7 Day Yoga Cut - High Intensity Interval Yoga!
4.4 (25 ratings)
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7 Day Yoga Cut - High Intensity Interval Yoga!

One week to your stronger, firmer, sculpted body in WAY less time!
4.4 (25 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
400 students enrolled
Created by Tyler McCoy
Last updated 12/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • 3 hours of clear, professionally shot content
  • 7 delicious, crazy-healhty detox smoothie recipies to suppliment your daily regimine
  • Daily health tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining a cut, healthy body while acieving your life goals
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  • Some shopping for meal ingredients, a yoga mat or non-slip surface, and a dedication to changing your life for the better!

Are you ready to get toned, or 'cut', and powerful - in just a few days? Do you feel you just don't have the time to dedicate to a gym but still want a bangin', healthy body? Do you have just 30 minutes a day to get the same fitness benefits of working out for 2 hours? Then this new-generation workout plan is for you.

I've designed my YogaCut program to incorporate only the most contemporary, effective and efficient movements and sequences to maximize your time on the mat - to get you far healthier and fitter than you've ever been, in just 20 - 30 minutes a day!

Utilizing the latest discoveries in yogic physiology and anatomy combined with the scientifically verified and optimized H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) technique, YogaCut is designed for shockingly effective results!

If you've had a hard time squeezing in your yoga or workout, want more benefits like weight loss, body toning, lean, strong muscles, detox, cardio and core strength, or have plateaued in your fitness progress, then you're going to love this course.

I'll guide you through one week where you'll move through a yoga-influenced HIIT workout. You'll learn how to continue on into a fitness lifestyle that takes less time than checking your email, but makes you look and feel as good as if you worked out for 2 hours a day.

The Yoga Cut modules are specifically designed to teach you in a clear, easy way, 4 powerful yoga + HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines. I'll also give you new action steps you can follow throughout your life to lose unhealthy extra weight, reduce toxins and generally feel better on all levels!

Here are the results you can get from the YogaCut program:

- Maximized workout efficiency, making the most of time spent on the mat
- Burn more fat, during, and - most AMAZINGLY - in the 24 hours AFTER the completion of the workout
- Cardio training, or pushing the anaerobic threshold, thereby increasing heart health while decreasing blood pressure
- Peace of mind: you can do this instantly -- no equipment or props needed - just you and your body
- Whole-body toning. Keep the MUSCLES, lose the FAT - grow stronger, leaner, denser muscle while burning off excess fat deposits
- Create a metabolic fire: Increase natural metabolism resting rate
- Time saved going to the studio or gym: Your YogaCut program is available ANYtime, ANYwhere! You can even download it.
- It grows as your fitness does: always be challenged to your next level.

- And that's just the start. By implementing the diet and lifestyle suggestions you will experience even more benefits, including improving the quality and fun in your self-relationship, as well as interpersonal relationships and increased focus and clarity about direction and goals, to name a few.

It's time to set your path. Get ready for a new you - body, mind and spirit!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who's ready to get transformed in their body, mind and life in 7 days. This course does include strong yoga and hiit based movements with modification options. You should be without any major injuries and capable of some exercise.
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
Yoga Cut - Day 1, Get Started!
3 Lectures 37:50

As we set off on this exciting new journey, I want you to be clear as to what we will be doing, how, why, and what to expect.
Let's get started!

Introduction to the Yoga Cut!

Let's get to it. The practice will begin with 3 specialized warm up routines to get the blood flowing and opening up your joints.

Then we will get started with:
- 3 rounds of 5 sets
- each set will consist of 30/20/10 second intervals, 10 seconds in between each one
- as intervals decrease, be sure to amp up the intensity, so the last 10 seconds are as fast and hard as you can.
- each round will have a 45 second water/towel break in between.

The sets of 5 are specially designed to achieve maximum calorie burn, detox and metabolism boosting, reaching for an increase of average heart rate to about 85% average. Remember the amazing benefits!

- Incredible efficiency, maximizing the time spent on the mat
- Burn more fat, during, and - most crucially - in the 24 hours AFTER the completion of the workout
- Pushing the anaerobic threshold, increasing heart health while decreasing blood pressure
- No equipment or props - just you and your body
- Keep the muscles, loose the fat - grow stronger, leaner, denser muscle while burning off fat deposits
- Increase natural metabolism resting rate
- Available ANYtime, ANYwhere!
- Always be challenged to your next level.

Let's get to it!

First day Yoga Cut Practice: Get Going

If you can, take a few minutes to allow the body a proper cool down. This will allow the fascia to naturally lengthen and achieve optimal toning and healthy release of stored tension and tightness.

Cool Down Yoga: ease
Yoga Cut - Day 2, Rest and Recoup
2 Lectures 36:28

Today is a day for rest. One of the most important - and often disregarded - aspects of getting into your best-shape ever is the necessity to rest the body between intense trainings. But by doing so, you are allowing your muscles and physiology to recuperate, repair, and renourish all vital towards the building of your new body as we continue on this intensive journey.
We will discuss 'diet' and talk about proper basic, healhty fueling, for both on and off days.

So make sure to get plenty of R&R today, nourish and be happy!

