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There is a huge opportunity with Amazon FBA but there’s also a lot of sales B.S. Here’s what you really need to know...
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About This Course

Published 10/2014 English

Course Description

Note: Course is not yet updated to cover Amazon's new requirements on product labeling. Recently Amazon has required all products to be labeled before you can send your product to their fulfillment center. They now also require you use a GS1 certified UPC barcode or for you to go through their Brand Registry process. 


“Super helpful and clear. A good teacher makes things easy to understand because they REALLY know the material. You can expect that with this course."

-Chris Scrivo


“I was looking for a straight to the point and clear to understand course on how to sell on Amazon FBA, and this is it. I now feel very confident in becoming a successful seller on Amazon. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to start an online business!"

-Angela Alale


“Very clear! I've made 3 courses about Amazon FBA and this one is shorter, more clear and very effective."

-Maria Ratto



The No B.S. Truth About Starting An Amazon FBA Business

By now you have probably read a few course descriptions about the Amazon FBA opportunity and how you can easily make thousands of dollars per month.


I'm here to tell you most of what you read was 'sales-hype' and is not true.


The truth is starting an Amazon FBA business is a challenging thing to do. It takes lots of trial-and-error, and even if you do everything right luck still plays a role.

But even though Amazon FBA is a hard business to start the opportunity is enormous. Right now you can import millions of products from China at a very low cost. This is something that was an entrepreneur's dream only 10 years ago.


The reason why so many people are excited about starting an Amazon FBA business is because you can benefit from an enormous shift in the world economy that human history has never seen before. For the most part how humans react to globalization is still uncharted territory.


For this reason most Amazon FBA business owners are really experimenters. We are all trying to figure out what products we can import from China and sell domestically at a much higher cost.


This is why all of other Amazon FBA courses that promise easy money are B.S.

No one can promise you $1,000s / month. You have to experiment and find success on your own and nobody can do this part for you.


The only valuable thing an Amazon FBA instructor can teach you is how to use the Amazon FBA platform and how to sort through and communicate with international suppliers.

Anything else they teach you is 'fluff' that is a waste of your time. I'll explain why…


The Dangers of Learning Too Much About Amazon FBA

The most common mistake any new business owner makes is information overload. This is especially true with online courses that teach you how to create an Amazon FBA business.

Most Amazon FBA courses include 7+ hours of material which students like to watch all the way through before taking any action.


The reason students do this is it feels comfortable to watch all of this material without having to do anything. When you just watch video lectures you can't fail. The problem is when it comes to apply what we've learned we freeze.


Most students suffer from information overload that quickly turns into information paralysis.

This is a state where we are afraid to do anything because our heads are overloaded with new information. Unfortunately this is where most people give up and try something else.

A really good Amazon FBA instructor will teach you only the essential information you need to know and will give you the confidence to apply it.


A great metaphor to make this more picture-able is to imagine driving a car. Unless you are a car enthusiast you probably don't know how how the inside of your car works. You have no idea how oil is turned into energy through a car's engine and what the purpose of a crankshaft is.

All you need to do is how drive the car, the rest doesn't matter. Anything else would be a waste of time.


Now imagine trying to learn how every single piece of a car works before you learned to drive. It would be an insane waste of time! Yet that is what almost everyone tries to do when starting an Amazon FBA business.


This Is The Only Amazon FBA Course That Focuses On Teaching You What Matters

If you have done a search on Udemy for Amazon FBA there is a good chance you have been overloaded with courses to choose from. All of them have lots of students, decent reviews and promise to make you $1,000's / month.

And the truth is all of these courses have good, accurate information about starting an Amazon FBA business.


The problem is these classes teach you how the car works instead of what really matters: how to drive the car.

I have designed this course, 'The Amazon FBA Blueprint', to be the most understandable FBA course ever made. In 2 hours you will learn everything you need to know to start your own Amazon FBA business.


And unlike other courses that will lead you to suffer from information paralysis, this course will give you the confidence you need to get started right now and become an explorer of limitless Amazon FBA opportunities.


After Enrolling You Get Immediate Lifetime Access To Everything You Need

Immediately after clicking on the blue 'Take This Course' button in the top right hand corner you get lifetime access to the following:

  • 41 video lectures that teach you everything you need to know to confidently start your own Amazon FBA business ($499 value)
  • Unlimited free support for any questions you have about Amazon FBA ($199 value)
  • The ability to download all 41 video lectures individually or download all of the slides in convenient PDF's ($49 value)
  • The Lazy Man's secret to finding and importing profitable products from international suppliers, BONUS: free supplier contact template ($99 value)
  • Access to a community of 2,800 students that are learning with you


Don't let information paralysis stop you from achieving your goals. If you want to learn how to confidently start an Amazon FBA business make the choice to purchase this course right now.




