Dowsing Course No 3: Introduction to Transcendental Dowsing
4.7 (441 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,192 students enrolled
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Dowsing Course No 3: Introduction to Transcendental Dowsing

Learn how to change energies of a past or future event. Resolve old trauma or transmute energy of an upcoming event.
4.7 (441 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,192 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Transmute non-beneficial energies into positive ones
  • Bring a future event into the present time and alter its energy for optimum success
  • Heal from the past, especially traumatic events
  • Assure that you will speak with poise, elegance, class and charm at your next public speaking event
  • Free yourself from non-beneficial energies surrounding money that may be preventing you from experiencing more wealth in your life
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  • Please complete the Basic Dowsing course before taking this course!
  • You will need a pendulum or a string from which you can hang something like a ring, pendant or a key

"Strongly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in self healing or self development. This course is exceptional - I wish to mark 6 stars if possible." Y.J. Chen


Transcendental dowsing can be applied by every-day folks as well as business people, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and healers.

This course is an introductory course to using transcendental dowsing techniques. You will learn how to change and alter the energy of a past event, as well as change the energy of a future event.

  • Do you have a public speaking event or presentation coming up and you want to assure that you speak with eloquence, poise and grace?
  • Or maybe you just want to ask your boss for a raise or promotion?
  • Perhaps you have an old wound from a traumatic event that is ready to be transmuted?
  • Or what about that dreaded family dinner that would rather skip all together?

Transmute the energy using transcendental dowsing techniques and turn any event into a raging success instead!

Transcendental dowsing taps into the energies of the Universe and transmutes non-beneficial energies into beneficial energies so you can experience more success, better health, improved confidence and self esteem and overall more joie-de-vivre.

IMPORTANT: To successfully understand and follow along the techniques taught in this course, please make sure that you have first completed the Basic Dowsing Course offered on this platform.


"This is the most amazing course I have ever taken! This course gave me the practical answers I was searching for." Laura Hammer


"I absolutely love this course! I'm so inspired and happy, and I feel like I have found a great treasure. The material in the course is well structured, easy for anyone to understand and the instructor is very pleasant, feels very honest and experienced. This is someone who knows what she is talking about. I highly recommend this course to anyone! I do recommend that you take the basic course first, which is also super awesome. I couldn't be more pleased!" Kathleen O'Doherty


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Who is the target audience?
  • Every-Day Folks Who Want To Experience More Success
  • Business People, Employees
  • Entrepreneurs & Consultants
  • Energy workers, hypnotherapists, Reiki Masters, etc.
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Curriculum For This Course
23 Lectures
About This Course
3 Lectures 14:36

This video talks about what you will learn in this course and who this course is for.

Preview 05:32

This video and slideshow will show you some of the things we will cover in this course and what you can achieve with transcendental dowsing.

If you have not yet taken the Basic Dowsing course, please go to the last lecture of this course to grab a discount. The Basic Dowsing course is a pre-requisite to this course if you want to assure that your pendulum is programmed correctly and tuned to you.

Preview 08:27

Pendulums and Crystals
Before You Get Started
4 Lectures 03:10

In this lecture I am sharing some of the success stories from students who are enrolled in this course.

Preview 02:42

Transcendental dowsing accesses powerful energies. In order to take this course it's important that you agree to some dowsing ethics.

And to be 100% transparent with you, I forgot to turn off my automatic-affirmation software before recording my videos. I have non-specific and quite amazing affirmations, watched the videos and felt guided to just let you have some of the goodies as well. You may see faint sentences flash across your screen that say things like "I am confident" or "I am successful." Things of that nature.

None of the messages will do you any harm and they are not specific enough to interfere with your journey here on Earth in any negative way. On the contrary, if anything, you may feel new inspiration, motivation and a whole lot more love and success come our way. :-)

Dowsing Ethics & Agreement

All students are required to fill out this course agreement. This is to confirm that your intentions to using transcendental dowsing are honorable and that you will at all times respect the free will of others.

Course Agreement

Feel free to print this form and remember not to dowse for others unless you are asked to do so.

Why We Shouldn't Dowse For Others
1 page
Why & How Transcendental Dowsing Works
2 Lectures 13:45

The Universe is constructed with clockwise and counter-clockwise energies, and many variations thereof. Energies are swirling about us at all times. Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they're not there. When you tap into these forces consciously, you literally have the Universal forces at your disposal to helping you achieve just about anything.

