Accelerate Your Sales & Business Success - The Go-Giver Way
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Accelerate Your Sales & Business Success - The Go-Giver Way

Selling and doing business like a Go-Giver is not only a nicer way to live life its also very financially profitable.
4.5 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
11 students enrolled
Created by Ian J Lowe
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • This course will introduce you to a new way of thinking about sales, about business and about life - The Go-Giver Way
  • You'll learn that selling, doing business and living like a Go-Giver is not only a nicer, more fulfilling and more purposeful way to live life and conduct business, it’s also a very financially profitable way as well.
  • You'll get a downloadable course workbook, specifically designed for this course
  • You'll enjoy a series of seven high energy interview style video's and be guided through the course stages by your personal coach
  • You'll complete a series of practical exercises and benefit from tips and strategies you can apply immediately
  • By completing this course you will be equipped to unlock a higher level of performance and satisfaction personally and professionally
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  • There are no special requirements or entry criteria for this course. If you have already read The Go-Giver before taking the course that's great, but it's not required.

The highest performing, hugely successful salespeople and sales organisations around the world understand that selling isn't about them, and it isn't even about their products or services, as important as they are. It's about other people and how they can best enhance or enrich their lives in some way, whether or not a sale takes place.

They cultivate trusting relationships wherever they go by focusing exclusively on creating value for others and by constantly looking for ways they can serve and have a positive impact on peoples lives. We refer to people and organisations that operate with these principles in their hearts and minds as Go-Givers; and they tend to be among the most successful individuals, teams and businesses we know.

As a result of completing this course you will have a clear understanding of the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success at the heart of the Go-Giver philosophy and framework and have begun to develop your own strategies to apply them. You will have learned what it means to sell, do business and live life like a Go-Giver and be better equipped to unlock a higher level of personal fulfillment, satisfaction and performance.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you are in sales or if you employ people who are in sales in any form, then this course is for you. And if you're not in sales this course is for you too. Go-Giver principles are for anyone and everyone who at any point in the course of their everyday life and work finds themselves dealing with other human beings.
  • It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or have many years of experience, are an individual entrepreneur, a member of a team, leading a team or if you're looking for a way to enhance performance across your organisation. Go-Giver principles are universal and they will help you to enjoy greater success and satisfaction in your life and business.
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Curriculum For This Course
1 Lecture 02:40

Imagine if you could change the world for the better simply by changing how you sell and conduct businhess. Imagine if you could be a force for good in the world whilst at the same time accelerating your own sales and business performance. Imagine if by thinking, working and living this way you inspired others to do the same. 

Imagine no more. We have created this unique online course to help you make these ideas a reality. Learning to think, behave, collaborate, inspire, sell and do business like a Go-Giver is not only a nicer, more fulfilling and more purposeful way to live life and conduct business, it’s also a very financially profitable way as well. Go-Givers really do sell more, and so can you.

Preview 02:40
Your Journey to Stratospheric Success Starts Here
2 Lectures 08:31

Millions of dollars are wasted each year teaching sales as its pretty much been taught for decades, that is as a set of specific skills reinforced by a range of techniques aimed at putting your products or services into someone else’s hands and their dollars into your pocket. In what has become a mechanical execution of the ‘sales process’ each stage of the prospecting dialogue, qualifying questions, overcoming objections and closing the sale is mapped out and nailed down.

All you have to do, so the idea goes, is thoroughly learn and carefully practice everything in the sales person’s bag of tricks and you too will become a sales success! At least that’s the theory. But its really not working out that way. The reality for millions of start-up entrepreneurs, corporate salespeople, advisers, consultants, partners or anyone who finds themselves fulfilling any type of sales function, is that most are having a really tough time with sales and selling. It's time to think differently.

In this introductory module we will discuss some of the more traditional sales attitudes and mindsets and introduce a new way of thinking that is not only a nicer, more fulfilling and more purposeful way to live life and conduct business, it’s also a very financially profitable way as well.

Download your course workbook now as we will be referring to it and completing a range of activities throughout the following lectures.

Preview 06:24

It's impossible to chart a course or measure progress on a journey if you don't know where you are and where you want to go. This is the beginning of a journey that will parallel Joe's (the main character in the Go-Giver story) transformation from a frustrated ˜go-getter" to a fulfilled ˜Go-Giver" who is firmly on the path to Stratospheric Success. In this lecture we will begin detailing your ideal destination in all aspects of success.

Mapping Your Journey To Stratospheric Success
Create Value
2 Lectures 07:43

The first of the five principles we are going to explore in this course is, The Law of Value, which tells us - Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment. At this point, you might be thinking, “What are you talking about?! How does one give more in value than one takes in payment and still survive?

Isn’t that a recipe for negative cash flow and ultimate insolvency?” Not at all: not only can you survive by approaching your work this way, it is the only way to ensure survival. In fact, when you adopt the first law as your guiding principle, you will not only survive but actually thrive.