“There's a whole lot of how-to courses out there focused on amazon fba. And there similarly are lots of gurus who promote these to their lists. But here I learned things, approaches, insights, tactics that are great and that no one else showed before. Plus I appreciate the course's speed, conciseness, simplicity."

-Juan Lulli


“Eric does a complete and concise job of going over the ins and outs of starting an Amazon FBA business by importing and selling goods. One could easily start such a business with the info in this course alone, Very good course, well worth taking if you are considering setting up a small import business."

-James Olsen


“Eric is a great lecturer, and I am glad I signed up for this course, it will give you best value for money. It is clear, precise and punctual. Eric keeps it simple and gives you in to all insights."

-Marin Zlataric

What are the requirements?

  • Students will need a computer with internet connection
  • (Optional) Students will save money if they have the ability to get to a UPS store.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to sell products as an Amazon Prime item (20 million potential customers)
  • Understand how Amazon FBA process works and how you can have Amazon do all of the work for you
  • How to list a product on Amazon FBA
  • How to ship product to Amazon's distribution centers
  • How to find profitable products to import and sell on Amazon

What is the target audience?

  • Students who are interested in learning how to use Amazon FBA to grow / start a business
  • Students who are willing to take action!
  • This course is NOT for students who are expecting a magic pill that will make them money with no effort
  • This course is NOT for students that are expecting to make $10,000 / month right after taking this course

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: What Everybody Ought to Know About Amazon FBA

In this lecture I explain why selling on Amazon is a HUGE opportunity. Amazon does all of the work for you, attracting customers, shipping your product and handling customer returns.

There is relatively LOW competition because of the Amazon FBA barrier to entry. People think it is hard to learn how to use Amazon FBA and as a result stay away from it.

00:05 The value you will receive by taking this course

00:27 Amazon FBA overview

01:39 Why Amazon FBA?

02:07 Barrier to Entry


In this video we talk about the 6 different sections that make up this course.

1) Introduction

2) Is an item worth selling?

3) Introduction to Amazon FBA

4) Selling on Amazon

5) Wholesaling

6) Conclusion

00:02 Diagram of 6 sections

00:49 Purpose of structure


In this video I talk about what 'inventory' is and what the supply chain for selling on Amazon looks like.

A supply chain is simply a series of steps that our products go through before being delivered to the final customer.

00:02 Amazon and Inventory

00:49 What is wholesaling?

01:09 Wholesaling and Amazon

3 questions

In this quiz we review everything you have learned in Section 1.

Section 1: Summary
1 page
Section 2: Is an Item Worth Selling?

In this video I talk about what you want to look for in a product you plan on selling on Amazon.

1) Profit with a high profit margin

2) Sales price of $20-$200

3) No copyright infringement

4) Product you would use (optional)

5) Inexpensive to ship (and not delicate)

6) High quality product

You do not have to follow all of these guidelines but keeping them in mind will help you find profitable products.

00:07 Things to think about

02:36 Shipping considerations

04:09 Customer satisfaction


In this video we go over Amazon's FBA fees. This process can be very confusing.

Luckily Amazon has created an FBA revenue calculator that makes it very easy to see what fees we can expect to pay.

Click here to see Amazon's Revenue Calculator

00:03 Resources are overwhelming

00:41 Amazon's solution

01:11 'Screencast' Amazon's revenue calculator

05:55 What does it all mean?


In this video we talk about how to calculator the profit margin for a product we plan on selling.

Total profit (profit margin) = (Sales price) - (Cost to buy) - (Amazon fees) - (Postage fees + shipping supplies)

00:07 Costs to consider

00:37 Postal fees / shipping supplies

01:07 Returns on Amazon

02:03 Example


In this video I use men's rings as an example of how to research your competition on Amazon's website.

There are two ways to research your competition.

1) Search for a product

2) Browse top sellers by category

Link to Amazon's best sellers

15 Seconds of Your Feedback
4 questions

In this quiz we review everything you have learned in Section 2.

Section 2: Summary
1 page
Section 3: Introduction to Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon)

In this video I walk you through creating an Amazon seller's account.

It takes less than 5 minutes and it is free.


Note: Course is not yet updated to cover Amazon's new requirements on product labeling. Recently Amazon has required all products to be labeled before you can send your product to their fulfillment center. They now also require you use a GS1 certified UPC barcode or for you to go through their Brand Registry process. 


In this video I tell you everything you need to know about barcodes..

There are two main types of barcodes:

1) UPC (12 digits, commonly used in U.S.)

2) EAN (13 digits, commonly used in EU)

You can convert any UPC to an EAN by adding a '0' to the front of the barcode.

You can buy 250 barcodes for ~ $6 on Ebay. Simply search 'UPC barcodes'

00:07 Need a barcode

01:43 UPC or EAN

02:18 Barcode rules

02:49 'Screencast' finding barcodes on Ebay


In this video I walk you through the process of listing an item on Amazon FBA.


