9 Reasons for Real Estate Investing, Questions & Get Started
4.6 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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9 Reasons for Real Estate Investing, Questions & Get Started

Learn why investing is so important & how to start Real Estate Investing in your free time and be a great Investor
4.6 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
11 students enrolled
Created by Level Up Actions
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What Will I Learn?
  • Argument why investing is so important
  • Articulate why Real Estate is a great investment vehicle & answer basic Questions
  • Calculate current wealth estimate as starting point for investment journey
  • Take first actions to get started on their wealth investment journey
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  • Curiosity to learn about understanding investing opportunities
  • No other prerequisites needed

Hey there,

Thanks for your interests, I know there are a lot of courses out there so I hope it´s the right one for you.

This Real Estate Investing course is for you students that are interested in making your money work for you.
The alternative is to always work for your money.

In this Real Estate Investing course you will learn
1. why investing is so important
2. why Real Estate is a amazing investing vehicle
3. how to get you started on your Investor Journey 

I will be sharing resources & links throughout the course that will either help you learn more or facilitate any actions.

As the title indicates this Real Estate Investing Course is separated in 3 parts:
- 9 Reasons to invest in Real estate 
- frequently asked questions & answers around investing
- first steps you can take to get stared to become a Real Estate Investor

Looking forward to see you in the course.
Anything you need, just let me know.


Who is the target audience?
  • Students with basic or no knowledge in Real Estate Investing
  • Interested in understanding wealth creation & benefits of Real Estate Investing
  • This Course is NOT for experienced Real Estate Investors
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
5 Lectures 10:25

In this lecture I share the written summary of the entire section as well as a downloadable PDF.

I do hope the written version of the course will further help on you Real Estate Investing journey.


Welcome to this Real Estate Investing course.
This is one of the first steps on your Journey to become a Real Estate Investor.
Although Real Estate Investing can look difficult from the outside it is absolutely possible to be come a successful Investor.
I do hope to convince you, show you and help you to take your first steps.

Anything you need, just let me know.
Now, let´s get started.

Good learning

Preview 01:17

In this lecture I make the case for the importance of starting to invest.

Personally I believe, that effective investing is a skill that is essential to have to build a financially wealthy future.
Unfortunately the skill is not taught in the common education system, what brings up a lot of questions.

I do hope to inspire you get started in specific in Real Estate Investing and show you how with this course.

But regardless of what you do after this course..
I strongly encourage you to keep on learning on how to build a better financial future for you and others.

Find out more in this lecture.

Preview 04:40

The case for starting investing
3 questions

Hey there, I´m Thomas.

In this lecture I shortly wanted to introduce myself and give you a bit of background about my story.
I´m originally from Germany & live since 2006 in Spain (with a 2 years work assignment in Slovakia in between).

I have a full time job that I like & want to show you that it´s perfectly possible to become a Real Estate Investor in your free time.

One of the reasons for creating this online course has been that I love training, coaching & mentoring people..
In previous roles of my job I got the opportunity to lead people and I found the people development side, of helping people achieve their goals, exploring their talents and making progress in their lives, especially fulfilling. 

Real Estate Investing became a passion of mine when my father encouraged me to buy 2 parking spots together with my brothers when we were fairly young.
These parking spots nearly tripled in value since & keep on providing a small but steady income for my brothers and me.
Since than I invested in several other properties and found the Real Estate Investing Industry fascinating.

I hope to help you see the possibilities with Real Estate to make you wealthy going forward.

Who Is This & Whats My Story?

I just want to ensure that you don´t jump into anything without knowing what´s going on.
It´s strongly suggested to never invest in something you don´t understand.

Real Estate Investing is an amazing vehicle to create wealth.. BUT.. the Real Estate Market is not a candy shop.. where whatever you buy is sweet.
Do your homework before taking any final decisions ;o)

9 Reasons To Invest In Real Estate
10 Lectures 26:27

In this lecture I share the written summary of the entire section as well as a downloadable PDF.