Daily Principals: the Power of Rest

This is a class I've created especially for your days off. If you feel so inclined and have the time, please incorporate this class into your rest days, using these gentle movements and breathing to assist the nourishing and re-balancing.
Come back to watch on days 4 & 6.

Universal Restoration Class
Yoga Cut - Day 3, Get Amped
3 Lectures 35:18

Welcome to Day 3!
Getting a little more into the nuts and bolts of the particular system we are using, I explain the scientific basis for the format we're employing, where it came from and why it has been shown to maximize results in the most efficent manner. Enjoy!

Introduction: Talking about the scientific basis for HIIT and why we integrate

Here we Go!!! Day 3, keep building that intensity, today we will mix things up a tad, but still with the warm up, and 3 rounds of 5 sets each. Now you're beginning to get the hang of things, see if you can push yourself a little more, especially towards those crucial final 10 seconds!

Day 3 Practice: Stay Focused and Energized!

Take the time to give yourself a nice cooling stretch oriented cool down, if you can. Not necessary but an excellent way to balance energies and help reset your fascia towards optimum shape and efficacy for movment.

Cool Down Yoga: release
Yoga Cut, Day 4, Relaxation and Reflection
1 Lecture 02:22

GREAT JOB so far! Today we rest and nourish again. Take pride in all you've done so far, and see if you can stay curious and dedicated for what is yet to come!
Today we talk about how we can set goals and create the life we want, a life we truly love. Even if you're already on your way and clear with your goals, see if you can take some time today to write about where you're headed, what you envision, and perhaps even open yourself to whole new realms of possibility!
Remember, you are your own biggest obstacle. What new spectrum could you envision today?

Daily Principals: the Power of Goals
Yoga Cut - Day 5, Pour it On!
3 Lectures 35:16

Here we go, over the hump, into day 5! Determination is a huge part of achieving a body and a life that you truly feel happy and excited about. But BY FAR - one of the biggest threats to really achieving and cementing your goals into your lifestyle is what I call 'the Overwhelm'. When we put too many expectations or requirements or plans on our plate, often all we end up accomplishing is a sense of defeat and apathy.
The trick to winning against these pesky foes is to really catch yourself IN THE MOMENT when the Overwhelm begins, and breaking it down into bite-sized bits.
Creating and sticking to simple habits can be an amazingly effective way to achieve this, which we will discuss today.

Introduction: Today we discuss the power of habit, effort and intention!

Day 5 Practice! Today we are going to amp it up even more, and I invite you to step even more fully into your commitment! You CAN do this, and NOW is the time! Remember that even this short, intense sequence at just under 30 minutes can have more impact on your health than HOURS of simple running or similar cardo!

Here we go.

Day 5, Practice: Pour it On!

Again, do your best to squeeze in a little slow stretching. Today's cooling sequence will give a nice stretch to your hips, back, and leg muscles. Stay in the breath!

Cool Down Yoga: savor
Yoga Cut - Day 6, Nourish and Rest
1 Lecture 03:02

Today, we rest again. And today we will talk about proper relaxation, how to use it mindfully and intentionally. We will also discuss proper self-relationship, and how we can begin to foster healthy, productive and interdependent relationships with others, from this primary space.

Daily Principals: The Power of Self-Relationship
Yoga Cut - Day 7, Finish Strong!
3 Lectures 36:26

The final day of YogaCut! You've come this far, now it's time to finish STRONG. Here we talk about the qualities we need to nurture to find this follow-through, and the special importance of finishing, in general.

Introduction: how to successfully follow through and finish strong!

Day 7, LAST practice!!! This is Your time to shine, to bring it and finish up to get the most out of your course! Stay positive, empowered, and leave it all on the mat today!

Day 7, Practice: Finish Strong!

Our final cool down. Today take a little extra time to get even deeper into those joints and myofascial systems, with the now integrated base of mindfulness, self-respect and self-care we've cultivated on our days off.

Feel free to repeat this week as suits your own progress and process, and feel free to interchange the practices and get creative. You did it -


Cool Down Yoga: soften
Yoga Cut: Congratulations!
2 Lectures 44:06
You Did it!!!

Enjoy this awesome extra flow class, to integrate all you've been working on into a holistic, Core Strength Vinyasa inspired flow!

Preview 42:41
About the Instructor
Tyler McCoy
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Yoga instructor, Wellness & Lifestyle optimization Expert

Tyler is a renowned lifestyle acceleration expert and co-creator of Core Strength Vinyasa Style Yoga with Sadie Nardini. He travels internationally bringing a synchronistic powerhouse of teachings developed to maximize your potential physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Through his broad exposure to the top yoga masters in the world as well as teachers of spirituality, and lifestyle optimization, he has coalesced over 15 years of intensive study to super-charge his offerings. These lessons help students to access their own greatest and largest Self-Vision.

His courses have been top-sellers on Udemy and other websites, and he is on faculty at Kripalu and Yoga Journal Live! conferences. He has written publications for Elephant Journal, and had his photography published in various sources, including the cover of Sadie Nardini's 14 Day Yoga Body.

His down-to-earth and fiercely authentic style invites students to relax into their own deepest empowerment and find a path to their own deepest joy, fitness, and life-love.