6 easy ideas for low cost & highly profitable business
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6 easy ideas for low cost & highly profitable business

Learn how to build business on those 6 startup ideas from different industries.
3.9 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,207 students enrolled
Created by Michał Towalski
Last updated 8/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Launch 6 types of services from different areas of business and industries
  • Know basic techniques useful for generating business concepts
  • Identify target groups and their needs
  • Know how to approach basic financials of a business
  • Know what lean canvas is
  • Know different marketing techniques to attract customers
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  • This course doesn't require any preparation - just keep your mind clear and take as much as possible from it

Lack of ideas won't be anymore your problem if you think about quitting your 9 to 5 job & earning thousands of dollars a month!

If you search for a course that will unlock your entrepreneur potential, by life example show you the basics of running business and inspire to start your own company this course is exactly for you. Just look what people say about it:

"I was always thinking of burn the bridges and start my own thing. Always hesitated to do so because I wasn't sure where to start. This course therefore gave me an important support on how to develop my ideas further in a meaningful and business-like way" Christoph von Euw

I especially dedicate it to people who want to change their lives and free themselves from 9 to 5 jobs as well as those, who are just starting their professional career and search for inspirations.

I have entrepreneurship in my blood and it's there for generations. My grandfather was running a seed shop in communist Poland in times, when almost none private commercial activity was possible. My father continued his path and now he runs hotels & bars. For me entrepreneurship is a way to fulfill my passion - teaching people. I highly encourage you to check, what it can be for you!

"6 ideas for highly profitable startup" is divided into 3 main parts:

1. "Introduction part" - where you can learn about me as a trainer and about the course structure. This is useful to catch the flow of remaining part.

2. "How to generate ideas?" part where I show useful techniques and habits, that you should apply in your life to have plenty of business ideas of your own.

3. "Business ideas" part where I present 6 totally different business ideas, show what consumer need they answer, how you can develop them and last but not least how you can earn decent money on them without investing huge amount of money.

Beside of standard videos describing business concept in this course you can also find spreadsheets with basic financials regarding each idea. Most of general costs and sources of income is mentioned there.

If you start an idea from this course you can count on my support in the beginning stage just write to me!

Kind regards,

Michał Towalski

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is NOT for employed people who feel happy and satisfied at their current job
  • This course is NOT for people believing in earning 3000 USD without any work
  • This course is for people who search for business concept to implement
  • This course is also for people who would like to learn how to become more creative in generating business concepts
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Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
Course introduction
2 Lectures 07:19

My name is Michał Towalski.

I’m an entrepreneur for 6 years. In parallel I have also worked in various roles in marketing departments of big international corporations.

Aim of this course is to give you an opportunity to start your own business by providing you with business ideas and tools for generating your own concepts.

10% of profits from this course will be given to scholarship fund for talented young people from rural areas.

Please also join community of entrepreneurs and ideas exchangers that I’m currently building.

Good luck with this course!

Who am I and why I have prepared this course?

This course is divided into three main parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. How to generate ideas?
  3. Business Ideas

Introduction part shows you who am I and why I have prepared this course and then helps you navigate through it in lecture that you are currently viewing.

Next you will get to part where you will learn how to generate different business ideas.

Each section of last part - Business Ideas is build in the same way in order to help you to compare each concept. They are as follows:

  1. Customer need lecture indicates Target Group and Need that this group has
  2. Product/Service description lecture shows how the business can work and what resources you need to run it.
  3. Development Potential lecture show potential ways of expanding your business.
  4. Wrap up lecture summarizes most important informations.
Course structure
How to generate business ideas?
2 Lectures 10:38

All successful businesses are based on customer needs.

We can divide customer needs by following key:

  1. Increasing pleasure
  2. Reducing pain

Basic products and services fullfil only one of those types of needs and more advanced do both at a time.

Generating ideas for business - introduction

In my daily work I use 5 techniques of generating business:

1. Day in Life analysis - based on asking yourself detailed questions on how your ordinary day looks like. This way you can identify problems that you face each day and find solutions which can be ideas for business (if other people also have this kind of problems).

2. Forecasting trends so looking further into the future. With this technique we can spot what can be popular in close future.

3. Travelling abroad - when I travel I always have trillions of ideas for business.

4. Sales representative - looking for other people products that you can sell.

5. Franchises - ready business models prepared by other specialized companies that you can implement for some kind of payment.

