Become an Expert Recruiter and Top Biller - 360° Essentials
4.4 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
685 students enrolled
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Become an Expert Recruiter and Top Biller - 360° Essentials

Apply key principles of the recruitment cycle, enabling you to generate business, secure deals and become a top biller!
4.4 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
685 students enrolled
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Last updated 2/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand and be able to apply the core principles of the full recruitment life cycle, from initial lead generation to closing multiple, successive deals
  • Construct a detailed analysis of the Consultant’s market and Client’s needs to build candidate and client control
  • Locate and source high quality, passive candidates, who are difficult to find
  • Build and foster trust, authenticity and control with your clients and candidates
  • Manage the entire 360° process as an individual, team member or leader, generating greater revenue and building your profile and brand for the future
  • Prepare your working environment and scheduling to allow full development of the techniques expected of modern recruitment professionals
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  • Students will need to download documents and diagrams in PDF format
  • Be prepared to think constructively around new ideas and concepts which are practical in nature
  • Prepare to reflect and review content to adapt for your needs
  • Use templates to construct powerful forms, scripts and conversation pieces for your role as a recruiter
  • Students will need to complete a series of progressive lectures

Learn the concepts of the full 360 recruitment cycle, picking up skills, tips, tricks and hints, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge, to allow you to develop a successful career as a top biller. Become a revenue generating superstar!

Build your portfolio as a super biller by following the simple steps in this course to enhance your understanding of recruitment, whatever level of ability you currently possess.

  • Generate leads and new business
  • Taking a job specification
  • Use assertive sales techniques
  • Become effective at closing
  • Maximise revenue through continued business development
  • Perform in depth, control based candidate qualification
  • Build strong questioning and listening skills
  • Understand continual pipeline building

Powerful ideas you can apply today to build your brand and monetize your skills

Recruiting is big business, but with changing job markets, increasingly competitive resourcing capability, and higher candidate awareness, you need to develop the skills that will set you apart from the rest as one of the best. Pick up essential ideas around how to become a top biller, building ideas to develop a consistent business model and maintain healthy relationships.

You don’t want to be a flashy salesman; use this course to develop subtle ideas around how best to enhance your skillset without damaging your reputation. Earn respect, trust, and build authenticity to get the best results for you, your candidates, and your clients.

If you are looking to get a start in a career in recruitment, have hit some stumbling blocks, or want ideas on how to adequately build your profile, this course is for you.

Content and Overview

You will look at the entire scope of the 360° recruitment cycle, using the key principles of this process and the sales environment to develop an understanding and appreciation of the whole process to build your own brand and business.

We start off looking into simple, but effective, ideas around generating leads and winning new business, as well as how to properly take a job specification, not just a few lines jotted down we forget about. You will understand how to effectively prioritize the roles you have on offer, avoiding wasting time on opportunities that have limited success ratios, whilst building those where we can get the biggest wins.

You will spend time looking at relationship building and candidate control, using thorough qualification methods to ensure we are working with the highest calibre individuals. As we develop, you will learn how to sell roles to candidates, candidates to clients, and sell yourself as a trusted partner.

An insight into the ideas around fact finding and analysing needs combined with selling back to these will arm you with the tools you need to produce useful, powerful, targeted pitches. Management also plays a critical role for any recruiter; managing the interview process and the people involved, steering your relationships the way you want them to develop.

We will end by showing you how to effectively close throughout the entire cycle, ensuring you never have issues around turn-downs and people accepting counteroffers. Dealing with objections helps you close, and we’ll show you a simple, yet highly effective objection handling model, ensuring you develop the best ability to close, and giving you the highest conversion rate.

Who is the target audience?
  • Recruitment Consultants of all levels
  • All staff working on the resourcing and recruiting of candidates
  • In house talent acquisition staff aiming to secure a better calibre of candidates for their internal requirements
  • Agency recruiters looking to advance their skills and work towards a more profitable desk
  • Aspiring recruiters and consultants who are looking to get ahead of their peers in the local market
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Curriculum For This Course
21 Lectures
Course Introduction
2 Lectures 05:51

A brief introduction looking at what the lectures entail and how the course is structured, what our Learning Objectives are, and setting some expectations for students.

Preview 05:51

A diagram of the full recruitment cycle. This resource is a fundamental part of the course as it outlines, in a clear manner, the various segments and how these form a bigger picture.

This is a continuous process, hence it being 360°; there is not always a finite start and end point.

The 360° Cycle
1 page
Generating the Role
6 Lectures 01:02:11

Developing new roles is critical for business success and forms part of our continual process. In this lecture you will look at:

  • How we get leads
  • Where we get leads
  • Information we must qualify
  • Building rapport before building business
  • Sample script for lead generation
  • Useful questions you could ask
Lead Generation

More often than not this element of the cycle is largely brushed over, but a job done well here can save valuable time and resource later in the process. This lecture looks at the fundamental elements we need to ascertain as part of our role profiling, and the structure of how we would do so.

Also included are a sample specification form and an additional resource providing some ideas and pointers to ensure this process runs smoothly.

Taking a Job Specification (part 1)

The second half of this topic drills into more detail on some of the specifics which are essential for us, as a recruiter, including:

  • Fees and rebates
  • Fill-ability factors, such as how sellable the company is
  • Expectation setting
  • Process, commitment and urgency
Taking a Job Specification (part 2)

In this section you will make a critical distinction between two similar, yet fundamentally different ideas; Needs and Wants. You will learn how to distinguish, locate, and act upon Needs, basing these on SMART objectives to specify real aims we can act upon.

