Bestgorize Your Kindle eBooks
4.2 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Bestgorize Your Kindle eBooks

How to Land Your Kindle eBooks Straight into the Best Kindle Store Categories: KDP Mis-Categorization Worry Now Resolved
4.2 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
173 students enrolled
Created by Joe Oye
Last updated 4/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Course Goals:
  • At the end of the course, you will be able to switch your Kindle ebooks to hot or new relevant Kindle Store categories as soon as you discover them. The course teaches you how to uncover new and hot Kindle categories.
  • Another goal is for you to know the 3 official criteria set for Kindle authors to fulfill in categorizing their Kindle ebook the smart way
  • At the end of this course, you will be able to overcome the Kindle ebooks mis-categorization problems that usually occur after publishing on the KDP dashboard.
  • Course Objectives:
  • In this course, you will learn how to master one of the top two most important skills Amazon requires every Kindle authors to know how to do well: categorizing to the best Kindle Store categories. The other is the mastery of Amazon buyers keyword optimization (i.e. for ranking Kindle ebooks)
  • The objectives of the first goal are: (a) to help you stop using guesses or hunches to select categories for your Kindle ebooks by showing to you how to pick categories based on Amazon categories suggestions. (b) to find hidden but 'unloaded' Kindle Store categories (Note: NOT KDP categories per se). (c) to show you the data you need before you go to the KDP dashboard, where to find the data and how to use it to get your Kindle ebooks in the Kindle Store categories you find fit for them
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  • Being a Kindle author [current or potential] or publisher on Amazon KDP

At the bottom of every webpage of, Amazon continues to

say: "Make Money with Us". Today, no one should insist on seeing any evidence to know that authors are really making it on Amazon through Kindle publishing. No one needs to wait long before seeing how Kindle authors actually make money with Amazon.

Right now, Kindle publishing booms and Amazon intensifies the efforts to make it boom better and bigger than ever.

But for you to make it with Kindle publishing, you can’t be ignorant about choosing the best Kindle Store categories for your Kindle ebooks.

A fact is that we can't ignore or hide this true statement…

…the true statement that so many authors or coaches who teach about Kindle self-publishing just gloss over the subject of Kindle ebook categorization on the KDP dashboard. They weakly treat it as if it is not one of the TOP TWO MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS of POSITIONING Kindle ebooks to Amazon ready buyers – Amazon buyers’ keyword research/optimization being the second aspect.

Another true statement is that selection of Kindle Store categories is NEVER to be glanced over as far as a huge number of Kindle authors (including you) face the problem of selecting a set of targeted Kindle categories on the KDP dashboard, but finding their Kindle ebooks in another set of Kindle Store categories which are quite different from the categories selected initially.

The Problem – Exactly

For the KDP publishing platform, Amazon uses the BISAC categorization which is the publishing industry book classification standard.

For the Kindle Store, Amazon focuses on the interests of buyers and the trends in the writing market to classify Kindle ebooks and, therefore, Amazon uses its own in-house classification standard. Yet, Amazon requires that Kindle Authors should use the KDP dashboard to categorize their Kindle ebooks.

This is where the problem lies and the problem is that of incompatibility of categories between the publishing point and the selling point on Amazon.

Unfortunately, Amazon neither teaches about (nor provides a user’s manual on) how to land Kindle ebooks in targeted Kindle categories. Even, begging and waiting for the intervention of the KDP support team doesn’t always work through up to expectations.

Now, the question is why should you beg and wait and repeat the request for re-categorization intervention often and often when you can spend less than 5 minutes to do the thing for which you are begging and waiting.

Introducing the Udemy course titled:

Get Your Kindle eBooks Directly to Your Targeted Categories:

How to Land Your Kindle eBooks Straight into the Best Kindle Store Categories: KDP Mis-Categorization Worry Now Resolved”

This is the course which you have been looking for. I know that because you want to unravel the secret of how to land your Kindle ebooks straight into the best Kindle Store categories that they should belong.

The core objective of the course is to resolve your worries about the challenge of Kindle ebooks mis-categorization by giving you the secrets for overcoming them.

This is a first-of-its-kind course and you will not see it anywhere on the Internet other than on Udemy.

