An Introduction to Twitter - Tweet correctly the first time
3.7 (13 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5,414 students enrolled
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An Introduction to Twitter - Tweet correctly the first time

A Guide to Starting and Growing Your Twitter Account
3.7 (13 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5,414 students enrolled
Created by Deepak Shukla
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use the simple how-to videos to use their Twitter account
  • Find trending topics on Twitter and manipulate them to their advantage
  • Be comfortable with all aspects of Twitter engagement
  • Create headlines scientifically proven to attract followers
  • Jump into conversations with Twitter influencers to drive traffic back to your own twitter page
  • Write stunning Twitter bio's designed to attract 'true fans'
  • Use Profile Header and Photo hacks to create an amazing looking twitter profile
  • Learn how to simply but effectively SEO optimize your Twitter account
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  • An interest in internet marketing
  • Have a twitter account or be thinking about setting one up


This course will cover:

  • Understand why Twitter is important for business
  • Get comfortable using Twitter
  • Set your profile up correctly on Twitter
  • Tweeting on Twitter
  • Advanced search on Twitter
  • Learn how to find customers on Twitter
  • Introducing Twitter analytics

The overview:

Are you new to Twitter - just set a profile up but not REALLY got the hang of it? 

It's a strange beast is Twitter at the best of times. 

If you're just getting to grips with how to use Twitter and haven't done much beyond setting up an account - than this course will take you through some of the all important steps with Twitter and how you can use it in a strategic and more  adept way.

First I'll begin with providing a rationale for why you need to be on Twitter to market your own company, or yourself. 

Then we'll move to actual tips that relate to building your profile and making it more effective for when you begin engaging with people on the platform

I'll take a data driven approach and show you some direct examples of some of the things that you should be thinking about when using Twitter for yourself.

Whether it's tweeting, retweeting, finding the right conversations to get involved in - all the way up to finding the right potential client or customer through the use of Twitter's advanced search - then this course will take you through all of these finer elements

Enjoy getting to know Twitter through this course!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for people looking to get started with Twitter for marketing immediately
  • Someone who is interested in learning about the basics of Twitter
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Curriculum For This Course
44 Lectures
Why Twitter (optional)
4 Lectures 14:35

This lecture provides you with an explanation of the twitter course and what you will learn through all of the videos and content provided.

Learn the benefits of taking this course and the format I've chosen to ensure the information is incredibly easy to digest

Preview 04:50

This video explains what taking this Twitter course will do for you - and the benefits that Twitter and the learnings through the videos can offer you.

Preview 01:02

There are those that would have you believe that Twitter is dying when it simply isn't the case - this video provides very clear evidence that demonstrates why you should keep using Twitter as a source of growing your business.

There is plenty of evidence in not only this lecture but also in the resources to reflect this

Preview 04:30

This lecture is a continuation of the last one - running you through the various examples relating to the strength of Twitter as a platform and why it is here to stay.

If you're concerned whether Twitter has any real value that makes it worth investing in - it is all demonstrated here in this video

Why Twitter for business part 2
Profile Set Up
8 Lectures 07:47

Many people get their profile photo all wrong when deciding to put one up on Twitter.

Of course having one is a solid start - but there are multiple things to consider when posting a picture - and some pertinent examples are given here for what's required in order to make your profile photo work best for you

Don't make the mistake that many people do when using Twitter and not properly thinking through what is the best kind of profile picture

Preview 01:02

Twitter is also in the land of live video with Periscope - and whilst this lecture isn't about Periscope - there is an important hack that you can employ here to make sure that people are aware you have a periscope account that's connected to your Twitter

Periscope Promotion Hack on Twitter

An important growth hack that applies not only to Twitter but also all of your social media and growth marketing activities.

Make sure that you build this into all of your marketing efforts

Growth - Ask for the referral

This isn't given enough thought and care that the header photo really requires. Most use background images that tweeters use are pixellated, incorrectly sized and so reflect the brand/you poorly.

In this video you will learn more about a cool hack that will significantly boosted the quality of your Twitter header photo and therefore lend to the strength of your Twitter growth

Header Photo Hack on Twitter

A clever hack you can use to promote a second profile within your actual profile, This is especially useful on Twitter when you have a separate business account that you wish to promote from a personal profile - or anything to that effect.

A very unfertilised hack!

Free Promotion - Twitter Profile Hack

Twitter allows us to use some effective line breaks if implemented in a certain way. In this lecture that strategy is discussed and you will be shown how to craft an incredibly effective Twitter bio as a consequence of using this technique.

Make your Twitter profile much more effective with this method

Preview 00:56

Crafting a comical or rather 'human' bio is a big part of making sure that you don't sound like a 'bot' on Twitter - and there are way too many of those - in this lecture I show some of the important techniques involved in writing a great bio on Twitter

Copywriting Hacks

Hashtags are huge on Twitter - and I know that you already know this - but this lecture explains one of the secrets behind where and how you can use hashtags.

They form an effective part of your actual profile bio's to the extent that it can give you an internal SEO boost within Twitter so that you start appearing higher within search

Profile Hashtag SEO
Engagement Hacking
12 Lectures 11:42

Are you making effective use of Twitter search and timeline in order to drive engagement upon Twitter?

There are a multitude of ways to make sure that you can find relevant content to engage with on Twitter - and the strategies to do that are discussed here.

See how you can use the Twitter search and timeline to boost your Twitter profile standing

Twitter Search and Timeline Hacks

What does actual Twitter engagement involve? 

