Addiction Freedom- Never Relapse Again
4.6 (5 ratings)
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45 students enrolled
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Addiction Freedom- Never Relapse Again

Do something that works! 20 years of research, results and proof! Mindfulness, hypnotherapy and meditation wins!
4.6 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
45 students enrolled
Created by Wendi Friesen
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Feel confident that you will never struggle with drug or alcohol addiction again
  • Stop the triggers that lead to relapse
  • Feel strong, healthy and in control
  • Be powerful, not powerless.
  • Discover how hypnotherapy can give you freedom from addiction, even if you have failed in the past
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  • This is not addiction treatment and I am not giving you any medical advice or substituting for medical care.
  • This is a powerful RELAPSE PREVENTION course that will totally change and release your addictive patterns, cravings and beliefs about addiction
  • You must be committed to each days plan, doing the writing, using ALL the hypnotherapy sessions in order.
  • Even if you feel you are not strong enough, don't worry! The very first session will create a massive commitment!

Why does the Addiction Freedom program work?

If you have failed at rehab, cold turkey and 12 steps, what now?

I’m Wendi Friesen and for years I have had amazing success with addicts who are struggling. For over 15 years I have worked with clients using methods that change the way people think and create power and confidence in being the person they want to be.

I know about addiction personally. My son, who is now 25, has been an opiate addict for years. He has been in and out of jail and rehab and as a result I have learned first hand why most drug, alcohol, gambling and other addiction programs simply don’t work.

Drug and Alcohol rehabs have an amazingly low success rate, less than 10%! They are expensive and are failing our addicts. It is not really their fault. They are using the only method they have in most cases. They drive you to AA meetings, feed you substandard food and make you spend hours reading the Big Book. AA was created in the 1930′s. Most rehab methods are using the 12 step program created by AA and even though they know it is not working, they have virtually no other alternatives. We are living in a time where there are many discoveries about how the brain works and the amazing transformational methods of helping people to focus and direct their mind to have the feelings and thoughts they want. It is a shame that this is not the FIRST course of treatment for addiction.

Hypnosis and NLP are very powerful and effective for many issues, if used properly. As an addict, you must change the way your brain is reacting and responding to your environment, your compulsive thoughts, the triggers, the emotional pain, the stress and so many life events. If you don’t change the way your brain responds, you are going to continue to have the same struggles with addiction even years after being clean.

This is a science based approach to completely change the way the brain responds to addiction triggers.

When you release the subconscious responses, the brain changes the way it reacts and suddenly you realize that you are in control.

Are you ready to quit drinking without 12 steps?

Are you struggling with Drug Addiction?

Are you clean and sober, but still scared of relapse?

Never Relapse Again! The results are simply amazing!

Who is the target audience?
  • You must be detoxed, and clean of your drug or alcohol
  • If you are actively using or drinking, you should not start this course
  • If you are scared of relapsing and have a history of relapsing, this course is FOR YOU!
  • Each day you will experience a unique, powerful and proven hypnosis session
  • Those who want to 'rewire' their brain to stop the addictive cycle, will love the results.
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
Hypnosis, Meditation and Mindfulness to End Addiction
1 Lecture 06:32

Be sure to download the attached TimeLine Hypnosis session, that takes you ONE week into the future to see, feel and experience the big change you are about to make.

If you are looking for a powerful way to quit drinking or drug use, this may be the most important moment of your life.
If you have failed at rehab or AA and tried everything to quit drugs or alcohol, this might change your mind. Why is that? I want to tell you about a discovery I made. It is a powerful approach to sobriety that’s been used by thousands or people around the world to reduce cravings, end the struggle and release the emotional conflicts that cause relapse.
You don’t have to feel helpless. You really can change.

