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Achieve Your Next Big Thing in Life. Learn to be an Optimist

Learn to endeavor courageously into your dreams no matter what. Avoid negativity and indulge in positive thinking.
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Created by Omar Elbaga
Last updated 6/2015
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Below I'm going to share with you the biggest idea from this course.

You can walk away with this idea and transform your life starting now or you can take the rest of the course and let me help you really dive in.

I read a book called Learned Optimism and in this post I'm going to share with you one very big idea from the book to help you stay away from negativity so you can achieve your next big thing in life.

Answer this question:

Are you pessimistic or optimistic?

Think about that carefully. Before I read this book “Learned Optimism," I thought I was an optimist. I figured I would just learn a thing or two to help me become better.

When the author asked these questions, I said to myself:

There's no way I am a pessimistic person. I mean, people like me. I'm nice. I'm achieving some of my goals. Can't be me.

But after I picked up this book and continued to read and take some of the tests developed by psychologist Martin Seligman.

Guess what??

I was wrong. Totally wrong!

It turned out that I actually had pessimistic tendencies which was preventing me from achieving my other goals.

Obviously this bothered me because Seligman says that there's evidence that people who are pessimistic are more prone to depression and more prone to negative consequences.

So as you can see, I was not only flabbergasted, but I wanted to learn, very fast, how I could escape any possibilities of a mental prison of negativity.

I wanted to be more optimistic in life and positive! But not in that phony way. In the way that made sense and was a little realistic.

Not only because success is tied to optimism, but also because pessimism is tied to depression and anxiety. I want to be better in life and more successful, I mean who doesn't, but I really want to avoid depression and anxiety. Don't you?

Before I invite you to join me in this course I made for you that will dive into the big ideas from this book about how to become more optimistic so you can achieve your next big thing in life (and help protect yourself from mental and physical illnesses), how about I share with you one of the biggest ideas in this book.

Here's the big idea that can save your life.

Human beings can become helpless.

Not just people from certain countries who are imprisoned or starving, but people who are living decent lives.

Now wait, let me explain, because this IS SERIOUS!

What Martin Seligman is saying (based on experiments and research) is that:

You can become helpless in your mind without even knowing it.

Here's an example.

You feel sick, and your friend, or spouse tells you to go to the doctor.

And you say,

“I know I should, but he's probably not going to do anything. So it doesn't matter."

Here's another example,

You know you should stay away from eating too much cake, but you think I'll never really get in shape so who cares if I have a little cake. It won't matter anyway.

Another example, you lost your job and you've been out of work for 3 months. You hear about this job opportunity that is something you really want.

Everyone tells you to apply, but you start to think:

“Well, I know I should, but it doesn't matter because what are the odds that I'll get the job. There's no point."

You see a person you really want to meet and you want to approach them, but you're thinking she's not going to be interested so forget it.

Now listen, even if you think: I don't do any of this, I'm really optimistic, I only see the bright things in life, trust me this gets more deep. We're just skimming the surface here.

You see, Seligman has proven that you can become helpless in the mind depending on how you view different circumstances and events in your life.

The thing that's really intriguing about all this is that sometimes you may not even know this negativity is happening to you. It can happen subconsciously due to things that happened to you in life and even the way people have treated you in the past.

And this is not the only indicator that you may have a aspects of a helpless mindset that's not letting you live to your potential. There's more intricacies to this.

This form of helplessness will prevent you from achieving the big things in life. It will also not grant you happiness. It perpetuates sadness, and stagnation.

Let me help you more by sharing some of the other big ideas in this book so you can transform pessimism into optimism and achieve your next big thing in life.

Want to learn more about how to do this, turning any underlying pessimism into optimism? Take this course.

* And remember when you join, you're my student and we will interact. Ask questions anytime. I will also be adding new videos inside this course from time to time which you will get free lifetime upgrades for.

* I also offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. No Questions asked, except that I'd love for you to invest in yourself!

Invest in yourself now and achieve your next big thing in life.

Join this course now! See you on the inside.

