Adultery & Married Women: Look Who's Creeping in My Bed!
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Adultery & Married Women: Look Who's Creeping in My Bed!

Beginner's course to understanding adultery and the factors that can cause adultery from a woman's perspective.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
207 students enrolled
Created by Tiffany Godfrey
Last updated 12/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Discover the three types of adultery
  • Pinpoint the factors that drive couples apart
  • Play marriage counselor and determine the root of a man's cheating heart
  • Play a marriage counselor and help a cheating wife figure out how to make a decision between her husband and her "boyfriend"
  • Pinpoint the consequences of each type of adultery
  • Create a strategy for avoiding and/or overcoming adultery
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  • A Marriage Journal (composition, notebook, journal)
  • An Open Mind

This course is part one of a two-part series on adultery and married women. It will lay a strong foundation and explain why women cheat. It will touch on the three types of adultery. It will help women to understand the dynamics of a cheating heart. It will allow women to analyze the hearts of a cheating man and a cheating woman.

It will enable women to take a self-evaluation to learn about what could lead her to cheat and how she can overcome the temptation to do it. It will also help the woman who has committed adultery to get on the road back to restoring her marriage relationship, (if the opportunity exists), by offering practical tips.

We also offer a bonus interview on how to function in your marriage when your husband is addicted to pornography. Believe me, the solution is NOT to cheat!

Who is the target audience?
  • Any married woman who wants a stronger marriage
  • Any married woman who feels lonely in her marriage
  • Any married woman who thinks there's only one type of adultery
  • Any married woman who recognizes that she could fall prey to adultery
  • This course is NOT for the woman who feels she is the perfect wife who would never commit adultery
  • This course is NOT for a woman who is not open to learning new concepts about marriage
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Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
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This brief video welcomes the student by thanking them for enrolling, mentioning the course name, and touching on the average opinion that adultery mostly applies to men.


This lecture will describe who I am and why I am qualified to help you.

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This lecture gives a brief description of what's included in the course.

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What's the subtitle of this course?

Let's Get Ready to Rumble! Review
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If You Were the Marriage Counselor...
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3 Types of Adultery

This lecture shares a scenario of a man who visits you, the counselor because he is entangled in an extramarital affair with another woman.

Preview 00:29

In this lecture, we did a little deeper into Richard's life and we try to get a better understanding why he has gotten caught up in an affair. Is this his first one or one of many?

What's the Problem?

Richard has a habit of going outside of his home for a "quick fix." Once he's gotten it, he comes back home as if everything is okay. How does his wife feel about this?

The Quick Fix

Richard is a victim of the "tingles." What are the tingles and what causes them?

The "Tingles"

Cheating: It's not just the men doing it!

Dispelling the Man Myth

This quiz covers the questions from section 2. It covers the counselor session.

If You Were the Marriage Counselor...
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If The Tables Were Turned...
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A cheating wife comes to you to discuss her cheating heart. Will you counsel her the same way you counsel Richard?

Same Story, Different Sex

We discuss how a woman gets caught up into a chat room with another man while her husband is away.

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In this lecture we discuss Rosie's situation and why her life is so complicated. With two men, why wouldn't it be?

Rosie Needs to Choose Who She Wants

It's important to know what's driving you because what's driving you can accelerate you into the arms of another man.

What's Driving You?

This quiz reviews section 3 which involves counseling a married woman who's guilty of committing adultery.

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Factors That Drive Couples Apart
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There's a first time for everything. This lecture describes the first time for a man and a woman.

The First Time...

We go into our marriages with the wrong set of expectations and when our husband's fail to meet them, we want to give up on the marriage. How do we get to this point?

Unrealistic Expectations - Let's Go Deeper!

Don't "pimp" yourself for some play money. It's not worth it!

No Play Money!

Hollywood has a way of dealing with marriage. Should you use their techniques?

Preview 02:19

There is a major danger in playing the blame game. Here's what happens when we take the first shot.

