A Mind for Business: Chapter 1: The Entrepreneur

'Thought Precedes Wise Action!'
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About This Course

Published 1/2016 English

Course Description

What makes this course unique and invaluable?

The answer is its unique perspective on entrepreneurship.

Many hundreds of excellent Udemy courses examine how entrepreneurs act – the nitty-gritty of how they write business plans, attract investors and sell their ideas.

But this course navigates deeper waters.

This course is based on the fundamental principle that THOUGHT PRECEDES ACTION.


So, this course explores entrepreneurial ways of thinking.

Thinking is where it starts. First you have to ‘get your head together’, then you can act with effective results.

This course sharpens your MIND in preparation for action. It is based on my 35 years of research into the thinking patterns of entrepreneurs.

It is delivered in simple and clearly-pronounced English without jargon or ‘filler’.

First, every key word we use is precisely defined. That way we are certain we are ‘on the same page’ - that we perfectly understand each other.

Then, we identify whether there is anything unique in the heredity, environment or skills-sets of entrepreneurs which makes them special people as compared to ‘average’ human beings.

Third, we identify, dissect and destroy the five major fears that discourage people from venturing into entrepreneurship.

And only then are we finally ready for the concluding message of awakening that this course delivers: specific details on how to seize control of your thinking – how to discipline your mind – to think like an entrepreneur thinks. Because once you THINK like an entrepreneur, you will be empowered to ACT like an entrepreneur.

Included with this course at no extra charge is my book which serves as its foundation. The book is available as a downloadable .pdf, and as a streaming audiobook for students who are dyslexic or experience other challenges reading the printed word.

Students who seriously study this unique course will emerge with new power over their minds, a new discipline over their patterns of thinking, and a vivid understanding of the topics of thought on which they must focus to succeed as entrepreneurs.

What are the requirements?

  • Students require no previous knowledge of the subject of entrepreneurship, nor mastery of any particular software package. Students don’t even have to know how to read: as we reveal, many prominent entrepreneurs are dyslexic and face difficulty reading, or cannot read at all. The presentations are delivered in clearly-spoken and simple English, and the accompanying audio book is specifically designed for persons with reading-challenges.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • apply methods to seize control of your thinking and discipline your mind to think like an entrepreneur, which will empower you to act like an entrepreneur. THOUGHT PRECEDES ACTION. FIRST YOU THINK, AND ONLY THEN CAN YOU ACT WISELY.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for all teenagers and adults who dream of quitting their jobs and achieving lifestyle independence by starting their own business.

What you get with this course?

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Section 1: Lift Off!
Section 2: Section 2 - So What is a Business ?

If we do not agree on the definitions of the words we use, we will never completely understand each other. So defining our key words - especially 'entrepreneur' and 'business' - is our first task at hand!


First we provide a simple, clear definition of the term, 'entrepreneur'.


Compared to 'entrepreneur', the term 'business' is much more complicated to define, because it incorporates many characteristics and activities. We begin our definition of business by examining the role of Needs and Wants.


Products and Services are what satisfy Needs and Wants, so they too are integral to an understanding of the term 'business'.


Competition is a necessary characteristic of business, but the concept is often maligned as brutal and unnecessary. We will learn why competition in business is not only necessary, but good for society.


The result of successful business is the accumulation of money. But what is money, and how does it correspond to our understanding of 'value'? In this section we examine what 'value' really is.


People who steal are not businesspeople - they are crooks waiting to be caught. In this section we explain why honesty is fundamental to long-term success in business.

Conclusion: Our Final Definition of Business
Section 3: Section 3 - Nothing Stands in Your Way !

Over my 35 years of research, I have identified the five most common excuses people offer for hesitating to venture into entrepreneurship. These five excuses are named in this introduction.


Here we learn an astonishing truth - that you don't even have to be able to READ in order to excel at entrepreneurship.


Money chases ideas! In this section we learn how innovative entrepreneurial ideas can arise in your imagination even if you don't have a penny in your pocket!


You don't need fame or social recognition to come up with innovative entrepreneurial ideas. Fame and social recognition will be yours once your entrepreneurial venture is successful!


Entrepreneurs are expert goal-setters. But in this section we learn that as healthy human beings, so are we! We are ALREADY programmed to be outstanding at goal-setting. We set goals and achieve them hundreds of times every day!


Surprise! You are just as much an expert at time management as you are at goal setting!


Nothing is holding you back but ... putting your mind to it. It is time to seize control of your thinking!

Section 4: Section 4 - Seize Control of Your Thinking !

This entire course is based on my firm belief that THOUGHT PRECEDES ACTION ... that FIRST WE THINK, AND ONLY THEN CAN WE ACT WISELY. It is imperative that we realise how important it is to control our thoughts, so we can think like entrepreneurs think.


Once we have made the decision to control our thoughts, we can think like entrepreneurs think. But what are the topics that entrepreneurs think about?


Here we learn that what distinguishes the entrepreneur from the employee, is that the entrepreneur focusses on satisfying the needs and wants of masses of people.


Of course entrepreneurs, like all of us, think about money. But we make clear that they focus not on the money itself, but rather on what they can use the money for - to satisfy their own needs and wants. We also touch on the controversial issue of disparity of wealth.


The manner in which we live and earn our living is changing more rapidly than ever before due to the march of technology. Change can be disruptive, but for entrepreneurs change can be a golden age of opportunity.


We discuss the importance of dwelling on expectations of success rather than failure, but with the understanding that we recognize the possibility of failure and know when to pull out of a failing venture.

Section 5: Section 5 - Conclusion of the Course

In the end, it boils down to a decision ... Just as you exercise your body, exercise control over the contents of the thoughts. Seize control of your thinking. It's a decision.

Section 6: Section 6 - The Book

You will find a .pdf version of the entire book available here as downloadable material. But I have met so many successful entrepreneurs who are dyslexic, that I have devoted the time to record an audiobook for the convenience of persons who have difficulty reading. The recorded version commences immediately below.

1. Heredity
2. Environment: The Family
3. Environment: The Outside World
4. Acquired Traits: Introduction
5. Acquired Traits: Endurance
6. Acquired Traits: Decisiveness
7. Acquired Traits: Time and Goals
8. Seize Control of Your Thinking !
9. Topics of Thought: Money
10. Topics of Thought: Satisfying People
12. Topics of Thought: Success
11. Topics of Thought: Change
13. Leadership
14. Keep Good Company
15. Conclusion of the Book

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Instructor Biography

Dr George Alexander earned a B.A. from Amherst College, Massachusetts, USA and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Kings College, University of London, UK. His doctoral thesis was in Modern European History with a focus on the Second World War, and published by Oxford University Press.

Relocating from London to New York City, George worked in IT for 10 years in marketing companies and noted law firms, before founding his own company, National Search Inc., an executive search firm which placed senior managers in manufacturing and distribution firms across the United States. He also delivered motivational speeches for the New York City Chapter of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

George emigrated to Australia in 2003. Drawing on his decades of experience in entrepreneurship and human resources, he teaches business studies and entrepreneurship to both vocational and university students at premier private colleges in Sydney. He also consults to private business.

Since arriving in Sydney, George has also authored a book based on his 35 years’ of business experience, entitled A Mind for Business - The Entrepreneur. This book is available as a downloadable .pdf resource and as a streaming audiobook in George's course available through Unity, 'A Mind for Business – The Entrepreneur'.

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