I have had stunning results with my clients, even those who failed for years.
My Addiction Freedom program is different. I am sure this will change many things about your life and your attitude from this day forward. You will breathe a breath of fresh air when you learn that your past drug or alcohol use is not life sentence. It is an addiction that you can overcome.Even more interesting is that addiction may not be something you are genetically predisposed to.
It is possible that you will forever end the label of being an addict. I want you to experience this for yourself, today. Your course will help you every day. You will watch my videos that will teach you how to heal your brain and your body and become healthy as fast as possible.

You will have 3 hypnotherapy sessions per day. The Transformation session, and a sleep session and a wake up session.

For 10 days you will be immersed in a massive transformation.
No meetings. No sad stories. No powerlessness. No more surrendering.

With love and respect,

Wendi Friesen
Ready to Change Your Life?

Preview 06:32
Addiction Freedom Day 1, Making the decision
2 Lectures 16:23

Download and print the WORKBOOK, and find the download hypnosis audios.

Use the SPLIT TIMELINE when you are aware and alert. But sure you are interacting with the experience

Fall asleep to the Whisper Fantasia Infusion session. CHOOSE drugs OR alcohol

Wake up Happy, in the morning first thing, the Energized and Alert

Preview 11:11

The Second part of your training on Expectations.

Expectations part 2
Addiction Freedom Day 2- Meet Your Amazing Self
1 Lecture 04:16

You are going to meet your future self, at several points in the future. It is VERY important that you do the writing in the journal page that has all the future outcomes, for 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months in the future.

Here are the rules.

Create the outcomes you want in your future

Make sure they are positive
2 Be specific, not general
3 Include the feelings it creates
4 What will you accomplish?
5 Include relationships you have created or healed

Download your hypnosis sessions

Future Timeline, Intro

Future Timeline session, choose DRUG or ALCOHOL

Blissful Sleep

Wake Up Happy- Healing
Preview 04:16
Addiction Freedom Day 3- Identity, Who Are You?
4 Lectures 32:23

Find the events that impact your life on your past timeline

Let go of the guilt and blame
Move forward with new energy

You will experience an imaginary timeline of your past in a gentle way. Your past will create positive lessons for your life as you release the conflict and resolve the emotional memories of your past.

This is a process of floating back in time to view a timeline of past events that have a hold on you, with the addiction issues.

The Past Timeline

This is a brain changer. Not kidding. Read every word.

This powerful NLP process is now infused with the brain changing method that only Wendi can add.
Whenyou put yourself in trance and experience the process, you are

releasing the old patterns and triggers and replacing them with the new feelings, beliefs and emotions.

This will blow you away.
Your brain store memories that create conflicts. The automatic triggers that make you fall back into your old habits are a results of hard wired experiences- things like emotions, anger, blame, guilt, embarrassment, humiliation. The brain easily accesses these negative emotions associated with a memory and basically explodes the neural activity in your brain.


Now, you are really trying hard to overcome a problem.
You are using your best willpower and keeping your commitment.

Is your brain in agreement with what you are trying to a change?

Think about it.
This Super Swish process replaces the negative, habitual struggle that is stored in your brain. And the really cool part is how it infuses and imprints your brain with the new attitude, new habit, emotions, feelings, future vision and so much more.

Now, here is the really fascinating thing about this.
If the OLD behavior or emotion is triggered, your brain will follow the same path to access all those negative feelings and conflicts. But now the NEW information, feelings, emotions and power is triggered.

Make sense?
This New Super Swish is the absolute best way to eliminate willpower, because you are going to experience an entirely new feeling- physically, emotionally, mentally... even spiritually.

What will you change?

Habits, addictions, compulsive thoughts?
(yes, even OCD has been helped with this process)
Frustration, anger, bad temper, extreme stress?
Fear, shyness, lack of confidence, severe phobias?
Feelings of being stuck, scared, procrastination?

Try it on everything. Seriously. You might be amazed.

Oh, and here is the best part.
This is where this Swish is Wendi-fied!
At the end of the NLP process you are going to be totally immersed in the final experience.

