Be Ready for your Lucky Break | Acceleration Kit for Actors
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Be Ready for your Lucky Break | Acceleration Kit for Actors

A step by step guide to accelerate your progress as an actor and helping your create your career strategy on your terms.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
14 students enrolled
Created by Nicky Raby
Last updated 8/2015
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  • 4.5 hours on-demand audio
  • 22 Supplemental Resources
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create your personal career strategy
  • Create a daily success plan
  • Build a portfolio to attract casting directors and castings
  • Hone your casting technique
  • Build your mindset for success
  • Gain insider knowledge from a former agent and a host of industry professionals
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  • a notebook or an excel spreadsheet to note your findings and track your progress

This course is a combination of videos, audios, pdfs and exercise to help you accelerate your acting career. You may just be starting out or have been in the industry for many years and feeling a little stuck.

This course is designed to help you create the career of your dreams on your terms. So many decisions are purely subjective e.g. what is a good headshot? Well that depends, what is the purpose of your headshot? This step by step guide will help you create an action plan to put you back in the driver's seat.

Some of the content covered:

Identifying your version of success | Agents | Honing your casting technique | Building rapport with creatives | Daily actions you can take when the phone isn't ringing | Networking | Being proactive rather than just waiting | Identifying your cast type | Strategies to keep you sharp and ready for the next opportunity.

The course is broken down in 9 modules filled with comprehensive content. There are also a plethora of bonus videos; interviews with experts and quick fire '5 strategies' videos.

"One of the best things I've done for my acting career was getting in touch with Nicky. She has given me a better understanding of how the industry works and also the positive energy to build my action plan. The personal image guide I've got from her was a tremendous help and now I present myself in a more professional way. I would recommend Nicky to anybody who is starting up acting and needs a plan, to anybody who gets stuck along the way, or to anybody who needs the boost and advice of how to get back on top of things."

This course can be taken at your own pace and worked through as a body of work or dipped into whenever needed. I often talk about momentum and taking action every day and this course provides plenty of opportunities to become productive daily.

This course is crucial as an actor as it is important to take control of your career. Once you get into the realms of 'waiting to see what happens' often the opportunities don't arise. This course will help you become more strategic and focused so you are spending your time and money concentrating on the activities that will ensure you get closer to your ultimate career goal.

You can revisit whenever you choose. As an actor you are ever evolving, there is always something you can do and there is always another layer to uncover.

"Quoting one of Nicky's mottos 'every meeting matters', this is certainly one meeting, I shall never forget. I have found my own Fairy God Mother. Thank you Nicky!"

Who is the target audience?
  • Actors
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Curriculum For This Course
64 Lectures
Introduction and Welcome
4 Lectures 22:35

So, let's get started...

In each section, I have delivered the content in a pdf format and an audio.

In the introduction, I share with you a little of my story and my enthusiasm for the industry we are in.

Perhaps you are beginning this course with a view to reclaim your passion for the industry or just need more tools. You are in safe hands.

Go at your own pace, if in doubt, write your ideas down and trust that you will find the perfect solution

Preview 01:36

Listen to the audio

Welcome | Audio | Part One

Listen to the audio

Welcome | Audio | Part Two

Or if you would prefer, download the PDF or combine the two.

Welcome | E book
11 pages
The Dream
7 Lectures 28:59

D R E A M B I G !

Don't be afraid to expand your mind. Concentrate on your vision. Don't get lost in the 'how' and 'the process' - just get clear on the detail.

Preview 00:50

Listen to the audio. When completing this section, be sure to scribble as you listen. Don't worry about writing down fully formed ideas, simply note any thoughts or key phrases. By the end of this section, you will have a clear idea of what your 'ideal career' will look like. Actors can make the process harder for themselves by being vague and being 'open to anything'. Here you will start to design your own version of success.

Your Dreams | Audio | Part One

Listen to the audio

Your Dreams | Audio | Part Two

Or if you would prefer, download the PDF or combine the two.

Your Dreams | E book
10 pages

The aim of this worksheet is to be specific. Adjectives will become your best friend throughout this. Get really clear on the detail. There is no right or wrong answer- simply tune into what works for you.

Your Dreams | Workbook
8 pages

This printable is for you to scribble on. Don't worry, if you don't have a fully formed idea, even if you have a thought or a passion you would like to explore, write it down anyway. This exercise is about getting the idea from your head on to the paper.

BE | Do | Have exercise
3 pages

This audio is designed to be listened to twice when completing the exercise. On the first round, simply sit back and let your imagination run wild. On the second listen, grab a piece of paper and a pen and start to jot down some ideas. Finally, once you have collected some ideas, simply transfer on to your BE | DO | HAVE worksheet.

Your Ideal Day | Audio
Where are you now?
5 Lectures 21:45

Sometimes as an actor, it can be difficult to be reflective or honest. However it is crucial to our success. As the famous quote by Henry Ford states; “If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.”. So dig deep, raise your awareness and start to delve.

