A Foundation for Growth, Happiness and Success
5.0 (2 ratings)
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A Foundation for Growth, Happiness and Success

A foolproof method of making your dreams, a reality.
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
14 students enrolled
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Have greater focus on daily activites
  • Learn how to change your life through scientific methods
  • Improve all your social interactions
  • Learn and develop a skillset for creating the life you desire
  • Make positive changes to your personal identity swifly and easily
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  • Before beginning, students should set the goal of improving themselves and rising to their greatest potential
  • Having a music player with earphones/headphones is helpful to complete the course
  • Be prepared to take responsibility of their lives

Hi, I'm about to show you...

How to become as successful as the millionaires, inventors and achievers of our world.

With no fluff.

and a powerful blueprint.

You may not understand how that's possible right now, but in a few short weeks, and with a little dedication, you will have all the tools to transform yourself into anything you desire.

You don't have to be an incredibly intelligent.

You don't have to be loaded with money.

You don't have to be multi-talented.

Far from it.

No matter what condition you are in and no matter what you are experiencing.

You are capable of learning and developing the skill-set to revolutionize your whole life.

There is one caveat though. You have to desire the change, you have to put in the time, daily, to reflect and practice.

That's it. A small amount of time daily, and you can make your dreams a reality.

I've spent the last two and a half years researching and dedicating myself to discovering what helps people rise so quickly and effectively. I was not content with the stories of people who 'just got lucky'. I desired to get to the bottom of this mystery that made certain people successful with ease.

Finally, I'm ready to share what I've discovered with you.

What I've discovered is woven into an easy to understand structure that will seamlessly be imprinted into your mind for use at any time, any where.

Through the fields of Philosophy, Psychology, Biology and Physics, I will be taking you on a journey of discovering your incredible potential.

Even after creating the video series of 22 core lectures, I desired to give you more bang for your buck, so I've included specially written articles, unique to this course, for you as well. I wanted you to comprehend this information on as many levels as possible. Further, I've provided guided meditations and exercises for each week.

Through the four chapters, each a week long, you will build a foundation for happiness, growth and success.

This information will work for you; it has worked for every individual who has risen to incredible heights.

All you need to do is begin.

Are you ready?

Who is the target audience?
  • Take this course if feel that something is missing in your life
  • Take this course if you are ready to move forward with all your endeavors
  • Take this course if you are interested in how millionaires, geniuses and successful individuals start from nothing
  • Do NOT take this course if you wish to be complacent with your life
  • Do NOT take this course if you do not enjoy progress
  • Do NOT take this course if daily practice of 10-60 minutes is impossible
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Curriculum For This Course
24 Lectures
Start Here
1 Lecture 02:41

Hi! This is just the introduction video. Please, read the Start Here document that is attached. It is essential.

Preview 02:41
Chapter 1 - Basics of Meditation
5 Lectures 30:16

After watching this, you are going to have a better understanding of what meditation is. You will understand that meditation is a very broad term, you are capable of adapting it to suit who you are.

Also, please download Chapter 1 and read through the article as well. It's filled with links and information that works in conjunction with the video.

What is Meditation?

Here you will realize the incredible benefits that arise from daily practice. You will realize how meditation has the ability to improve every aspect of your life.

Why Meditate?

After building the groundwork of what and why to meditate, here you will experience meditation itself. After an explanation and recommended schedule, I will do a small guided meditation with you!

Preview 05:57

Here I show you the different positions you can meditate in. You are ready to meditate daily from now on.

I've also attached guided meditations (Focus) for the first week. Along with a unguided track called Theta.

Preview 04:12

In this lecture, you will understand how meditation is creates a noticeable affect in our body. You are better able to understand the different states you go through as well, between morning and night. Finally, the reason for the music will become apparent and you will have greater confidence in your practice.

Science Of Meditation?
Chapter 2 - Conciousness, Who Are You and Neuroplasticity
4 Lectures 42:28

Here you will begin to understand what consciousness is.
You will begin the process of understanding yourself.
You will realize the underlining intelligence that you are.
Further, the value of developing yourself will become more apparent.

Also, Chapter 2 articles are downloadable here. Again, the articles are essential for this course. Go through it.

The week 2 meditation is also attached.

Preview 08:29

I will explain to you how meditation is allowing you to alter your consciousness abilities for the better.
The science of meditation will also tie to your consciousness here.

Consciousness? P2

Here we begin to delve deep into the mystery of yourself.
This is a section of reflection and examination.
It's an opportunity to observe the self-image you have constructed up to this moment.
It's also an opportunity to change yourself to become whoever you desire.

