Master Your Inner Peace – Remain Positive and Unaffected
4.0 (48 ratings)
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2,230 students enrolled
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Master Your Inner Peace – Remain Positive and Unaffected

Experience inner peace instantly. Take back control over your emotions. Tap into unshakable happiness and confidence.
4.0 (48 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,230 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create any mental state you desire
  • Master the art of remaining positive and at ease in all situations
  • Transform negative stress into something positive
  • Take back control over your emotions and remain unaffected by negativity
  • Stop letting thoughts and external factors dictate how you feel
  • Build a solid inner foundation for happiness and confidence
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  • Have an open mind and a desire to evolve.

Do you want to create lasting change in your life and lay a solid foundation for happiness?

Do you want to take back control over your emotions and state of being?

What would your life look like if you were able to let go of worries, fears and judgments?

Learn to remain peaceful and positive in all situations, benefitting every aspect of your life from relationships to health.


worth the time

finally no overlong flowery speaches and to the point. thank you!

- Maja Olexova

Practical and Concise

This course provides much needed reminders of truths you keep in the back of your mind, but that don't come into awareness on a daily basis. The exercises taught in the course foster awareness and improvement over time. Consider this course a concise wake-up call and solid foundation to start manifesting the existence you truly desire.

- Kyler Burke

Essential focus points

GHC’s course is brilliant because it contains the essential focus points needed to raise your vibration. [...] wonderfully compact, to get you started right away. For the beginner, or anyone who needs a reminder that it is our own responsibility to come back to peace, again and again. [...]

During the past weeks I have used the techniques, and it has propelled me deeper into my intuition and inner trust. So, thank you very much!

- Shiba bop

A no bullshit guide

Unlike most books and courses on this topic, this course get straight to the point. It is well documented with lots of actionable advice. One of the better guides I've encountered!

- Mathias Grønstad

Made my troubling time better

[...] I was being challanged professionally at work, and the difference between work and family became clouded. This course helped me exceed at both arenas and allowed me to separate business and family, without sacrificing either.[...] I would recommend this course to anyone that would like to boost their life at work and at play. I printed out the exercises and will be using them every week to continue keeping inner peace.

- Marty


This course is about taking back control of your state of being. It is designed to help you experience lasting changes right from the start by forming habits. Master your inner peace to remain at ease in all situations. You will lay a solid foundation for happiness and confidence.

The course is divided into actionable and effective steps to deepen your insights and create fundamental mental habits.

Each step in the course covers why that step is important, how it works and exactly what to do to implement it into your natural behavior.

After this course you will walk away with new perspectives and the tools to make inner peace, gratitude and happiness a natural part of the rest of your life.

Feb 19, 2016:

  • Added section "9 Life-Enhancing Truths to Unleash Your Potential"
  • Added section "BONUS: Articles"


Before you start:

  • Remember that there is a 30 day money back guarantee with not questions asked.
  • You get life time access to this course.
  • You get Instant access to any future updates.

Enroll now to create a lasting, positive change in your life.

PS: Introduce yourself and ask anything you want in the discussion area. I will answer all inquiries. This has tons of value in itself and is key to getting the most out of the course.


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is perfect for you if you want to experience inner peace.
  • This course is perfect for you if you want to master your state of being.
  • This course is best suited for those ready to stop taking cues from thoughts, fears and external factors.
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
5 Steps to Inner Peace
8 Lectures 34:56

This was the introduction to the original course. New sections have been added, making this the introduction to this section.

Preview 03:36

Here is a template for a gratitude journal I like to write. It is a bit more comprehensive than just a gratitude list and it only takes a couple of minutes each day to write down some sentences on each point. You can use it as it is and simply copy the page for every new day, or you can use it as inspiration to make your own.

Gratitude - the 1st Step to Inner Peace

Anything you desire is always and already here, so relax, breathe and just be. Learn different approaches to reap the science-backed benefits of meditation.

Relax Your Seeking - the 2nd Step to Inner Peace

Learn techniques to eliminate the impact negative thoughts and emotions.

Neutralize Negativity - the 3rd Step to Inner Peace

The PDF with the rest of the visualizations is included in the last section where you can download it.
Train your imagination, see how "mind over matter" is a fact and learn to create any mental state you desire. Visualization will also empower you through the law of attraction.

