60 Minute Self Defense
4.0 (2 ratings)
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60 Minute Self Defense

What every adult and teen needs to know about self defense featuring SDTS Combatives
4.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
22 students enrolled
Created by Damian Ross
Last updated 3/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Avoid, Evade and Escape an assault from much larger, determined and dangerous attackers.
  • Understand what is under your control
  • Develop a tactical plan
  • Decrease your exposure to attack
  • Critical Risk Assesment
  • Empower your gift of FEAR
  • Primary Strikes, Gouges and other empty hand techniques
  • Correctly use pepper spray and personal alarms
  • Use the three things every attacker fears against him
  • Escape multiple attackers
  • Defend against arm grabs, collar grabs, chokes and bear hugs
  • Protect yourself when you're knocked down and he's standing over you.
  • Escape being pinned to the ground by a much larger attacker
  • Protect yourself from being pummeled on the ground
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  • The will to survive

You don’t have to be big, strong or fast to use this scientifically proven method of self defense to survive and win against your worst nightmare. Introducing the 60 Minute Self Defense Program featuring SDTS Combatives.

Contrary to what you've been told, you don’t have to be an ultimate fighter, super soldier or grand master 10th degree black belt to defend yourself. All you need are a few basic moves, understand a couple of primary principles and you will be able to identify, avoid and escape any assault.

The program starts with strategy and builds your self defense plan that begins with awareness and avoidance. Then takes you through nonlethal weapons like pepper spray and personal alarms, then moves you through striking, defense against multiple attackers, grabs and hold and finally what to do if you're on the ground facing much larger and multiple attackers.

This is for you if you want to know the bare [and BRUTAL] necessities of self defense.

Who is the target audience?
  • For adult and teens ages 13 and older
  • Disabled persons can take this course but need to adapt to their current physical skill sets
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction: You don't need to beat the bear
1 Lecture 04:55

Self defense is self preservation. Your best asset is your will to survive and detect. Tactical self defense begins with awareness and avoidance. Simply put RUNNING in the opposite direction when faced with a potential threat is incredibly effective!

Think of self defense as managing distance. The farther you are away from your threat the easier it is for you to escape. This course will give you techniques and strategies with this purpose. Martial arts focus on defeating your opponent under a set of rules and etiquette. This is creates a habit of trying to defeat your attacker when the vast majority of the time it is unnecessary.

Most times you just need to resist enough and your attacker will simply stop because it's not worth the effort. At the end of the day, your attacker picked you because he thought you wouldn't resist.

In the case of sexual assault and date rape where you know your attacker, your resistance will serve as a sobering reminder of what they're doing is wrong.

At the end of the day, there are no guarantees, but your will to survive and fight back increases your chances of survival exponentially.

Preview 04:55
Awareness, Avoidance and Nonlethal Weapons
1 Lecture 06:52

Everyone, no matter how "trained" you are, should carry some form of nonlethal defense item. Something that can be used at a distance, get your attacker to pause allowing you to escape to safety.

Don't ever let ego and complacency get in the way of using a simple tool to save yourself.

Lesson 1: Avoidance and Technology
2 Lectures 13:02

Remember, this isn't boxing or MMA, your goal is to get your attacker to pause and escape. In order to do that you need to limit the amount of body weight behind your strikes. Use speed and mobility first. Then if you can't escape, use more powerful techniques.

Make no mistake, the edge of hand and heel of hand strikes are extremely powerful but you need to practice striking with full force on a heavy bag or training dummy.

There are detailed train at home drills in the Self Defense Training System Combatives program.

Lesson 2: Empty Hand Strikes

You can only fight what it directly in front of you. Keep moving and look for a chance to escape. Any time you can get your attacker to pause is a chance for you to get to safety.

Remember, anytime the threat is1.5 times more than your force, your chance for failure increases dramatically. If you were a platoon leader with 15 member squad and you were facing an enemy force that had 22 members you would try not to engage the enemy because everything being equal, the victory will eventually go to the larger force.

