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Business Resurrection 5 Steps from Survival to Thriving

5 Mini Course
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Created by Millie Swann
Last updated 5/2016
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What Will I Learn?
Get one-on-one support and accountability. This is not me looking at your business from afar, it is me delving in deep as if it were my own business.
Learn tools and techniques that simplify and improve the state of your business. Quick trying different approaches and exhausting yourself, get the right information without wasting your time and energy.
Create an actionable plan to achieve positive change straight away. Don’t just walk away with a head full of ideas and advice you will forget, instead have a plan you can follow straight away.
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  • Find out why, even though you are working hard, your business is just not thriving.
  • Identify of what is holding you back, even though you have a superior product.

You don’t have time for overcomplicated things. You have to be able to do it quickly and EASILY. That’s what these tools are all about. They help you GET your business really going quickly, so you can just do the things that you really LOVE to do.

These videos and tools allow you to start to address the concerns in your business and how to start to TURN it around. It’s really essential that you can understand that it’s really not your fault, and that these things just happen.

Let me REALLY help you move forward to a place where you’re thriving and enjoying your business again.

Who is the target audience?
  • You have a business that already turns over 400k and want to turn things around to dominate your market.
  • You are ready to be one of the five exclusive clients I mentor at any one time.
  • You are committed to take your business to an 8+ figure turnover.
  • You are willing to do what it takes - including hard work and financial commitments.
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Curriculum For This Course
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Welcome to my 5 Step Guide For Taking Your Business From Stagnation To Thriving
1 Lecture 01:51

You don’t have time for overcomplicated things. You have to be able to do it quickly and EASILY. That’s what these tools are all about. They help you GET your business really going quickly, so you can just do the things that you really LOVE to do.
These videos and tools allow you to start to address the concerns in your business and how to start to TURN it around. It’s really essential that you can understand that it’s really not your fault, and that these things just happen.
Let me REALLY help you move forward to a place where you’re thriving and enjoying your business again.

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5 mini-courses
5 Lectures 01:12:35

You don’t have time for overcomplicated things. You have to be able to do it quickly and easily. That’s what these tools are all about. They’re about helping you get your business really going quickly, so you can just do the things that you really love to do.



It’s a really powerful tool a lot of my clients and I use to get massive OUTCOMES. It’s taken them from overwhelm, from struggling in their business to a whole new level. You’re actually able to pinpoint and target what your BIGGEST issue is immediately. From there you can start to create a plan about how to move forward quickly.

It’s an “everything” tool. It’s a problem solving tool, it’s a client analysis tool, it’s part of client conversion strategy and everyone needs more clients. NOT necessarily more marketing; more clients who pay the bills. It’s a getting what you WANT tool; it’s a getting what you NEED tool. It’s the most POWERFUL thing that I’ve been using for 25 years. And what I want you to do is to START immediately.


These are the core questions you must find the answers to.

  • What
  • Where
  • Who
  • Why
  • When
  • How


You’ll see really quickly how this is a massive game changer for you.


Use just one or two sentences, as simply as you can, identifying and filling out each of these questions. The trick is where there’s a gap, you’ll often find this is where there is something that we really need to understand a little bit more deeply. There’s massive simplicity in this; DON’T overthink it. Don’t even spend too much time answering the questions. Just allow the very first thing to come up and TRUST that. NOT every question has the same weight.

When you use this tool and start with the OUTCOME in mind, what you get is massive CLARITY, some of the problems that you actually think are the problems are not really the issue at all.

The real value is you can keep going back through the questions on the one issue until you’re really CLEAR about what that means for you.

Take that plan and go away and IMPLEMENT just those things. It takes you out of the picture, and it gives you something to just MOVE forward with STRAIGHT away.

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When you’ve lost connection with your own business, you’ve also lost touch with yourself. And how do we reconnect you back to really what makes you happy in your business?


It’s a really powerful tool. I’ve seen it transform not only my own business many years ago but that of the people I worked with. This tool is the KEY to creating great relationships within business, and great relationships in your personal life.


It’s how you can MOTIVATE and CONNECT back with yourself on what you really LOVE and how you can connect to motivate others to assist you in your business. This tool starts with your OWN understanding about yourself.


