7 Strategies for Limitless Business
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7 Strategies for Limitless Business

How to Overcome Sales Challenges and Get More Business with Less Work
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5 students enrolled
Created by Andy Ng
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Know what are the 5 conditions that make people buy on their own
  • Appreciate the importance of strategies in business
  • What is the meaning of limitless business and how to create limitless business for life
  • Know what are the 7 strategies for limitless business
  • Implement the 7 strategies for limitless business now
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In this economy, everyone is facing sales challenges. Today customers demand choices, and they want cheap and good choices. If you were to invest time and money in acquiring customers, you could be in for a loss as customers are not loyal.

How to overcome the sales challenges?  We need to have the right strategies. With strategies come tactics. The highest sales strategy is to sell without selling, that is, we simply create the 5 conditions and people will buy from us automatically. We shall share with you these 5 conditions in this course. 

To increase sales, there are 6 effective ways that we can do so with zero cost. We can go back to old prospects, offer guarantees to remove sales, measure conversion rates, increase average sale value, get customers to come back again and use free salesmen. There are over 58 examples that we offer in this course. 

Once you have created the right conditions, you are on track to implement the 7 strategies to get limitless business as follows:

  1. Service to Others as the Highest Purpose
  2. People strategy better than Product strategy
  3. Placement strategy more superior than Pricing strategy
  4. Customize Benefits to your customers
  5. Use SNAP Selling (Scenario-Needs-Answers-Payoffs)
  6. Create Irresistible Offers
  7. Make Customers Loyal

Ultimately, your way to limitless business is to create a legacy for years to come

Who is the target audience?
  • People in sales, marketing, business development, network marketing, insurance and real estate
  • Top management who are interested in building businesses
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups that want to learn how to strategise for business success
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Welcome to this course 7 Strategies for Limitless Business.

Companies ave 3 challenges in sales: customers demand choices, customers want cheap and good and customers are not loyal. That's why we need strategies. The highest strategy is to sell without selling, because selling is never about selling but creating the right conditions for customers to buy by themselves. 

Overview of the this course:

1. Top 3 challenges in sales

2. How to Increase Sales with zero cost

3. Five ways to create the right conditions for sales

4. Seven strategies for limitless business:

  • Service to Others as the Highest purpose
  • People strategy better than product strategy
  • Placement strategy better than pricing strategy
  • Customising benefits
  • SNAP Selling method
  • How to create an irresistible offer
  • Power of loyalty strategy

5. The ultimate of strategy: leave a legacy

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Why most companies find their sales stuck? It is because they are too focused on achieving sales targets and ignore the changing market's needs. We must learn from Hua Wei Technologies: they are so focused on serving customers and that's why their sales are never stuck. 

The first 2 ways to increase sales with zero cost are covered here:

  1. Revisit old prospects
  2. Give guarantees to remove fears of buying
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The third to fifth ways to increase sales with zero cost are closely linked. They are:

3. Measure conversion rates

4. Increase Average Sale Value

5. Increase Transactions

Sales conversion is simply the conversion from prospects to customers. If we measure conversion rates, we will work on improving them and we will of course increase sales, all with zero cost. 

Sales is simply this formula: Customers x Transactions x Average Sale Value = Sales

If we were to increase each of the above factor by a mere 10%, we will get at 33% increase in our sales. To double sales, just increase each factor by 25%. 

By increasing Average Sale Value and Increasing Transactions, you can get increase in sales with zero cost. 

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The 6th way to Increase Sales with Zero Cost is to Get Free Salesmen

There are 7 ways to get free salesmen:

  1. Media publicity
  2. Ask suppliers to give you business
  3. Get free marketing from your trade associations, exhibitions and trade shows
  4. Turn your entire team into salespeople
  5. Get customers to sell for you
  6. Use of social media
  7. Referral system
How to Get Free Salesmen

Human beings may not remember facts, but they sure can remember the stories that they heard since childhood times. Indeed stories are more effective ways to sell. 

Stories touch peoples' hearts and the best stories are those that are not mine or yours but our stories.