You will be taken inside of the new experience, but not just to "visualize" it. You will be
taken into it to live it. Breathe it. Believe it. This experience will feel bigger than life.

You will create entirely new beliefs about yourself, your abilities and your potential. And you will probably feel a huge surge of energy as a result.

Could you use a new surge of energy to fuel your life?

During this immersion your brain is actually starting to rewire the way it accesses the information.
Not only does this feel like the most blissful experience ever, it is making hard wired changes in your brain.

And that is where the miracles happen.

The Swish- A really big change!

Be sure to download the WORKBOOK section today and the Hypnosis MP3 sessions.

Future Self
Sleep Confidence
Wake Up Creation

What is Identity?

Your beliefs create your identity. What you believe about yourself is going to determine your identity.
Who are you?
How many times have you stood up in countless AA meetings and said,
“I am Joe and I’m and alcoholic”!
And you get the response that embeds that belief about your identity.
When you say your name to someone you meet, “Hi I’m Laura” does your inner mind silently follow it with “and I am and addict” ?

If you have gone to meetings you have burned it into your mind, body and soul. It is connected with your NAME. Every time you say or hear your name you have a powerful connection to your identity.

What do you really want your identity to be?

What do you want the quiet inner voice to say when you hear your name?

Who are you now?

What if you spent countless hours in meetings identifying yourself as something more powerful or at least more interesting?

“Hi, I’m George and I am a
truly happy man.”

“Hi, I’m Amanda and
I am an inspiration.”
Maybe you want to use our power phrase and start to have this identity connected to your name.
“Hi, I’m Steve, and
I am strong, healthy and
in control.”

Who are you becoming?

Using hypnosis to see your future self is an amazing way to create and solidify your new identity. Even if you feel shaky about trying to believe this is who you are now, there is a way to fix it fast.

When you experience your future self, perhaps 6 months from now, your mind will absorb the beliefs of who you have become.

You will stand face to face with your awesome future self, have a conversation, observe and absorb the identity of what you see. The magical part is when you step inside of your future self and really feel yourself within this new identity. And you may realize that you are not an addict, you are a beautiful, healthy and powerful person!

Be sure to do your writing in your Journal Page AFTER you listen to the Future Self Session


My identity holds my deepest and most sacred beliefs about who I am now.

Write about who you are becoming.
Find ten phrases or statements about who you want to be and the values you will have.

I Am...

Preview 12:48

Part two- the seven things you need for permanent change.
Watch the video!

Part 2- The 7 Things you need for permanent change
Addiction Freedom Day 4 - The Addiction Zapper
2 Lectures 33:23

In this session you will change the triggers that used to make you crave drugs or alcohol. Your deep subconscious mind will make a big change today. 
Cravings will go away and you will automatically want fresh water, juice, tea or a brisk walk. You will have an entirely new experience of yourself after this session.

Our neural pathways in the brain are formed from repetitive behaviors, thoughts, feelings and experiences. These neural pathways cause you to be triggered to feel or think something, like a craving for alcohol or drugs when you see a bottle of booze, or you see the phone number of your drug dealer. Even a scene on TV or in a movie can trigger a craving.

This process today, will start to change the response to triggers. Your brain will have a new experience of what you want and how you feel. Hypnotherapy is the best and most permanent way to make those changes.


Addiction Zapper Introduction
Addiction Zapper session
INFUSION WHISPER session. Choose the 'drug' or 'alcohol' session.
Morning- Wake Up Happy- Healing session

Addiction Zapper-How the brain changes it's reactions and responses to triggers

Release the Past

Are you feeling that you can't let go of old memories?
Are you tormented by reminders of things that went wrong, mistakes you made or anger that you can't control?
The memories from your past that used to make you angry, depressed, annoyed or sad can be changed.
When you experience this process, those old memories will now trigger good feelings. Your inner mind will find the old emotions, find the positive lesson in that memory and create a connection with that memory that holds the new emotions. This is a very enlightening experience, and a very simple way to let your mind be free of the pain and judgment of the past.