Who Shot Who First - Part 1

This quiz reviews some of the factors that drive couples apart.

Factors That Drive Couples Apart Review
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Why Women Cheat
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When loneliness and neglect hit your heart, how do you handle this? Who do you turn to?

Help Me, I'm Stranded! Who Will Rescue Me?

The need for attention and validation from our husbands can go overboard. But when your needs are not met, how can you handle that?

Your Need for Attention and Validation

Men crave honor and respect. But what happens when you don't show him these things within your marriage?

What Happened to My Hero?

How Can heart problems lead a woman to cheat? This lecture will explain how.

Heart Problems

What happens when you find out your husband cheated first? Should you retaliate?

He Started!
2 Lectures 08:24

This lecture will offer you some practical steps for avoiding and/or overcoming adultery

What Should You Do?

Just a quick thanks for taking this course.

About the Instructor
Tiffany  Godfrey
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472 Students
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Author, Blogger, Teacher, Wife, and Relationship Mentor

Hi, my name is Tiffany Godfrey and I’ve been married for 15 years.

During this time, I’ve had my share of good, bad, and ugly. But I’ve learned how to navigate through the tough spots of my marriage through prayer, time, patience, work, and faith in God.

My journey to becoming a Udemy instructor was an adventurous one, filled with joy, pain, bumps, bruises, and ultimately, discovery.

I say this because I learned two things:

    ·What to do as a wife

    ·What NOT to do as a wife

I started almost 20 years ago as a middle school science teacher. After two years of teaching, I realized that this was not the profession for me.

But I heard wedding bells ringing and I knew I would need income as I prepared to become a wife. So instead of quitting my job, I continued to work with hormonal pre-teens until my season in education ended.

From that point on, I recognized that I would need to make sacrifices…all in the name of love.

A few years later, I pursued a career in pharmaceutical sales where I learned the importance of building relationships. As I’m sure you probably know, the best way to connect with people is to identify with them by building a relationship with them. Having this experience also helped me to connect better with my husband as we grew in our marriage.

As much as I enjoyed pharmaceutical sales, I still felt a void.

I didn’t really figure out what was missing until after about ten of our friends (ten different couples) divorced or separated within the span of one year!

This was horrible and hurtful. And to make things worse, my husband and I struggled in our marriage during this time.

I had a decision to make: either complain, cry, and give into the status quo of divorce. Or I could do something about it. I finally figured out what I was called to do: to help women to grow, be healed, and flourish in their relationships with their husbands, and others in their sphere of influence.

I chose to do something about the problems people faced in their marriages, and I started a website specifically for married women. It’s a hub of articles, interviews, and blog posts that women can turn to for tips, advice, and healing for their pain and frustration.

Through this site, I also share my challenges, how I overcame them, and some helpful marriage tips for married women who are hurting and need hope. In addition, we share materials on communication, sex, money, adultery, and other topics that affect marriage.

I also wrote a book called Is Marriage a Joke? (found on Amazon), that focuses specifically on how a woman can learn to communicate effectively with her husband, even if he won't talk.

Many people ask me why I reach out to women as opposed to the woman and the man. While couples often need help with their marriages, I’ve learned that men are a lot different from women. And since I’m a woman and I can fully empathize with the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of a woman, I also understand the needs of women. For this reason, I’ve chosen to specifically help women to do what they can do to fix their marriages. As a result, their husbands can respond to the changes they make.

I want to show women specifically what they can do to help strengthen their marriages. I believe as they consistently implement certain principles they can change the climate of their marriages. And in many cases, their husbands will change for the better and they will enjoy a stronger, healthier marriage.

Offering solid marriage content is a major part of what I do. And although I’m no longer a middle school teacher, I want to encourage, equip, and teach you how to get your marriage back on track.

Let me give you the tools to pursue a strong, purposeful relationship and bring the “spicy” back into your marriage!