A Modern Day Guide To Stop Procrastinating
4.5 (154 ratings)
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7,602 students enrolled
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A Modern Day Guide To Stop Procrastinating

The simple and effective method to eliminating procrastination
4.5 (154 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7,602 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • A solid and proven strategy for overcoming procrastination
  • Easy actions for instant improvement in ANY working environment
  • A down to earth, no fluff guide to beating your problem with procrastination
  • Learn to structure your whole day in a matter of minutes
  • Discover why we procrastinate and how to remove temptation
  • The key to getting more done and increasing productivity
  • Harness the power of building momentum to get more done
  • Essential tips for eliminating procrastination
  • Advice and guidance from someone who defeated procrastination
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  • Be ready to take small yet highly effective actions
  • Have an open mind and willingness to learn
  • An eagerness to end your problem with procrastination

If you are someone who procrastinates, you will be fully aware of the negative impact it can have on your life.

This course will teach you a highly effective, tried and tested method for eliminating your problem of procrastination and helps you to begin living a happier and more productive life.

You will learn a simple yet powerful way to remove the mental and physical blocks that cause you to procrastinate and begin working in a way that will leave you feeling refreshed, in control and will lead to you getting a lot more work done.

Learn the successful method that has helped many people to stop procrastinating instantly

  • Learn the secret to taking control of your pending tasks
  • Discover how to plan your whole day in less than 2 minutes
  • Uncover the simple tricks to never procrastinating again
  • Successfully complete tasks and never miss another deadline
  • Become someone your colleagues view as reliable and hardworking

Contents and Overview

The course guides you step-by-step how to quickly regain control of your life and eliminate the temptation to procrastinate.

First, we will ensure you understand exactly what procrastination is and what causes us to delay and put off certain tasks. There is a focus on the various types of procrastination and the effect this has on our day to day work and personal life.

We then move on to the creator of this course and learn about his own personal battle as a procrastinator and the steps taken to overcome and defeat his demons.

The course itself combines the knowledge and skills learned during Carl’s own path to eliminating his own problem as a procrastinator to provide you with a strategy you can learn and follow, step-by-step.

You will create a magnificent plan in real time as you are guided from one video to the next, taking small but crucial actions.

By following the simple actions you will easily identify the most prevalent tasks that need to be done and discover a great way to prioritise your list.

As you near the end of the course, you will have a workable solution and strategy mapped out in front of you, ready to begin as soon as you arrive to work.

Finally, you will created a plan that can be used every day in order to get the important tasks done, all the time building momentum and driving yourself forward.

By following the steps, you will have everything you need to end your misery of procrastination and begin directing your life down a path that makes you happier, more productive and in full control of your life.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to stop procrastinating
  • People who want to increase productivity
  • Employees wanting to take control of an overloaded work day
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Curriculum For This Course
17 Lectures
5 Lectures 36:15

Find out exactly what you are going to learn in this course and how you will beat procrastination. I feel it is important to ensure your expectations are met so will outline exactly what this course contains.

Preview 07:30

Let’s look at what procrastination is by definition, and how it affects people in various ways.

Preview 08:22

Find out a little about me, the problems I faced as a chronic procrastinator and the impact this had on my life.

About me

I share the moment that I decided enough was enough and the decision I made to solve my issues as a procrastinator. In this video, I will show you the path I took in order to become more productive, efficient and happier.

Making changes

Here I am going to reveal the key benefits that the content of this course will help you achieve, and also how to ensure you get the best possible results.

How to get the most from this course
The Daily POA
8 Lectures 18:00

To kick off section 2, I am going to reveal the exact method I use every day to combat procrastination. Find out what a Daily POA is and why it is so effective.

Introducing the Daily POA

Lets look into the Daily POA in more detail and I will explain the main components of this powerful tool.

The 2 elements of a Daily POA

It’s time to take ACTION! Ensure you have a pen and paper handy for this fun task.

Your First Daily POA

Now that you have a list of tasks you will work on, it’s time to take a moment to realize that you just overcome a major hurdle to ending your problem with procrastination.

Getting ready to rank

We need to prioritize your list into a logical work flow and I will teach you EXACTLY how to do this here!

How to rank tasks

This video can be considered as a checkpoint. We will confirm you have exactly what you need and are ready to progress.

Realising your achievements so far

I promised I would give you a clear step-by-step guide on how to succeed, and in this video you will learn the importance of having a solid plan laid out in front of you. We will look at how to organize your work in a simple yet highly effective way.

Number your tasks

YOU DID IT! It may of seemed almost too easy, but you have now learned the method of creating a daily POA and are almost ready to get started!

Success! Your list is complete
Essential tips and how to make the most of the Daily POA
4 Lectures 11:07

In this video, learn to harness the power of completing tasks and how to use this to build momentum and drive you forward.

Completing tasks

Get a sneak peek to the important things I have learned and fast track your way to success with my top tips and guidance.

Essential tips for success

There will be times when you don’t complete your Daily POA before it’s time to go home. Don’t panic, here you will learn EXACTLY what to do when this happens.

What to do when there are more tasks than time

You now have all the knowledge, tools and guidance you need to begin your personal journey of overcoming procrastination. You have already achieved a lot by completing this course and in this final video I will summarise everything for you.

Congratulations and final word
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At 18 I left college and against the advice of my parents decided not to go to university and instead follow my deep urge to become an entrepreneur.

Every since childhood I have felt drawn towards enterprise and business, with a particular focus on new start ups and solo ventures. I started my own gardening business at age 12, offering to plant flowers in the neighbours garden for a small fee. I remember not being old enough to cut the grass but was content with the small jobs I was given. It gave me a buzz even at that age to generate income for myself.

This buzz of bringing ideas to life and turning a profit from them only grew with age and even today my mind always has at least 2 or 3 ideas bouncing around on how I might one day have the next "Facebook" or "Apple" in my hands.

Another thing that I have always loved is helping others whenever the opportunity arises. It feeds a similar urge to my entrepreneurial interests but stems from a much more human need to feel that I am contributing something of value to the world.

In the last 10 years I have worked on many projects as well as developed my experience in the corporate world. I have built a strong knowledge of sales, marketing and customer services within a multinational environment.

I am now based in Barcelona, Spain where I provide client services to one of the largest payroll companies in the world. Alongside this I continue to work on side projects and broaden my learning.

My decision to create courses on Udemy originated from a friend I had been helping to become more productive at work. He suggested I packaged the advice and guidance I was providing to colleagues and clients in the form of a course so that a wider range of people could benefit.

That is how my first course "More time less worry", was born.

I simply mapped out the process I myself had been through to overcome an issue with procrastination. I outlined the actions I took, methods I used and provided step by step instructions on how somebody with a similar problem would be able to benefit.

In 2016 I will continue to develop my range of courses in order to help people and provide informative and useful guides ranging from personal development to specific skills that I have learned and feel comfortable to teach others.

If you want to make small changes that will reap large benefits then my courses are aimed at you. I understand the value of personal development and believe learning new skills and continuously looking for opportunities to grow your self worth should last a lifetime.