When you understand who YOU are, when you know exactly WHAT you need, then from this place, you can quickly and almost immediately understand what other people’s style is and what motivates them. It’s such a simple thing. It comes from the understanding that everybody needs to be loved; everybody needs to be accepted, and this is really what drives their BEHAVIOUR.


People are either certain or they’re significant. When you’re certain, you talk a lot about time and money. When you’re significant, you talk a lot about perceptions, success and where you’re at.


In the five key love languages from Chapman, I find in business, there are the three KEY ones:

  • Acts of service.
  • Quality time.
  • Words of affirmation, or words of confirmation.


There are other ones as well; gifts and touch, but these top three – they’re the KEY things in business. WHEN you can really quickly pick what they are, then you can get fantastic OUTCOMES of motivating what you want from people and also motivating yourself while asking for what you need.


It brings in more money; it takes all the pressure off people. Staff and business owners really start to get along and TEAMS start to come TOGETHER.


This works at ALL levels of business.


You can also use it with your family. Maybe you’ve always wondered why you never got along with your sister, or never got along with your brother; something isn’t quite RIGHT. Use this tool to go a bit deeper.


I’m so happy I’m able to teach this to people. I’ve been using it for 25 years. Hundreds of other people I’ve taught it to are using it, and it’s so profound.

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You can choose to work with the best in every part of your life, your clients, your suppliers, and even in your personal life as well. So how do you work with the best?





I see people keep getting STUCK in the same cycles of attracting the WRONG people into their lives; the wrong clients, the wrong suppliers, and just the wrong people who are influencing them as well… Their major, major, major energy drain is these people, particularly clients who you know everything seems to go wrong with them ALL the time.


Often we attract things that we really don’t need and this comes from not really understanding that you must START with your outcome in mind. It switches things around IMMEDIATELY.


It’s how you can magically speed up the process of growing a business. It just happens so quickly; I can’t emphasise this more as one of the key parts of my five step foundation process for business resurrection.


We used The Rule of W earlier, and it’s a great questioning tool. It’s something that you should fall back to all the time. It’s a great one for this Anti-Client process.


I want you to write down every single thing that drives you mad or totally nuts about clients that you have, about people, set one for clients, one for your suppliers, and one for people in your personal life.


It takes just a little bit of time, and it’s great to keep that piece of paper going for a day or so, every time something new comes into your head, add to that list. They may be late for meetings; they don’t keep their agreements about things. ALL sorts of things, big things and little things, make sure that you WRITE it on the list. It clears off all the exhausting, draining energy that you feel about this client, about all the people that are involved in the process.


Instead of just genuinely complaining out loud about somebody, you really get CLEAR about what it is that drives you mad. You can then start to see people like them and other people who may have similar traits. And when they are coming towards you, from this place, you’ll be able to consciously choose, not to actually either engage with them or to work with them.


You then go on and can write a clear list about what you really do want using The Rule of W allows you to do this.


This process for my clients really works, and I want this for you too. These are tools that I’ve used in my own businesses and within so many other businesses I’ve consulted to in the past 25 years.


It’s incredibly powerful. It really does transform EVERYTHING; it is one of the key five steps. When we UNDERSTAND this process, then we can really move into GREAT client conversion. Because easy clients, fantastic clients, they come to you effortlessly, especially when you know who you DON’T want to work with.

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Everyone knows the principle but how do you really do it? How do you really make it happen for you?

80/20 RULE


One of the challenges that people have is they OVERCOMPLICATE things. They get to this ridiculous stage of thinking these things that they SHOULD be doing because that’s what the PERCEPTION is; everyone SEEMS to be doing it. They FORGET to come back to the simple things that really work. And so you tend to focus on other things that are really not as productive, not as important.


But how do you really do what’s RIGHT just for YOU?


It’s pretty easy when you understand a few simple principles and how we go through this process. My mini course has 5 key foundational tools for business resurrection, to make it really SIMPLE for your business to really move forward.


One of the most important things about the 80-20 rule is that it’s a representation of the NATURAL CYCLES of business. When you move away from natural cycles, and start getting distracted by things that you THINK are working, the reality is that you need to come back to what REALLY is working.


When you use the 80-20 rule, you start to FOCUS on things that really become EASY for you, and that’s why this principle really works. I also like to think about it as 1 in 5. What are the 5 things you could be doing and what’s the ONE thing that really works for you? If you just take that ONE thing and keep repeating THAT process, then the other things really become less important.


