How to Become a Powerful & Successful New Manager - CRUSH IT
4.5 (21 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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How to Become a Powerful & Successful New Manager - CRUSH IT

Supercharge your career & get ahead with lessons from the trenches from an ex-Thomson Reuters Regional Manager & Lawyer
4.5 (21 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,015 students enrolled
Created by Richmond Wong
Last updated 6/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn and apply strategies for rapidly gaining influence, trust, respect and power within their organization
  • Absorb and apply the traits of the most successful new managers with the highest potential
  • Manage a team of direct and indirect reports in their office and around the world
  • Deal effectively with conflict and channel it productively
  • Gain the loyalty and support of their reports and colleagues
  • Run effective team meetings that reflect positively on their abilities as a manager
  • Apply a long-term of being a manager and in their career
  • Becoming a leader in addition to being a manager, mentor and friend
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  • Be willing to take a risk in your job!
  • Be willing to stand out and promote yourself to gain the recognition you deserve (hard work alone is not enough!)
  • Have an open mind!

Course Overview - How to Become a Valuable High-Performance Manager Whose Actions and Opinions Matter to Your Company

Are you a new manager? Congratulations - you've gotten here, but can you stay here? And can you move up?

In this course you'll learn how anyone can become a top manager who is respected, effective and marked out by senior management as on the way up. You'll learn the core principles of effective team management and the mindsets required to rapidly become a rising star in your company, and how to leapfrog everyone around you while being known as a team player who isn't afraid to speak your mind or intelligently promote yourself in a way you deserve.

Basically, this course will teach you how to maximize the long-term career potential of your new role as a leader and manager in just 2 hours, ultimately ensuring your rapid rise in your company. 

The Mindsets and Strategies I'll be teaching you in this course

I'll be teaching you a specific set of management strategies and performance mindsets from my time in the trenches as a Regional Manager at Thomson Reuters which will be useful for any new or first-time managers, including:

- Why conflict is not always a bad thing (and can be healthy) - and why you absolutely must get comfortable with (respectful) conflict if you want to succeed in the long-term

- Why only have one default mode of being (for many people it's being "nice") can be to your detriment

- Why doing competent (and even outstanding) work is not enough! Strategies for becoming widely known and influential in your company. It's not only about how good your work is!

- Your new reality as a manager vs your old reality as an individual contributor

- How to manage your direct and indirect reports in your office and around the world - and the differences in each of these situations

- How to lead team meetings and how your style and substance impacts your credibility in front of your team and organisation

Learn from first-hand experience

Isn't management something you learn by experience? Yes - you could, but research shows that more than half of new managers fail to live up to the expectations of those who promoted them to this new role. Rather than stumbling into the best practices (and making needless mistakes along the way), shortcut your success in a safe, easy way by learning from my successes and failures instead.

How I'll be teaching this course 

Students will be learning via video lectures in this course. This course is 2 hours in length in total, and is structured around several core sections covering both strategic mindsets and tactical techniques for specific situations.

Who is the target audience?
  • New managers who have been recently promoted to a management position
  • Ambitious people who want to learn the mindsets of successful managers in anticipation of becoming a manager
  • Those who want to maximize the new opportunities that come with becoming management
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Curriculum For This Course
15 Lectures
Congratulations! The New Reality for You as a Manager
2 Lectures 12:48

In this section we look at the new expectations being placed on you as a manager now by your bosses and the entire organization. We'll also go into detail about the pros, as well as the potential downsides of being a manager. Remember that perspective and how you look at things is key!

Preview 09:36

Why is what I talk about in this course relevant to you? I talk briefly about my experience and decide for yourself if you want to join me in this discussion. If not, no hard feelings! If yes, then welcome!

Preview 03:12
Set Yourself Up for Further Promotion by Growing Your Influence Company-wide
2 Lectures 14:22

Being good at your job isn’t enough. Neither is working hard or being “nice”. Learn what it takes to rapidly move up the company food chain, and what else you need to do in order to sustain massive discontinuous jumps in your career. There’s a reason that some people languish in jobs for years and never moving up, versus those who jump up quickly in every single role they take. It isn’t just luck and it isn’t just hard work. It starts with their mindset.

Preview 05:24

Specific tactics and strategies for expanding your influence in your company, and to be recognized by colleagues at all levels – even if you’re the new kid on the block The things you must do to stand out amongst the competition, and why you must promote yourself – even if you’re adverse to self-publicizing. Also learn about cross-selling your time, resources and being a provider or broker of influence and key contacts – and how this is one of the fastest, most efficient and most effective ways to get recognized quickly and build reputational currency and goodwill in your company.

