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Beat College: 7 Step Formula to Get Straight A's

Learn the counter-intuitive hacks used by the best students to get straight A's without painful hours in the library
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Created by Brandon Hakim
Last updated 12/2014
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What Will I Learn?
Cut your study time
Get better grades
Significantly reduce school-related stress
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Why do some students get straight A's while barely doing any work while others spend painful hours in the library and still get B's and C's?

In this course, I'll show you the step by step system and hacks ALL straight A students use to do well in school with little to no stress while spending more time doing the things they want. Inside, we'll cover the entire formula and explain concepts such as the 'Golden Pyramid', the '6 Beat College rules' and hacks such as 'how to get others to study for you and thank you for it'.

Here is the full curriculum for this course:

  1. Part 1 - YOU -- In the first 4 videos, you'll learn simple changes you need to make to how you think -- changes I learned from a plastic surgeon from the 1960's -- to instantly get better grades
  2. Part 2 - PRINCIPLES -- In the next 3 videos, you'll learn the 6 rules you NEED to follow if you want straight A's while spending most of your time hanging out with friends
  3. Part 3 - The 7 Step Formula - In this section, I'll show you the exact 7 steps every straight A student follows -- and how to do each.
  4. Part 4 - 'The Secret Strategy to Cut Your Study Time in Half' - You'll learn a discovery I made after Kobe Bryant's best game of his career that let me cut my studying in half or more
  5. Part 5 - How to Hack Tests, Essays, Projects, Presentations and Homework
  6. Bonus Videos
    1. My Favorite 'Beat College Hacks'
    2. Beating Procrastination
    3. The Top 10 GPA Killing Mistakes
    4. How To Become a Learning Machine
    5. Mastering Time Management
    6. How To Naturally Have Really High Energy Levels
    7. How To Take Great Class Notes (but why going to class is optional)
    8. How To Schedule Your Classes
    9. How To Take The Test Like a Champ

I was so frustrated with all the hoops I had to jump through in college that I felt weren't going to help be succeed later in life that I spent 2 years following around straight A students and reading 231 books on high performance. My goal with this course is to help you realize that there is a better (and more efficient) way to go about your college education.

Who is the target audience?
  • This Course is For You If You're Frustrated with the College Education System and Want to Get Good Grades while Maximizing Free Time
  • This Course is Not For You If You Have No Frustrations in College and Are Happy Working Really Hard for Your Grades
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 55 Lectures Collapse All 55 Lectures 03:52:56
3 Lectures 11:03

In this lecture, we'll set the framework for the rest of the course. What you'll learn here will not only help with college, it can help you throughout life.

Preview 03:21

Success in anything, including college, is almost always counter-intuitive. Don't do what everyone else does. In fact, you often want to do the opposite. That's how I came up with a lot of these techniques.

Preview 05:06

In this lecture, you'll learn about the Golden Pyramid -- which is the 3 critical levels you need to master if you want to get straight A's in the least amount of time possible.

Preview 02:36
Part 1 - You
4 Lectures 15:44

In this lecture, you'll learn why doing well in school has little to do with how smart you are, and how you can generate all the smarts you want for yourself.

Your 'SI' Factor

In this lecture, we'll talk about your standards, which is a critical component to getting A's.


In this lecture, you'll learn how to immediately cut all distractions when you're working and develop super focus -- a concept we'll go much deeper into later in the course.

The Internal Butterfly Effect

Ultimately, this isn't just about getting straight A's. It's about living your dream life. In this lecture, we'll talk about your dream, and why you can achieve it in school.

Live Your Dream
Part 2 - Principles
5 Lectures 19:47

In this section, we'll talk about the second level of the Golden Pyramid -- Principles. In this video you'll see why they are so important.

Preview 02:45

In this lecture we'll talk about the first Beat College Principle. This one's my favorite.

Beat College Principle 1

In this lecture we'll talk about the second Beat College Principle.

Beat College Principle 2

In this lecture we'll talk about the third Beat College Principle.

Beat College Principle 3

Here, we'll discuss the rules you must follow if you want to Beat the System and Get Straight A's. Most students break all of these rules, mostly because they don't know them, or worse, were taught to do the opposite.

The Beat College Rules
Part 3 - The 7 Step Beat College Framework
7 Lectures 21:35

In this section, we'll talk about Steps 1-5 and Step 7 of the 7 Step Formula to Beat College. We'll then talk about Step 6 in depth in the next section.