Preview 05:24

Every person or business in a free enterprise-based economy, where no one is forced to buy from you, who has achieved even a moderate level of success has done so by delivering more in value then they took in payment. Just as ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ we find that ‘value is in the mind of the recipient.’ Perceived value is subjective and often market specific. However, there are some universal precepts of value and we’ll start by exploring those.

When you genuinely focus on the value, your clients will trust you and feel good about you and they will be much more willing to exchange their money for your products or services. Focus on the money however, and they’re going to sense that to, consciously or unconsciously. They will sense it and they’ll be less likely to do business with you.

Focus on the value, and the money will come. In our work together you will begin developing areas of value and learning the process to keep targeting new ways to add value throughout your life and business.

Applying The Law of Value
Touch Lives
2 Lectures 04:34

Of course, there is more to the success equation than simply adding more value than you receive in payment. Our second principle, The Law of Compensation, is this: Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

The second principle says that in addition to adding value to the process, you also must touch as many people as possible with that added value. As another character in The Go-Giver story explains it to Joe this way: “The First Law determines how valuable you are, that is, it describes your potential income - how much you could earn. But it’s the Second Law that determines how much you actually do earn.”

This module is all about impact. If you want more money - have more impact. In this lecture and the excercise to follow we will show you how.

Preview 02:10

The Second Law of Stratospheric Success is about expanding your reach and deepening your impact. It requires touching more lives and touching them in a more meaningful way, serving more people and adding more value to each interaction. Make sense?

In this module you'll learn the secret to applying this law using what we call a ‘Three-Legged-Stool approach' - the legs are:

  • Innovation
  • Replication
  • Delegation

First how can you innovate new ways to deliver value? This doesn’t mean the entire idea has to be new; for instance, a smile is universally valuable,nothing innovative about that. But, if you innovate ways to smile more consistently or opportunities to share a smile beyond the first handshake, you’ll add value in new and unexpected ways.

Second, how can you replicate this value so that it touches more people? For instance, a video of you sharing your warm, friendly smile, sent as an eCard, would touch more people than you can touch in live meetings. Or maybe you can systematise the value so that can be replicated by everyone in your organisation.

Third, what can you delegate to others? That might be the system of delivering value or it might be other tasks that frees you to personally touch more people in a more meaningful fashion. OK let's get started.

Applying The Law of Compensation
Build Networks
2 Lectures 06:02

The first two laws describe how you create value and impact in your business interactions. Building on these first two, the third principle provides the formula for creating genuine influence. The Law Of Influence tells us: Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.

Like the Law of Value, this principle often strikes people as counterintuitive at best, and downright naive at worst. Yet it’s actually quite practical. Enacting the first law - again, giving more in value than you receive in payment - results in an individual and/or a business or organisation of greater worth. Enacting this third law - consistently putting other people’s interests first - results in an individual and/or a business or organisation of great influence.

The Third Principle - The Law of Influence

The key to this law lies in the sincere wholeheartedness of the orientation. For example, too often what passes for networking is really a disguised version of tit-for-tat, a type of interpersonal accounting system that measures favors given against favors sought. To be sure, a dog-help-dog world is a kinder and gentler environment for doing business than a dog-eat-dog world. But it’s still a context of arithmetic score keeping, where the focus rests heavily on the implied question, “What have you done for me lately?”

The Law of Influence turns this mode on its head, approaching each business relationship with the question, “What have I done for you lately?” You might be thinking “Isn’t this awfully naïve? Let’s be practical - we’re not aspiring to sainthood here, we just want to become more effective sales or business people!”

Quite true, and it’s important to recognise the reality of human nature. We are all driven by self-interest, and it’s not reasonable to expect that to change. But we don’t need that to change in order to put this law into effect. All we need to do is place our self-interest to the side for a moment. But how do you do that? We'll answer that question in this module.

Applying The Law of Influence
Be Real
2 Lectures 06:29

Having a giving nature is not something reserved for the sainted few. It’s hardwired, every bit as much as is the instinct for survival. Again, at no point are we suggesting we seek to deny our own self-interest; this, too, comes with the territory of being human. But with the temporary suspension of self-interest, we also soon discover that giving feels good.

And it does so because it taps into our genuine nature: we are all innately, authentically generous. The fourth law, The Law of Authenticity, says: The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself. The best thing about this law is that it isn’t something you have to learn; it is something you simply need to embrace, because it comes to us all naturally, if we only let it.

The Fourth Principle - The Law of Authenticity

In The Go-Giver story, there is a character named Debra Davenport, a Real Estate Agent who discovers that all the sales skills, technical skills and even people skills she has labored to learn are for naught unless she is genuinely herself with her clients.

When she gives up on all the techniques and lets herself simply be herself, the sales process miraculously works. This is not to say that knowledge and the development of solid skill sets are not important; indeed they are. They are very important. But they are worthless in the absence of authenticity, while the presence of authenticity multiplies their effectiveness geometrically.

