911 Detox for Optimal Living
4.6 (13 ratings)
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53 students enrolled
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911 Detox for Optimal Living

A total body transformation from the inside out!
4.6 (13 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
53 students enrolled
Created by Veronica Yoo
Last updated 7/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • How to detox your body from the inside and out in just 21 days.
  • How to chose the right foods for comprehensive and effective liver detox.
  • How to chose the right herbs, spices, and vitamins for effective liver detox.
  • How to make easy and yummy detox foods.
  • How to reset your hormone balance gradually after coming off a detox.
  • How to select the best macronutrients and the correct portions for optimal living.
  • Have a healthy and lasting relationship with food to stay fit for life.
  • How to make simple and delicious healthy foods and treats.
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  • First Step: Get yourself a decent blender or a juicer.

If you’ve EVER tried commercial diets, you’ll agree with the fact that they RARELY work for long-term weight loss.

When you are in your 20s and 30s, you tend to “eat less and move more.” This may work for you at the time, but as you get older, no matter how hard you train, you don’t seem to get the results that you want and/or you end up getting trapped in yo-yo cycle.  At this point, it isn’t what you DO that is the primary driver of your fitness goals anymore. Rather, it’s what your body DOESN’T DO that is now in control!

In order to counter this effect and help you get rid of unwanted belly fat (and keep it off for the long-term), you need to address the root cause.


The best way to approach weight loss is to:

(a)   Clean your body internally

(b)   Introduce nutrient-dense foods into your daily meal plan.

The problem is that you may not have time to prepare your meal and/or not know how to cook (i.e. not WANT to cook). Therefore, your best bet is to grab a pre-packaged meal or to eat at a restaurant during week.

I’ve been working with clients who have multiple jobs and responsibilities with their kids and spouses. Their problem is “NO TIME”!!!

It was painful for me to see clients struggling to take care of themselves with so little time and too many responsibilities.

But, no matter how bad their situation was, I had to deliver the results that they needed and wanted!

Over the years, and through countless hours of practice, I have found a blueprint to burn belly fat and increase energy levels in less time for optimal living.

My “911 Detox for Optimal Living” course will guide you on this journey and introduce you to the concepts of:

(a)   How to detox

(b)   The right detox foods

(c)   Simple and effective detox recipes

(d)   Post-detox plan

(e)   Numerous other invaluable and informative tidbits to help make your journey as effective as possible for you.

Please remember that if you want to change your body, you MUST change your habits! This plan will guide you to build bulletproof habits that will transform YOU from the inside out!

So act now, and start your journey to your best YOU today!


Who is the target audience?
  • If you can’t go through your day without caffeinated drinks
  • If you feel sluggish after your meals (I call it “2 PM zombie”)
  • If you crave for sweet, pizza, pasta, bread or any other processed carbohydrate.
  • If you have sinus allergies.
  • If you have ongoing fatigue.
  • If you catch colds and flus easily.
  • If you are depressed and not motivated for anything and everything.
  • If you have bad PMS symptoms (female)
  • If you crave salty food such as chips and cheese in the evening after work or late nights.
  • If you’ve tried many diets, but in the end gained all your weight back with interest (extra 5-10pounds) - stuck in that vicious up-and-down cycle.
  • If you’ve experienced ongoing constipation for many years.
  • If you are looking for sustainable energy, high quality sleep, mental and physical strength, 911 Detox for Optimal Living may be just the solution for you!
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Curriculum For This Course
38 Lectures
5 Lectures 16:10

I appreciate you for participating in this course. I am so excited to deliver as much value to you as I possibly can. I walk every step of your way to guide you to transform your body from the inside and out to stay fit for life! 

If you have....  

  •    Lack energy? Learn how to detox your body to boost your energy immediately.
  •    Stressed out? Learn when to feed your brain (even with sweet treats).
  •    Low libido? Find out 911 detox can boost your sex drive in no time.
  •    Excess belly fat? Find out exactly how to get rid of unwanted belly fat pronto!
  •    Emotional eating? Learn how to have a healthy and lasting relationship with food.
  •    Joint pain, or suffering from other health issues? 911 Detox for Optimal Living and discover real life                    solutions to relieve whatever ails you.

BONUS:  Also, you will experience up to 15pounds of weight loss within 21 days. 

When this course is through, we can always keep in touch. You can email me at info@makeovernutrition.com. 

Preview 03:04

Do you know that a damaged liver doesn't show in the blood test? 

Let's find out what are the signs of a damaged liver. 

Remember " You are the best doctor and the best nutritionist." 

10 Early Warning Signs of a Damaged Liver

Liver damaged of over 70% can lead to serious health issues. Especially, since the liver is a main organ of detoxification in the body.

What are the 10 signs that your liver is damaged over 70% and what can we do to fix the root cause!