Preview 12:13

Here I build upon the understanding of your inner intelligence to choose and your ability to discover/change yourself.

Neuroplasticity helps you realize that you are not stuck in the current paradigm you live in.
You realize that your brain is quite capable of changing, depending on how much you choose to change it.
It has the inherent capacity to evolve and grow with you. All you need to do is to decide.

Chapter 3 - Quantum Worlds, Energy, Levels of Consciousness, DNA
7 Lectures 01:02:57

The Quantum world is explained using a few examples.
Here you begin to understand that the world we see is constructed on a world of probabilities.
You will realize that every individual is experiencing a different world, within, even though the external world is constant.
A ground for understanding this comes from the earlier lectures as well.

Chapter 3 is attached, along with the meditation for this week.

Quantum Worlds? P1

We continue the discussion by explaining the double slit experiment. It furthers the understanding of a probabilistic universe, rather than a concrete, determinate one. The concept of super-positioned possibilities is outlined.

I also explain why people behave and have the notions they do.

Quantum Worlds? P2

I now explain the energy of the body.

Having understood the world is built on probabilities, I explain how you are fundamentally energy.
After pulling information, and proof, from different traditions to this concept, we go through your inner feelings and a reflection of your life to notice the energy body that you work with daily.

Energy Fields?

The Levels of Consciousness helps you understand a road-map to human evolution.

You also see the concepts of consciousness, energy and super-positioned possibilities meld together to construct the individuals daily perspective of life.
Here you get a greater understanding of what many religious leaders have been speaking about for millennia.

Preview 09:09

As we begin to delve into the concept of DNA, you understand the wonder of your body.

You understand that it is not fixed, and that your DNA is capable of adapting to your awareness and decisions as well, along with Neuroplasticity.
Through scientific discoveries, I provide you with the grounds to alter your beliefs about what you are capable of.


I continue discussing the possibilities of DNA.

Here, you realize that frequency and language has an incredible effect on your DNA.
That the state you are in and the language you use on yourself dictates how you grow as a human.
DNA helps you tie in all the concepts together and provide you with the understanding that your entire body is constantly evolving to on every move.


Here I show you how frequencies have an effect on matter through the the study of cymatics.

I explain how the vibration of yourself, the level of consciousness, affects the DNA by allowing it to expand the abilities it inherently possesses.

Chapter 4 - Thought, The Three Planes of Creation, Time and Creation
6 Lectures 54:58

We now explain the power of your thoughts.

Through a series of scientific studies, I show you how every thought you think is affecting you, and everything around you.
You understand even more how meditation ties in with this ability to control the thoughts you think.

Attached is Chapter 4 and the meditations for this week.

Preview 12:49

I continue my discussion by showing you how everything in the universe is connected.
That there is an underlining field to everything. This underlining field ties in with the earlier sections, such as consciousness.

Preview 05:33

We go even deeper with an explanation of the three fields of creation.

I explain how there are three realms that humans have access to namely the idea, imaginary and material planes.
Through an observation of your surroundings and the discoveries of every man in the past, you begin to understand that these levels do exist.

Three Planes of Creation? P1

I continue by displaying how all that I speak about is coherent with these three levels.

You will also realize that people have been employing the technique of three planes even without knowing what they were doing.

Three Planes of Creation? P2

I get into the deep concept of Time.

Here we speak about parallel universes, timeline jumping and the mechanisms of the mind to create a linear time.

I also show you we do this by our every moment to moment decision, and that everything we have spoken about leads us to jumping into the universe we desire.


Finally, we speak about creating.

I describe the process of creating, and how to pull the energies within you to alter the fabric of the super-conscious field.
Through the multitude of subjects covered, you realize that creation is both the alteration of the inside world and outside world.

1 Lecture 01:23

This is the end of the course, but the beginning to create the world, and self, you desire.

If you have any questions, any at all, please get in touch and I will help you out, either by video's or messages.

About the Instructor
Mustansir Ameerali
5.0 Average rating
2 Reviews
14 Students
1 Course
Instructor at Udemy, Mechanic of consciousness

I am a graduate of Philosophy from Valparaiso University,
An explorer of consciousness and the inner-workings of the universe,
An entrepreneur,
and someone who wishes to make the world a better place.

Through the two and a half years I've spend in contemplation and study of the internal fabrics of the universe, I came across many startling concepts that have helped me revolutionize my life. Some of these concepts I applied as a child, unknowingly. Some I discovered through research.

What is clear to me, now, is that the information has to be spread. To the best of my ability, I've created a course for you.

Enjoy, my friend.