As much as possible, don't tell facts, tell stories. In this lecture we teach you with 3 concrete examples on how you can convert facts into stories. The 3 examples include:

  1. How to describe your product features
  2. Why we must increase price now
  3. How to attract people to deal with you directly via mobile apps

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

After we've told our prospects stories, if they are still not moved, we need to do pull and push. 

We first pull people towards us using the law of attraction, and if they still don't take action we need to push them. But we don't push them to buy, we push them to achieve their goals. 

We let people know what they can truly desire and our job is to help them achieve what they want. 

Pull then Push

Customers love customization because they want to feel that they are special. There are many ways that we can customize, including the product, pricing, location and even our presentation. 

When we customize, customers will feel that we care for them, this is where we can do heart selling. Heart selling is selling that focuses on customers' interests and makes a connection. When you connect with your customers, they will buy from you automatically. 

Lastly, we need to ensure that our customers enjoy the journey from before purchase do during purchase and after purchase. 

If we can create the 5 conditions, namely use story telling, pull then push, customize, heart selling and let people enjoy the journey, our customers will buy from us without us doing any selling

How to Customize, do Heart Selling and Let People Enjoy the Journey

Strategy 1: Service to Others is the Highest Purpose

To create limitless business, we need to put service above making sales. 

However, many people mistaken customer service as nicecities or procedures. Service is a feeling thing, it is how the customer 'get it', so it is important that the service provider must firstly feel good towards his employer before he can truly serve customers with his heart.

How to serve people from your heart?  You need to not convince people but convey your emotions to people. People must feel connected with you, It is not about content but context. 

In this lecture we share 18 tactics that you can put service as the highest purpose. But whatever you do, you need to provide service that is core to what you are selling. You also need to adapt and customise your service to suit different people and situations. 

All service must deliver what is promised

Service to Others as the Highest Purpose

People Strategy is better than Product Strategy

People don't buy products and services, people buy people. Whether you are selling the same product as everyone else (as in a franchise situation) or you sell a unique service or product, people must buy You before they buy what you sell. 

A good salesperson will stand in front of what he sells. He knows that people think with their heads but act with their hearts. At the end of the day, people don't buy what you sell but buy good feelings and solutions to their problems. 

In this lecture we share with you 18 tactics that you can use in your business to put people strategy on top of product strategy. For example, you can respect people and get the same staff to serve the customers. 'People' could also mean animals like cats and dogs, for people love animals more than themselves. 

By far the best people strategy is to give love. How can we give love in business?  Continue to Lecture 10

People Strategy better than Product Strategy

There are 4 common ways to love people: suggest, advise, compliment and criticism.

You can also use love strategies in one or more of these four ways: Rejoice, Kindness, Compassion and Equanimity. 

Many customers say that the best way a salesperson can love them is to not over-price or under-price what they sell. Any price increase should be done gradually. 

No matter what you do, touch peoples' hearts and they will feel your love. They will repay you back with limitless business.

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Strategy 3: Placement Strategy better than Pricing Strategy

If people find that your price is too high, it simply means that you have place your product wrongly. We need to place our product at the right place and at the right time. 

Common placement strategies include proximity to customers, eye-catching and multiple placements. In the online world, the best placements are super-apps, chat-bots and virtual assistants. 

Whatever you do, place your product as what people can gain if they buy from you, and what they will lose if they don't buy from you. 

By far the best placement is in the sub-conscious minds of people. People think with their conscious minds but act with their sub-conscious minds. To get limitless business you must place what you stand for in the sub-conscious minds. 

That is what branding and advertising are about.

Placement Strategy superior to Pricing Strategy

At the end of the day, people are not buying our products and services. People are buying what our products and services can do for them, i.e. what benefits they can derive from our products and services. 

In this lecture you will learn the following:

  1. Differences between product features, product advantages and benefits
  2. The need to customise benefits to suit different situations even when you are selling the same product. How to sell the sizzle, not the steak. 
  3. How to sell ice to the Eskimos and sell sands to the Arabs
  4. The need to think like your customer so that you can customise benefits  
How to Customize Benefits of What You Sell

SNAP Selling is one of the most effective ways to sell, it also customises the benefits of what you sell. In this lecture you will learn the following:

  1. What SNAP stands for: Scenario, Needs, Answers and Payoffs
  2. How to ask Scenario questions without irritating people
  3. Ways to uncover needs by asking Needs questions

This lecture also provides some examples that you can ask better SNAP questions. 