Many of us don't really understand what we're supposed to be saying on Twitter - and this lecture discusses what you can actually use as inspiration and as a an opportunity to get involved in conversations that are relevant

Actually Engaging

And then some people suffer from a very British problem (being British myself) - is that they are not enthusiastic enough about what it is they do.

Without your own self confidence and self belief it's going to be difficult to become a Twitter influencer. This is where emphasis and being convincing comes in - as discussed in this lecture

Language Hacks

Trends - understanding what is currently popular on Twitter in certain's areas or worldwide (trends can also be paid for) - is an excellent method for keeping your finger on the pulse of what's happening - here it is discussed.

Preview 01:01

Sometimes the whole marketing game is simpler than we think - all we need to do is just to ASK for what it is that we want and nothing more on Twitter

In this lecture this concept is shown and discussed - and demonstrated how much more effective it is as times to make the ask

The Power of the Ask

Tweets with images simply get more engagement than those that do not - simply put. Pertinent examples of ineffective Vs effective timelines making use of this example are shown in this lecture.

The Timeline Image Hack on Twitter

The tweeter that uses numbers in their Twitter updates probably knows their stuff....right?

It's a very data driven world that we live in - and so it's important that we use data and numbers in our tweets as much as we can - it helps establish authority - the lecture explains more

Tweeting with Numbers

This is a great way to look at related content to what it is you're searching for.

Twitter has it's own internal related search suggestions that most don't make enough use of - and this is shown to you in this lecture so that you can capitalise upon it.

Twitter Search Suggestions Hack

Twitter also provides you trends based upon area - and this will help you narrow down potential conversations that could be interesting to you - by looking at the high level categories that Twitter offers to you

Within these areas you'll then have the opportunity to look at Tweets and so on.

Preview 01:01

An important consideration is understanding how many hashtags are necessary for an effective Tweet - this is demonstrated in this video - and it's important that you pay attention to this when composing your own twitter messages 

How Many Hashtags

It DOES make a difference - the time at which you tweet. 

In terms of how effective your tweet is - there has been data that's been analysed and demonstrated that there IS a certain time at which you can post on Twitter and expect to receive a larger amount of clicks (local time)

Check the lecture out for this answer

When To Post for the Highest CTR

Having a specific layout on Twitter is a key part of driving engagement - and again there is data to show that a specific kind of tweet is much more effective than tweeting in a way that you think will work.

For this of you struggling with what to tweet - this demonstrates an effective method for tweeting.

The Two Sides To Every Tweet Hack
Advanced Search
7 Lectures 11:40

Interested in learning more about how I actually use Twitter on a daily basis - this video gives you some insights into that as well as what it can offer you.

Aimed at those wishing to advance their twitter training

Revealing The Secrets - Twitter Upsell

Are you familiar with Twitter advanced search?

Have you uncovered it's power to help you find customers - in this video you can discover exactly how you can use it to begin finding people that are relevant to your business.

A hugely powerful hack that will dramatically improve your Twitter game :)

Preview 01:04

Remember that search you did that you found really useful to find a particular person/kind of tweeter on Twitter?

Well holy smokes! Twitter let's you save these searches for even easier future reference - so there is no need to worry about searching for the same thing all over again

Twitter Saved Searches

Advanced search goes even deeper when you start searching for particular keywords and then run these searches based upon location within twitter

There is no other way you can get such a finger on the pulse of what's happening within one social media network RIGHT NOW

Location Based Customer Acquisition Hacks

We keep going with Twitter advanced search and learning of the supremely ninja stuff you can do with it to drill down exactly the kind of person it is that you are looking for. 

Learn all of what you can do with the advanced search feature that Twitter has built in

Twitter Advanced Search String Hacks

Want to get involved in relevant conversation that relate to industry leaders on Twitter? 

This guide shows you exactly how you can do that with this Twitter influencer intercept . Again it makes use of the advanced search and you can use this to begin talking with/to the people that are mentioning twitter influencer's

Twitter Influencer Intercept

More about Twitter search here and how to use it properly to get involved in the right kind of conversations is shown here. 

There are simple tricks you can follow as shown here to make sure that you begin communicating with influencer's and the right kinds of conversations to make your time on Twitter truly meaningful

Twitter Searches Done Right
Twitter Analytics
4 Lectures 06:13

This will show you at it's simplest how you can turn on Twitter analytics to get understanding what is working for you on Twitter and what isn't working for you.

Here you'll find out how simple that process it!

Turning on Twitter Analytics

Once you have Twitter analytics turned on - it's important to understand how you can use this to analyse the tweets that are getting the most attention/reception and then double down on those types of tweets

Discovering Your Top Tweets through Twitter

Measuring how many people are clicking on your links is a critical part of understanding if your efforts are having a positive effect or not - and is a great way of measuring your efforts on Twitter to see exactly how it is you're doing

Preview 00:44

A review of some of the things that have been covered on the course on Twitter and what you have learnt - and something you can do to help me the course creator ;)

Final Thoughts
Additional Resources
1 Lecture 00:07
Some Links For You To Look Through
New Content: Twitter For Your Mobile
8 Lectures 19:24
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Rating The Twitter App and it's advantages

Twitter Moments and How They Work

Understanding The Mobile Twitter Newsfeed

Images. The Good the bad and the videos on Twitter

Your Twitter Profile

Twitter Notifications and Direct Messages

Tweeting With The Twitter App
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