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30 Days to a Healthy Heart & Lower Blood Pressure

Americas Belly Fat Fighter helps you shed pounds, lose belly fat, lower blood pressure, & lower cholesterol in 30 days
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Last updated 4/2015
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What Will I Learn?
Explain the lifestyle behaviors that contribute to heart disease and elevated blood pressure
State the risk factors for heart disease
Understand the relationship between belly fat, elevated blood pressure, and heart disease
Implement simple lifestyle changes that will dramatically reduce blood pressure, shrink belly fat, and achieve a healthier heart in 30 days
Interpret the latest heart health research and apply it to daily life
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  • Pen and paper to take notes (optional)

Heart disease is a leading cause of death among men and women around the globe, while over 40% of adults suffer from elevated blood pressure worldwide. In this course, you will learn exactly what puts you at risk for these deadly diseases and what you can do about it. You will discover the practical and simple steps you can implement daily to shed pounds, burn belly fat, bring down blood pressure, and dramatically reduce your heart disease risk. Internationally renowned nutrition & fitness expert Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, CPT will show you just how to do it in over 22 interactive video lectures! In just 30 days, you will lose weight, lower your blood pressure, boost energy levels, and improve heart health and longevity.

This course will not only improve your knowledge of how nutrition and fitness impacts heart health and blood pressure, but you will learn exactly what changes you need to make each and every day to achieve amazing results faster than you thought possible. Every lecture provides you with a simple “call to action"- an easy activity to start implementing each and every that will lead you on your way to a achieving your health and weight loss goals. Whether you have been diagnosed with heart disease or hypertension, are at risk, or just want to improve your overall health- this course offers something for everyone!

It's never been so easy to eat your way to a healthier you! You can't afford NOT to take this course. Get started today!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is at risk for heart disease or has been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease
  • Anyone who is at risk or has been diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Anyone with excess belly fat, overweight, or obese, looking to lose weight, shed inches, and burn belly fat
  • Anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Anyone looking to prevent or fight heart disease simply and easily through small lifestyle changes
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Curriculum For This Course
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The Ins and Outs of Heart Health
3 Lectures 32:06

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the US and a leading cause of death around the world. However, many times risk factors for this disease go unnoticed. In this introductory lecture, you will learn the ins and outs of heart disease, what causes it, and how it can be prevented or even reversed through simple lifestyle changes.

Preview 10:27

Heart disease and hypertension (elevated blood pressure) can creep up on you with little notice and few symptoms. To prevent and reverse these diseases, you must first know what is putting you at risk. This lecture gets right into the details of both diseases, showing you just what numbers are most important to your health, what they mean, what elevates them, and what you can do to control these numbers to lower your disease risk.

Knowing Your Numbers to Determine Your Risk

Abdominal obesity, or belly fat, is the key risk factor in heart disease and elevated blood pressure. But do you know how to tell if you have too much belly fat? In this lecture you will learn exactly what belly fat is, what makes this the most dangerous fat in your body, how to determine if you have too much belly fat, and how you can flatten your belly to shed excess belly fat, lose pounds and inches.

Preview 08:28

Section 1 Quiz: Ins and Outs of Heart Disease
5 questions
Improving Heart Health One Bite at a Time
6 Lectures 34:15

It's no secret that eating more fruits and vegetables benefits your health. But do you know exactly how much you really need each day to have a positive impact on heart health? Or what a serving of a vegetable or fruit really is? In this lecture, you will not only learn the amazing heart health benefits produce offers, but you will also learn just how much you need and HOW to increase your fruit and vegetables servings easily each and every day.

The Power of Produce

Did you know that whole grains can help you to shed belly fat, shrink your waistline, lower cholesterol levels, and fight heart disease? In this lecture, I will show you just how they do it, how to identify a whole grain, and how much you need each day to gain the health benefits.

Whole Grains for a Health Heart

Protein can be a powerful partner in the fight against heart disease, but you have to make sure you are choosing the right kind. Choose the wrong kind, and your risk for heart disease and hypertension increases instead. In this lecture, you will learn the best forms of protein for heart disease, where they are found, how they benefit your body, and just how to incorporate them into your daily meal plan.

Proteins that Power Health

If you are trying to lower blood pressure and fight heart disease, you may be following a low fat or fat free diet. But did you know that having too little fat can be just as detrimental to your heart as having too much of the wrong kind? Certain fats actually lower your heart disease risk and help you to lose belly fat and decrease body weight. In this lecture, you will learn the ins and outs of dietary fats, the healthiest fats for your health, how they work, where they are found, and just how much you need each and every day for the best results.

Dietary Fat: Truths & Myths

To dairy or not to dairy- that's the question many people have when trying to reduce blood pressure and lower heart disease risk. In this lecture, I will dispel the myths about dairy and show you the real impact it has on heart health, body weight, and belly fat.

To Dairy or Not to Dairy?

By know you will have learned the nutrients and foods that provide the best benefits to your heart health. But do you know what ingredients hidden in the most common everyday foods can be harming your health without you even knowing it? In this lecture, I will show you the most dangerous nutrients to heart health and blood pressure management, where they are hidden, and how you can identify them to prevent damage to your heart and overall health.

Hidden Ingredients that Hurt Your Heart

Quiz #2: Section 2: Improving Heart Health One Bite at a Time
7 questions
The Power of Superfoods
3 Lectures 12:12

Superfoods sound like something right out of an action hero movie, but unlike fiction, these foods do exist and they provide some amazing health benefits. By just incorporating a few superfoods throughout the week, you can dramatically improve heart health and lower blood pressure. Even if you make no other change throughout this course, but incorporate a few of these foods on a regular basis, you can still shed pound and inches, lower blood pressure, and improve heart health. Get ready to start eating!

