Quran Memorization Course. A proven system to do it easy NOW
4.6 (139 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,684 students enrolled
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Quran Memorization Course. A proven system to do it easy NOW

This Online Quran Memorization Course is developed to be100% Practical system.Memorizing the Quran in short time is easy
4.6 (139 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,684 students enrolled
Created by Basheer Alharthi
Last updated 3/2016
Price: Free
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 4 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the 4th Techniques for fast Memorization
  • Increasing your Memories and it's abilities.
  • Learn The Forgetfulness Types and How can you Solve these problem. No More Forget!!!
  • Memorizing the Whole Holy Quran within 2 months if you did all the Exercises.
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  • You have to have your own Quran, One pencil or pen, and some white papers.

In this Course you will learn and gain 6 new habits. Each habit will make big change in your Memorization Ability. Many people who have taken this course before were able to memorize the whole holy Quran short Time. Even some of them were able to memorize the whole Quran in short Time.

This course helped myself and when I noticed the amazing results, I have decided to do this course publicly to help million of Muslims around the world. Learning how to Memorize the Quran is easy. By successfully applying what you would learn in this course, you would be able to Connect Dots Differently from now. All you need is this course.

This course is designed for every age group; either youth or adults. This Quran memorization course is really has an Innovative and easy Way to Memorize the Quran.

Our Course divide to:

  1. Build yourself Goal's Map.
  2. Quantum Reading Technique
  3. Scan Reading Technique
  4. Initial Memorization Technique
  5. Forgetfulness types and their solving.
  6. Deep Memorization

This step by step training will let you be able to Finally Memorize the Whole Holy Quran in Short Time.

You will...

  1. Learn Four New Techniques for improving you Memorization Ability.
  2. Learn the Forgetfulness types and their solving.
  3. Be able to memorize around 10 pages daily.
  4. Be able to Memorize the Whole Holy Quran in Short Time.
  5. you will be my supportive brother/ sister.
  6. Simple Way to Memorize The Qur'an
  7. A Quick and Easy Way to Memorize The Quran.
  8. Memorize Quran Online. A complete Online Quran Memorization Course For you.
  9. If you get stuck or have questions, you will always have access to me as a resource for you inside the course.

Let's dive in to learn: who to memorize the whole Quran. Click on the "Take This Course" button and I look forward to see you inside the course.

 This rating of this course in its page is only about the content of the course and not from people who followed the system and became successful. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Any one who can read The Quran in Arabic language.
  • You do NOT have to be able to understand the meaning of the Quran or its Tafseer to join this Program. However its good if you could understand it.
  • If you don't have at least 1 hour daily DO NOT take this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
67 Lectures
Start Here
1 Lecture 01:36

An introduction about me and also about my story with memorization the holy Quran.

The System Information
5 Lectures 21:11

Some statistic information about How many pages can regular people memorize daily?

Public Poll

In our System you will memorize insh Allah more than 10 pages daily. Our system gives triple power than other 74% of the participants in the Poll we were run recently.

Public Poll and our System

In this lecture you will be able to check our plan throughout this course.

Our System Plan

The Over View of This Course

How To Ask me!
1 page
Manage Yourself
4 Lectures 02:12

If you know where you are now and you know where are you going then you are in the right way. Here You will learn the important of having your goals ready and clear in your mind.

Set Up Your Goals

Learn about the important of dividing the big goals to small ones and how can we apply that in this course.


A new habits you will gain in this program. Learn more about improving yourself by having new Habits.

Your New Habits

If we have Tasks for any mission and we work in achieving this tasks then we can say in the end "Mission Accomplished".

Your Tasks
Why Do I want to Memorize the Whole Quran?
7 Lectures 10:58

Here is some benefits of memorizing the Quran. You will increase your enthusiasm be knowing more about the benefits of Memorizing the Holy Quran.

The Benefits of Memorizing the Whole Quran

Oh, Allah Gant me Your Tofeeq To Memorize the Whole Holy Quran in 2 Months... Ameen


Here is your 1st task. Do it!

In this Course we will be involved in many tasks in order to gain new Habits and in the end we will achieve our goals. You will memorize the Whole Holy Quran in 2 months when you do all exercises in this course.

Your 1st Task

ReNew Your intention

No Goals No achievement. Now You are able to Build your Goals.

