70 IGCSE Electricity question you can never miss before Exam
4.4 (8 ratings)
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70 IGCSE Electricity question you can never miss before Exam

No Cambridge IGCSE physics student can go to the final Exam without answering these questions,
4.4 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,275 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will be able to answer all past papers with different ideas that are related to Cambridge 0625 IGCSE Physics
  • By the end of this course you will be able to read any mark scheme and understand what they mean,
  • By the end of this course your syllabus understanding will be improved in a way that no text book or any scientific explaining video can do,
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  • You must read and study Cambridge IGCSE Physics syllabus … it is not important to understand it 100% the question will do this but at least you have to know what each lesson in the syllabus is talking about,
  • It is preferred to have an external notebook to pause the videos and answer by yourself before watching the video answer,

This course is one course of a complete package of courses that is specialized in answering (Cambridge IGCSE Physics past papers)

The course is continuously growing, started with 50 questions, and adding more questions as much as we can,

The package also includes other courses:

IGCSE Mechanics past papers questions

IGCSE Thermal Physics past papers questions

IGCSE Atomic Physics past papers questions

IGCSE Waves past papers questions

I can never imagine a Cambridge IGCSE Physics student who did not:

    1-Answer these past papers questions,

    2-Understand how to read the mark scheme of these questions,

    3-Know how to write a full understandable scientific answer for these questions,

    4-Know the marks distribution among the full answer according to the mark scheme,

There are many differences between watching science for fun or general knowledge, and studying science for an exam,

If you are aiming for an A* or A, reading the books and watching videos to explain the syllabus, are not enough,

You must understand those people who will correct your paper,

Sometimes you understand things, but you are unable to express and explain what is in your mind,

That is why understanding your syllabus perfectly and strongly is not enough,

This is only 40% of the road to the A*,

You must communicate with the minds of the examiners through answering past papers, understanding mark schemes which include the answer they would love to hear from you,

This is 60% of the road,

You must choose the courses that are related to your syllabus, not just (physics syllabus),

Most of videos on the internet may include what you need in your syllabus, but they also include a lot of thing that you do not need,

From 9 to 12 courses, realized this fact,

That is why their courses are specialized in answering past papers for each specific syllabus and not general past papers,

Each question will be answered in the following steps:

    1-The teacher reads the question with loud and clear voice,

    2-3 seconds chance to pause the video so you read it again carefully and try can answer the question yourself in your notebook – if you want-

    3-If you did not pause the video, the countdown ends and the teacher starts to explain the question, giving a quick express revision on the points related to this question in an average of 1 minute,

    4-The teacher gives you the final answer,

    5-The mark scheme is displayed on the screen, and the teacher starts to explain the mark scheme and gives any other possible answers,

    6-The teacher compares the mark scheme with his answer and shows you what are the marks of the question given for and how his answer gets the full mark of the question,

    7-All these steps for each question take an average duration of 2 minute for each question.

Again whether you take them with us or in any other place I can never imagine a Cambridge IGCSE Physics student who goes to the final exam without understanding these questions,

I hope you enjoy and benefit.

Who is the target audience?
  • Secondary level: Cambridge IGCSE Physics students,
  • University level: students who are taking this course or similar as an introduction course in their first year of science and engineering
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Curriculum For This Course
71 Lectures
Lesson 1: Magnetism
8 Lectures 14:34

Question 3: magnetic fields and compasses

Question 4: plotting magnetic fields

Question 5: shapes of magnetic fields

َQuestion 6: laws of attraction and repulsion

Question 7: soft iron and steel

Question 8: demagnetization
Lesson 2: Electrostatics
4 Lectures 08:18

Question 2: charging by induction

Question 3: charging by induction

Question 4 and 5: charging by induction
Lesson 3: Electric Current
7 Lectures 24:41
Question 1 and 2: Q, V, I calculations

Question 3: drawing electric circuits,

Question 4, 5, 6 and 7: general calculations

Question 8: series connection

Question 9: electric circuits

Question 10: general electric calculations,

Question 11: which lamp has more power,
Lesson 4: Home Installation
8 Lectures 11:24
Question 1: Fuse

Question 2: shower of rain

Question 3: circuit breaker

Question 4: heating up wires

Question 5: electric symbols

Question 6: too much current

Question 7: fuse connection

Question 8: fuse value
Lesson 5: Electric Motor
10 Lectures 19:55
Question 1: Fleming's left hand

Question 2: motor parts

Question 4: magnetic field of a straight wire,

Question 5: direction of magnetic field of a wire,

Question 6: clockwise or anticlockwise motor,

Question 7: coil rotation,

Question 8: move it faster and opposite,

Question 9: charged particle and magnetic field,

Question 10: charged particle and magnetic field,
Lesson 6: Electromagnetic Induction
11 Lectures 25:44
Question 1: drawing a given transformer,

Question 2: inside the transformer,

Question 3: transformers and a.c.

Question 4: transformer calculations,

Question 5: describing electromagnetic induction,

Question 6: electromagnetic induction in lab

Question 7: moving a wire in a magnetic field,

Question 8: rotating a straight wire about its center,

Question 10: national grid calculations,

Question 11: national grid calculations,
Lesson 7: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (C.R.O.)
10 Lectures 23:09
Question 1: electron beam deflection,

Question 2: moving the spot left and right,

Question 3: moving the spot up and down,

Question 4: drawing an a.c. waveform

Question 5: CRO parts

Question 6: CRO parts

Question 7: thermoionic emission

Question 8: drawing a CRO diagram

Question 9: controlling the beam of electrons

Question 10: CRO parts and functions
Lesson 8: Circuit Components
12 Lectures 32:44
Question 1: circuit symbols

Question 2: the idea of the dark alarm

Question 3: the d.c. battery charging circuit

Question 4: simple home transformer

Question 5: a capacitor in series

Question 6: diode and a.c.

Question 7: simple home transformer

Question 8: the transistor cool alarm circuit

Question 9: the transistor dark alarm circuit

Question 10: the light alarm potential divider circuit

Question 11: the transistor heat alarm circuit

Question 12: controlling the working temperature of heat alarm
Lesson 9: Logic Gates
1 Lecture 03:32
Question 1: logic gates circuits
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