Branding like a professional in 11 days

Start up your brand , business or non profit project from nothing by knowing what customers are really searching for
12 reviews
  • Dr. Noor Al-shihab Strategic planner and founder at triangle

    Efficient & reliable Business startup trainer with 3+ years of experience supporting executives, sales and managers to improve internal operations for small businesses as strategic planer and marketer .sales manager at PIK company . with degree in marketing from Pennsylvania university and fellowship degree in entrepreneurship from Ball state university. as a teenager interested in graphic design , I have 7 years experience in this field with lots and lots achievements and virtual graphic and web design company named pause, In the age of 20 I started my own business (triangle) virtually. on the ground currently I'm in second stage dental student. with some interests in nonprofits I'm strategic planner at IFMSA , speaker's coach in TED conferences and Interviewer at USEP In Iraq

    lastly based on this info you may think I'm in my 40s , but actually I'm 20 ! thats why I'm here , to let you know that there is nothing impossible if you are ready

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Branding like a professional in 11 days

Start up your brand , business or non profit project from nothing by knowing what customers are really searching for
12 reviews


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In this is about building a strong brand or improving your own brand by fellowing some practical key principles , in this course you will know :

  • how to start up a brand from nothing by knowing the market concepts
  • Types of markets
  • naming your brand
  • choosing professional tagline
  • how to deign you brand and position it
  • how to publish your brand
  • the elevator speech
  • examples and cases discussion

it is based on short notes without complicated terms to help you establishing or improving your own brand practically, not on paper

    • All videos are uploaded on udemy server except the 2nd and 8th on youtube and those both are downloadable so all what you need is internet explorer or udemy App for smart phones
    • you do not need any previous knowledge we will start from nothing
    • a desire to know more about building a strong brand
    • piece of paper or notepad to write down some notes
    • a cup of coffee !
    • Over 16 lectures and 35 mins of content!
    • by the end of the course you will be able to completely launch your own brand
    • Improve your own brand
    • name and tagline you startup brand
    • design and package your product
    • Student who want to startup a brand virtually or on the ground
    • Students who want to know more about markets
    • Those who want to know more about naming and designing their businesses
    • students who want to know the market concepts and frameworks


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  • SECTION 1:
    Start up a brand
  • 1

    Who I'm ? Why I'm here ? What we are doing ?

    I will answer you in this video

  • 2
    Motivational video

    I want you to start with this in order to be a kid who don't know the impossible during the course

    so this video is not related to the materials of the course

  • 3
    What a brand is

    before going through this course you have know what it is all about by knowing the definition of brand

  • 4
    Building a strong brand

    In this video you will know what do you need to build you own professional brand

  • 5
    The frame work of marketing

    In the previous lectures we covered the start up of a brand

    now we will talk about the frame work you need to enforce your startup

  • 6
    The STP concept

    This lecture covers the classification of a brand and to whom it will be

  • 7
    the elevator speech

    no matter what a brand is and in any level , it needs to be defined in 30 sec to attract investors to it

  • 8
    The winner elevator speech

    an example for the previous lecture ( elevator speech )

  • 9
    The 4Ps of marketing

    this lecture covers the market mix , the base block for you brand

  • 10
    Start up a brand
    4 questions
  • SECTION 2:
    going through your brand
  • 11
    Brand anatomy

    Interesting linkage between human anatomy and brands , forgive me I can not forget that I'm a dentist !

  • 12
    Brand elements

    this lectures covers the elements of brand that should work all together in order to have a strong brand

  • 13
    Brand name

    The most important thing in brand is it's name , in this lecture we will know about the types of names

  • 14
    Brand tagline

    In this lecture we will talk about the tagline wether you need it or not , and how to write it

  • 15
    Choosing brand color

    This is a texted lecture , Covers all the details you need in choosing your brand color

  • 16
    brand packaging

    this lecture covers the features a brand package should have

  • 17
    Brand repositioning

    In this course section we covered the elements of brand , in our last lecture we will know why we need to improve the brand we built

  • 18
    going through your brand
    4 questions


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  • Mohamed Heza

    great course i learned new issues

  • Kip Ferguson
    Branding basics

    A very nice course covering the key elements of branding

  • C “Beautiful” Ca

    I can't finish this course due to the very poor delivery. Delivery is about 75% of a lecture and that percentage should be strong enough to keep a students attention. The content and literatrue was satisfactory; however the deliver was poor. When speaking, there were dozens of pauses. Why? Work on speaking more fluidly and STAY consistent in your speech flow. There were too many words that were mispronounced. Students should not have to decipher which word was used (separately is a word that sounds different than the pronunciation used in this lecture, please practice). Get rid of the music because it will put people to sleep. Use a quick 3 second or 6 at the most of an upbeat theme. Never use classical or mellow music-you want to maintain students attention, not lose it. Too many mistakes also, using "uh", "sorry", "hmm" for example, it makes the delivery sound sloppy and it reveals that you did not practice enough on the lecture delivery. Please practice, don't practice in front of your family or friends either. You need to practice with friends of friends, or go to Yahoo Answers and get honest opinions from strangers. That way you won't take it personal and you will get better and soon you'll give excellent lectures!

  • Ingard
    Basic and interesting

    Easy to understand, and learned something, good!

  • Dongwon Lee

    Good. Straight to the point

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