How can you spend 20% of your time for an 80% outcome?


Take one quick and simple example of networking – if you’re going to lots of networking events ask yourself “why am I here and what’s my purpose?”. If you understand that it’s to meet with like mind colleagues, that’s a REALLY different purpose than if you’re going to look for potential clients.


If you’re going to look for potential clients, you need to ask yourself, are my clients really HERE? Is this MY client base or is this more of a SOCIAL activity for me to just recharge and connect with people?


Understanding exactly WHAT your purpose is right from the start helps you to identify why you’re there. If your intention is to get clients, well, are you at the RIGHT event? Are you mixing where your clients are? If you are not walking away from this with AT LEAST three or four contacts that you can follow up later, maybe it isn’t the right place for you.


How do you really make it happen? You combine The Rule of W and the questioning tool that we’ve talked about previously with the things that work for you, and just keep doing the things that WORK and are easy FOR YOU, just do MORE of that.


It seems really simple, doesn’t it? But we don’t really take the TIME, just a few minutes to really understand what that is.

Preview 16:00

How do you get anything you want? How do you maintain being a HEART BASED LEADER so that your business and your life can keep ALIGNED to who you TRULY are? And how can you keep going when you’re starting to CHANGE and the business is changing around you? How do YOU get what you REALLY want?


Well this has been the experience of one of my clients. He was just in the office this morning and realises his own business is changing so fast, so there’re quite a few cultural issues that are coming up for him because of the growth. Some things are needing to leave and some things are needing to be stepped up a bit because his results are a bit all over the place at the moment. But very quickly using these tools, we’ve been able to IDENTIFY what’s going on, work out where the next STEPS are for him, and then ALLOW him to move forward towards his longer term goals, which almost seems so EASY for him now.


So when you use the tools and you start to make the progress, these are the things that come up. How do you be this heart based leader? How do you maintain the momentum? USE ALL of these 4 tools in a holistic way and KEEP DOING THEM. That’s the 5 foundational steps – KEEP DOING what WORKS and do it some more and STOP doing what doesn’t work!


It’s so easy really, and I’m so happy to be able to teach you how to do this. I just want this skills and tools to be out available to the wider world.


Business can be AWESOME, it can be fun and it reflects in every part of your life when you have GREAT control over how your business and your life is.


So now we’ve completed the 5 key foundational tools in getting your business REALLY going, take what I’ve given you and actually APPLY it and experience the SUCCESS that not only I have for myself but also for my clients and those that are around them.

Want more? Download my free eBook here that is FULL of loads of free EXTRA online resources that will help you UNDERSTAND what’s really going on and what’s holding you back from SUCCESS.


These include links to my free video training courses and resources that will get you back on track in just a few minutes every day that are currently only available to my PRIVATE One-to-One clients.

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Executive Business Change Strategist, Yoga Meditation Master

Do the same old old cycles of financial and relationship problems keep affecting your business and personal life? Do things keep getting worse, more complex and messier? Do you build, plateau and then burn and crash in repeated cycles? Are you constantly feeling pressured and making reactive decisions which are getting you in more of a mess with clients and staff? Do you feel like you’re drowning in drama and disaster?

Do you feel like you have no control over what’s going on around you? You’re constantly oversensitive to both big and small issues. Are problems with money and relationships getting out of hand?

I know how this feels and it doesn’t have to be this way. Money can flow towards you and relationships can be more fulfilling and effortlessly.

I’m Millie Swann – Executive Business Change Strategist & Heart Based Leadership Mentor to CEOs, Executive Decision Makers and people who are specialists at what they do in business.

For more than 25 years I have been working with this approach to leadership and change work for success and as an Executive Business Change Strategist and Success Mentor I am in a position to share my knowledge, insight and skills with you.

My intention and commitment is to support people just like you – business owners who have the ability to influence and or change the lives of many people.

I’ll help you align with your truest authentic self so you can finally achieve personal wellbeing, connected relationships and money and business results that exceeds your greatest expectations.

If you’re truly stuck, over where you’re currently at and you’re a KEY decision maker & INFLUENCER in your field (or you want to become one), please contact me directly if you want everlasting change in your business and life. Email me at to discuss how we can support you.

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