The course is a unique one that, I guarantee, will offer you the do-it-yourself skills you need for choosing, without any Amazon intervention, the best Kindle Store categories for your Kindle ebooks.

It is very clear that the problem of Kindle ebooks mis-categorization is a big hurdle in your way of building the deserved sales for your Kindle ebooks.

In other words, while readers are really buying Kindle ebooks every minute, Kindle ebooks mis-categorization indirectly causes loss of sales for you. This is because mis-categorized Kindle ebooks will always miss the deserved visibility to the right Amazon buyers.

The course teaches various things about direct categorization of Kindle ebooks into intended Kindle Store categories, but it specially provides and substantiates the clues that:

  • You must be cognizant of the fact that hundreds of categories in the Kindle Store are not, at all, available on the KDP dashboard.
  • Remember that buyers don’t buy with the categories on the KDP dashboard. As you know, they buy by making use of the Kindle Store categories ONLY. Inside the course, I show you the specific type of categories you must stick with in the Kindle Store.
  • It is wrong to start your Kindle ebooks categorizing straight away on the KDP dashboard without a ready C.I. (I show you and explain what C.I. is, where to view and copy it free on the Internet and why you definitely need it before rushing to the KDP dashboard to start the categorization process for your Kindle ebooks).
  • You must run away from using general categories on the KDP dashboard for categorizing your Kindle ebooks. Instead, you must categorize into ending categories which enable your Kindle ebooks to gain visibility so quickly. (I clearly demonstrate categorizing into ending categories in the course).
  • To simplify how to top-rank your Kindle ebook (and possibly dominate certain categories in a short time), you must dodge competitive categories by finding and using unloaded hidden categories. I teach you 5 ways to find hidden categories. This is not the unnecessary drilling of categories you have been taught so far by the ‘gurus’.
  • You must watch out for newly added Kindle Store categories and quickly occupy them as an advantage over your competing Kindle authors.
  • And more… including Amazon three criteria you must fulfill to really categorize your Kindle ebooks the very smart way.

Even, your quick glance through the curriculum below will be okay to know about all what are taught in the course.

View the course previews as well…

…and register now.

Once again, the title of the course is:

Get Your Kindle eBooks Directly to Your Targeted Categories:

How to Land Your Kindle eBooks Straight into the Best Kindle Store Categories: KDP Mis-Categorization Worry Now Resolved”

Remember, the title of the course, itself, is a promise made and in the course the promise is delivered.

Register now to have the promise delivered to you.

Who is the target audience?
  • Present and upcoming Kindle authors.
  • Publishers on Amazon KDP
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
1 Lecture 05:02
Student Orientation
1 Lecture 00:00
Kindle eBooks Mis-Categorization Problem, Root and Guaranteed Solution Explained
26 pages
3 Quick Ways to Locate the Best Categories (with No More Hunches)
3 Lectures 09:39

Locate (and Pick from) Categories Being Used by Other Authors

Uncover (and Pick from) Hidden Categories
How to Find Hidden Kindle Store Categories
6 Lectures 10:04
A Quick Note on Finding Hidden Kindle Store Categories
2 pages

How to Find Hidden Kindle Store Categories by Checking Parallel Categories

How to Find Hidden Kindle Store Categories by Amazon-Suggested Authors' Names

How to Find Hidden Kindle Store Categories by Searching with Categories

How to Find Hidden Kindle Store Categories by Searching Randomly


Dear Student,

The lecture covers how to find hidden Kindle Store categories based on the use of Amazon related searches which has always been located at the above search results pages.

Amazon site as a whole is a dynamic entity. Page design elements, algorithm functions, interface items and other things are put up and are taken away unannounced. In this video, I mentioned related searches that were active while the scripting of this video was going on. However, a few of the related were no more existing when the searches done earlier were repeated. So, please take note that one of the things on Amazon that are not static are related searches.

Thank you.

Joe Oye

How to Find Hidden Kindle Store Categories by Amazon Related Searches
Landing Your Kindle eBooks Directly into Your Targeted Kindle Store Categories
4 Lectures 14:52

Insights (Booklet 1)
8 pages

Kindle eBook Direct Categorization Steps - The Solution

Summary: Kindle eBook Direct Categorization Steps

We have categorized our (fictitious) Kindle ebook on food seasoning into one Kindle Store category.