Cardiac Superfoods

Did you ever imagine that less than one teaspoon of a seasoning or spice could dramatically lower your heart disease risk and blood pressure? It's true! In this lecture, I will show you the most powerful seasonings for heart health and blood pressure management, how they work, the best ways to incorporate them, and just how much you need each day to improve overall health.

Super Seasonings

Certain foods can lower blood pressure and improve heart health by themselves. However, some foods, when combined together, offer an even greater level of protection to heart health. In this lecture, I will show you the most effective food combinations to lower heart disease risk, why these combinations are so beneficial, and how to incorporate them into your meal plan.

Food Combinations That Can Save Your Heart

Section #3: Quiz 3: The Power of Superfoods
5 questions
Putting It All Together
5 Lectures 32:10

Losing weight, burning belly fat, and shrinking your waistline are the most effective strategies in lowering blood pressure levels and decreasing heart disease risk. And it doesn't take much to make a difference. Even losing just 10% of your total body weight can dramatically improve health. In this lecture, I will show you just how simple weight loss can really be! You will be losing pounds and inches before you know it!

Weight Management for a healthy heart

You know what you need to do to improve heart health and lower blood pressure, now you have to start putting it all together. And it all starts with being a savvy shopper. Learn just what you need to know to gather the right foods and ingredients for a healthy heart, how to limit temptation, and stock your home with heart healthy options.

Being a Savvy Shopper

If the food label looks like a foreign language to you, don't worry. In this lecture I will break it down for you. You will discover the ins and outs of how to read and interpret a food label, the most important aspects of the label to understand when it comes from to heart health, and how to effectively compare foods to find the best choices.

Decoding the Food Label

You can stock up on all the best food options for a healthy heart, but if you are not preparing them correctly, they can be doing more to damage your heart versus help it. Learn just how to best prepare your foods to boost their heart healthy benefits. You don't have to be a chef (or even have any cooking experience) to incorporate these strategies.

Cooking Your Way to a Healthier Heart

Eating to improve heart health and lower blood pressure doesn't mean that you can never eat out again. In fact, it's possible to lose weight and boost heart health eating away from home, you just have to know how to do it. In this lecture, you will learn the best choices to make for your heart and blood pressure, how to avoid hidden unhealthy additives, and how you can stay on track with your heart healthy meal plan no matter where you go!

Eating Well When Eating Out

Quiz 4: Section 4: Putting It All Together
8 questions
Living the Heart Healthy Lifestyle
5 Lectures 29:36

Your heart is a muscle, and just like any muscle, if you fail to exercise it, it becomes weak over time. But do you know what forms of exercise are best for your heart and blood vessels? Or what type of exercise is most effective at blasting away belly fat? Or how about how much exercise you really need each day to lower blood pressure and fight heart disease. In this lecture you will learn exactly what forms of exercise have been proven effective in improving heart health, how to do them, how much you need, and most importantly- how to fit it in to even the busiest of schedules.

The Impact of Exercise

The higher your stress levels, the greater your risk for heart disease. Do you know if your stress levels are out of control? Or how to reduce stress levels to prevent damaging effects on your health? In this lecture, you will learn to identify the signs and symptoms of “stress overload,” learn the connection between stress and heart disease, hypertension, and belly fat, and learn just how to reduce your stress levels to a healthy range. Stress management techniques, breathing exercises, and even nutrients that lower stress hormones will all be addressed. By the end of this lecture, you will truly be breathing a sigh of relief!

Stress & Your Heart

Would you ever think that sleeping too little, or even too much, can actually be deadly? It's true! Sleeping too much or too little can dramatically elevate blood pressure and increase the risk for heart attack and stroke. In this lecture you will learn the right balance of sleep for improved heart health and lower blood pressure as well as techniques and tricks to help you develop healthy sleep habits that benefit your overall health.

Sleeping Away Heart Disease

As you have followed the guidelines throughout this course, your heart has become healthier, body weight has decreased, and blood pressure has dropped. But it's not just your heart that has benefited from the changes you have made. Almost every cell in your entire body is now healthier because of the lifestyle changes you have begun to implement. Learning how a heart healthy diet improves every organ in your body is a great way to help you to stay motivated to continue on with your new lifestyle plan.

Whole Body Benefits of a Heart Healthy Diet

Congratulations! You have almost completed the entire course. By this point you have already begun to notice a significant decrease in blood pressure and body weight as well as a decrease in risk factors for heart disease. But don't stop now! You want to continue to maintain all of the healthy changes you have made so far and this lecture will show you just how to do it. No more yo-yo diets or quick fixes! Here you will learn how to make the changes you have already made part of your daily lifestyle for good!

Maintaining Your Results

Quiz 5: Section 5 - Living the Heart Healthy Lifestyle
10 questions
About the Instructor
5.0 Average rating
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24 Students
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Best-selling Author, Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, LDN, "America's Belly Fat Fighter," is a best-selling author and internationally recognized nutrition and fitness expert who has contributed her expertise to national media outlets such as the CBS Early Show, The Doctors, ABC News, NBC, and CBS News. She operates a private practice and frequently serves as a media spokesperson, nutrition consultant, and speaker. She is the author of “2 Day Diabetes Diet," “Belly Fat Diet For Dummies," "Walking Off the Weight For Dummies," and co-author of “Flat Belly Cookbook For Dummies." She is also the featured video expert on the #1 best-selling app "Diabetes: What Now?" Erin specializes in the areas of diabetes, weight management, sports nutrition, and cardiovascular disease.

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