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  • Anyone who is striving to achieve their next big thing in life should take this course
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What Will I Learn?
Know whether you are secretly pessimistic or optimistic by nature
Learn how to be optimistic even when bad things happen
Avoid thoughts that could lead to depression and anxiety unknowingly
Imitate the way successful people think
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Curriculum For This Course
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Introduction. Welcome to the 2 ways of thinking that lead to failure or success
1 Lecture 05:05

In this course, you will learn about the breakthrough science discovered by Martin Seligman on the two different ways of explaining the bad and good events that happen in your life.

So many people want to achieve big things in life, but they don't realize how important their psychological well being is. The way you think and the way you make meaning out of the things that happen to you in life make all the difference in the world.

I wanted to teach this course, because I want to help you learn what virtually 99% of humans are in the dark about. I don't want you to be one of those people who are ignorant of these scientific breakthroughs around achievement.

This affects so much in your life, your health, wealth and well being.

By the end of this course you will discover whether you are pessimistic or optimistic and learn how to transform pessimism into optimism no matter what happens so you can achieve your next big thing in life.

We will dive in, break this down and help you understand what makes you a pessimist or optimist. This is not bad vs good thinking, the law of attraction or the secret. It's science based on research.

You will learn how to make meaning out of the things that happen in your life in a way that will help you avoid depression, anxiety and failure and instead get closer to success because this is the way successful people think.

If you take a sample of successful people you will see that they think like optimists and avoid pessimism in the way described in the course.

Enjoy this course today and get closer to achieving your next big thing in life by learning to be optimistic no matter what happens and achieve your next big thing in life.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Courageously achieve big goals in life
  • Avoid depression, anxiety and failure
  • Master and achieve good habits and health
  • Think like successful people.
Introduction. Welcome to the 2 ways of thinking that lead to failure or success
The Experiments
3 Lectures 15:31

You will learn about the experiment that triggered Seligman to even begin thinking of this entire concept of pessimism vs optimism.

The Experiment that went wrong

In this video you will learn about the experiment Seligman did that began the breakthrough discovery of how humans can become helpless in the mind. What happens to dogs when you shock them? How do they react even when they're taught to run away?

The Experiment that will literally shock you

In this video, you will learn about the experiment done on actual humans that continued proving the breakthrough concept that humans can become helpless in the mind. How did it happen?

What happens when you put people in a room with loud music and show one group how to turn it off, but you don't show the other group how to turn it off?

The Experiment done on humans with loud music
The Factors behind pessimism and optimistic thinking for success
3 Lectures 11:25

In this video we will discuss the factors that make someone pessimistic and the differences between those and the optimist.

What is Pessimism really and its dangers on your life

In this video you will learn how the optimist views bad circumstances in life. How do they think? How do they see things and compare that with the pessimist.

Optimism, Success and how Optimism sees the bad in a unique way

In this video you will learn more about the optimistic way of explaining things in your life. What about good events? How does the pessimist explain the good things that happen? And how does the optimist explain the good things that happen?

Seeing the Good. How to do it
How to stay optimistic
3 Lectures 09:36

In this video you will learn whether or not being optimistic is realistic and compare that with the pessimist.

Is being optimistic realistic?

In this video you will learn more about the few people who manage to remain optimistic even when they are actually taught to be helpless. How do they do it?

The one third who become optimistic no matter the circumstances. How d

In this video we will wrap it all up and drive it home. I will take everything we learned and re-explain it all with ease so you can walk away remembering this forever.

Wrapping it all up
Free Bonuses
1 Lecture 04:41

In this video, you will learn some very specific examples of pessimistic forms of thinking and how to transform them into optimism.

Free Bonus. Transform pessimism into optimisim. Specific Examples.
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Omar Elbaga is a professor, web evangelist who has been publishing digital content for 8 years and host of the popular video show called "Mastery" for entrepreneurs who want more than just business advice.

His books have been published in Barnes & Noble stores across the world and his recent book "Lessons Dad Never Taught You" was a #2 Amazon Bestseller.

He enjoys helping others master new web tools, new skills and their own personal development.

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