360 Video Production Masterclass: 360 Video Made Easy!
4.4 (8 ratings)
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1,667 students enrolled
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360 Video Production Masterclass: 360 Video Made Easy!

Shoot, Process, & Produce Pro 360 Video & Take Your Filmmaking, Cinematography & Video Production into the future.
4.4 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,667 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • How 360° video works
  • Setting up your 360° camera rig
  • Importing 360° video footage
  • Stitching 360° video in post
  • Assembling 360° video on the timeline
  • Exporting and finishing 360° video
  • Learn everything you need in one place - concise, efficient, & no fluff
  • Learn at your own pace
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  • This course takes you through the entire process of creating 360° video
  • Basic understanding of computers and cameras

Do  you want to learn how to shoot, edit and deliver 360 video? Do you want to jump into an exploding industry within the film business? Want to learn how to become a specialist in 360 video? Then this course is for you. 

Whether you want to start your own business creating this kind of content for clients, or if you just want to add this skill to your freelance or business arsenal – this course will bring you up to speed.

360° video is the next step in professional video production. Thanks to Facebook, YouTube, & Samsung adopting standards, 360 video technology has become cheap and good enough that both professionals videographers and hobbyists alike can now produce incredibly immersive 360° video content. 

However, it's one thing to shoot a live and raw 360 video and share it on Facebook, but it takes a whole another level of skills to professionally produce and deliver high-end 360 video content. 

In this course we explain:

  • Cinematography for 360 Video
  • The "todo's" and the "todon'ts" of 360 Video
  • How to Use Adobe Premiere when editing 360 video
  • In-depth workflows to get you from shooting to finished project 
  • Stitching

360 Video Specialist Josh Gibson helps you assemble and edit a final, and deliver 360° video content using Adobe Premiere, a GoPro 360 Rig, and Color Autopano Video but once you have mastered the basics, you can apply the lessons to your own preferred tools and workflows.

We're passionate about immersive media, and we want to help you learn how to create stunning 360 video content. Let's get started. See you on the inside. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to shoot, produce, edit and deliver 360 video
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Curriculum For This Course
52 Lectures
5 Lectures 07:38

Understand what this course is all about.

Preview 00:23

There are plenty of places to learn what you will learn in this course, but here, you'll find everything you need in one place.

Preview 03:42

Understand the basics of 360º video and what it means.

What is 360º Video?

Understand the basics of 360º video terminology.


Understand that there is more to making great 360º and immersive content than just knowing the technology and which buttons to push.

Preview 01:23

Test your knowledge of the basics of 360º video.

Introduction Quiz
5 questions
Planning & Capturing Your Vision
7 Lectures 22:44

Have a better idea of what sorts of things you'll need to prepare for before shooting your 360º video.

Preview 03:58

This list will show you some of the major things you'll want to consider before shooting 360º video.

Planning & Logistics

A handy checklist that you can start with to assure you're prepared for your shoot.

Pre-Shoot Equipment Checklist

The most common GoPro setup you'll generally use when shooting with a GoPro rig.

GoPro Setup

The ins and outs of 360º video cinematography – things you'll want to avoid, and things you'll want to remember when shooting.

360 Video Cinematography

Todos and To-don'ts of 360º video cinematography, written out in paragraph form.

Capturing Your Vision

360º video is obviously different from two-dimensional video – how can you take on these changes as a filmmaker?

Embracing the Loss of Control

Pre-production Quiz
1 question
Preparing for Editing
3 Lectures 36:29

Some tips and tricks on staying organized and efficient when working with 360º video media.

Preview 07:40

Understanding the best practices for importing and organizing your media files.

Importing and Organizing Media

How to sync each video source (each GoPro clip) as accurately as possible to avoid stitching issues later on.

Syncing Cameras
Autopano Video Pro
5 Lectures 38:28

Gain a full understanding of Kolor's Autopano Video Pro and its user interface. 

Autopano Video Pro Overview

Stitching 101 – the basics to one of the biggest steps in the 360º video process.

Stitching Basics

The value of "prelim stitches" and why they're important and how they help you stay efficient in your overall workflow.

"Prelim Stitches"

Feel confident in getting your stitched shots out of Autopano Video Pro and into the next phase of editing. 

Exporting from Autopano Video Pro

Dive deeper into the options you have when exporting your stitched clips from Autopano Video Pro. 

Output Options
3 Lectures 23:41

Gain a full understanding of Adobe's Premiere CC, its user interface, and overall best practices for editing 360° video.

Adobe Premiere Overview

Understand how to best set up your sequences inside Premiere for editing 360° video. 