10 Signs That Your Liver is Damaged Over 70%

When you clean your liver, you will experience incredible benefits immediately! I am not talking about losing 10-15 pounds of bodyweight ONLY...that's just a crazy positive side effect that you will experience within 21days. I am talking about an actual transformation that you will experience from INSIDE OUT

Preview 03:39

6 Lectures 20:30

In this lecture, I will cover a detail of 911 Detox Plan from the moment you wake up until your bed time. Also, what to eat and what to take.

Let's get started! ^.^

911 Detox Plan

In this lecture, I will cover "18 Details of The Golden Rule" to compete 911 Detox, successfully. Including Avoid and Substitute food guideline as well. 

Golden Rule

Include downloadable material

The Right Equipment for 911 Detox

 Nutritional Tips & Benefits of Individual Vegetable/ Fruit that support liver cleansing- Include downloadable material.  

The Right Vegetable, Fruit, and Daily Portion

Include downloadable material. 

The right Fat and Daily Portion

The right supplement to support gut health / Top 5 spices that support liver cleansing - Include downloadable material. 

The Right Supplement, Spice, and Daily Dosage
4 Lectures 17:14

How to make 911 detox vinegar juice / When to drink/ Symptoms of the body being too alkaline: (Alkalosis symptoms) / What Apple Cider Vinegar Does for Your Body - Include downloadable material 

911 Detox Vinegar Juice

How to make 911 Detox Smoothie 

911 Detox Smoothie

How to make easy and yummy 911 Detox Salad - tricks and tips 

911 Detox Salad

Review on 21 Day 911 Detox and what is the next step.


911 Detox Quiz
3 questions
6 Lectures 09:19
Reverse 911 Detox Plan

The Right Protein and Daily Portion

The Right Nutritional Supplement

Breakfast Recipe

Smoothie Recipes

4 Lectures 02:45
Hormone Reset Plan for Optimal Living

Golden Rule for Optimal Living Plan

How to calculate Protein, Fat, and carbohydrates for your body. What to avoid during the plan.

Macronutrient Portion Guideline & Resource

The Right Nutritional Supplement & The Right Time
13 Lectures 37:54
911 Detox Soup

Buttercup Squash Soup

How to make a mouth - watering meal replacement. When is the best time to eat for weight loss and fat loss.

Post Workout Snack

How to make Salmon Burgers step by step within 10 minutes. 

Preview 03:31

Cauliflower Margarita Pizza

Iodine supports your thyroid function. Instead of taking a supplement, try this yummy salad roll to get the natural Iodine from the food.  " The right Food is a medication!"  

911 Detox Salad Roll

Carrot Avocado Salad

One of my favourites dressing! If you have hard time to enjoy raw green salad, try this 911 Detox Asian Sesame Dressing. you will look forward to eat a salad in every your meal!

911 Detox Asian Sesame Dressing

How to make fresh and simple delicious home made dressing. Try it out! you won't buy pre-made dressing in the market anymore! 

Homemade Dressing

Interview with one of my clients who has competed 911 Detox for Optimal Living. 

Preview 09:00

After a big event and/or a treat meal what is the best way to reset the next day for optimal living. / When is the best time to have sweets and/or treat meals to improve your body condition. 

Tips for Treat Meal and How to Reset The Next Day.

How to make delicious snacks and desserts within 10 minutes without cooking. 

Less Cooking & More Living with Pure Healthy Treats!



Optimal Living Quiz
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About the Instructor
Veronica Yoo
4.6 Average rating
13 Reviews
53 Students
1 Course
Nutritionist, Author, Life Coach, WBFF Professional Athlete.

Veronica Yoo is a holistic nutritionist, published author of Go Raw Get Lean, 911 Detox, Breaking Through The Yo-Yo, Instructor, Life Coach, and WBFF Professional Figure Athlete with many years of personal and client-based experience.

She lives and breathes a fitness lifestyle - Always working to learn more about nutrition and physical science to better help her clients and students realize healthier, happier lives. Her blueprint for weight loss is that “If you’d like to permanently lose excess body weight, you’ll need to permanently change your lifestyle.” 


  "I didn’t know how important good nutrition was for my health until I had no energy and my body couldn’t recuperate well. When I was young, I didn’t have to worry about my next meal or whether my liver was working well to maintain my sanity. Actually, I didn’t care about anything except looking beautiful.

  When I started to work out, I thought that exercise was all I needed to become and stay healthy. I felt great and I wanted to build muscle and get as lean as possible.

  A few years later, when I decided to compete, I hired coaches to guide my diet plans, supplements, and training programs. I followed them blindly, won many shows, and my physique improved with every show that I competed in.

  However, I struggled in the off season for many years. I didn’t understand why I was so tired almost every day, and gained body fat quickly after the show was over.

  My moods changed too. Something didn’t seem right with my health, so I decided to go back to school and learn about nutrition. I learned the value of daily nutrients and detoxing my liver.

  When I graduated, I practiced everything that I had learned at school to find out what worked the best for my body. I practiced with my clients as well.

  I am always working to learn more about nutrition and physical science to help my clients have healthier, happier lives."

With gratitude, 

Veronica Yoo