Learn Android O development and build 10 Apps
4.3 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Learn Android O development and build 10 Apps

Complete Android O course with Java - Build 10 Apps. Also includes Firebase section.
4.3 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
100 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will build 10 apps in Android
  • You will learn about Android development process
  • You will be able to apply for Jr Android developer in companies
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  • No prerequisites for this course
  • Basic computer usage is fine
  • If you do have prior programming experience, that will be helpful but not necessary

Welcome to complete Android O development with Java and build 10 apps. A one stop course that will walk you through with Android App development concepts. The goal of this course is to make you ready as an Android App developer so that you can make your dream app or can apply as Jr. Android App developer. Also by the end of this course, you will have 10 apps as a portfolio so that it becomes easier for you to appear in top during your interview process. 

Here is a list of apps that you will be building:

1. Glow bulb Idea App

2. Snakes and Ladder App


4. Patatap Clone - Music App

5. Learn Spanish numbers

6. Reminder App

7. Weather App

8. Mark Wonders on Map App

9. Todo App

10. Google Firebase Login

11. Custom Firebase Image Uploader

The estimated total number of Android devices in the hands of consumers, as at December 2014, according to statista, lies north of 1.6 billion. This is a staggering amount, and a very large potential market of users.

One great thing about Android development is that one can get started with Android development with Windows, Mac and linux. To push your app in Google Play store you just need a one time fees to Pay. For this course, you can continue without developer account too. 

Learning Android development is a secure investment that new developers should make. Less hurdles, inexpensive setup and within no time, your app is in App store.

We have focused a lot on Firebase in this course. Firebase is complete backend solution and is officially supported by Google. Features like sound, GPS, Location, Database, Gallery access is all covered in this course. We will also learn the approach to solve problems by looking at google resource and stack overflow content.

There is lot to learn, so let’s get started. 

Who is the target audience?
  • People who are interested in learning Android from scratch
  • Beginners in Android Development
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Curriculum For This Course
66 Lectures
Introduction to android development
7 Lectures 57:21

This is a course introduction video and will give you an idea about what this course contains and how to take this course.

Preview 04:16

In this video I will walk you with things that you will need. You will need a JDK and Android Studio (whatever that latest version is). Also just as a sidekick we will also keep intellij IDE for java

Preview 04:19

Installation of Android studio on Mac simple and straight forward. Make sure that JDK is installed before installing Android Studio

Installing Android Studio - MAC

Installing Android Studio on Windows is really simple, all you need to do is walk in with installation wizard and just use all default settings. Make sure that JDK is already installed on your system before moving for Android studio installation.

Installing Android Studio - windows

Having a range of multiple hardware is not possible. Android studio gives us the ability to have virtual devices to run and test our application on them

Setting Android Virtual Device and Hello World

Android Studio is a gigantic software aka IDE. Seeing it for the first time can be little overwhelming. In this video, I will walk you with Android Studio tour, so that you can get comfortable with Studio.

Android Studio Tour

This will be over very first application. Nothing big so far. We will be getting toast on the press of button. Simple but a good point to get started

SignIn and SignUp buttons
Animations and 2 apps
9 Lectures 01:37:43

Section intro video for this section.


The goal of this app is to make sure that you understand animation in android. We will create a simple IDEA app that glows the bulb on press of a button

Bulb idea App setUp

In this video, we will finish app. In this part we will write code in our java file. Running animation is simpler and just need a logical thinking about what you need to do

Finishing Idea App

In the last video we saw a few warnings when we were using text views and buttons. In this video we will fix those warnings. Basically it says that string needs to be declared in a seperate files

Thumbs up App Text warnings

In this video we will look at having custom app icons in our app. Having custom app icons is really simple. It is just adding files in drawable folder and pointing to them

Having App icons

Further we will have a snake and ladder app. This app will help you understand the random class in java. We will have a dice being rolled out and have different images thrown at screen

Snakes and Ladder Setup

Linear layouts are an easy way of laying out your content on the screen exactly where you want them to be. There are 2 types of linear layout, vertical and horizontal

Linear layouts

In this video we will learn about using stack overflow to have a nice and cool look at our buttons. We will be adding a code written at stackoverflow and will learn to add that in our code

Using stack overflow to fix button issues

Let's give some finishing touch to Snakes and Ladder app. We will also add some custom icons in this app to  make sure that it looks finished

FInishing Snakes and Ladder App
5 Lectures 01:00:19

in this video, we will understand the logic of TIC TAC TOE game. You might have played this game hundreds of time but in this video you will break every playing step into programmable logic.

Preview 08:49

now, let's learn about setting layout for Tic Tac Toe game. Setting layout can be done via various technique, I have chosen one of them.

Setting layout for Tic TAC TOE

Setting players turn is easy. We can use a variable and change it's value as the player plays it's turn. Further we can use if else block to determine, whose player turn is it ?

Setting players turn

Game state is to determine, at what position player has played. Further we will lock the position so that other player cannot play at that position.

Setting Game state

Game reset logic is simple. We have to reset player state variable first. After that we will reset game state array so that all position are playable now.

Game reset logic
Audio video and 2 apps
10 Lectures 01:47:48

Section intro about what we will do in this section.

Preview 02:22

Handling videos in Android is surprisingly easy and fun in Android. We will have a simple mp4 video in this video and we will play that video with video controls.

Handling video in Android

Adding audio in Android App is little complicated as compared to Video. In video we have to request for the access of hardware. This involves a couple of steps

Adding audio in Android App

In case you are wondering that volume rocker will be added automatically that is not gonna happen. We have to add it manually, luckily it is just couple of line of codes.