Specific Strategies for Gaining Influence, Respect and Power in Your Company
Your Internal State and Leading Your Team with Integrity and for Productivity
3 Lectures 31:07

Sadly there isn't much time for you to get up to speed on your new responsibilities. In most organizations, you're expected to make the transition from individual contributor to manager immediately without any real support or training. Learn how successful managers make the transition and the mental traits they possess.

Traits of Successful Managers: The New Mindset You Must Adopt Immediately

We cover the core principles of strong and effective leadership and management, and also talk about how to manage people you see face-to-face in the same office, as well how to lead your direct reports. Each form of management (face-to-face, remote, direct reports and indirect reports) is different and has its own challenges and upsides.

Core Principles of Strong Leadership & Management &Working with Direct Reports

We discuss one of the most challenging forms of management - the remote worker (someone in another part of the world) where you are limited to email, phone and video conference. Basically everything except the live, face-to-face element. We talk about how to master this form of management, and we also go into working with indirect reports (people reporting to another boss) and why you can't treat indirect reports the same way as direct reports.

Managing People in Another Part of the World and Working with Indirect Reports
Hitting Targets, Delegation, Coaching Underperformers and the Performane Review
3 Lectures 18:12

We talk about techniques and strategies for making the most of your time and how to deal with your increased workload. The problem? There's more work for you to do, but still only 24 hours in a day! We discuss delegation and a few other tried-and-true strategies from the real world that keep your team and you humming and ultra productive - as well as delivering work product with utmost integrity. We also go into what makes for a happy, productive and focused team.  

Delegating, Meeting Deadlines & Summary to Effective, Happy and Productive Teams

Underperformance shouldn't be treated as a sin, but it does need to be addressed in your team by you. In other words, the buck stops with you. Learn the mindset you need when addressing your new responsibility of troubleshooting and providing solutions for underpeforming teammates. Also, we talk about why this issue is about fairness and NOT equality - ie. reward your star performers accordingly and treat their professional contributions (which vary across individuals as measured by the criteria of your organization and the response of paying customers and the market) distinct and separate from their intrinsic worth as human beings (where everyone is equal and deserves to be treated equally).

Dealing with Underperformers and Your Mindset About Underperformance

The Dreaded Performance Review...except now you're the one who has to conduct it! Learn about your unconscious biases as a manager, and how they prevent you from giving accurate and helpful assessments that contribute to the improvement of your team members. Sometimes you will hurt feelings despite your best efforts to not do so, and there's nothing you can do about it - except to realize that your feedback – however painful - ultimately provides the seed for renewal and growth. 

Key Principles to Conducting the Dreaded Performance Review
Getting Comfortable with Conflict and Running Meetings That Reflect Well on You
2 Lectures 13:37

Earn the respect of your colleagues and gain stature amongst them by being someone who respectfully speaks their mind. These are the different types of workplace conflict you are now responsible for resolving (for yourself and for your team members) - but don't feel the need to always back down from disagreement. In fact, productive disagreement can be healthy and stimulating for any organization as long as it is done respectfully. 

Preview 04:13

Used to nodding off and passing the buck in meetings? No more. You’re now at the head of the table leading meetings and making sure things get done. Learn why you MUST conduct team meetings in a way that leads people to perceive you as competent – it is no longer simply enough to be good at your job. As a manager, you must be good at your job AND be perceived by others as good at your job. We also discuss keys to running meetings in a way that gives people confidence in your ability to produce desired outcomes that is simultaneously beneficial for everyone involved.

Running Effective Team Meetings and How You Run Them Ultimately Reflects on You
How to Think Long-Term and Achieve Longevity in Your Career as a Manager
3 Lectures 21:24

Think you’re set for the long-term now that you’re a manager? Not so fast. Sustaining your success as a manager requires the continual and ongoing support and loyalty of your team, and your colleagues. Learn what you need to do to avoid being a “one-hit wonder.” Also realize that your “customers” are internal just as they are external – learn to take the wider view.

Your Matter Less Than You Think. Why You Must Have a Loyal Team and Allies

To continue being useful to your company and team, you need to continue providing value. Whether you stay in the same role or move, or whether you join a new company – don’t expect to stay static if you want to keep up with the pace of today’s change in the information economy. Learn the areas you must continually refine and master if you want to continue your success in management over the long-term. Mastery of these areas is within the reach of everyone – it just takes dedication and a willingness to continually develop professionally and personally

Invest Time and Effort into These Things to Continue Your Success as a Manager

Always take the long-term view in your career. But take the long-term view with respect to what things? We talk about things to pay attention to for your continued success, and a summary of the key mindsets you must have in order to deal flexibly with any situation that comes up. Specific situations change with time, context, different teams and different companies, but these foundational mindsets will equip you to powerfully deal with the root of most situations you face as a manager as your progress through your career. 

The Long and Winding Road: Where to Go Now? Thinking Long-Term
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Richmond Wong
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