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How To Accelerate User Growth For Your SaaS Startup
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About This Course

Published 2/2014 English

Course Description

Many startups still believe marketing is a dirty word…

But while there are examples of “bad" companies who've used marketing to edge out better alternatives...

There are also lots of respected companies who know a solid marketing plan is one of the most important parts of creating significant user growth.

As Fog Creek put it:

“Marketing isn't about scamming or duping people. It's about communicating to people what they want.

Engineers often treat marketing like it is black magic, but really, it comes down to making sure the people whose lives you are aiming to improve with your software actually hear about you.

If they don't hear about you, they'll be stuck using whatever duct-taped together work-around they are forced to use in the absence of your software. That isn't good for them and it isn't good for your company."

They're not alone in their assessment, either.

Neil Patel (KISSMetrics, Crazy Egg, QuickSprout) says:

“The number one mistake you can make when it comes to marketing is not doing it. People aren't going to learn about your great product unless you tell them."

Marc Andreeson (Mosaic, Netscape, Andreessen Horowitz ) notes:

“The press focus on the rare companies like Instagram who build super quickly. But most startups don't have that kind of amazing story."

And Chris Dixon (Andreessen Horowitz, SiteAdvisor, Hunch) instructs:

“Most people do not automatically adopt the best product. Any company that's successful over a long period of time has a MASSIVE sales and marketing effort behind it. If you marry a great product to a great sales and marketing strategy, the world is your oyster."

If you still don't think your startup needs effective marketing to succeed in today's competitive landscape, you may as well click your “back" button and move on.

On the other hand, if you want to figure out a highly effective way to get users for your SaaS product, you're probably saying:

“Okay, I Get It. Marketing's Good. Now How The Hell Do I Make It Happen?"

Good question. Here's our take on it:

First, there's no “wrong" way to grow your user base. Many respected entrepreneurs have taken different paths to success.

But in our opinion, some ways are definitely easier than others.

As you can see from the “sidebar" to the left, we've had a lot of experience working with SaaS startups and have seen (and tried) many different marketing tactics.

We've worked with display advertising, social media, press releases, industry conventions, webinars, blogging, and many more…

And for our money, you can't beat Google AdWords to quickly, accurately, and effectively grow your SaaS business.

Now, you might be thinking:

“Wait A Minute... Can't You Lose Your Shirt With AdWords?!"

We can understand why you'd think so.

There are tons of horror stories of business owners spending their entire month's budget in a few hours, having Google ban their account, or even just giving up after one look at the (admittedly terrible) AdWords interface.

But as people who've spent millions of dollars advertising on AdWords – and created an exceptional ROI – we believe AdWords represents the best marketing opportunity for any growing SaaS company.

Our beta testers over the last 1.25 years agree, too.

"Great AdWords course! It's comprehensive and well done, so you'll avoid a ton of expensive mistakes that newer advertisers (and even many veterans!) consistently make. Wish I'd had this sooner... would have saved me a ton of frustration and money."

- Dan Putt, AdWords user since 2004

"This course is awesome for AdWords beginners. It's clear not only what you need to do, but HOW to do it. All you have to do is just follow along… I'm amazed they could simplify such a complex topic into straight forward action steps. And the videos are short enough where it's not torture, which is nice, too."

- Karen Waksman, Retail MBA

Don't get us wrong…

If you don't have any customers – or don't even have a product – AdWords isn't for you.

While it can quickly turn a struggling SaaS startup into a successful one, you do need to have ironed out the kinks in the development and delivery of your product.

But once you're off the ground, a successful AdWords campaign can grow your business very quickly.

In fact, for our money, there's no better way to scale your marketing. Once you've dialed in your campaigns, you can dramatically increase your marketing reach with a few clicks.

Even better, you DON'T need a huge budget to get started with AdWords. Even $5 a day can dramatically increase your user base. And once you've got it bringing in a positive ROI, scaling can be as simple as clicking a few buttons (literally).

Of course, we'd be lying if we said you didn't need to know a few “tricks" to be successful with AdWords. That's why we've put together this course.

Inside This Course, 
 You'll Learn Little Tricks Like…

  • How to get into the head of your customers and know them better than they know themselves. Not only do you need to pin this down to get significant user growth, it's also a MUST for a laser-targeted product road map…
  • How to create landing pages Google loves, without harming your brand or tanking your sales. Failing to do this is one of the reasons most people pay a lot more for clicks (and customers) than they have to…
  • How to set up your account in a way that will grow with your business. Plus, the two “hidden" settings you need to turn off to avoid blowing through your budget in the blink of an eye…
  • How to select, group, and bid on your keywords correctly to get cheap AdWords leads. It might seem like a nightmare now, but trust us, once you know a few tricks of the trade it's actually pretty easy…
  • How to show your Google ads on all sorts of mediums. Youtube, Gmail, Google search, and other websites are all viable options for you to get leads and customers from. We'll show you how to do it in a cost-effective and targeted way…
  • How to create ads that “follow" your best prospects around the web. Multiple exposures are the key to getting your service into their head space, and edging out your competition. Here's how to do it in a way that won't break the bank…
  • The differences between mobile and desktop advertising, and when you should use each of them. This alone can be the difference between a positive and negative ROI with AdWords…
  • How to analyze Google's data to build on your original campaigns and squeeze even higher performance out of them…

Of course, there's much more involved – and if you want a full breakdown of what's inside the course, just check out the curriculum below.

