Adobe After Effects - Master 3D Animation - Complete Course

Adobe After Effects Tutorial - The Complete 3D Animation Tutorial covering 3D properties and methods. Become a Pro in 3D
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  • Lectures 30
  • Length 2.5 hours
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About This Course

Published 1/2016 English

Course Description

Learn the concepts, tools, methods and properties that you need to create stunning 3D animations within Adobe After Effects.

3D is essential to creating animations. Many avoid 3D all together thinking it is difficult and hard to work with.

The Truth: it is Not.

3D elements are excellently introduced in this organized and unique course and are easy to learn and practice.

Learn the important methods and properties in After Effects 3D:

  • Master Cameras: Styles, Presets, Modes, Parameters
  • Work with Lights and understand their effects
  • Optimize Orthographic Views
  • Create Shadows using the elements that make shadows appear
  • Learn Multi-planning within the 3D space – an essential concept to using 3D

A unique approach to learning 3D:

This course is unique in its approach to 3D. You will learn each element separately and in-depth. You will master every element before moving to the next. Separating the learning experience for each element will allow you to focus on the details that make or break your 3D experience.

You will also fully understand how to work with the views. Mastering and optimizing the orthographic views will make a genuine pro. It is then that you will start ‘seeing’ 3D as easy and simple.

Content and overview

You will start by noting the similarities and differences between 3D and 2D and discovering orientation and rotation and how to use them.

You will learn about multi-planning how to fake it in 2D and how to use it in 3D. This very important step will cement your understanding of 3D in After Effects and will allow you to start manipulating your views in readiness to adding Cameras and Lights.

Moving on to cameras: An in-depth overview of Cameras in After Effects. The different type of Cameras and how they affect your scenes and animations. Mastering Cameras and all its parameters, options, setting dialogue will finalize the conceptual (and practical) learning for 3D.

One of the most impressive features in After Effects is the ability to create lights, mixing 2D and 3D and getting amazing effects. You will get a detailed explanation and practical overview of the Lights system in After effects and how to use them with Text Animations or lighting up still scenes.

Much more is covered in this course – Such as shadows, depth of field, falloffs and much more.

Are you ready to take Your After Effects Skills to the Next Level – The 3D Level?

Join in and Welcome

What are the requirements?

  • A working Copy of After Effects - Preferably After Effects CC 2015. A 30 Day Trial will do
  • Though this an All Level Course knowing the basics of After Effects will be an added advantage

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand the difference between 3D and 2D transformation
  • Work with 3D Rotation and Orientation
  • Work with 3D key-framing
  • Understand the concept of multi-planning
  • Simulate 2D multi-planning
  • Master 3D orthographic views
  • Use Custom views and set up keyboard shortcuts
  • Move objects and layers in 3D space
  • Create animations using the concept of multi-planning
  • Understand the camera presets, their effects on 3D animation and how to use them
  • Master the use of the Camera tools in orthographic views and Active Camera
  • Optimize your views and use 4 views like a pro
  • Create, Change and adjust Camera’s 3D motion path
  • Create an Orbit Null and master its use
  • Create lights and understand the different type of lights and their effect on scenes
  • Master Point Lights and all its parameters
  • Master Spot lights and all its parameters
  • Create animation using lights
  • Use Lights modes to change scenes and animations
  • Master lights falloff with their different modes
  • Create Shadows – The ingredients of Shadows and how to make appear
  • Master sizing, shaping and positioning shadows
  • Create a ground shadow – the most wanted feature
  • Create a 3D cube, rotate and animate it. A first master class on the net
  • Create 3D animations through lectures, challenges and practice

Who is the target audience?

  • After Effects users if intermediate or beginners in 3D, who want to learn 3D in After Effects in a Simple and Concise way
  • After Effects Beginners in 3D, who want to learn 3D in After Effects in a Simple and Concise way
  • After Effects Beginners who want to learn 3D in After Effects and Master 3D Animation
  • When you want to master 3D Kinetic Typography or 3D Text Animations
  • Video Editors - Personal or Commercial
  • Videographer

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Section 1: Welcome, Message from The Instructor

A comprehensive overview of the Curriculum explaining the 4 Sections

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


Watch this video to appreciate the effort Udemy is putting to get better and better.