Generating ideas for business - techniques

In this quiz you can check your knowledge from Section two.

Section 2 Check
7 questions
Idea nr 1 - Soft skills trainings at high schools
4 Lectures 09:22

In this business case we had three stakeholders with their needs:

1. Private colleges needed students on shrinking because of marketing decline students market .

2. High schools needed external presentation skills trainer because their students had presentation on final exam and schools didn't have it in their teaching programme.

3. Me - needing money and dreaming of being a trainer in the future.

Customer need

This business concept is about conducting soft skills trainings for high school students and at the same time show them 10 minutes long presentation of private colleges.

Colleges pay you for this presentations and for distribution of merchandising materials.

To run this business you need:

  • laptop to prepare presentation
  • car to move around and transport materials
  • mobile phone to sell concept to high school principals and agree schedules with them
  • presentation skills but you will be able to gather them while testing your concept
Product/Service description

You can expand this business in couple of ways:

  • you can hire more people and expand scale of your business
  • you can create different trainings and sell them to different colleges
  • you can upgrade your product after a while and start conducting trainings to teachers instead of high school pupils
Development perspectives

To take it all together. This idea is about running trainings on different skills for high school students and adding short presentation of private college as a part of this trainings.

It fullfils two basic needs for both partners - private college get more applicants and high schools get quality content for their students.

To start this business you need resources such as car, laptop to prepare trainings and mobile phone.

You also need some experience in public speaking but you can get it while running your trainings for free in the beginning.

Concept is easly scalable so you can expand it quite fast.

Wrap up

This quiz will check your knowledge about presentation skills training idea.

Section 3 Knowledge check
3 questions
Idea nr 2: Gift S.O.S
4 Lectures 07:42

By this business idea we address a need of buying last minute gifts without stress and inconveniences normally attached to it.

We target people who are really busy and because of it forget about important dates and occasions.

Customer need

This business is about delivering last minute gifts to people. To be successful at that you need to focus on mobility and simplicity.

To make it work you should have a van stocked with gifts and equipped with mobile printer so whole gift preparation process can be done inside. You also need a laptop to check orders and mobile phone to have Internet connection.

To make this business simple you should limit number of different gifts that you have on stock + stock itself. You should have at maximum around 20-30 gifts, 3-4 items per kind.

Product/service description

This business model is scalable - you can expand it simply by adding additional driver/courier to it.

When expanding you will need:

  • additional parking space for vans
  • restock service - it shouldn’t be done by drivers because then you waste their time

After a while you can expand your products by champagne bottles, cakes or confetti.

You can then also think about additional services like express decoration team being able to decorate someones office/workplace during lunch.

Development perspectives

We target people who are really busy and because of it forget about important dates and occasions.

We base our business on two principles - simplicity and mobility.

Your business will have to be limited to concetrated territory - potentialy business districts of big cities.

Wrap up

This quiz will check your knowledge about Gift S.O.S idea.

Section 4 Knowledge check
3 questions
Idea nr 3: Promotion on screen
4 Lectures 12:17

Is this business case we can distinguish two target group:

  1. Retailers - who want to sell more
  2. Shoppers - who want to get good promotions to feel smart & save money
Customer need

This business concept is about providing retailers with LCD screen together with easy to use software to communicate promotions in their stores.

To put this technology into market you need:

  1. Above mentioned LCD screens. You can procure them in China. Depending on your resources there are different models (with or without Wi-Fi or 3G modem).
  2. Software generating content to be then generated by screens. Ideally would be to construct a website where you could generate promotions and then you could upload it automatically to the device.
Product/service description

With this business you can go couple of ways:

  1. You can create big advertising platform with thousand of screens in multiple retail outlets. You can then sell advertisment on this platform to big companies who would like to promote their products.
  2. You can establish marketing research agency analyzing data and creating best in class promotions.
Development perspectives

This business concept is about providing retailers with LCD screen together with easy to use software to communicate promotions in their stores.

We do it because shoppers like good promotions and retailers are selling more during good promotions..

To put this technology into market you need both hardware and software.

You can also develop this business in many ways.

Wrap up

This quiz will check your knowledge about promotion screens.

Section 5 Knowledge check
4 questions
Idea nr 4: Escort
4 Lectures 06:44

Customer need in this business case is to have safe, flexible & convienient way to go to a party and back home not paying to much for it.