Release The Past- Letting go and creating new responses in your brain
Addiction Freedom Day 5 - Self Sabotage, Uncover the real reasons for relapse
1 Lecture 00:11

Self Sabotage is a big part of addiction freedom.

There is a positive intention that fuels every negative behavior.
There is a part of you that has some big needs.
This part of you is trying to keep you safe, and help you or protect you from something.
This part might be protecting you from being hurt, or helping you avoid dealing with something painful or uncomfortable.
Right now the only way this part knows how to get what it wants is with drugs or alcohol.
The part has a positive intention, but is getting what it needs in a negative way.

Your hypnotherapy session today will help you find that part that has the need for alcohol or drugs.
Next you will transform the needs of the part and create a new harmonious relationship with it.

You will meet your self sabotage head on. Imagine what might happen when you really let go of self sabotage and create an honest relationship with yourself.
Boom, baby! It is getting good!
You will experience this session to learn more about your deeper needs and end the self sabotage for good.

Self Sabotage Introduction
Parts Therapy- Choose drug or alcohol
What you discovered about what the part wants
Patience session

Self Sabotage, finding the deep causes
Addiction Freedom Day 6 - Thoughts are Things, Programming your brain
2 Lectures 09:15

When you surround yourself
with happy people, rewarding
activities, positive experiences
and think good thoughts you
actually hard wire your brain to
be happier.

When you surround yourself
with sad stories, feel anger
blame and guilt, or share in the
misery and hopelessness that
others feel, you hardwire your
brain to feel more trapped and frustrated.

Your thoughts and your environment affect your brain which creates a whirlwind of chemicals that flood the cells in your body. You either feel happy and hopeful or sad and lonely. All of this happens as a result of your thoughts.
If you are hanging out in support groups, listening to sad stories it will be hard to get happy.
If you are filling your life with challenges and accomplishments you will get happy.
The cells that receive the chemicals that your brain sends out can actually get addicted to that.
Stress or Joy?
Anger or Pride?
Despair or Delight?

Time for a change.

Your hypnotherapy session today will make you aware of any negative self talk and then help you to unconsciously change it! You will love the gentle nudge that your inner mind gives you anytime you have a negative thought or expectation.

Self Talk intro
Self Talk session

Self Talk- How to change from negative to positive and create more freedom

How important is Integrity? Can you learn to be honest with yourself and with others?

Do your words express your truth?
Do you strive to live with integrity?

Turn over a dandy new leaf with this hypnosis session. This is a big change for most addicts.
Creating honesty and integrity is a refreshing new change.
Discover your truth, honor and the choice to be honest with yourself and others.

Dream Programming

Integrity- Can you be completely honest with yourself?
Addiction Freedom Day 7 - Repetition, blazing a new path
2 Lectures 32:31

Download the Infusion Audio- they will help you get the positive statements embedded in your mind.


Learning something new, like living a life without drugs or alcohol, is going to take some good mental training. Hypnotherapy is going to speed up the process. Do your hypnosis every day, many times a day. Talk to your body and tell it what you DO want.

Repetition will make your brain react differently and help you to start feeling in control, fast!

You become what you think about most of the time!

So true. And it is because of the repetition of the thoughts, your inner voice and the behaviors that have become deeply engrained in every aspect of your life.

If you want to change anything you have to flood your brain with the new thoughts and behaviors that will get you out of that rut.

The brain actually gets in a sort of rut, because the pathways that are created in the neural networks get so efficient at repeating the same patterns and firing the same neurons.

When it comes to helping your brain to

make a change remember this

If you fire it

You wire it

Every thought, every word, every idea and every action makes the neurons fire in your brain. They connect up with other neurons by growing new neural pathways to create networks that support similar feelings, ideas, beliefs, emotions and actions. Changing it requires repetition of the new thought. If you decided that you are going to meditate for 15 minutes a day and you try but after 3 minutes you quit… you could just give up and tell yourself that it is not going to work.