Preview 00:54

Listen to the audio. Keep an ear out for patterns of behaviours, habits, success rituals or obstacles that keep you where you are.

Where are you now | Audio?

Or if you would prefer, download the PDF or combine the two.

Where are you now | E BOOK
10 pages

This workbook is to be completed without distraction so you can fully immerse yourself in where you are now. There may be questions which are tempting to skip, however keep writing, even if tricky.

Where are you now | Workbook
16 pages

This video offers a quick 5 strategies to increase your motivation. Often we can feel that we have exhausted all possibilities, however this will encourage you to think creatively.

Preview 04:31
Your Mindset for Success
6 Lectures 43:54

The entertainment industry can often work on tight deadlines and within unpredictable conditions. In this section, I share with you practical strategies to help you get into the zone. You may be juggling many projects; home, work, children and then a last minute call comes in. These strategies will help you make the switch and change gear to ensure you are sharp and ready in the professional situation.

Preview 01:48

Listen to the audio.

Mindset for Success | Audio | Part One

Listen to the audio

Mindset for Success | Audio | Part Two

Listen to the audio

Mindset Audio for Success |Audio | Part Three

Or if you would prefer, download the PDF or combine the two.

Your Mindset | Ebook
26 pages

Every actor has their own personalised strategies for success, whether they know it consciously or not. In this section you will discover/revisit yours. You will be able to connect with them at any time and make your success story work for you practically.

Your Mindset | Workbook
24 pages
Your Online / Offline presence
7 Lectures 01:09:01

Accessibility and presence is so much more prevalent nowadays. However the internet and social media must be used in the right way, not only by industry standards but in an authentic way for the individual.

In this section, we cover branding, building a website, social media profiles and how you can maximise your exposure and talents for industry professionals.

Preview 01:25

Listen to the audio. Time to get clear on your brand- what is your message? What can others expect? Are you sharing the intended message?

Your Branding | Audio | Part One

Listen to the audio. Perhaps you have been procrastinating about building a website or joining social media platforms, I will share with you my tips to help you get started or increase engagement and productivity.

Your Branding | Audio | Part Two

Or if you would prefer, download the PDF or combine the two.

Your Branding | E Book
16 pages

This worksheet is designed to help you get clear on your message. Often vague phrases can occur such as 'I just want a good website'- however this is subjective, we need to get detailed. Working through this workbook will help you to identify your brand and establish your plan of action to visibility.

Your Branding | Workbook
7 pages

I was lucky enough to interview my good friend Lucy Sheridan. Lucy is a coach specialising in comparison but also had a background in branding. Listen in to our conversation to gain Lucy's insight on how to remain comparison free, especially online and create your own version of success.

Bonus Video: Interview with Branding Expert and Coach, Lucy Sheridan | Part One

Bonus video: Interview with Branding Expert and Coach, Lucy Sheridan | Part Two
Honing your craft
5 Lectures 32:40

Being an actor requires momentum. Many actors I know snap into action as soon as the call from their agent comes through, however your work as an actor should be a craft that is nurtured.

Many actors I meet say they don't know what to do in between. So they end up doing nothing and then finding auditions unsuccessful. There are so many ideas to choose from in this section, so dive in and start to schedule them to make them happen.

Section Six | Honing your craft |Video

Listen to the audio and put yourself in the mindset of 'What else could I try' and 'How could I make this work'. Don't rest at 'I've tried everything', keep exploring.

Honing your craft | Audio | Part One

Listen to the audio

Honing your craft | Audio | Part Two

Or if you would prefer, download the PDF or combine the two.

Honing your Craft | E Book
13 pages

Explore what could work with your schedule and financial situation. Don't assume you don't have the resources or wait until that perfect time. Simply concentrate on what you could do now.

Honing your Craft | Workbook
8 pages
6 Lectures 35:51

The world of agents can be difficult to fathom for many actors. Many I speak to struggle to communicate, collaborate and coordinate as they are afraid to get it wrong. Having been an agent, I can offer an insiders view behind the scenes.

The agent/actor relationship is crucial to success so in this section we will be looking at communication, sharing of skills, building a strategy and how to work with agent that has the same set of objectives as you.

All about Agents | Video

Be sure to write some notes as you listen to this. Notice what you notice- what language do you use around your agent? How do you communicate with them? Are you a strong team member? How do you speak about when you are out and about? Time to get super honest.

All about Agents | Audio | Part One

Listen to the audio. Remember to remain future focused, rather than disheartened about what has happened. Become optimistic and concentrate on what you could create.

All about Agents | Audio | Part Two

Or if you would prefer, download the PDF or combine the two.

All about Agents | E Book
11 pages

Your version on what a successful relationship with an agent is completely unique. This workbook will help you identify what you want and what is missing so you can create an action plan moving forward.