We target people who are willing to go with their cars to a party because for instance they live outside town.

Customer need

This business is very simple to operate - you in fact need a car, GPS device, mobile phone and two drivers.

Key in this business is to gain trust of your future clients so they would be willing to use your service. To do this you need to base it on high quality of service, fair price and good refferal system.

Product/service description

To develop this business you can expand service on resource base that you actually have so drivers and cars.

What you can do is offer airport shuttle transportation services or transporting someones car for long distances.

Development perspectives

Escort business is about driving back home drunk driver and his car.

Key in this business is quality and trust.

Remember also about fair pricing and insurance to be sure that you won't face any unpleasant consequences in case of accident.

Wrap up

This quiz will check your knowledge about idea regarding Car Eskort

Section 6 Knowledge check
4 questions
Idea nr 5: Life of the party
4 Lectures 08:05

Being attractive speaker bases on two skills:

  1. Ability to tell interesting stories in interesting way (storytelling skill)
  2. Having well-developed sense of humour.

A lot of people would like to be Life of the Party person so we have very wide customer base here.

Customer need

This business is about creating a platform for people to develop their storytelling skill and sense of humour. They can do it by mutual feedback, imitation and competing with each other.

Ideally we should build website connected with mobile application where people can publish and rate their stories.

After some time we can add sense of humour learning course there.

Very important is to build a community of good storytellers around your website in the beginning. You can make it by organizing contests for the best story of the month with attractive prizes.

Product/Service description

You service in the future can be a way to promote young comic and storytelling talents.

Start thinking about this type of partnerships quite soon - it can give you additional promotion for your website.

Development perspectives

Attractive speakers have two common traits - they have a sense of humour and they are good storytellers.

You can develop those traits from a scratch having the right tools.

There are many people who would like to be skillful in both mentioned above areas. Our task is to provide them with proper platform to do it.

As a tool we use website connected with mobile application both called Life of the party.

Wrap up

This quiz will check your knowledge regarding Life of the party application idea.

Section 7 Knowledge check
4 questions
Idea nr 6: Yoga bus
4 Lectures 10:03

Customer need:

Hard working white collar workers, especially big corporations employees need some time during their workday to reset their minds in calmful and friendly atmosphere.

Customer need

To run this business we need to deliver relaxation and yoga lesson services to dense business areas of big cities.

In order to do it we need a double decker bus without seats but with place to take a nap, meditate or have a joga class instead.

This business can run smoothly if we secure three areas of operations:

  1. Parking place in business parks
  2. Partnership with benefit system provider.
  3. PR buzz around our idea in press.
Procuct/service description

To expand you business you can either sell materials & equipment connected with yoga and relaxation techniques or think about different other skills that you could teach in this kind of mobile schools.

Development perspectives

This idea for business is about providing people from business areas of your town with convenient place to reset their minds during their workday..

To start this business you need a double-decker bus fitted to accomodate your yoga and relaxation class students.

You also need to focus on 3 main areas:

  1. Securing parking space
  2. Partnership with benefit system provider
  3. PR buzz around idea
Wrap up

This quiz will check your knowledge about Yoga bus idea.

Section 8 Knowledge check
3 questions
1 Lecture 01:15

Congratulations! You have completed 6 ideas for low cost business course.

If you liked the course please remember to share it with other people

I also strongly encourage you to join community for entrepreneurs from around the world at my website - takemyconcept.com.

Thank you very much then and goodbye! See you at my next course!

Wrap up, goodbye & good luck with your business!
About the Instructor
Michał Towalski
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3,430 Students
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Traveller & Coach, CEO at 10languages.com

A man of many interests still searching for golden business opportunities around the world.

For the last six years I've been working for international corporations like British American Tobacco and Beiersdorf - mainly on big brands marketing and trade marketing projects.

Althought it gave me huge amount of knowledge I've realized that my true destiny is being an entrepreneur and trainer.

Since 2009 I run my own company operating in coaching and conducting trainings area with over 800 hours of trainings conducted. I love to interact with people and share my knowledge on different topics.

In middle of 2015 I also launched 10languages dot com where we help exporters from all over the world to expand their businesses big time by adjusting and translating their websites.

I'm interested in how human needs, emotions and interactions are influencing running business and that is why you will find a lot of psychology & body language knowledge in my courses.

All the best,