Debt Collection Management: Get Paid On Time EVERY TIME!
4.7 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,255 students enrolled
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Debt Collection Management: Get Paid On Time EVERY TIME!

Don't let unpaid invoices drag your business down. Get paid on time without sacrificing your clients relationships.
4.7 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,255 students enrolled
Created by James Cooke
Last updated 8/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Increase your businesses 'Cash Flow' & reduce 'Bad Debt'
  • Connect & educate your clients / debtors for better cash collection results
  • Supporting & enhancing your internal & external business relationships for greater success
  • Examine, understand & succeeding with different debtor personality traits
  • Improve complaint handling within your business
  • Identify, measure and control staff performance
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  • This course is focused on 'small to medium' sized business owners & those at a management / supervisory level
  • Students should have a clear understanding of the business
  • Basic / intermediate Excel skills
  • PDF Reader
  • It would be beneficial to students taking this course to have some exposure (at any level) to the following business areas:
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Sales / Account Management
  • Staff management & leadership

If your business is struggling to keep its head above water because of unpaid invoices that are owed to you, then this course is just for you!

This course has been designed for ANY small to medium sized business owner, executive, manager or supervisor that wants to learn how to:

  • Increase their cash flow
  • Reducing bad & doubtful debt
  • Enhance, nurture & protect their client relationships
  • Communicate more effectively with internal & external stake holders

I will be teaching you the tips, tricks & strategies that I have used in helping many multi million dollar business turn around their business from 'debt collection' hell into 'cash flow' heaven!

This comprehensive course will also cover:

  • Complaint handling & resolution techniques
  • Understanding client & debtor personality types for great success
  • Establishing meaningful Key Performance Indicators for your staff

Money Back Guarantee

This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Life Time & Personal Access

Subscribers to this course will always have life time access, plus:

  • FREE updates
  • Personal access to me, I'll be on hand to help you with any questions you may have or if you need that little bit of extra help.
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed on helping you & your business increase its 'cash flow', reducing bad debt & creating the framework for better internal & external communication. This course is suitable for anyone in the following business areas:
  • Business Owners
  • Business Executives
  • Finance Executives
  • Operations Executives
  • Customer Service Management
  • Sales Management
  • Administration & Operations Management
  • Finance Managers / Financial Controllers
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Curriculum For This Course
38 Lectures
Course Introduction
1 Lecture 02:18

This lecture will explain what I will be covering but also more importantly what I won't be covering. This is especially pertinent to the legal aspects regarding the collection of debt either internally as a business or if you happen to get into the position where a 3rd party may need to become involved. It is therefore critical that you understand that nothing contained in this course should be construed nor implied as legal advice and you should always seek independent legal advice.

Preview 02:18
The Debt Management Strategy Road Map
3 Lectures 12:06

In this lecture I will be explaining why businesses struggle with the concept of collecting their own outstanding debts.

Preview 04:53

In this lecture I'll explain why cash will always remain to be king as well start introducing you to some simple questioning methods that you can ask yourself in about your business and how that will impact your debt management strategy.

Preview 04:48

At the end of this lecture you should have a clear understanding on what you want to achieve as a 'end objective'. For example, better:

  • Debt management skills
  • Increased collections
  • Internal & external communication

If you need any advice or how to approach this effectively, please don't hesitate to open a discussion item and I'll be happy to give you some personalised advice.

What Is Your Objective?
6 Lectures 46:38

A common assumption for business to make is that a 'debt' is just a debt and a 'debtor' is just a debtor. Here I will be explaining why is a dangerous assumption to make. No debt or debtor are the same and should never be treated as such.

Preview 10:31

In part 1 of 3 we will be looking at how a business could get into a scenario where insufficient care & attention has been given to the collection of their outstanding invoices. We will be looking at the following aspects:

  • Acknowledging that there is a problem
  • How a business could get into this situation
Preview 10:19

In part 2 of 3 our focus will be on:

  • Avoiding the common business pitfalls
  • The lack of tools available to deal with these situations
  • Lack of knowledge and staff training
  • Lack of strategy
Preview 08:01

In part 3 of 3 we will wrap up this series by looking at:

  • Dealing with non-paying customers
  • Utilising internal relationships from other areas of the business
  • Tips on risk mitigation & debt exposure
  • Putting place management plans to prevent the same situation happening again.
Preview 07:57

One of the greatest tools in your arsenal of weapons to help minimise outstanding bad debt, is the ability to negotiate with your debtors. I'll show you in this lecture the tips and strategies that you can use to become a great negotiator & communicator to extract payment from your debtors.