In this video I show you how to prepare an Amazon 'shipping plan'.

After you tell Amazon the number of items you want to ship Amazon will create a 'shipping plan'.

In this plan Amazon will tell you where to ship your items and will allow you to print the required shipping labels.

3 questions

In this quiz we review everything you have learned in Section 3.

Section 3: Summary
1 page
Section 4: Building an Amazon FBA Business You Can be Proud of

In this video I show you how to ship items to Amazon cost effectively.

It is important that you start doing this early to avoid wasting money on unnecessary shipping supplies.

There are two types of shipping materials you will need:

1) One-time supplies

  • Tape dispenser
  • Shipping weight scale

2) Recurring supplies

  • Brown box
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Shipping labels

Attached to this slide is a PDF / Word doc. with links for buying these materials on Amazon.

00:16 Ship from home

01:21 One time supplies

01:45 Recurring supplies

02:42 Cost per unit

03:30 Shipping cost example


In this video I talk about Amazon's requirements for product images.

Image format must be:





Image must be:

Greater than 1,000 pixels in height OR width

Must be clean (white background, just the product with no text)

File name is UPC + file extension

00:06 Getting a product image

02:06 Image format

02:33 Image requirements

03:08 'Screencast' adding product images to Amazon listing


In this video I talk about the skill of copywriting.

Copywriting is salesmanship in writing.

When you write words that are used to sell your products think about benefits, not just features.

Example: A watch

Feature: Leather strap

Benefit: Light leather strap will make you forget you are wearing a watch

In your Amazon title put as much information as possible. If a customer doesn't click on your title than what you say in the description does not matter.

If you are interested in learning more about copywriting check out the Gary Halbert letters. He is considered to be one of the best copywriters ever and you can access a lot of his newsletters for free.

Click here to see the Gary Halbert letters

00:06 Copywriting

01:20 Copywriting is everywhere

02:07 Amazon title

03:23 Amazon description

04:25 'Screencast' editing Amazon product description


In this video I talk about the importance of customer reviews.

Potential customers heavily consider your product reviews before making a purchase.

Great product reviews offer 'social proof'. This is a psychology / sales concept that says if other people like something it must be good.

I also talk about why you never want to fake reviews. Besides ethical concerns, fake reviews can get you permanently banned from Amazon.

00:12 What do customer see

00:32 Social proof

02:56 You don't want to fake reviews

5 questions

In this quiz we review everything you have learned in Section 4.

Section 4: Summary
2 pages
Section 5: The Lazy Seller’s Way to Finding Profitable Products

In this video I review the process of wholesaling items for sale on Amazon.

I break down the process into 3 steps.

1) Order 'inventory' from a manufacturer

2) Ship your 'inventory' to Amazon

3) Amazon ships your item to your customers

I explain why we want to import products from Alibaba (China).

Compared to an American manufacturer, we can order products with a much lower MOQ (minimum order quantity) and there is a greater selection of items.

00:20 Wholesaling and Amazon

01:47 Why Alibaba

02:35 American wholesalers


In this video I explain how to find profitable products from Alibaba to sell on Amazon.

Open up two tabs.

In one tab have Amazon open.

On the other open up Alibaba.

On Alibaba you can either browse product categories or enter a item category that you are interested in (like mens rings).


The following 5 videos are the same in my Udemy Ebay course. This is because the process of importing products from Alibaba is exactly the same.

This is great news for you because this means you can sell the products you import on multiple sales channels. The biggest two sales channels are Amazon and Ebay.


In this video I talk about how to communicate with wholesalers on Alibaba.

Important things to keep in mind are:

  • Be as clear as possible
  • It doesn't hurt to ask
  • Think about your audience
  • Get to email as quickly as possible

I then walk you through sending your first message to a wholesaler on Alibaba.

00:07 How to Communicate with Wholesalers

1:39 Walkthrough Sending Wholesalers First Message<br>

*The Alibaba contact template comes from the website They are a great resource with valuable information on wholesaling and other entrepreneurial advice.

Click here to see their post on wholesaling from Alibaba


In this video we will review what a typical wholesaler email response will be.

We then talk about what information is most important to look for in a wholesaler email.

We do this through example by narrowing down three potential wholesalers to one that is the best fit for what we are looking for.

Lastly we discuss what to send in an email reply back to the wholesaler if we are interested in ordering a sample from them.


In this video I talk about the importance of ordering a sample before placing your first order with a wholesaler and how doing so can save you a lot of money.

I then talk about what qualities to look for in the product sample. Lastly I discuss what steps to take when you are ready to place your first order with a wholesaler.

Most importantly make sure the wholesaler takes care of shipping and after sending payment confirm with the wholesaler that they have received it.