So now you know what's inside, you're probably wondering if this is really worth the $97 price tag. Obviously a lot of time and effort has been put into creating this course, and we believe in fair compensation.

Frankly, we firmly believe you won't find this level of AdWords mastery anywhere else on Udemy – or the entire internet, for that matter.

And if you're serious about accelerating your revenue and user growth, you really can't go past this course.

But why not shift gears for a second, and ask yourself:

What Will It Cost You To NOT Give This Course A Try?

Everything in life has a cost. If it's not money, it's time, lost opportunity, or some other resource. Sure, if you tackle AdWords without this course, it's a good bet you'll lose money. And there's no guarantee you'll ever figure out how to turn that situation around.

After all, unlike a lot of pieces of a business, there's no free tutorials on AdWords available online… At least, not any that goes into the level of depth we do, and not any that will get you successfully using AdWords so quickly.

But let's imagine you want to sidestep AdWords altogether and focus on another form of marketing. First of all, you've got to spend time learning and implementing it. And while other methods might prove successful, like we said, we've tried 'em all – and nothing compares to the speed and efficiency of AdWords.

So, ask yourself…

How much time and energy are you willing to take away from the things you SHOULD be doing – like growing your user base or iterating your product – trying to research the best marketing option and expose all the ins and outs?

Probably not the best use of your time, right?

On the other hand, you could pay a marketing agency…

But while there are a few good ones, most will overcharge you and deliver substandard work that either leaves your user base exactly where it was…

Or worse, alienates your customers and sucks the growth out of your startup.

Finally, you could try to implement a “growth hacking" strategy like asking users to invite friends or family.

Unfortunately, these “solutions" don't do much to grow your user base. While word of mouth is great, it will never replace a powerful marketing strategy for sheer speed and quality of user growth.

Needless to say, we think this course is by far the best investment of time and money you can make...

But we don't expect you to simply take our word for it.

We believe you should have the opportunity to try AdWords for SaaS Startups without committing to whether it's worth the sticker price or not, and Udemy agrees.

That's why you get a full…

30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't love the course, or if your business isn't growing like you hoped, no problem.

Just let Udemy know and they'll refund every cent you paid. No harm, no foul.

Ultimately, there are two ways taking us up on this generous offer can pan out for you.

On one hand, you could finally understand how to use Google Adwords to grow your user base quickly, consistently, and at a healthy ROI.

Cash flow will improve… resources will be freed up for further testing, tweaking, and implementing… and high-value doors will open for you.

OR… you're back right where you are now… without being a single cent out of pocket.

We think that's a fair deal…

In fact, we think it's more than fair…

We think you'd have to be crazy to pass us up on it.

And if you agree with us, we hope we'll see you inside the training area.

-Mike Williams and Juan Martitegui


We've advised startups across the globe… so we know a thing or two about how to get your SaaS business adding users at a lightning-fast rate.

So if you're interested in growing your SaaS business, we highly recommend you jump on this opportunity now, rather than later.

Remember, with the 100% money-back guarantee, there's literally NO risk to you.

Either your startup kicks into high gear and you vault over your obstacles, or you don't pay a cent (but you keep the knowledge you've gained along the way).

Sign up now and we'll see you inside.

What are the requirements?

  • A SaaS business with at least 100 paid users
  • Optimism and a penchant for living The Dream

What am I going to get from this course?

  • By the end of the course you will know how to get a consistent, predictable flow of customers from Google AdWords.
  • Professional-quality video (high definition with professional-mic audio)
  • Twice-monthly webinar where we answer questions and share our screen (WARNING: strictly limited, may be pulled at any time)
  • A system that’s been beta-tested with other entrepreneurs, so you know it works
  • A system built by and beta-tested with entrepreneurs, so you know it works
  • Worksheets to make it easy to execute each action step and minimize frustration
  • How to get into the head of your customers and know them better than they know themselves
  • How to create landing pages Google loves, without harming your brand or tanking your sales
  • How to set up your account in a way that will grow with your business, including the two “hidden” settings you need to turn off to avoid blowing through your budget in the blink of an eye
  • How to select, group, and bid on your keywords correctly to get cheap AdWords leads
  • How to show your Google ads on all sorts of channels: Youtube, Gmail, Google search, and other websites are all viable options for you to get leads and customers from
  • How to create ads that “follow” your best prospects around the web
  • The differences between mobile and desktop advertising, and when you should use each of them
  • How to analyze Google’s data to build on your original campaigns and squeeze even higher performance out of them

What is the target audience?

  • You’re either the owner or marketing manager of a SaaS business
  • You’re willing to step outside your comfort zone and test new things
  • You understand good marketing is vital for any SaaS business to succeed
  • You're able to follow instructions closely
  • You’re willing to temporarily reinvest profits to scale your business quickly

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

What does a dominant account look like? Juan walks you through one with generated millions of clicks and boat loads of revenue.