Adding Volume Rocker

Further we will add timeline to audio so that you can move to your favourite part of audio quickly. Again this is really simple to add up in our code.

Adding TimeLine

In this video we will talk about grid layout which is one of the easiest way to add elements on the screen. Grid layout is the most flexible and easy to use layout of all

Gridlayout basics

Now, let's use grid layout to add elements for our music app in this video. We are creating a simple music app that allows us to play music on the tap of a button 

My music app- setting layout

Let's connect all buttons with a music. Only problem is that we need to pass music name as button call. We will solve this by looking at stackoverflow.

Lets play some music

A quick transformation of the app that we have just created. We will modify that existing app into spanish number learner app. App will speak numbers from 1 to 10

Learn Spanish Numbers - setting layout

So all set for the Spanish number app. I have used personal sound in saying numbers out loud. Hope you don't mind the spanish pronunciation. 

Learn Spanish numbers - final
Handling JSON, listview and Weather APP
11 Lectures 02:32:33

Section intro for what is about to come in this section. In this section we will take JSON and API and will create app from it.


Let's introduce List views. List views are simple to use and it is actually much more simpler than iOS table view. We will display, list of 50 states of USA in our list view.

Display list of 50 states

Further let's create a simple reminder app for my mom. She usually forget the time duration of cooking. This app can be further helpful and useful.

A reminder app for MOM

Let's learn to fetch web request using usual methods in Android. yes there are better methods but we also need to learn regular methods of android to understand the awesomeness of those alternatives.

Fetching a website part 1

This is a part 2 of the fetching web request section. In this video we will finally get the web page from the web and will display it in logs section

Fetching a website part 2

Volley is a fantastic alternative to make web request. Just add a simple line in your gradle and done. Your Volley is ready to fire a web request.

Volley - fetching a web page

Getting images from website is not an ordinary request. It's a customised request. It require you to use a singleton pattern to make a web request.

Volley - getting images from web

API request is also a customised request. In the API request we get an object back. To parse that object into string and display in logs is our goal in this video.

Getting API JSON request with Volley

Now that we have the knowledge of getting object from API request, we will further move to extract required information and display that info on screen

Extracting info from JSON

Finally it's time to use the skill of fetching API request and getting useful info, into designing a useful app. IN this video we will set the layout for our App

Making a Weather App

In this final video, we will display the results on the screen and will give finishing touch to the app.

Weather App final
Maps, UserLocation and Adding new Screen/Activity
7 Lectures 01:58:52

Android is a product by google and Maps is also a product of google. There is seamless connection and easy to implement process to use get MAP in your app.

Introducing Google Maps

Next we will learn about modifying map marker. We can change colour of marker or can add image in marker just like Uber app.

Modifying Map Marker

Let's create a simple app where we can plot icons on your favourite location. In this case we will plot the locations of ancient wonders of world and hence the name of app.

Wonder App with user location on MAP

SO far in this course we have been working on just one screen and have never added extra screen on our app. In this video we will learn to add extra screen and some basics about it

Add new activity - Star App

This is a little touch section for beginners because of SQLite database as many students are not familiar with database concepts. Don't worry we will quickly move to Firebase section, which is much simpler than this TODO list

SQLite Database helper for TODO App

Let's add a dialog activity to add task. We will use Sqlite helper file to add this task in database so that it remains persistent in our app.

Dialog alert to add task

Finally let's make the feature of deleting task from our app and database. This seems a little tricky but we will do it easily in this video

TODO App delete task
Firebase - Complete Backend solution in detail
15 Lectures 03:07:42

A complete section intro for Firebase section of this course.


Firebase is a complete backend solution by google that can handle Authentication, database, Storage and many more. Let's learn about all that in this video

What is Firebase

Now, let's explore how we can integrate firebase with Android. Now with new Android Studio 3, firebase integration is such an easy thing

Exploring Firebase for Android

We will set a custom text field for email, a text field for password and a button to login. We will set all these layouts in this video

Setting layout for login System

First thing with firebase in to register a user. once the user is registered, we can perform login and logout functions.

User registration System

In this video we will learn about login and logout features using firebase. login features gives us 2 options as call back. One for success and other for error

User Login And Logout

This one is a long video as we will have google sign in button in our app. we will learn about reading documentation to implement such features.

Firebase Google Login

Let's make a simple game of rock paper and scissor using firebase database. Since we are using firebase database, everything will be updated in real time.

Firebase Database - Rock Paper scissor online game

First let's understand how the firebase database works. Firebase database is easy to work but you need to understand it first.

Understanding Firebase Database

Finally, our layout is set and we know about database too. Now it's time to run the game on multiple devices and check that values are updated on the go

Running game on multi users

Now let's explore how the user registration system works. We will first set a layout with username email and a password field for the user to get registered.

Setting user registration system to database - UI

Once the layout is set for user to register, we will take email and password info and will try to register the user. We will not user the username field as of now

Setting user registration system to database - CODE

We have so far learned to get simple data from database, now we will learn to get some complex data sets from database into our app

getting complex user data from database

Now, let's upload our image to firebase. Uploading the image can be done via various methods but we will be using the easiest one.

Firebase image uploader part 1

FInally uploading the firebase image is done, now it's time to download the firebase image too. Again we can use volley also to download the images but we do have other options too.

Firebase image uploader part 2
1 Lecture 00:07

Thanks for taking this course. We hope this was a great experience for you and we will try to come up with more advance courses in future. 


Thanks for taking this course
BONUS - Fun updates
1 Lecture 12:23
Detect Internet connection in Android O App
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