Preview 04:48

One of the most frustrating situations for a business that is owed money is the realisation that the business or person you are chasing has left their current address. So here are some great 'tricks of the trade' to help you track down those missing debtors!

Tips On How To Find a Missing Debtor
Debtor Personality Types - Identify, Adapt & Succeed!
9 Lectures 29:40

This lecture is a introduction to this section and how you and your staff can quickly identify the common & typical personality types and how to the skills you'll learn will help you overcome any obstacles that might have previously stumped you.

Typical Debtor Personality Traits, How To Identify & Manage Them Effectively

An aggressive or verbally hostile client / debtor can be intimidating to deal with. I'll show you in this lecture how we disarm this type of debtor & how to reason with them.

The Tank

Clients / Debtors that have an 'agenda' can some across as sneaky & underhanded - They might appear friendly but they are ready to take well aimed shots at you if you're not prepared! I'll show you in this lecture how we deal professionally with this personality type.

The Sneaky Sniper

Have you ever come across a client / debtor where the conversation starts off pleasant and friendly then out of nowhere BOOM explodes into a full blow RAGE? Here are the tips you need to disarm and maintain control.

The Hostile Exploder

The whinger or complainer type of personality can be tiresome. It's never their fault, always someone else's - strong views and assumptions about you, your staff or your business can make them very difficult to deal with. These are the tips you can use to communicate with them.

The Whinger

They will say YES to anything you say - promise the earth but never deliver and always break their promises to you. I'll show you some great ways to help keep their payment promises to you.

The Yes People

Silent, they don't say a word. Long breaks between conversations, long uncomfortable silences can be frustrating & sometimes daunting. It maybe quick to assume that they are extremely angry but are they really? If you have a client / debtor with this personality type, never assume the worse. they need help to open up & explain their situation. So it's down to you to make sure that some extra care & attention is used on them. Here are some great tips to help you.

The Silent Type

One of the most difficult types of people that you might come across. When communicating with someone like this, it's 'all hands on deck' if you make a mistake they will exploit any error or any lapse of judgement. So you need to be prepared....really prepared to deal with them professionally, effectively & efficiently with the concerns they have about not paying your debt.

The Know It All

On face value the indecisive client / debtor might be tiresome to deal with. However, I'm going to show you in this lecture how we can use their indecisiveness to your advantage in getting your outstanding debt paid.

The Indecisive Type
Successful Verbal Communication - Audio Section
7 Lectures 21:01

Your ability to have the right attitude when speaking with your clients / debtors is crucial skill to learn whenever attempting to collect payment of an outstanding invoice. In this lecture I'll be explaining the top tips you need to convey on every call you make.

Preview 03:09

The speed of how you talk can speak volumes to your clients / debtors. This lecture explains the inherent difficulty for someone that is new or uncomfortable with requesting money over the phone and the exercises you can use to become more comfortable with your own voice.

Your Talking Rate

The tone of your voice can also reflect your attitude & emotional state, when requesting payment for an outstanding invoice. So ensuring you talk & have control over the tone of your voice could be the difference between getting paid or having an argument.

Understanding & Controlling The Tone Of Your Voice

When speaking with our clients / debtors using the pitch of our voice can help you emphasise certain points in your conversation. This is a great communication tool to master that can be used extremely effectively in the collection of an outstanding debt.

Understanding The Pitch Of Your Voice

Did you mumble when you were young? Do you remember the last time someone didn't understand you or asked to repeat yourself? If you do then it was more than likely due to the lack on clarity in your voice. Here are some tips that you can use to help adding clarity to your voice.

Adding Clarity To Your Voice

Whenever we are on the telephone to someone regardless of who they are. You must always maintain a certain level of professionalism and etiquette. Here are some tips on the things to need to avoid and the skills you need to use.

Telephone Etiquette The Do's & Don't

Patience! If you are communicating with a client / debtor that speak doesn't your language as their first language communication can be hard. So you need to have a lot of patience & understanding when dealing with them. This lecture will explain the step you can use to help you bridge the language barrier.

Breaking The Language Barrier
Creating The Correct Invoice Structure
1 Lecture 04:06

Your invoice is one of the golden keys to getting paid on time. So many businesses fail to understand the importance of a well constructed invoice, let me show you how to create that perfect looking invoice!