Build Your Goals

I'll show you step by step the 9 steps to achieve your Goals!

the 9th steps to Achieve your Goals!

It's important to see your Goals in front of your eyes. I will show you a way to write your Goals in a pretty Poster Almost FREE!

Use Pretty Poster!
What Do We Need To Start Our Training?
6 Lectures 06:43

You will learn Why you should use one Version of the Quran and it's relation to the Memorization

Same Version of The Quran

How much Time do you need to Memorize the Whole Holy Quran in 2 months.


When you be close to Allah Allah will be with you and help you.

Be close to Allah

Its important to have supportive one in your way of memorization the Noble Quran. Find out how can our program's can Help you. its a Free Quran memorization tool online

Quranic Friend and our program's Youtube Channel.

What is the 25 Mins Rule? and How can this Rule helps you.

25 Mins Rule

6 Lectures 05:17

I will teach you the exact imagination process that helps me achieving my Goals within 45 days only.

The power of Imagination

Short message "if someone could memorize the whole holy Quran in 2 months, Then Can I." No difference. Just change your BELIEVES rightNOW!

Change your Core belief

Experience the imagination if you are ready for that NOW.

Imagination Exercise

Learn why you have to keep doing the imagination exercise.

Imagination Habit

Targeted Dua

Step for Supper Imagination
1st Evaluation
3 Lectures 02:12

To feel the big Difference in the end please evaluate yourself. You will evalute yourself later.

First Evaluation

I promise you here in this lecture if you do the all exercises in this course, you will memorize the whole holy Quran in 2 months insha Allah.

Taking Action

Some Good things to do to improve your memory.

Sterengthing your Memory
Phase #1 Quantum Reading
10 Lectures 19:05

Phase one has 2 techniques, Quantum Reading and Scan Reading.

Introduction to the Phase #1techniques

This lecture gives you why do we have to do this kind of reading. Be Patient, please Do what I ask you to do. This will helps you Too much.

The concept behind The Quantum and Scan Reading

What is the Quantum Reading.

Quantum Reading in Depth

I will show you the Quantum Reading in practice.
Quantum Reading Illustration

your 1st Quantum Reading task

Quantum Reading 1st Exercise

You will see how much important is the Quantum Reading.

Quantum Reading Math

Perfect, Here is Your Task to do The Quantum Reading for the whole Holy Quran.

Quantum Reading for the Whole Quran

Perfect, Here is Your Task to do 7 times The Quantum Reading for the whole holy Quran.

7 Exercises of Quantum Reading

Be Happy we will have more fun. We almost near.

Be ready for more Fun

Word game do the same result of the Quantum Reading.

Word Game
Phase #1 Scan Reading
6 Lectures 12:00

Before starting this section Make Sure you finish the previous lectures.

Introduction to Scan Reading

What is the Scan Reading Technique? How Can this Technique helps us in this program?

Scan Reading in Depth

Illustrating the Scan Reading Technique.

Scan Reading Illustration

Your 1st Scan Reading Exercise.

Scan Reading 1st Exercise

How much days do You need to do Scan Reading for the Whole Quran?

Scan Reading Math

Your task and plan To do Scan Reading for the Whole Quran. Remember that If do All of this Course Exercises you will be able to achieve your Goal. Please Do it.

The Whole Quran Scan Reading Exercise
Phase #2 Initial Memorization
6 Lectures 15:19

We have Two Techniques in this final Phase.

Introduction To the Phase #2 Techniques

What is the Initial Memorization and How it will help you to memorize the Whole Holy Quran in 2 months

Initial Memorization in Depth

Initial Memorization 1st illustration

Illustrating the way of Doing the Initial Memorization


Initial Memorization 2nd Illustration

Your time to do the initial Memorization. Here you will Know How To start your plan.

Initial Memorization 1st Exercise

Evaluate yourself after you have the ability to memorize any page in a few minutes.

2nd Evaluation, Feel The Difference! (You Before and After)
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About the Instructor
Basheer Alharthi
4.6 Average rating
139 Reviews
1,684 Students
1 Course
Personal Coach

I am from Saudi Arabia. Allah pleased me with Two beautiful daughters. I am a graduate student. I've got my degree from one of USA universities. My major is Computer Science. I am a professional Personal and Development Coach. With support of Allah, I have improved new system, which Help in memorizing the Whole Hole Quran in short time.