6 Steps To A Winning Business
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6 Steps To A Winning Business

A No Fail Recipe to building a Winning Business
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Created by Marlene Powell
Last updated 9/2016
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  • 32 mins on-demand video
  • 13 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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What Will I Learn?
  • Go into business with your eyes wide open.
  • Apply tried and tested systems and methodologies so that you can ensure you focus on the right areas of your business (working ON your business (Entrepreneur Mindset) not IN your business (Employee Mindset) in respect of your Time, Money and Team.
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  • You have to be committed 100% to take this course seriously. Your destiny is in your hands and this course will ensure you have the lifestyle you deserve but takes commitment. Anyone who takes initiative and is willing to take Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility. You do not need any qualifications just literate in english and basic understanding of simple maths.

PURPOSE of this Introductory Course as your Business Coach is…

To reward your time invested with the simplest, fastest, and easiest ways to:-

  1. Develop a strong foundation to build your business on
  2. Increase your sales and profits
  3. Free up your Time
  4. Create and Amazing Team

How are we going to do this:-

By using Tried and Tested Systems and Methodology that have been used throughout all industries around the world.

So WHY do you need Tried and Tested Systems?

Your business is a vehicle to provide you with Time and Money.  You want to have a PURPOSE driven business so you can enjoy the finer things in life.  Isn’t that WHY you have made a decision to have your own business and not work for someone else? 

Why invest in this No Fail Recipe Course 6 Steps to a Winning Business?

It builds a strong foundation for a business and leads you through ALL the key fundamentals of running a business.  

Course Entails:-

  1. 6 Modules Broken up into between 1<5 Sessions per Module
  2. Short Videos (from 1:57mins. to max 8:16mins. = Total Time 30mins.)
  3. Downloadable Materials (average Time Allocation 1 Hr per Module = Total Time 8 Hrs)
  4. External Resources – Online FREE Business Tools/Quick Tips U-Tube

You will learn how to:

  • Climb the Wealth Creation Ladder of Business Growth
  • Learn Tried and Tested Principles of How to:-
  1.    Gain Control of your Time, Team and Money
  2.    Turn your Marketing into an Investment, not an expense
  3.    Multiply your Customers, Revenue and Profits
  4.    Leverage Team, Systems, Technology and Marketing
  5.    Recruit, Motivate and retain a Winning Team

Who should enroll?

Anyone who wants to start a Business

  • Self Employed
  • Business Owners:-
  1.       With a Team or
  2.       Managers and Teams or
  3.       who want more Cashflow and/or more Time or
  4.       wanting to expand or sell their business
Who is the target audience?
  • This Business Course is suitable for anyone who is serious about making their business work for them (a vehicle to provide them with Time and Money) so they can enjoy the finer things in life (Entrepreneur Mindset). This course is not for the traditional "Business Owner" who want to own a business then still work in their business as a Technician and not leverage their time through systems and teams because they do not have the money or time (Employee Mindset).
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Curriculum For This Course
2 Lectures 06:47

After completing this Introduction Module you will see how you can learn by using both sides of your brain to ensure sustainable learning.  You will be able to make a decision as to where you would like to be on the Wealth Creation Ladder and then choose the Modules that will take you through each of the steps to Wealth Creation i.e. Self Employed (Module 1 & 2) to Manager (Modules 1 to 3) to Business Owner (Modules 1 to 4) to Investor (Modules 1 to 5) to Entrepreneur.  Each Module is a business apprenticeship where we will equip and grow you to give you the confidence to develop you and your Business so it more than pays for your investment in time and money in a customised business education which you get to keep forever!  If you can learn to grow 1 business there is no reason why you can't grow a number of businesses no matter what the industry.  REMEMBER:  You are in the business of making PROFIT and your business is purely a vehicle to provide you with MONEY and TIME so you can enjoy the finer things in life - DEFINITION OF YOUR BUSINESS : A Commercial Profitable Enterprise that works without YOU!

Preview 01:06

Before you begin to apply these tried and tested systems and methodologies it is imperative that you get the most out of your learnings.  So this video will prepare you to use both sides of your brain i.e. Your Left (Logic - Short Term Memory) and your Right (Creative - Long Term Memory).  We want to create confusion of the brain so it has to start THINKING rather than just DOing.

We need you to build your business through THINKING and taking a proactive approach to how you apply your learnings (as an Employee vs an Entrepreneur Mindset) rather than reactively falling into the trap of a never ending hamster wheel, doing the same things over and over again expecting different results, as so many Business Owners have done before you and will continue to do, and not knowing why you are DOing what you are doing.

To have a profitable and sustainable business that CAN work without you (YES it is a choice) you want to move through the Wealth Creation Ladder i.e. from Employee to Self-Employed to Manager to Business Owner to Investor to Entrepreneur (See attached document for the explanation of each of these steps in the Wealth Creation Ladder).

You must now decide where on the Wealth Creation Ladder you want to be and then working through our Program implement your Learnings as we go through the 6 Steps to a Better Business.

Preview 05:41
6 Steps
7 Lectures 25:14

By going through this 1st Module together with completing the Business Health Check you get a very good idea what you currently have / have not in place in your business.  Whether you are a brand new business just starting up or you have had your business for many years you will find that this 'Blue Print' will let you know exactly what you have in place and what you still need to implement.  NB NOTE : When you answer either Yes or No (use a 1 under either Yes or No) at the end of the checklist you will receive how healthy/unhealthy you are.