I am proud to be an instructor on Udemy.

Udemy Team - THANKS

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

Section 2: 3D Fundamentals

This lecture we will cover:

  • Briefly review 2D layers transformations
  • The effect of 2D stacking order
  • 3D layer switch
  • The effect of 3D Position on scale and stacking order
  • the 3D Axis system

Comparing and understanding the difference between main aspects of 3D and 2D is essential.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


This lecture will cover:

  • The 3D X,Y,Z rotation parameters
  • How layers intersection works in 3D
  • How to use 3D Orientation parameters
  • How to edit a 3D Rotation interactively
  • Create a text 3d Animation

    Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

This lecture will cover:

  • Creating a text 3d Animation
  • How to key-frame rotation parameters in 3D space
  • Editing a 3D motion path
  • Using Bezier in 3D

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


A simple exercise to try out on your own

Section 3: Concept, Usage and Manipulation of Multi-planing

This lecture will cover:

  • Setting for multi-planning in 3D
  • Simulating 3D multi-planning in 2D

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


This Lecture will cover:

  • 3D Views Layouts
  • How to work in Orthographic views
  • Choosing between camera views
  • How to use the Custom Views
  • How to set keyboard shortcuts for views

You learn how different views can allow to see your 3D space and how to utilize each one.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


This Lecture will cover:

  • Moving objects in Z space
  • Creating a 3D animation in space and simulating real life motion

    Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

In this lecture you are presented with an animation using what you learnt in Multi-planning.

The animation in this lecture will be used to answer the Quiz questions.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

4 questions

It is always important not to assume:

in 3D what you get is not what you see (at least in AE). Answer the questions and test your 3D perception skills?

Download the Animation and make the necessary adjustements
Section 4: Animating in 3D

This lecture will cover:

  • Animating Text in 3D space
  • Editing and enhancing a 3D motion path
  • Use the Camera views to refine the animation
    Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation
Section 5: Working with Cameras

In this lecture you will learn:

  • How to add a new camera
  • An overview of the Camera Setting dialog
  • The different Camera lens and their effect on the 3D space
  • How to use the camera transform parameters

    Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

In This Lecture you will learn:

  • How to use the camera tools
  • Track Z Camera Tool
  • Track XY Camera Tool
  • Orbit Camera Tool
  • and The Unified Camera Tool
  • How to toggle through the camera tools

    Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

You will learn:

  • The best ways to Optimize your views
  • The Share view option
  • Camera and its wireframe visibility

You will discover the practical ways to set up your views to get the best visibility to manipulate the Camera, point of interest and other parameters.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this lecture you will learn:

  • How to animate the Camera
  • You will create a Camera motion
  • Understand why it is NOT 'what you see is what you get'
  • How to adjust the motion path to avoid jerky animations

When 3D motion path are created with the Camera tools and key-frames they do not replicate the motion you saw in your active view. You will learn to discern the difference and work on the motion path.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this lecture you will:

  • Create a new Camera and setup the views
  • Create a camera rig using Null Object and Parenting
  • How to use the Create Orbit Null option
  • How to animate the Orbit Null
  • Adding Child animations

The purpose of this lecture is to learn the most common and useful practice for camera animation.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this lecture you will:

  • Review all Camera tools in Active View
  • Review the effect of Camera tools in the orthographic views
  • Consolidate your learnings on How to Use the Axis System
  • Learn about the most used manipulations using the Axis system

Mastering how to manipulate and move the camera using its tools is important for you to create animations faster.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this Lecture you will Learn:

Understanding and using the Axis Modes

  • The default 3D view in After Effects CC
  • The Definition of Local Axis Mode
  • The Concept of World Axis Mode
  • How and where to Use View Axis Mode
  • Best Practices

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

Section 6: Working with 3D Lights

In this Lecture you will:

  • Create your first 3D light
  • Manipulate the brightness of a light
  • Explore the different lights and how to use them
  • Go through a complete overview of the light settings

This lecture is about 'lighting up a scene' and the effects you get when adding lights to you scenes and to choose the right light.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this lecture will:

  • Create a new Point Light
  • Understand this Light Style and its effect on your scene.
  • How to move this Light Style and how it affects your scene
  • How a Point Light interact with a 3D layer

The purpose here is for you to become very familiar with the most used light - Point Light - and how to use it for best effects and animations.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this lecture you will:

  • Create a Spot Light
  • Understand the parameters of a Spot Light including the Cone Angle and the Feathering
  • Learn how to aim the spot light for better illumination according to your scene

Spot lights are second in command for lights. They have more specific use and more parameters. The aim here is for you to understand, get familiar and use the Spot Lights

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this lecture will learn all about shadows in After Effects:

  • How to get Shadows to appear
  • The Casting Shadows and Accepting Shadows switches and how to use them
  • The different options for casting and receiving Shadows and Shadows only
  • What light transmission and its effects on Shadows is
  • What controls Shadow size, shape and position
  • How to cast shadows on floors
  • How to use Camera to get alternative Shadow Effects
  • What Shadow Darkness and Diffusion is

Shadows with Lights and Camera will give your scenes and animations more expression. The aim of this lecture is to master shadows and use them for 3D text, shapes and other scenes.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this lecture you will cover the falloff property:

  • You will gain an in-depth understanding of how the Light System (Spot/Point) operates with After Effects CC
  • How to Create Light with falloff for Graphic Animation
  • Simulating the real life falloff in your animations
  • An in-depth learning for the smooth and Inverse Square Clamped light modes

The Falloff option is a powerful way to manipulate light intensity over distances. The aim of this lecture is for you to master falloff and get to use it frequently because it will add real life (like) to your animations.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

Section 7: First Project - Rotating Cube

In this Lecture You will:

Discover the Cube you will Create. Don't worry if it seems very hard - I will make very easy because we will follow a well-defined system and not ad hoc moving layers around.

You will create the elements of the Cube through a definite pre-comp system. This same system can be used to almost create any complex 3D shape in After Effects.

You will also go through many pro tips.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this Lecture you:

  • Use Orientation to assemble the Cube from 2D flat to 3D
  • Use Null Object and Parenting o intelligently animating the Cube in Perfect 3D Centered motion.
  • Understand how Anchor Points and Orientation can be the Key elements for creating Complex 3D Shapes and adding Animation
  • You will create Primary and Secondary Motion Paths
  • You will also create entry animation with the Rotating Cube

This lecture is not only about the Cube animation, you will also learn many pro tips and manipulations used in real projects.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


In this lecture you will cover:

  • The essence of the technique used to create the Cube
  • How every side can be filled with different graphics and backgrounds
  • How to manipulate light to create a more impressive animation
  • How to use your Cube as an animated object

It more than moving the Cube around. You will learn specific techniques to animate 3D objects

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation


Download the Project file for the Cube Animation

Available Versions for

CC 2015 ver 13 -

CC 2014 ver 12

and CS6

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

Section 8: A Final Note

A final note on how to progress in 3D after completing this course.

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 - 3D Animation

Section 9: Bonus and More

Here you will find discount Coupons for my other Courses

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Instructor Biography

Louay Zambarakji, After Effects, Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

The Highest Rated After Effects Complete Course on Udemy.

Animation, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects is what I love creating and teaching, Offline and Online.

After Effects is what I love working with, every day, (except Sundays, my wife and kids won’t let me).

I learned these the very hard way, very long time ago (since 1983) and I am still on it. It’s amazing when you discover that I used to use assembly language to animate sprites (think of PacMan), Green and B/W screens. Today I am animating Videos, 3D in a click.

The Path to Mastery starts now. Being in the advertising industry has taught me that precision and a significant attention to details is very important, and makes the difference between a fake and life like animation.

What You Will Learn from me:

After Effects: The whole lot. In my course After Effects 2016 packed with all Techniques and Methods (No Tricks and gimmicks).

You can also dig deeper in the Mastery series, such as in 3D Mastery and 2D Character Animation courses.

In some of my courses, you can also learn more commercial aspect of After Effects such slides, transitions and lower third templates. Very useful if you want to focus on what you want to achieve.  

Focus and Mastery are important elements for true skills creation.  

If you want to Really Learn About After Effects, then I will be more than happy to offer you all my skills, experience, and expertise.

I guess 22,000 Students in the last 6 months is a good sign that my courses will be of benefit to you.

I am also very passionate about training people in Life Skills, NLP and Management. I do these training for free for people who really need it to build a future or disengage from hurtful past.


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