5 Tips To Creating The Perfect Invoice
Building Key Relationships To Get Paid On Time
1 Lecture 08:24

Core to any Accounts Receivable or Collections staff member is their ability to build great quality relationships with clients. Building and nurturing key internal & external relationships can be the difference to getting paid on time or a debt left outstanding.

Preview 08:24
Client Education Never Ends!
1 Lecture 08:00

Successful client education is another 'golden key' to getting paid on time and it can be a constant battle. However, like most things in life perseverance and a little patience can go a long way to achieve great results

The Brainwashing!
Disruptive Internal Forces
1 Lecture 06:12

One of the biggest areas of frustration in business can be between your sales & Accounts Receivable / Collections team. I'm going to share with you my strategy that I've deployed to many businesses that helps bridge the gap between the two areas and more importantly help build understanding and better internal relationships.

Preview 06:12
Steps To Improve Your AR & Collections Team
2 Lectures 20:34

Creating a skills matrix is a fantastic way to do a identify the strengths weaknesses as well as opportunities & any training requirements. In this lecture I'll explain in greater detail why a skills matrix is a must for any Accounts Receivable / Collections Department. In fact you can apply this skills matrix to any part of your business!

Creating a Skills Matrix To Empower Your Staff

Creation of Key Performance Indicators is now common practice to ensure that your staff are compliant to your expectations. However, businesses can place this in the 'too hard' basket and have very generic KPI's that provide little or no constructive feedback to staff members. So in this lecture I'm sharing with you my KPI structure framework that should help you with ideas on what specific KPI's you can create for your team.

Key Performance Indicators For Your Staff
4 More Sections
About the Instructor
James Cooke
4.7 Average rating
9 Reviews
1,255 Students
1 Course
Business Consultant | LinkedIn Specialist | Debt Collector

****Please note that I have retired, all my courses have been disabled, for existing students I'll of course answer any questions you may have****

Thanks for all the fish

James has two sides to his business which his colleagues refer to as his ‘Light Side’ & ‘Dark Side’.


James has been fortunate enough have had a successful career as a trouble shooter, specifically in the area of ‘Debt collection Management’.

For over 20 years he has helped many multimillion dollar businesses in the UK & Australia turning around lacklustre collections departments from ‘debt collection hell’ into lean process driven environments.

James is a licenced Mercantile Master Agent & holds a Commercial and Private Inquiry Agents licence.

Ok, how does that involve LinkedIn you might ask?


James has been a user of LinkedIn since 2006 and like most people using LinkedIn he never really bothered to understand the benefits of this business platform, until that is when James left his last corporate job and dived head first into the world of becoming self employed.

James wanted to teach business owners that there was a much better way of collecting money and to show how to become more self sufficient in collecting their own outstanding debts and to rely less on using a typical ‘Debt Collection Agency’.

James, however learnt very quickly that this was a small niche market and he struggled to get his ‘message’ out.

Large corporations didn’t care because their pockets were deep enough to absorb bad debts and small business owners just didn’t have the time to listen to him when he was trying traditional lead generation methods like ‘Cold Calling’.

James had spent thousands of his hard earned dollars into perfecting the right cold calling script but the return on investment was bad....really bad. So for this fledgling business to survive he had to find a better way of getting his message across to his target market.

He then refocused his attention to LinkedIn, the dusty cogs of his brain started to fire up and slowly but surely he begun to understand the benefits of how this platform could be:

1. Something he enjoyed using

2. Used to control how he conveyed his messages to potential prospects

3. Used to locate targeted prospects

4. Used only to deal with decision makers & bypass ‘gate keepers’

5. Cost effective versus other forms of lead generation

So, through trial and error James formulated his own LinkedIn lead generation strategy that was producing targeted & qualified leads on a daily basis.

This is what gave birth to LinkedIn Success. James now teaches his LinkedIn strategy to everyone from business owners, executives through to high school and college students how to leverage LinkedIn for their own needs.

Over the past 7 months James’ training has helped over 5 thousand people how to use LinkedIn whether that is for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Getting more business exposure
  • Positioning yourself to find a better job, or
  • Transitioning from student to first time jobseeker

James is no marketing or sales expert – and that’s the beauty of his strategy, you don’t need to be!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about James & the courses he offers. If you have any questions either about his 'Dark side' or his 'Light side' please don't hesitate to get in contact with him....he doesn't bite....well much anyway ;-)