I do hope the written version of the course will further help on you Real Estate Investing journey.


Real Estate Investing is a simple, reliable, consistent medium, with possibility to create wealth with very little financial background or brilliance.
This said.. You always always have to do your due diligence before finally buying a property.

In this lecture I explain why it´s relatively easy to start in Real Estate Investing.

Reason 1 - Easy To Get Started

Speculation can be dangerous if your money is on the line. Usually it holds much more risk than investing and especially more than good Real Estate Investing.
Real Estate Investing is one of few financial ways were with low effort are able to make sound decisions based on facts, trends & numbers.
You don´t have to, and in fact should not make any decisions on a gut feeling.
The relatively slow changes in Real Estate Investing market changes, enable to react effectively.

In this lecture you´ll find out why.

Reason 2 - Be An Investor, Not A Speculator

Yes, when you are investing you expect to make money on your end, and this can perfectly be achieved through creating win win situations.
Sellers usually have motives for selling their Real Estate properties, and you have to figure out why they are motivated to sell and help them in this direction.
It´s key that you state upfront that you are a Real Estate Investor and will only pursue a buy if the numbers are working for you.
But you´d be surprised how many ways Real Estate Investing offers to create solutions that work for you as buyer as well as the seller.

You don´t have to take advantage of peoples situation, as a possible buyer you simply are one of the possible solutions to their motivation for selling.

Find out more in this lecture.

Reason 3 - You Are Able To Help People

A secret in Real Estate Investing is that banks actually want to lend you money to buy properties.
It simply provides them with a asset on their end with a secure and steady return of money + interests.
If you look at banks & their advertisements.. several are exactly to promote mortgages for Real Estate.

But for you as a Real Estate Investor it´s key that, if you go into dept, you get “good dept”.. 

There is good & bad dept?? 

Find out in this lecture.

Preview 02:40

Apart from leverage, in Real Estate Investing you are able to receive much more value for what you pay.

Find out how to increase the value of a distressed Real Estate properties as well why negotiation is a expected in Real Estate Deals in this lecture.

Reason 5 - The Value You Get

The company you have stocks off goes downhill.. what are you able to do to influence this for the better?
Buy more of their products to help them, write a letter to the CEO to work harder or join their company as a employee to turn it around?

Now on Real Estate.. you have much more control over your influence & what to do with it.
Find out in this lecture.

Reason 6 - Control Your Investment

If you have a Real Estate Property.. you are in charge, you decide what to do with it..
You can sell it, rent it out, fix it up, live in it, give it to your kids, and much more.. 

In Real Estate Investing you are only limited by your creativity and the law.
And the best.. in order to know what to do and what works you don´t have to reinvent the wheel.

Find out more in this lecture.

Reason 7 - Multiple Strategies

Why is Bill the wealthiest man in the world? Because of his salary? No really..
What is Net Worth and why is it such a important financial measure for you and in Real Estate Investing

With Real Estate Investing you are able to support your retirement years..
Once we are there we likely will receive less than we wish & what we receive will be challenged constantly with the increasing cost of living (Inflation).

Or maybe you are even able to retire sooner than you think. 

Find out more in this lecture

Reason 8 - Net Worth & Net Income

Who wouldn't´t like to offer their kids more options for their future, of course in case you have, or plan to have, kids.
With financial Freedom you are able to provide your family with more options to choose from going forward.
This is what Freedom is.. to being able to choose what to do, instead of being pushed into any single option. 

Furthermore Real Estate Investing is a great teacher. You will learn how to take long term decisions, manage financials, work with people, solve problems, get creative and more. Exposing yourself and your family to Real Estate Investing will enrich your life and help you create a legacy.

Find out more in this lecture

Reason 9 - Leave a Legacy

Good Enough Reasons?
3 questions
6 Lectures 13:53

In this lecture I share the written summary of the entire section as well as a downloadable PDF.

I do hope the written version of the course will further help on you Real Estate Investing journey.


Banks will give you less for your “sitting” money than money that is “working” for you in your Real Estate Investment.
Another thing is that some banks actually don’t want much of your money on a savings account. 