Schedule the right classes can save you a lot of stress down the line because there's nothing more stressful than taking the wrong class. In this lecture we'll talk about how to pick the right classes in the first place, and how to get into full classes if necessary.

Step 1: Do THIS To Eliminate 99% of Your Stress

I had a huge breakthrough when in Florence, Italy. I was looking at the statue of David by Michelangelo and heard an amazing story about how he created it. If it worked so well, I wondered if it would also work in school.

Step 2: Do What Michelangelo Get Better Grades

To master or not, the most important question for each class. In this lecture we'll talk about what this means and why it's so important.

Step 3: To Master or Not...THAT is the Question

In this lecture, we'll talk about a simple test you should put every class through.

Step 4: Use This Test to Decide If You Even Should Go to Class

In this lecture, we'll talk about a talk you should have with your professor -- when to have it and what to say -- that could save your grade. It works.

Step 5: Have 'The Talk' -- It Could Save Your Grade

If you don't 'erase' bad grades, they'll haunt you for an entire semester. Here's how to use them to your advantage.

Step 7: Erase Bad Grades
Part 4: The Secret Strategy to Cut Your Studying in Half
6 Lectures 29:12

In this lecture we'll talk about Flow -- the most important thing you can do for success in school, and fulfillment in life.

What's Flow?

In this lecture, we'll talk about what specifically you can do to fly through your studying. I was surprised this worked so well, but try it and you'll see.

Do This To Make Studying Easier...and Faster!

In this lecture, we'll talk about Laser Focus, which is like Flow on steroids. This changes everything.

Flow on Steroids

The Deadline

The Goal

The Plan
Part 5: The Indicators
10 Lectures 57:22

After I read a book called The Mating Mind, I noticed school is no different than sex. Here's why and how to use it to your advantage.

The 7 'Indicators'...and Why They're Like Sex

In this lecture we'll talk about the steps you should take to study for any test.

The Study Formula

More Study Tips!

In this lecture, we'll talk about a step by step formula to make writing essays easy and fun. Plus you'll write your best essays ever.

The Painless Essay Formula

More Essay Tips!





Final Thoughts
1 Lecture 01:29

You learned how to completely Beat the System and Get A's. But you learned something even more powerful as well...

The Head Fake
Bonus Videos
19 Lectures 01:16:44
How To Instantly Double Your Reading Speed

How To Get Others to Study For You (and thank you for it!)

What You NEED to do BEFORE the Test

How To Take the Test Like a Champ

How to Instantly Double Your Productivity

How to Read 9 Books in 3 Hours

How to Be an Amazing Reader

Do THIS to Instantly Have Amazing Memory

4 Memory Tricks from the Man with the World's Greatest Memory

Write a Research Paper WITHOUT Doing Any Research

The RIGHT Way to Take Class Notes (and why everyone is doing it WRONG)

How to Perfectly Organize Anything

The Painless Way to Register for Classes

How to Buy All Textbooks for $20 or Less

My Favorite Beat College Tools

How to Beat Procrastination

The Top 10 Grade Killing Mistakes You're Probably Making (Part 1)

The Top 10 Grade Killing Mistakes You're Probably Making (Part 2)

How to Immediately Eliminate Stress
About the Instructor
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I'm On A Quest To Give You The Education You'll Never Get In School.

The things that the world's highest achievers spent their entire lives discovering, that no professor or teacher will ever tell you.

Because when I was in college, I was mad. I’d just read a book and everything inside was the opposite of what I was learning in all my classes.

So I ran into the dean’s office and said "I'm literally learning more from the books I get on Amazon for five bucks than these classes that cost thousands of dollars each!"

And all she had to tell me is...they're working on it!

So when I walked out that day, I swore I’d teach myself the things I should have learned in school. And I started reading LOTS of books….now over a thousand on everything from meditation to making money. And I realized ONE BIG THING…

Everyone who’s excelled in any area of life knew things we’re never taught in school.

They were Insiders.

They discovered the truth about finding their purpose and creating a perfect vision to work towards. Or about motivation and productivity, financial freedom, having authentic relationships, changing the world, persuading people, learning incredibly quickly or celebrating their hundredth birthday still in perfect health.

Meanwhile in college we didn’t learn any of this stuff. Instead we’re forced to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to memorize facts so we could write them on a piece of paper.

So if you want to live a life miles beyond the “regular” life, you'll have to learn less from a classroom, and more from the people who have actually gotten the things you want.

And my goal on Udemy is to share with you how you can also Become A Learning Machine and to condense tens of thousands of pages of reading in different subjects to help you become way more productive and make a lasting impact on the world.

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