You only tried ONE time!

The brain can learn something new and in fact would LOVE to make some rockin new neural networks but you need repetition. Consistency is what creates new and powerful pathways in the brain and changes your entire mind and body.

Get busy! Change is good!

Repetition, why your brain needs it to create the new habits, desires and values

Find Your Truth

How honest are you?

How honest will you be?

This is a Hypnotherapy session about being honest, having values and not lying to yourself or others.

You will experience this session with a new sense of power that creates honesty.

One of the thing you want to choose to have in your life is your desire to be honest with yourself.

This session will be about honesty first and foremost with yourself.

What a relief that will be, huh? All of your relationships, success and power come from your decision to be honest.

Download Hypnosis audios
Find Your Truth
Infusion Love
Wake Up Happy- Gratitude

Find Your Truth
Addiction Freedom Day 8- Consistency feels Good!
1 Lecture 03:45

What simple things can you change, that will make a difference in your life?

The Hypnotherapy session 'Resolution Activator' will give you and strong sense of commitment and consistency, and a desire to accomplish each resolution every day. And it will feel really good!

Focus on one good thing per day that you will do differently and consistently.

Tomorrow, add one more thing that you are ready to change. Get solid, get committed, use the repetition to fire it and wire it! Repeat every day until you are awesome!

Jot down the things that, with consistency and repetition, create an entirely new outlook. Pick one that you will commit to for each day and let’s shake things up !






Resolution Activator
Release The Past
Intention- Health
Intention- Power

Create Resolutions For Consistency Every Day
Addiction Freedom Day 9- Change The Triggers, Rewire Your Brain's Reactions
2 Lectures 15:37

Your subconscious mind rules! Really, it holds all the power.
Stop trying so hard. Let’s make it easy.

Willpower is out. By the time you feel a craving that was triggered by something you saw, heard, felt and thought, it is too late. Your brain initiated the sequence, released the hounds and went crazy all up in your body. At this point your willpower stands very little chance of wiping out that crushing craving.

Great news! Your subconscious mind can change the effect of the triggers. Instead of going into full blown cravings for drugs or alcohol you can actually make your brain want something else.

This is really weird, but really good.

You see a glass of booze and BAM! Your subconscious mind gets busy finding all the feelings of being STRONG, HEALTHY and IN CONTROL. You are triggered to get a big glass of water and feel (for real) a big wave of love and bliss and pride.

If you think about the drugs you used to do, or see something that reminds you of it, BAM! You are instantly feeling your strength and loving yourself for living a good life.

You will experience a fascinating way to stop the emotional anchors. This will be one of your most powerful sessions.
Cravings will dissolve since you won’t be triggered subconsciously for drugs or alcohol. You will crave something much better.
The anchor is a thing, place, voice or memory that triggers the emotion that leads to cravings. After this session these things will trigger a totally new experience. Just say YES!

AFTER you do the Release Negative Anchors session-

Notice the things in your house, office, car or people that have triggered you to think about drugs or alcohol.
Stop, breathe, be aware.
What was anchored that caused a negative feeling?

What did you learn?
Breathe, let it out.
Find the positive lesson and anchor it into that thing or place or person.

Release Negative Anchors
Clear Plastic Bag
All You Need Is Love

Preview 11:17

The past events that hold emotion, usually negative emotions, will be triggered at times. That triggers causes cravings for drugs or alcohol. You know this, but how do you change it?

In this session you will be changing the way the brain holds the memory and the meaning of the memory. So if an old memory is triggered, now you will have a different emotional response.

I think you will enjoy this session. It is very unique.

After the session take a few moments to write in your journal


The past does NOT equal the future
As I move forward I am creating something that matters to me.

The things that are most important to me now are-

What I am willing to do to prove that I value these things

Release The Past- How to release the triggers of past events
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