Your goal is to escape, leave the notion of one man or woman crushing wave after wave of attackers single handedly to the movies.

Preview 08:58
Defense against Grabs an Holds
2 Lectures 14:57

Anytime someone puts his or her hands on you (and you don't want them too) you can use force to defend yourself. Do not play the "escalation game".


If they don't respect your verbal commands then you need to act fast since they obviously don't care about what you want. Don't grapple, just hit and escape.

Preview 03:19

These situations happen because you have failed to recognize someone has a problem with you or they are stalking you. Attacks never happen 'out of the blue" and attackers don't materialize out of thin air.

Criminals stalk their targets like any predator - looking for the weak, trying to get close.

If you are ever attacked in this manner FIGHT LIKE HELL!!! Then run like hell :)

Lesson 5: Defense Against Mugs and Holds
Ground Fighting
2 Lectures 18:22

This is the most overlooked situation in self defense. The possibility of slipping or being pushed to the ground is a reality. So there you are about to get stomped by one or more attackers - it's a place NO ONE wants to be.

You need to be able to hold your position, keep your attackers away and get back to your feet as soon as possible.

Lesson 6: Protect Yourself after you've been Knocked Down

Avoid the ground whenever possible. But if you do find your self in this position you're goal is to escape.

In the SDTS Combatives training program you learn to use a variety of weapons to level the playing field against a much larger, determined attacker. If you don't have anything at your disposal, using hard and sharp objects do the job just as well.

The time you look for those objects is when there is a break in the actual assault. For example he may get tired from beating you or distracted.

I hope you enjoyed 60 minute self defense. As you can imagine, there is more to the training. In fact you can easily practice the tactics at home. In the Self Defense Training System Program, we give you all of the drills and instructor to master these skills.

Thank you again.

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross
Your Self Defense Instructor

Lesson 7: Ground Fighting
About the Instructor
Damian Ross
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    ·Founder of the Self Defense Company

    ·4th Degree Black Belt Tekkenryu Jujutsu and Military Combatives under Carl Cestari

    ·2nd Degree Black Belt under Yoshisada Yonezuka 9th Degree

    ·2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

    ·Varsity Wrestling Lehigh University under Thad Turner

    ·2 time National Runner Up Judo Black Belt Masters

    ·Bando National Kick Boxing 3rd Place Black Belt Division

    ·Multiple State and National Titles for Karate Black Belt Division

    ·Former Bouncer and Body Guard with New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit

    ·Former Varsity Wrestling Coach Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, NJ

    ·Ridgewood High School Hall of Fame Wrestling Inducted 2008

    ·Ridgewood High School Hall of Fame Football Inducted 2008

    ·Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

3 Black Belts, International Competitor, Division 1 Collegiate Wrestler, Hall of Fame Athlete, Security Agent, Private Contractor and Bouncer, Mr. Ross has been in the mix since he was a wee-little ass kicker. In 1998 he began training scores of people in what would become The Self Defense Training System. Over the years Secret Service Agents, Federal and Local Police, Military, members of the Famed NYPD and Private Contractors have traveled over thousands of miles and paid top dollar just to train for an hour with Mr. Ross.

Realizing the demand for this ultimate form of self defense was too great for him to do by himself he launched The Self Defense Company (SDC) in 2007 to certify and train people using new distance learning techniques implemented by leading universities. Despite the economy at the time, the SDC exploded on to the scene and has left all other forms of martial arts and self defense stuck in the 1980′s.

When Mr. Ross is asked why SDTS Combatives is so successful, he just shrugs and says, “People know the real thing when they see it. SDTS Combatives was created based on necessity. We needed to know what worked because our lives depended on it. Most of the SDTS Legion members are people who have experienced violence or see violence on a regular basis, so it has to work.”

Damian Ross has appeared in SWAT magazine, Black Belt Magazine, Martial Arts Masters Magazine, MAXIM Magazine The Danny Bonaducci Radio Show, Fox News and makes regular appearances on other mainstream media.