Fact Finding Needs Analysis

Your job as a recruiter is not to talk, but to listen, and then to understand. Asking proper questions is key to this process. We will go through a series of questions types, with examples, to allow you to develop an understanding of how effective each can be. These include:

  • Open questions
  • Closed questions
  • Assumptive questions
  • Leading questions
  • Alternative questions
  • Tag questions
  • Power statements
Preview 08:38

Too many roles to work? Not sure which ones have the highest chance of success?

In this section you will learn a method for scoring and ranking all your roles, using the 6 Points of a Vacancy system to see where you should focus your efforts. We explain the system, how the points are devised, and how you ascribe these points to variodu areas, making it easy for everyone to get a clear picture of where to focus their efforts.

Prioritizing the Role
The Perfect Candidate
6 Lectures 50:48

This lecture introduces you to the idea of how to adequately resource for a role, and also to consider the essential idea of building a pipeline of passive candidates who you can call upon when the right role opens for them.

You will look at the various options available to source high quality candidates, as well as how we can wrk alongisde our clients to be ready when they have capacity to hire.


With any job advert we aim to get somebody to reply; how can we structure ours so that this is the case?

This lecture covers the idea behind job adverts and how you can write that attracts high quality individuals who are already interested in your positions. We will look at the types of information we want to include, and will focus on:

  • Company
  • Team
  • Role

to give us the best chance to find suitable candidates. You will get an idea of using buzzwords and key phrases approriately as well as timing of when to post your adverts.

Writing a Job Advert

In this essential lecture, we break down the area of candidate qualification into bite-size chunks which you can easily absorb. This is technical area but one that yields enormous benefit when done correctly. You will cover:

  • Objectives
  • What do clients look for?
  • Never assume!
  • How to look at a CV
  • Screening Calls
  • Call structure
  • How to sell
  • Summarise
  • ABC Candidates

Putting these sections together allows us to do a thorough screening and then eveluation, building control and ensuring we know who are highest grade canidates are at any given time.

Candidate Qualification

As a recruiter you will look at many CV's, and so will your clients. Learn how to make yours stand out!

As well as fonts and formatting, we will assess structure and content, length, key information and areas we may want to remove to make your CV's suitable for the role they are being put forward for. This is often the first chance you get to sell your candidate; here you will learn to sell them even without saying anything.

What makes a good CV?

By building Trust and Authenticity throughout the process, you will learn how to control your candidates to get favourable results time and again.

Key areas you will cover include:

  • Explain you function
  • Manage expectation
  • Set ground rules
  • Understand motivation
  • Assess counteroffer risk
  • Limit turn downs

These combine to give you, as a recruiter, control over your candidates clients, and processes, enabling you, in turn, to steer your business and build revenue. Tthis lecture continues to build on earlier themes, fitting pieces of the process together as you continue to develop.

Candidate Control

Selling is fundamental skill for any recruiter and here you will develop the ability to do it in a non confrontational, positive manner. You will start by looking at what we mean by selling and how we go about this process, as well as what makes good, or bad, salespeople.

You will move on to a little known, yet incredibly powerful sales technique - FAB:

  • Feature
  • Advantage
  • Benefit

By mastering this you will be able to become an effective, strong, trusted sales person.

The Art of Selling
The Interview Process
4 Lectures 21:39

In this lecture you will cover the key elements of setting up, and confirming, interviews, on both sides of the recruitment coin. using some basic questions, you will get an analysis of how we can make sure this process is managed, and operates, as smoothly as possible, dealing with both your candidate and client to ensure you recieve a desirable outcome.

Interview Confirmations

Here we look at how to prepare people for an interview; and by people, we mean both candidates and clients.

Many recruiters overlook this aspect of the cycle, but is essential and greatly improves your chance of placement. Here you will also look at how to re-qualify and re-sell both parties, continue building control, and crucially continue to mange expectations.

Understanding the theory and practice behind this lecture will allow you to run effective processes, and has an immensively positive impact on your experience as a recruiter.

Interview Preparation

Crucial to any process is the candidate and client debrief. But who does what first?

You will understand how and why we take our candidate feedback first, including some language you can use to really get an idea of what happened in the interview. You follow on to speak with your client, all the while using your candidate feedback to sell to the clients needs.

This matching process is explained in this lecture, giving you an insight into the need for consistency and control to build, and manage, your relationships.


Recruiting is not just about making sales and closing deals, but about building a brand, platform, and business. This lecture looks at some key ideas and principles around building a sustainable pipeline of business, allowing all of your needs to be met, whilst your business grows.

Failing to pay attention to this element of the cycle is major issue for many recruiters. You will elarn some stratagies for keeping this at the front of your mind, keeping the importance of building a pipeline high for you and your staff.

The importance of Pipeline Building
2 Lectures 16:16

For any of you, this will be the most fun part!

Closing is critical to our entire process, but it doesn't start and end with one conversation. It carries on throughout all of our conversations.

You will look at strategies around pre-closing, getting yourself into a position where the deal is guaranteed log before you have given the final offer. The lecture covers the areas you want to use to close someone, and those things you want to avoid. For example, do not let the decision be made on base salary!

Always be Closing!

You will encounter objections as a recruiter, of that there is no doubt. But careful handling of these situations is a strength for you, demonstrating empathy and understanding, and forging stronger relationship and better rapport between you and your candidates and clients.

Using the APAC model, and some other useful typologies, we will see how we can effectively deal with objections to make them a selling point for our busienss.

  • Acknowledge
  • Probe
  • Answer
  • Close
Preview 07:07
1 Lecture 03:54

In our conclusion we will cover some final thoughts for you to take away and consider as you embark on your career as a super biller! It is important to remember a number of things, but critical are these; Apply, Reflect, Adapt.

The world we lie and work in changes immeasurably every day, and so must you as a recruiter. Take the knowledge learnt, apply it, reflect on the successes, work on the weaknesses, and come back in a new form to be even better than you are now.

Final Thoughts
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