Real Estate Investing is the ideal way to get your money working.

Find out more in this lecture.

Preview 02:05

You will have to decide what you will shoot for at the beginning of your Real Estate Investing Journey.
If you prefer paying all cash or go for a Appartment building with 200 units you likely will have to put quite some money down to begin with.

But, in Real Estate Investing you can start small, gain some confidence, build a momentum and step by step get to your big goals. 

Learn more in this lecture.

Question: Do I Need A Lot Of Money To Get Started?

How much you can buy, especially at the beginning, depends a lot on your current situation. 
But more important than you current situation is your ambition and persistence.

With Real Estate Investing you can start small and create a momentum that allows you to buy more going forward.

Find out more in this and later lecture.

Question: How Much Real Estate Can I Buy?

Some of you will want to invest in Real Estate but might get challenged by someone else close to you. 

Most people are afraid about things that they don´t understand.
Fear can be good, it helps us to survive sometimes, but if its hindering you from process in life it might has to be discussed and overcome. 

Learn a way how to understand & approach someone that is reluctancy towards Real Estate Investing.

Question: What If My Spouse Doesn't Want To Invest?

This lecture is a collection of frequent questions around Real Estate Investing. 
Furthermore an encouragement to ask me more questions if yours haven’t been answered. 

  • Getting rich over night?
  • What about market crashes?
  • Isn´t being a Landlord another job?
  • How many homes should I view?
  • How much should I offer?
  • Your question here?
  • Am I ready to invest?
Question: What Else To Know Before Getting Started?

More Questions?
2 questions
Get Started
6 Lectures 24:18

In this lecture I share the written summary of the entire section as well as a downloadable PDF.

I do hope the written version of the course will further help on you Real Estate Investing journey.

Get Started Section Summary & PDF

To know how far you are away from your Real Estate Investing goal you have to know where you are right now.
In this lecture I´ll explain how to get to some Real Estate Investing key measurements that will help you for a financial health check.

Keeping a close eye on them is important throughout your Real Estate Investing Journey.

Get Started - Define Current Situation

Regardless what do... in 5 years you will arrive at a destination... 
...but at what destination you will arrive... has to be decided by you, today..

In this lecture I share how to create a compelling vision for your future supported by Real Estate Investing.

Get Started - Imagine Future Situation

In this lecture I give you the first steps to decide what you are looking for in the Real Estate Investing market.
Furthermore I suggest some simple but effective habits that will make you come closer to become a Real Estate Investor.

Get Started - Define Investment Criteria & Aim 3 Than 1

Ready to get started?

More Questions?
1 question

Take on these challenges to get closer to become a "real" Real Estate Investor.

Get Started - The Level Up Actions Challenge

Real Estate Investing is just as complicated as you make it.

You don't have to be a mechanic in order to learn to drive a car...
...the same applies for starting to investing..

I really hope you take your first actions now to arrive at a wealthy future with Real Estate Investing

Wrap Up & Conclusion
About the Instructor
Level Up Actions
4.6 Average rating
4 Reviews
11 Students
1 Course
Thomas@LuA : Trainer, Coach, Real Estate Investor

Hi there,
I´m Thomas and I am the instructor at Level Up Actions.
I´ts my pleasure to meet you through Udemy and get the chance to share what I learned through the years.

I do have a full time job as Trainer & Coach at a multinational technology company and am a  Real Estate Investor as well as online course Instructor in my free time. 

In previous roles I have had the opportunity to hold several leadership positions.
With the opportunity to lead people towards common goals I found the responsibility of developing people particularly fulfilling.

Ever since it has been a fascination for me to mentor, coach and help people. 

Besides personal development and helping people to get to their next level I do have another passions such as:
- Real Estate investing
- Technologie
- and a newly found one: online course creation 

I am native German, speak fluently English as well as Spanish.
Since 2006, except a 2 years work assignment in Slovakia, I have been living in Spain. 

Anything you need, just let me know.