Importing, Organizing, and Setting up Sequences

Wrap your head around the differences in style and creativity when editing 360° video vs. two-dimensional video. 

Editing 360º Video

Understand the best workflow for editing 360º as efficiently as possible.

Editing Workflow
2 questions
Perfecting the Stitch
8 Lectures 58:58

Know when you should use adaptive stitching, and what kinds of stitching scenarios are best for this method. 

Adaptive Stitching

Know when you should use range stitching, and what kinds of stitching scenarios are best for this method. 

Range Stitching

Fully understand the RMS curve and how it can help you be more efficient with your stitching workflow. 

RMS Curve

Understand when masking in Autopano Giga is necessary, and how it can help make perfecting the stitch easier. 

Masking in Autopano Giga

Occasionally you'll have a scenario where you might want to animate masks in Autopano Giga, this is how it's done. 

Animating Masks in Autopano Giga

Understand when blend modes are useful from Autopano Video Pro, and how to best use them in your project. 

Blend Modes and Masking in After Effects

Understand how Photoshop can play a role in fixing your stitches. 

Fixing Stitch Problems in Photoshop

Blend modes in Autopano Video Pro can give some flexibility when fine tuning your stitch – understand how and when to use those in your workflow. 

Blend Modes in Autopano Video Pro
2 Lectures 29:31

Autopano Video Pro has some useful stabilization options built-in. Here's how they work. 

Basic Stabilization in Autopano Video Pro

There are plugins and other software that perform automatic stabilization, but in this lesson I explain how to do a completely manual stabilization for those extra shaky clips. 

Advanced Stabilization in After Effects and Mocha Pro
Removing Tripods, Rigs, and Camera Operators
4 Lectures 46:29

Learn how to remove tripods, camera operators, and other objects from the bottom of the 360° view when the shot is mostly stationary. 

Basic Remove with After Effects, Photoshop, and mocha Pro

Learn how to remove tripods, camera operators, and other objects from the bottom of the 360° view when the shot is handheld or moving slightly. 

Basic Remove with mocha Pro and After Effects

Learn how to remove tripods, camera operators, and other objects from the bottom of the 360° view when the shot is completely stationary. 

Basic Remove on Locked-Down Shots with Photoshop and After Effects

Learn the most advanced method for removing tripods, camera operators, and other objects from the bottom of the 360° view when the shot is moving. 

Advanced Remove on Moving Shots with mocha Pro and After Effects
Graphics, Effects, and Advanced Polishing
7 Lectures 01:00:52

Learn how to export all your distorted clips from Autopano Video Pro for further advanced editing and adjusting in a compositing app like After Effects. 

Individual Camera Batch Export for Advanced Repair

Understand how to add graphics, logos, or any other 2D element to a static 360° video shot. 

Adding Graphics to Locked-Down Shots

Understand how to add graphics, logos, or any other 2D element to a moving 360° video shot. 

Adding Graphics to Moving Shots

Understand how effects, filters, etc. that usually are applied to 2D video, work with 360° video. 

Effect Overview

Learn how color correction and grading can be utilized for 360° video. Also, learn how to utilize the full dynamic range of the cameras you're filming with. 

Utilizing Full Dynamic Range of Your Cameras

Learn a few more things to be aware of when it comes to color correction with 360° video. 

Color Correction and Grading Issues to be Aware Of

Recap on the flexibility of exporting multiple versions of the same clip. 

Exporting Multiple Versions from Autopano Video Pro
Export, Delivery, and Sharing
5 Lectures 23:46

Learn a good workflow for replacing your prelim stitches with your final renders.

Replacing Prelim Stitches with Final Renders

Understand the best options you have when exporting from Premiere. What settings and formats to choose, etc.

Exporting from Adobe Premiere

Understand the steps to follow to assure you deliver a flawless product to your client.

Quality Control and Feedback

Learn what director's cuts are and how they can be useful for branding and marketing your 360º video content.

Director's Cuts

Know the ins and outs of distributing your 360º content, so you can know the best practices for yourself, and for consulting your clients.

2 More Sections
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Josh Gibson
4.4 Average rating
8 Reviews
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360° Video & Immersive Media Creator

Josh is a passionate filmmaker with a decade of experience and a love for technology. He's a 360° video director has produced projects globally. Josh's background is in documentary filmmaking and has travelled all over the world helping to tell stories about extraordinary people and organizations. Josh believes that immersive media is a huge part of the future of storytelling, and loves teaching and sharing his knowledge of how to most effectively utilize 360° video in the filmmaking and storytelling industry.

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