All about Agents | Workbook
5 pages

The world of 'getting an agent' can seem a huge mountain to climb. This bonus video will introduce you to a process, one which will support the other materials. I want to encourage you to stand out, to go the extra mile and add amazing value.

Bonus Video: How to get an Agent
Casting and getting the job
7 Lectures 47:39

Being 'cast ready' is essential as an actor, you never know what is going to be thrown at you. This section is all about being prepared to have a good meeting every time. For me, it is never about one job, it is about setting your standard as an actor- someone who is reliable, dedicated and consistent. I will be helping you to uncover how you work best so you show the best version of you every time.

Casting and getting the job | Introduction

Listen to the audio. I want you to be quite ruthless in this section. Abandon any behaviour that doesn't serve you. This doesn't mean you have to be selfish or an unlikeable person, it is simply about focusing your skills so you show you are available and suitable to take the role if offered.

All about Casting and Getting the Job | Audio | Part One

Listen to the audio

All about casting and getting the job | Audio | Part Two

All about Casting and Getting the Job | E Book
12 pages

Often with castings, going the extra mile can be very easy to do and very easy not to do. I want you to be one of the ones who takes the leap and is willing to step outside of your comfort zone and think creatively. In this workbook, you will generate some ideas.

All about Casting and Getting the Job | Workbook
12 pages

I was very lucky to interview Matt Selby, one of London's most popular and busiest commercial casting directors. Keep approaching every bit of content with fresh eyes, there is always something you can learn.

Bonus Video: Interview with Casting Director Matt Selby (Part One)

Bonus Video: Interview with Casting Director Matt Selby (Part Two)
Creating your portfolio
5 Lectures 36:50

Creating a strong, workable portfolio is key to your success.

In this section, I will help you to put together a portfolio that represents you. Often a portfolio can be stifling, so I have broken down the process so you have a to do list to follow. There isn't one perfect portfolio- everyone will have their own opinions, however I want to uncover how you can communicate with casting directors, clearly expressing who you are and where your skills lie.

Creating your portfolio to create opportunities | Video

This audio will help you to think about your head shots, cv and showreel in a new and innovative way. I will share with you my preparation process to ensure you gain successful results. There is so much more detail in creating a success portfolio, than you would think. So using this method will help you break down the process.

Creating your Portfolio | Audio | Part One

Listen to the audio

Creating your Portfolio | Audio | Part Two

Or if you would prefer, download the PDF or combine the two.

Your Headshots, CV and Showreel | E Book
18 pages

This workbook is tailored for you to break down the process, to gain clarity on what works for you and create a solid action plan

Your Headshots, CV and Showreel | Workbook
17 pages
How to go to the next level
6 Lectures 37:07

My firm belief is that going to the next level requires hard work, tenacity and focus. Often, in the press, we hear about overnight success, however if you look at the subtext, it is likely the actor has bee grafting for years.

This section is all about taking practical steps and consistent action. You decide when you are ready for more, completing the work behind the scenes will show the industry you are ready too.

How to go to the Next Level | Audio | Part One

Remember to take baby steps. Don't leave change until 'when you become more famous' or 'when you have money' start the process now and figure out how you can move forward immediately.

How to go to the next level | Audio | Part Two

Or if you would prefer, download the PDF or combine the two.

How to go to the Next Level | E Book
14 pages

This workbook will help you plot your 'next level' strategy. Break down the process and decide what you are going to do, but also make you assign time and space to complete the tasks.

How to go to the Next Level | Workbook
15 pages

Juggling finances, remaining flexible and being available for last minute opportunities can be a difficult blend for many actors. In this video, I will share with you my strategies to help you create a work/life balance on your terms, that will allow you to live comfortably but also invest in your career.

Bonus Video: How to earn money between roles as an actor

There are many pros and cons to accepting an expenses job. But how do you know which to take? This video will provide you with a plan to follow to make sure your next project is aligned with your future career path.

Bonus Video: Should I take an expenses job as an actor ?
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About the Instructor
Nicky Raby
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Coach and Creative

I am a coach (founder of Be Ready Coaching), actress, author and full time creative. I am passionate about helping others to design their own version of success on their terms. When I work with clients, I regularly hear similar stories; 'I know what I want, but I don't know how to begin' 'I feel overwhelmed by the process, I have too many options so I am not making the progress I want' or 'I need a check list and action plan to follow to keep me on track and accountable'.

As a coach, I work very practically, I use my coaching strategies to help the client to take baby steps to move forward. I always approach and create the action plan with the client and tailor the programme to their lifestyle.

My courses are created so you can put yourself back in the driver's seat. You can work at your own pace and have a step by step guide to follow. Not only will you gain clarity on how to move forward, you will uncover what or who is not conducive to your future goal so you can accelerate your progress.