Authenticity is something you can’t really fake, at least not for the long term. People have an uncanny radar for in-authenticity and, whether consciously or not, can smell it a mile away. In this module we will begin to gain an understanding of the value that each of us - as unique individuals - adds to every transaction, situation, engagement and relationship. Accepting and embracing that as you invest in yourself, you increase your value.

Applying The Law of Authenticity
Stay Open
2 Lectures 06:20

The last principle, the Law of Receptivity, says: The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. In this module we will learn that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin; they can operate fully only when working in tandem. Receiving is the natural result of giving; at the same time, continued giving is the natural result of receiving. The effort to focus on either side of the equation while minimising the other is an exercise in futility.

There are people who are habitual takers, who take and only take - yet there are also people who give and refuse to allow themselves to receive. All the giving in the world won’t bring success or create the results you want unless you are willing and able to receive in like measure. Why? Because if you don’t let yourself receive, you’re refusing the gifts of others and you shut down the flow. Complete this module and learn what it means to stay open and recepetive.

The Fifth Principle - The Law of Receptivity

In The Go-Giver story the main mentor, a very successful man by the name of Pindar explains “At this instant, all over the globe, all of humanity is breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. So is the rest of the animal kingdom. And right now, at this instant, all over the globe, the billions and billions of organisms of the plant kingdom are doing the exact opposite - they’re breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen. Their giving is our receiving, and our giving is their receiving. In fact, every giving can happen only because it is also a receiving.”

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s better to give than to receive.” It sounds like a noble precept - but in fact, it is an insidious Trojan Horse of an idea. It’s NOT better to give than to receive. It’s insane to try to give and not receive!

Applying The Law of Receptivity
From Getting to Giving
2 Lectures 05:33

When living our lives and conducting business according to these principles, all sorts of value showers down upon us from that unnoticed, unseen place.

For example, you find a critical lead; you receive a great referral; you make a crucial last minute connection with some tremendous results; a golden opportunity drops suddenly into your lap; some incalculably valuable thing comes your way but not from the people or places you might have expected or even hoped.

When living with a giving spirit, focused on creating value for others, great value comes to you suddenly and unexpectedly and in amounts far greater than what anyone owes you. But here's the key, and this is so vitally important to understand; there's absolutely nothing mystical about this.

You can't know exactly where these gifts will come from only because you don't know exactly where your influence has spread, but spread it has.

You've planted so many seeds of good will, of great will. So many people know you, like you, trust you, want to see you succeed, want to help you find new business, want to be a part of your life. And, while you can't necessarily see its operation, there is indeed cause and effect. The cause is giving. The effect; receiving.

How Does This All Relate To Sales?

Using these laws to achieve stratospheric success requires two things; that you apply all five equally and that you apply them to a ‘critical mass,’ if you will. How long it takes for you to have success depends on how long it takes you to build that ‘critical mass’ of value, of reach and impact, of influence and of learning to give the gift of yourself. It also depends on your belief systems and attitudes toward receiving. Your focus and commitment will help you to speed up that process and you can start immediately. How?

By finding more, by finding better, by finding creative ways to give more in value than you take in payment; by serving more and more people with the exceptional value you provide; by continuing to increase and expand your influence through your willingness to put other peoples' interests first; by staying true to your core values and highest authentic self, and by, again, embracing the fact that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. Both are great. Neither of them is more righteous than the other.

Again, so long as you've focused on the giving part, you will receive. You'll receive plenty. You'll receive in abundance, often from a source right in front of you that's easy to tell, and at other times seemingly out of nowhere - but in reality - out of everywhere.

Complete this final exercise to honour your progress and place the key learnings at the forefront of your mind.

Honouring Your Progress

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Ian is the Founder & CEO of eccoh (formerly Go-Givers Australia), a sales transformation, coaching and consulting organisation offering a unique culture-defining philosophy and framework that makes giving the cornerstone of a refreshingly open and authentic approach to sales and business success. Built on the principles that saw international best sellers ‘The Go-Giver’ and ‘Go-Givers Sell More’ take the business world by storm and inspire millions of professionals worldwide. Ian is pioneering a movement to change the way the world thinks about sales.

Ian has enjoyed a stellar career as a top performing leader, sales professional, entrepreneur and consultant for over 25 years. His passion, motivation and focus on creating value for others has enabled him to enjoy great success across a diverse range of sectors working with some of the worlds leading and most respected brands across the UK, Europe and Australia. Before taking the helm at eccoh he was Director of Sales and Business Development with global professional services firm Deloitte, where his division become fastest growing and most profitable in the firm.

He has enjoyed success as a result of his own efforts, as a member of high performing teams and by building and leading high performing teams. “As a passionate Go-Giver I look forward to helping udemy students learn that shifting your focus from getting to giving is the most fulfilling and effective path to success.”