Please note that yes does NOT mean 'I think I know, I do/know it sort of, I have it but don't look at it / understand it etc.'  I always use the analogy 'you are either pregnant or not pregnant' - so yes is yes otherwise any doubt at all is a no.

If you envisage a 'No Fail Bar One Chocolate Cake Recipe' where you are given the ingredients then followed by the instructions this is what this Business Health Check is.  If you follow our 'Blue Print' step by step with my guidance and the tools that go with each of the 6 Steps you will have a 'no fail' business.

NB NOTE:  This recipe is Simple but not Easy - (refer to my 1st Learning video where you need to commit to the 'Above the Line' Mindset and follow our system and methodology to ensure success for you and your business)

Remember that to achieve massive results you must take massive ACTION.

Preview 01:57

The first step is Mastery of your business.. Eliminating the chaos.  The outcome is that your business becomes stable.  You are not concerned about making payroll at the end of the month or paying the bills.

Destination Mastery - It’s no use going out and building a business if you have no idea where you are going!  What will your business look like when it is finished?  You read a book from beginning to end however, with your business you want to see the end then plan how you are going to get there

Financial Mastery - Not only do you need to know your historic numbers but the ones that will create your future

Time Mastery - Focus on the timeliness of high priority tasks by way of understanding the 9 Hats in Business

Delivery Mastery - Are you delivering consistently?

Remember that to achieve massive results you must take massive ACTION.

3 - Module 2

The second step is finding a Niche or multiple niches for your products and services.  You are able to predict your cash flow by knowing your market.  Here is where your business begins to generate cash for yourself.

Niche is all about Marketing.

You will learn the most powerful business secret in business.  You may know how many Customers/Clients you have, how much Turnover/Sales you make and what your profit/loss is - but it is the 5 key areas that influence these 3 results that you will learn in this Module.

You will learn the 5 Ways to improved Sales and Profits

The same CHASSIS is used to build either a Skoda Oktavia or an Audi TT!  Which would you prefer to have?

No matter which industry you are building your business in if you learn these 5 Ways you will be able to apply this in any number of businesses no matter in which industries you choose, the principles are the same.

Remember that to achieve massive results you must take massive ACTION.

4 - Module 3

The third step is Leverage.  This is when you can start leveraging yourself out of the business and creating more time for yourself.  There are four ways to use leverage.  Do know what they are? 

This Module will show you how systems can save you time, energy, and money.

How many of you drive to work the same way every day?  Why do you do this?  What do you do while you're driving mindlessly to work?

So think about your business - if you and/or your team do the same thing the same way every time it makes you more efficient and allows for multi-tasking, creativity, etc.

Your business needs to systemise the routine and humanise the exception.

Remember that to achieve massive results you must take massive ACTION.

5 - Module 4

The fourth step is Team.  The team produces a structure for growth.  You now have the ability to take long vacations and trust that your team is managing your business for you.  A General Manager can be brought in to run the business.

In most companies the Owner tries to work with the Team, the Customers/Clients as well as trying to look after their Business and thus can’t get it all done.  We are going to focus on this in this Module.

You as the Owner supports the Team by giving direction, giving leadership, paying bills, staying profitable, paying wages, giving encouragement, building systems etc. etc.

Your Team supports your Customers/Clients with great sales skills, great service, great quality and great consistency.

Your Customers/Clients support your Business by coming back more often, spending more on each visit and telling their friends about you and, in turn the business supports YOU, the owner, through profits and over time less hours worked.

Remember that to achieve massive results you must take massive ACTION.

6 - Module 5

The fifth step is Synergy.  This is when everything seems to be clicking in your business.  You can begin strategizing on your next stage of entrepreneurial activity.  The business is a well oiled machine. Passive income can be generated from the business or the owner can sell the business.

The final step is Investor.  YOU are reaping the rewards of the business and investing in other businesses or taking time for your own personal growth.

Remember that to achieve massive results you must take massive ACTION.

Preview 01:21

No matter how tough you think you are, you can’t do this on your own … ”- Tiger Woods on discussing the value of his Coach and Support Team

Coaching is a business apprenticeship where we grow your existing business so it more than pays for your investment in a customized business education which you get to keep forever!

If you are not learning, you become stagnant and you do not grow – the same thing happens to your business

Work harder on improving yourself than your job

Constantly work on increasing your knowledge – that is why you are working through my Training Modules – I hope

Quoting Jim Rohn - “Never wish your life were easier ... Wish that YOU were better…”  “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job …”

Remember that to achieve massive results you must take massive ACTION.

Preview 01:11
About the Instructor
Marlene Powell
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Internationally Certified Business Coach at ActionCOACH

As the first woman ActionCOACH franchisee in South Africa I firmly believe, with more than 10 000+ coaching hours I have transitioned from a generalist to a specialist and now embarking as an expert in getting focused results in key areas of business.  I pride myself in achieving between 46% to in excess of 1000%+ growth in over 100+ of my clients’ businesses.

Being part of a team of Business Coaches within ActionCOACH my clients are represented in all business sectors – all are making more money and working less to achieve their goals. 

Are you ready to embark upon a journey to massively improve your business, your income and your lifestyle – achieving the ambitions and dreams you went into business for in the first place – it’s time to take ACTION!

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