Working With Natural Streams Of The Universe

Unlike with basic dowsing where you simply ask for yes, no and maybe answers, when you work with the energetic clockwise and counter-clockwise forces of the Universe, it is crucial to protect yourself before you attempt any dowsing attempts.

Please watch this video and then print out your protection checklist and do these steps every time you have a dowsing session.

How To Protect Yourself BEFORE You Do Transcendental Dowsing

Does cleansing energy flow clockwise or counter-clockwise?

In the Northern Hemisphere, which direction does the cleansing energy flow?
1 question
Changing Energies Of The Past
5 Lectures 38:42

Everyone wants a flourishing future but very few are willing to clean the slate of the past. Before creating new building blocks to a wonderous future, let's clean the energies of the past that we are dragging around with us and are inadvertently holding us back.

Dowsing The Past - An Overview

Why It's Essential To Heal The Past (and Traumatic Events)
2 pages

Healing From Traumatic Events

Here is how one student uses the techniques taught in this class to heal from a past event.

A Student Story

In this video we will actually do a clearing of non-beneficial energies around money, and bringing in beneficial energies so finances can improve for you. Feel free to just watch and receive or dowse along.

The video is showing how a clearing of non-beneficial energies is done, and how I bring in beneficial energies to fill the 'void' created.

How To Improve Your Finances With Dowsing

Does it matter if you protect yourself or not during a transcendental dowsing session?

How important is it to protect yourself with transcendental dowsing?
1 question
Changing Energies Of The Future
4 Lectures 22:32

While we may not dowse the actual future, since it is always in a state of motion, we can change the energy of 'now' so that a future event will turn out a lot more beneficial for all involved. Watch this overview video.

Dowsing For a Future Event - An Overview

Ever dreaded going to a family dinner? Holiday party or a wedding that you just know you need to attend but would rather skip all together? No problem! Rather than avoiding it and getting anxious about it, use transcendental dowsing to change the energy of the entire event. This video shows you how.

Turn Dreaded Future Events Into a Raging Success - Ahead of Time

Public speaking is by far the world's number one most feared event. Why? Because you're in the spotlight and you're exposed and vulnerable. We'd rather hide behind the curtain or sit in the audience. Unfortunately we all have to participate in public speaking events from time to time. Be it sharing at your best friend's bridal shower or your company meeting or even in one-on-one situations when you're sitting in front of your boss.

This video will teach you how to prepare for an upcoming public speaking event and how to make it an incredible success. Walk away with compliments that you're the best speaker they've ever had and with participants who are asking to buy your course material!

Shine At That Public Speaking Event!

As promised, this is an update about the public speaking event I was dowsing for in the previous lecture.

Public Speaking Event Update

Can we change the energy around an upcoming event?

Is it possible to change the energy field of a future event?
1 question
Course Summary - Final Words & Bonuses
5 Lectures 10:12
Authentic reviews are always appreciated. If you can't sincerely give this course a 5 star rating, will you please instead send me a personal message and tell me how I can improve the course? I'm fully aware that I can't please everyone but I can certainly try. :-)
How To Write a Review
3 pages

Watch this video about how to get a better support system to help you through life.

How To Get a Better Support System

Here is a summary of what we covered in this course. Course modules are continually updated and new videos added. Please check your course announcements where I will be announcing new videos.

Course Summary

This is the place where I will be adding various material that you might find useful in your dowsing journey.

Resource Library

Bonus - Discounts
About the Instructor
Cha~zay Sandhriel Ph.D.
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I absolutely love teaching and your success in every way is important to me!

As a best-selling Udemy instructor with more than a dozen online courses, I also run the Core Freedom Academy with over 14,000 students worldwide, and I am ready to share what I know.

I have been a public speaker, workshop leader and online course creator for more than 14 years. I've spoken on stage with Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and also taught at the Learning Annex in San Francisco for over three years.

I teach courses in the field of professional and personal development and new courses are constantly being developed.

Today I draw on my further education as a metaphysician, holistic life coach, certified hypnotist and trained grief and suicide hotline counselor. I’m also a non-denominational ordained minister, a Reiki Master and I teach courses in EFT (emotional freedom technique) and dowsing.

It all started in the world of business. I’ve worked for the Swiss Government and Private Banking Industry, before moving to Silicon Valley putting together teams for technology start-up companies. A tragic loss in 2006 left me homeless for 7 months while I withdrew from society to reinvent myself and my life.

The courses I teach today come from my school of hard-knocks

I’m a huge fan of living the mobile lifestyle. Less is indeed more and being able to live wherever I want to is possible thanks to being an online instructor. My life lessons are woven into all of my courses.