we constantly fail by letting our Emotional Selves control us

Our environment is generally comprised with our support system. When our support system is weak, it can hurt us in our quest be in and stay in control of our emotions. In addition, we all have to be willing to make the changes necessary for our success.

How your environment can help or hurt your success and development

This section ends with a list of task that can help you to be successful with making long lasting changes in your life. These tasks can be implemented immediately and can speed up your learning and success with overcoming your anger.

Tasks to complete for the end of section 3
Putting the entire Anger Management System Plan into Action
8 Lectures 35:30

This lesson offers a quick overview of the entire Emotional Cycle®. If you find that you are familiar with the cycle, you can skip this lecture.

Full recap of section 1

This lesson is a quick overview of the section on why change is hard. If you believe that you have a solid understanding of the lectures offered in that section, feel free to skip this lecture.

Full recap of section 2

The information taught in this section will give students the best chances for success. It offers simple and easy to follow instructions for your action plan that can be implemented with ease.

Preview 05:03

This part of the action plan for your mind instructs the learner about the types of improvements they should expect, the types of goals they should set up for themselves, and the type of mindset that, if kept, will offer the most success in staying in control of their anger as well as other emotions that they are trying to overcome.

What to do to keep your mind and your thinking in the right place

The BIGGEST success with our action plan that you set up for you emotions is about setting up, sticking to, and even praising small successes. As you get started with doing things differently, it is important to not focus on larger successes because even before larger successes become apparent, there will be a plethora of small successes that happened along the way.

Once you find great consistency with the small successes then you can begin to look forward to larger successes. But to start, remember to keep your emotional plan simple and consistent for optimal growth.

Steps to truly guiding your emotions for success

For your environmental action plan, there are really 2 key components that you should know and remember:

1. Know the types of environments and/or people that make you angry and either avoid those situations or limit the amount of time that you are in those situations. This will increase your success.

2. Get friends, family, and even co-workers to support you while you are on your journey. Be clear about what you need from them and allow them to help you when you need it.

The lecture offers more details that will be beneficial to your growth and development.

How to set up a successful environment and get friends and family to help!

This bonus section was added with the student in mind. It gives you a number of additional strategies that, if utilized, will help you to have success in no time.

Remember, if you've gotten to this part of this course, you've already learned a number of strategies, tools, and concepts, that can help you to be successful IF you implement what you've learn. Success for you now is only a matter of practice and a matter of time.

BONUS: 4 Secrets that can help guarantee success!

If you were actively involved with completing the tasks that were given in the previous sections, then that means you have already gotten started on your journey to get into control of your anger. All that is left to do with this final section is take what you can do and get started.

Remember, the main message of this final lecture is about simplicity and ease. That's what is going to help you to be successful.

There's noting else to wait for...GET STARTED NOW!

Thank you for participating in this course.

Next step: Get started NOW!!!
Additional Downloadable Resources
2 Lectures 00:00

This is a short but helpful ebook that will give you additional support for this course. Many of the techniques that are discussed can be use right away.

Meet Anger Head on with 15 Anger Busting Techniques
49 pages

This ebook is helpful if you are dealing with or working with others who have anger issues. That includes working with children or even those who you are in a parenting role with in various settings-including the workplace.

Top 10 Secrets to Effective Parenting: Even if You Parent at Work
32 pages
About the Instructor
Temeca Richardson, Ed.D.
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41 Students
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Education Expert

Dr. Temeca L. Richardson, a native of California and affectionately known as Doctor T, has been a public school educator for more than 20 years. Doctor T has worked as a teacher (to students as well as new teachers), a principal, a professor, and most recently as an Area Superintendent. Additionally, she is an author, an expert speaker and trainer, and most proudly a mother to her beautiful 17-year-old son.

Dr. Richardson holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology with a double minor in English and Human Development from the University of California, at Davis. She also holds a master's degree in Instructional Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction and a second master's degree in Education Administration both from National University in Sacramento, CA. Doctor T attained her doctorate degree in Education Administration from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA.

In 2007, Dr. T completed her first book entitled Can the Black Church Save Young Black America? This book takes a critical look at the educational plight of Black youth and it challenges the church to once again become the driving force behind the fight for quality education in the Black community.

In 2009, Dr. T launched a training seminar entitled, DestinyCalls Women's Seminars where she spoke to women about learning the skills and tools needed to walk into their destiny.

In 2010, through the non-profit that Doctor T established 7 years prior, the Much Lov 2 Give Foundation, Inc. launched its first ever I AM Women's History Scholarship Event. For 5 consecutive years, the organization had given away thousands of dollars in scholarship money and prizes as well as teamed up with other local businesses to give away backpacks and much needed school supplies to children in underserved areas in Sacramento.

In 2013, Doctor Richardson took a leap of faith and moved to Houston, Texas where she now resides. Since being there, she has launched the first ever Health, Wealth, and Wisdom TeleSummit that featured 7 women over 4 days with 3 topics and 1 purpose: to help women to become their best selves.

This has been her life's path because she worked to overcome many obstacles from early on. She teaches and trains on personal development because she overcame things such as immediate family drug and alcohol addictions, personal homelessness (even in college), parent incarceration, first in college, recent personal illnesses (mono and Lupus) just to name a few. Doctor T works with others to offer hope, strength, and a personal connection because she has walked a similar path.

Finally, Doctor T founded and launched SmartLife Notes™ which is an online business solely devoted to training and coaching people who want to make a personal transformation in their lives. Her goal is to teach others how to use smart steps combined with smart trainings to build a smart future.