SNAP Selling: How to Ask Scenario and Needs Questions

This lecture covers the remaining 2 letters in SNAP Selling: Answers and Payoffs. After this lecture, you will learn the following:

  1. How to ask questions that let the buyer provide answers on his own
  2. Ways to compute payoffs so that the buyer would want to buy immediately without you the salesperson ever asking

We also cover different situations that you can ask better SNAP questions with concrete examples. 

We will also go into depths what are the exacts gains customers get from us: better cash flow, improvements in teamwork and lower stress. 

This lecture also concludes with a challenge to students: how to sell a normal stylus pen for $200 by using the SNAP formula

SNAP Selling: How to Ask 'Answers' and Payoffs Questions

We know telling is not selling and selling is about asking questions that make people buy from us automatically. 

In this lecture we share the following:

  1. Why asking questions is more effective than making statements
  2. What is 'Yes' questions and the need to know the answer before you ask the 'Yes' question
  3. What to do when we are asked questions? Do we answer or follow our answer with a question?
  4. How to ask 'Yes' questions using 9 common ways
  5. The importance of asking 'Yes' questions in a proper way, not to ask too few or too many 'Yes' questions

By asking 'Yes' questions we close the sale automatically. 

Asking Yes Questions that Closes the Sale

This lecture simply demonstrates how we can ask 'Yes' questions through a card game. In this game, I shall show students how I am able to ask various questions to get you (the audience) to name the card that you have picked earlier.

Have fun with this demonstration and make sure you apply them to your sales! 

Demonstration of Using Cards to Ask Yes Questions

The Question Funnel is another way that we can ask questions and close the sale automatically. In this lecture you will be rewarded with the following:

  1. The 5 elements of the Question Funnel and the need to follow the steps
  2. How to ask Open-ended questions
  3. How to ask Specific questions
  4. Ways to propose by offering solution choices
  5. What questions to ask to check the temperature of your prospect
  6. What detail questions that you should ask that will give you the sale instantly
  7. The importance of playing dumb when you do this Question Funnel

We will also touch on how to ask questions on authority and budget . 

By far the most important part of the Question Funnel is to remain silent after you've asked detail question. You will also learn how to execute the Question Funnel with 'Yes' questions.  

Question Funnel and Further Questions that Closes the Sale

After you have asked 'Yes' questions and use the Question Funnel, if you still do not get the sale, you need to wake people up by coming up with an Irresistible Offer.

In this lecture you will master what are the elements of an irresistible offer. We will offer you real life examples of how companies have used amazing irresistible offers and created limitless business. 

You will also learn the 5 steps to creating irresistible offers. 

Strategy 6: Creating Irresistible Offers (with examples)

To get limitless business, it is not enough that we get the sale. We need to get repeat business. In this lecture you will learn how to create loyal customers for life. Important points that you will bring back include:

  1. What make customers loyal 
  2. What make customers disloyal and how we must avoid these at all costs
  3. The ladder of loyalty from Suspects to Raving Fans and how to move people up the ladder
  4. Three simple ways to get repeat business easily
  5. What questions we can ask to get people come back to us 
  6. Ways to ask for referrals

This lecture ends with an example of a construction materials company and how they use the 7 strategies to sell. 

Strategy 7: Making Customers Loyal with Ladder of Loyalty

We have come to the end of this course. Remember at the beginning we said that customers today are demanding more at lower price and yet customers are not loyal. By adopting the above 7 strategies, you will be able to overcome these challenges, plus obtain limitless business. 

What is the ultimate of strategies? It is to leave behind a legacy and create a movement. In this lecture we will share with you the 5 steps to creating a movement in your business. 

Ultimately, we need to aim for more and shoot for the stars. Thank you for attending this course. I look forward to seeing you in our next course "5 Steps to Massive Results"

The Ultimate of Strategies: Leave a Legacy with a Movement
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