01:44 Why Sampling Saves Money

02:46 What to Look For in a Sample

03:29 What to do When You are Ready to Place an Order


In this video I discuss what criteria you should use to evaluate wholesalers. Most importantly what is the quality of the product and how long does it take the wholesaler to deliver the product.

00:17 Important to Track

02:31 Other Considerations


In this lecture I talk about general advice for wholesaling and common wholesaling mistakes to avoid.

The main points are:

  • Always order a sample first
  • Make sure the wholesaler will take care of shipping
  • Watch out for unresponsive wholesalers
  • Make sure to do thorough product research
  • Keep in mind the time difference between product from inventory and manufactured product
5 questions

In this quiz we review everything you have learned in Section 5.

Section 5: Summary
2 pages
Section 6: Are You Ready to Take Action?

In this video I review everything you have learned in this course.

Is an item worth selling?

  • High profit margin
  • Inexpensive to ship
  • Use FBA revenue calculator to find profit margin
  • Research competition before ordering a product

Selling on Amazon

  • You need a barcode. You can get 100's on Ebay for ~ $5
  • You only have to buy shipping supplies once
  • Image must be simple and more than 1,000 pixels
  • Think about benefits, not just features


  • Find suppliers on Alibaba
  • Keep messages to wholesalers simple
  • Sample a product before placing a large order
  • Make sure wholesaler will arrange shipping


00:14 Is an item worth selling?

01:28 Selling on Amazon

03:40 Wholesaling


In this video I give some important advice for creating / growing an Amazon business.

In particular do not invest all of you money in a single product.

It is better to invest less money in more products.

Customers are priority.

Do everything you can to get positive reviews.

Make sure you are following your local tax laws.

00:05 Different products

01:28 Customers are priority

02:54 Tax laws


Thank you for taking this course. I hope you have received a lot of value!

Take Action! Even if you fail you will learn a LOT. In this sense no matter what you do it is a win-win scenario.

1) You are successful and make extra money

2) You fail but learn a LOT in the process.

If you have not done so already please leave an honest review. It motivates me to make future courses!

If you have any questions / feedback at all please reach out to me. You can contact me in 2 different ways.

1) Udemy discussion item

2) Udemy private message

00:04 Thank you

00:58 Leave an honest review

Section 6: Summary
2 pages
Section 7: Extra Material
Module 1: Slides
15 pages
Module 2: Slides
23 pages
Module 3: Slides
5 pages
Module 4: Slides
23 pages
Module 5: Slides
22 pages
Module 6: Slides
14 pages

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Instructor Biography

Eric John Campbell, Amazon FBA Expert | Online Instructor | Digital Nomad

My Entrepreneurial Adventure Started at Age 13

My name is Eric Campbell and right now I’m 22 years old. I started my entrepreneurship adventure when I was 13. At that time I was playing an online game called Runescape and I decided to write a guide on how to make money in the game. I put this guide up on Ebay and I was shocked to find that people were actually willing to pay for it and they left really positive reviews.

This One Experience as a Kid Changed My Perspective for Life

So it blew my mind that something that I created out of nothing, in a word document, in a couple of hours, was something that other people would pay for and it actually made their lives better. And since then I have been hooked on entrepreneurship. I have tried the most random business ideas that you could imagine. I remember one of them was creating a website that drop-shipped wrought iron products and another was remaking people’s LinkedIn profiles for a cost.

My College Experience Was Filled with Entrepreneurship

When it came time to go to University I went to Penn State and got a degree in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship. While I was there they sent me to the top entrepreneurial boot camp in Silicon Valley called Draper University. So I’ve seen Entrepreneurship from all these different perspectives and it’s been an absolute huge part of my life and for me it’s a ton of fun.

The First Product I Ever Imported from China was a Bracelet

My experience importing products from China started when I was a sophomore at Penn State. At the time I was importing men’s magnetic therapy bracelets from China and I started by selling them on Ebay and then I moved to selling them on Amazon FBA. I did about $7,000 in sales before I realized that I wanted to shift my focus back to University and just live that experience that I was in right then. But I knew that as soon as I graduated I wanted to get right back into the Amazon FBA opportunity because it’s just too big.

After Graduating I Immediately Moved to Lisbon, Portugal

So I graduated 2 months ago and immediately moved to Lisbon, Portugal and I’ve started importing products from China again. I want to be a living example that not only can starting your Amazon FBA business give you financial independence but it can also give you complete freedom, so if you want you can have the freedom to live anywhere you want in the world.

How My Experience Benefits You as a Student

I think this is great for you as a student because not only do I have the experience of importing products and putting them on Amazon FBA but I’m also in the middle of building my business right now, right with you. And this means I can relate to the challenges and frustrations you’re facing and also stay current with any of the new changes to Amazon FBA.

Have a great day!

-Eric Campbell

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