Visualization - the 4th Step to Inner Peace

There are two types of stress. One of them is bad for you, and the other will boost your longevity and well-being. Learn the difference and how to transform unhealthy stress to healthy stress.
Transforming Distress to Eustress - the 5th Step to Inner Peace

This was the end of the original course. New sections have been added, making this the end of this section, not the end of the course. Check out the downloadable materials in this lecture.

End of Section

Here are all the exercises so you can easily revisit them without watching the videos.

PDF of exercises
9 Life-Enhancing Truths to Unleash Your Potential
10 Lectures 16:37

Take action. Inspiration without action is worthless. Act on what you learn in this course.

Preview 01:55

Shift into an abundance mindset, change your reality and attract better things. This mindset is an important principle for manifesting through the law of attraction.

2 - Have an Abundance Mindset

Try these tips and mindsets to let go of illusions of scarcity and shift into abundance.

Extra: Methods for Shifting into Abundance

Accept what is. It is already accepted by existence itself, proven by its existence. Open up to life and love.

3 - Accept and Let Go

Set goals to think about what you want in life, visualize it and obtain it. Get the ball rolling by stating clearly what it is you want.

4 - Strive to Get Better – Set Goals

Take breaks to make your lifestyle sustainable.

5 - Take Breaks

Boost your mental and physical health by having hobbies.

6 - Have a Hobby

Relationships are essential to live a life filled with happiness and inner peace.

7 - Nurture Friendships

Learn to be happy for others and you will open up to abundance and love.

8 - Be Happy for Others

Enjoy the ups and downs of life. Gain perspective. Laugh at life and laugh at yourself.

Preview 01:31
BONUS: Articles
2 Lectures 30:21

A lot of people want change in their lives, or even to change the world. We place the responsibility of how things are on governments, destiny, luck, other people, society, our looks and our genes. Everything is interconnected, so it is possible to take full responsibility for everything that happens to you – preferably without blaming yourself, but with love, acceptance and forgiveness. This is still radical news for the majority of people, but the shift is here so watch this for more clarity.

Preview 17:30

We all know the experience of being told about Enlightenment and Awareness, and then trying to find it. Awareness is not something you can find or lose. You have always been and will always be aware and, in a sense, enlightened. Notice that something is reading this text right now. That is awareness.

Preview 12:51
About the Instructor
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Spiritual and personal development teachers.

We want to inspire people to evolve and create their reality in harmony with all that is. Global Harmony is bliss, joy, creation, empowerment, you, oneness, unity. Global Harmony is where you create your state of being, and thus your world, in alignment with your truest desires. We provide you with our knowledge and realizations that we have acquired from our own seeking, thus giving you the essentials – a shortcut on your path to end seeking altogether. When neagtive seeking ends, joy and desire are your guides.

We are avid learners with several degrees in natural sciences at both Master and Bachelor level between us. We have been on a spiritual quest for many years. Seeing the big picture and how everything interconnects is a passion of ours – merging science, spirituality, philosophy and the essence of religions into our own view of life.

It is time for Love and Unity.

Vegard Havre Paulsen
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M. Sc. Physics, life-long learner

My passion is to change the world. I want to live my life as an example of empowered living. Everything is possible.

I have a long academic background with a B. Sc. in petroleum and process engineering, a M. Sc. in Reservoir Physics, and several extra courses in physics, biology, environmental chemistry, the science of sustainable living, human's origin, and psychology. 

I love to read, and I'm always improving myself on several areas. My knowledge of self is deepened through meditation and contemplation.

Semi-vegan; ENFP; realization-pointer; manifestation guide; lover of nature; knows a lot about exercise, posture, diet, balance.

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I started my academic life at university with petroleum technology. This quickly turned into a combined physics and petroleum technology bachelors degree, as I developed a passion for physics. Then, I got my master's degree in nuclear physics. I've continued taking courses at university after this - mainly in economics - although I never go to lectures. I suspect I will continue taking courses for many years to come. 

I worked for a year as a substitute teacher, while studying at university and pursuing my own projects.I also taught in several different physics courses at University as a scientific assistant.

Currently I am pursuing a Ph.D. in physics didactics (how to learn/teach).

I've been passionate about learning new things for the past 8 or 9 years. There are always some books nearby and most of my time spent on Internet is spent gathering knowledge. When I start anything, I always want to master it. This has fueled my interest in how we learn and, especially, how we learn fast.

One of my biggest strengths lies in finding the underlying principles and seeing connections between things. My curiosity is always driving me deeper and deeper into the subjects I find fascinating.

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is ENFJ