We need to categorize the Kindle ebook into the second Kindle Store category. May I ask you to do this by following the steps below?

a) Target a relevant category using the Amazon suggested method to find a suitable Kindle Store category.

b) Choose a relevant published Kindle ebook which should be in the category you will newly choose.

c) Locate the categorization index (CI).

d) Trace out the relevant portion of the CI.

e) Apply the track of the portion of the KDP dashboard.


* You may need to specially add another title on the KDP dashboard to be used as a demo title for this quiz.

** Rather than "food flavors", use another keyword to perform step (a) above.

*** Take note of the emboldened words or phrases.

Kindle eBook Categorization Practice - Fill in the Blank 1
2 questions

Practice cont'd...

Kindle eBook Categorization Practice - Fill in the Blank 2
2 questions
Bonus How-To Lectures
3 Lectures 11:34

About Competition in Kindle Store Categories

The competition within categories as used in this lecture denotes the number of Kindle ebooks listed the categories. Based on my personal experience in Amazon keyword optimization, I have found out that it is easier to optimized a Kindle ebook in a category having a listing of between 1,000 to 2,000.

On the other hand, it is always difficult to rank a Kindle ebook up within a listing that is over 2,000.

Though, with some intensive Amazon keyword mastery involving the use of buyers keywords, it is easier to rank Kindle ebook above some level of competition. The exceptions of winning up among competitive Kindle categories are few. Note that I refer here only to Amazon-onsite optimization - not the one that results from ex-Amazon promotions. Niches or genre to which a Kindle ebook belongs is also a determinant for optimization as it is easier to optimize non-fictional Kindle ebooks than fictional Kindle ebooks.

The definition of high, moderate and low competition, from my generalized point of view and as used in this course, are the following:

Competition / Number

High/Above / 2,000

Moderate / Between 1,000 - 2,000

Low / Below 1,000


Too low competition in a category possibly indicates that the category is relatively new or it has products that are not 'hot' enough to sell and, therefore, authors are not publishing into the category.

Too high and too low competitive categories are not recommended. I, therefore, advice that you categorize your Kindle ebooks into categories with moderate competition.

How to Identify the Actual Competition in Your Targeted Kindle Store Categories

How to Dodge Competitive Kindle Store Categories

For Your Attention: Amazon Adds More Kindle Store Categories
Further Insights
2 Lectures 00:00

Insights: Booklet 3
4 pages
The Take-Aways
1 Lecture 00:00


The lecture on finding Kindle categories with bestseller vacancies is an add-on lecture coming up later.

5 Lessons for You to Take Away from this Course
5 pages
1 Lecture 01:51
From the Instructor to You the Student
About the Instructor
Joe Oye
4.2 Average rating
3 Reviews
173 Students
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Online Researcher, Author, Information Mgt Professional

Learning the Boolean logics, using Dogpile (plus the likes) and figuring out how to search the deep web - a mention of all these quickly takes one back to the pre-Google online researching period. Joe Oye has been an online researcher since this period and he is now a professional power user of Google.

Joe Oye is a combination of purpose, passion and profession.

By purpose, he is an adherent to minimalism who he helps people focus on and implement their career, business and personal aspirations in simple and quick ways by guiding them with information to workable ideas, fresh possibilities and emergent opportunities.

By passion, he reads a lot, writes, researches online and teaches through different platforms.

By profession, he is an Enterprise Content Management [ECM] specialist with the certification by AIIM International.

The three P's mentioned above have made him an author, a trainer and an enthusiast in anything information or knowledge gathering and sharing.

Joe Oye has special interest in researching Amazon, the number one global books/ebooks inventory website. His colleagues now call him "Amazon Researcher" because of the volume and the value of the unusual and intelligent information he has been gathering and sharing to make the business lives of authors/publishers easier on Amazon. All these relate very well with this course which fixes, for Kindle authors/publishers, the problem of mis-categorization of Kindle ebooks on the Amazon KDP platform. He bets, you have not seen or heard about this course anywhere other than on Udemy.