How Did This Happen?
How This Is Going To Work
Section 2: The Foundation
The Advertising Mindset
We Are All In The Same Business
The Elements Of An AdWords Campaign
Speaking The Lingo
Section 3: Conversion Quick Start Series
How To Uncover Your Customer Avatar (Part 1)
How To Uncover Your Customer Avatar (Part Duex)
Landing Page Kung Fu
Section 4: AdWords Tech and Setup
OK, Let’s Dig Into AdWords… Finally!
A Quick Note and a Clarification
The Two Critical Settings of Account Creation
How to Set Up Your All-Important Tracking
How (and Why) to Link Your AdWords Account to Google Analytics
Understanding The Different Keyword Match Types
Understanding Keyword Intent
How Bidding and Quality Score Work (The Keys to Lowering Your Costs)
Explaining the Keyword -- Ad Group Structure
Section 5: How to Design Your Campaign Approaches
The Master Document: Explained
How to Do Keyword Research
How to Group Your Keywords into Ad Groups
Keyword and Ad Group Benchmarks
Section 6: How to Write Your Ads
How to Write Ads for Your Search Campaigns
How to Write Ads for Your Display Campaigns
How to Write Ads for Your Remarketing Campaigns
Section 7: How to Implement Your Campaign Approaches
Setting Up Your Branded Search Campaign
Setting Up Your Core Search Campaign
Setting Up Your Competitor Search Campaign
Setting Up Your Lateral Thinking Search Campaign
Setting Up Your Branded Display Campaign
How to Clone Your Display Campaign for The Other Strategies
How to Set Up Your YouTube Campaign
Setting Up Your Gmail Campaign (Sneaky)
Setting Up Your Audiences for Your Remarketing Campaign
Setting Up Your Remarketing Campaigns
Setting Up Your Mobile Campaigns
Section 8: AdWords Optimization: How to Grow for Life
Trimming The Fat
How To Optimize Your Ads
How To Optimize Your Bids
How to Optimize Your Placements
How To Let Google Do The Optimization For You
How To Use Dimensions To Take Your Optimization To Heavenly Levels
Section 9: Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts
Additional Essays and Resources We Find Superb
6 pages

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Instructor Biography

Juan Martitegui, Co-Founder @mindvalleyh. Some say he gets PPC really well.

Juan set up his first Adwords Campaign in May 2005.

Over the years he has acquired more than 3,000,000 leads and sold over $20,000,000 worth of products and services.

He runs pre-acceleration courses for the best and most prestigious incubator programs and is a traffic consultant to high growth companies.

Previously, he was elected Mindvalley's first COO, based on his "salesmanship" and marketing mindset combined with the growth and scaling strategies he learned at huge corporations like IBM, Telefonica Group, several oil and gas companies, and more.

While helping grow and structure Mindvalley in 2009 and 2010, Juan decided to try a little experiment in the Hispanic Market... and boy it worked:

Today, Mindvalley Hispano, the company he co-founded, is one of the largest (we are humble, so we don't say THE largest) digital Personal Growth publishers in the Hispanic Market. With over a million subscribers and multiple 7-figures in revenue, Juan and his team are just getting started.

Mindvalley Hispano is also pioneering a Completely Virtual "Results OnlyWork Enviroment" where everyone works from home, has no set schedule, and only comes to the office if they want to.

Juan is so passionate about the new work arrangements the internet allows that he has started making a movie to spread these ideas and show the new professions that are available.

When he is not reading books on business or human psychology, you can find him paragliding, diving or even running triathlons (he finished 2 half Iron Mans so far!).

Wanna tap his brain? He doesn't drink alcohol, but will do almost anything for a Diet Coke and a Grass Fed T-Bone Steak.

Instructor Biography

Mike Williams, Conversion Optimization Guy

I help people like KISSmetrics, AWeber, Neil Patel, Noah Kagan, and Ramit Sethi grow their revenue through conversion optimization.

You do this by first asking 3 questions:

  1. How can you get more customers in the door?
  2. Then: How can you increase the average size of each order?
  3. Then: How can you increase the purchase frequency of each customer?

Then you start to answer those questions using strategies like:

Offer Strategy: does the customer actually want your product? What are the best possible purchase terms (price, guarantee, payment plan, etc) you can provide? How do you make the purchase an extraordinary value?

Positioning: how do your company, product, and offer compare to your customer's direct and indirect alternatives? Have you made your unique advantages crystal clear? For whom are you the best option and why?

Copywriting: how you actually communicate the elements above while keeping your prospect engaged and excited.

These techniques can be applied to everything from writing PPC ads to re-engineering entire funnels.

And the results are extraordinary.

Multiple times I've watched revenue grow 2X, 4X, and sometimes 6X... often within a few months. I understand if you find that hard to believe.

I also designed, manufacture, and sell the HoboHookah.

Previously worked at MindValley.

In my free time, I like backpacking, cooking, and frisbee.

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