Mindfulness Meditation 30 Day Boot-Camp By Jason Stephenson
4.8 (20 ratings)
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141 students enrolled
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Mindfulness Meditation 30 Day Boot-Camp By Jason Stephenson

Through the use of life changing meditations and instruction, you can begin to live a more stress free lifestyle
Best Seller
4.8 (20 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
141 students enrolled
Created by Jason Stephenson
Last updated 9/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Have a greater understanding of various forms of meditation and when best to be used
  • Do meditation on a daily basis and understand what happens during a session
  • Put into place ways to cope with stressful situations by using on the spot "doing" meditations.
  • Choose the right form of meditation for the appropriate time of day
  • Understand and use affirmations and mantras during a meditation practice
  • Understand the benefits of a relaxation/meditation practice
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  • No prior knowledge or skills are required to take this course.
  • Have a blank notebook or journal to write in and record your experiences.
  • There are two days where the Boot-camp will require you for a half day of silence and a full day of silence. This is in the digital detox program.

This course will show you the way... that meditation is a way of life, rather than a course to complete - and then forget about. 

In this 30 day course, Jason Stephenson will cover Mindfulness meditation... a practice where you can begin to master your own life on a daily basis through the art of being 100% present in each and every moment. No experience in meditation is needed!

It is a practical course where you will be expected to devote time for meditation each day for the next 30 days (most days approximately 30 minutes per day is called for)  - and hopefully beyond. 

Aspects of this course will include practicing being present  and learning to meditate mindfully whilst walking, standing, waiting, eating, sitting and more. It's all about milking each moment out of your life. 

The course also includes guided meditations where you can begin to learn to visualize  during meditation and to connect to your breathing. There will even be a 2 day "silent retreat" A digital detox if you will. 

If you are tired of always living a stressed out life and barely existing, then this course is for you.

Begin to master your life.. You already have the tools you need. They are already within you. I will be there to see that along the way, you will flourish and see and connect to another beautiful, more peaceful centered side of yourself that you may have not seen for a long while.

Let us begin.

Who is the target audience?
  • Recommended Age from 15 years and up
  • This course is for those with little or no meditation experience.
  • Ideal for those who have questions or problems during relaxation
  • This course is great for those who are constantly "stressed out" and want to find relief
  • This course is NOT for those who have been practicing meditation and are already comfortable with their practice and don't need any further change.
  • This meditation course is open for people of all religious and spiritual beliefs. It is not affiliated with any particular religion.
  • This course is NOT for those who don't want to practice for 15-30 minutes each day for a lifestyle change. (Meditation takes practice)
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Curriculum For This Course
42 Lectures
Introduction to Meditation and Relaxation in the 30 Day Bootcamp
7 Lectures 27:57

Begin Your 30 day Boot-camp adventure here! In the first section of this program, I will give you a run down of who I am, my experience in meditation and my thoughts on meditation.

Section 2 is where you will begin the 30 day bootcamp training. 

And finally, I will add some bonus meditations for you to enjoy at the end of the course.

Please remember, any questions, just reach out to me and I will respond asap.

1. Make a commitment to complete your boot camp training
2. Keep a journal. Write your experiences of how you feel before, during and after the meditation experience.

Preview 03:27

A little about who I am, my history and how and when I began my meditation journey.

Preview 03:39

Let everything become a meditation for you. From sitting, to standing in line, washing up to driving your car... being present in the moment is the aim. Being mindful. Use meditation as an every day tool for all actions - so your life becomes a walking, talking meditation.

Preview 06:19

So what are we speaking about when we mention the word "meditation?" I give you the Wikipedia's version and my version.

What is Mindful Meditation?

You're about to delve deeper into meditation. But why do it in the first place? What are the benefits I may expect from doing my meditation practice each day? Here I list the top 10 benefits of meditation.

The top 10 Benefits of Meditation

When should I do meditation? How long for? Here I answer these questions for you. There are no hard and fast rules, however, a daily commitment is the way to go. Allow your life to be a meditation itself. Be mindful. Be present.

Preview 02:30

Stress has the ability to be both beneficial and detrimental. The good kind of stress gives us energy and focus, but bad stress can lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and possibly death. One of the most important factors of stress is how you choose to handle it. Read on into this article for tips, tricks, ideas and advice on how to handle all things stress related in your life.

Other ways To Overcome Stress.. Tips and Tricks
30 Day Meditation Boot-Camp
18 Lectures 02:21:30

This is the foundation for your 30 day Mindful meditation Boot-camp. You are asked to use this EVERY DAY FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS... (and even beyond!)

Introduction to the Core Breathing Meditation

Days 1 and 2 (and EVERY day to begin your bootcamp) 

Here is your BASIC CORE MEDITATION for the next 2 days... and every day there after for the next 30 days.
Time: 7 minutes

Day 1 & 2 Core Breathing Meditation (Use throughout entire Program daily)

Day 3 and 4: 

A guided meditation to help you Surrender to all that is, and let go of that which you cannot control.
Time: 12 minutes

Day 3 & 4: Guided Meditation "In Space"

Day 5 and 6: 

A healing meditation to help open your heart charka. This music comprises of rainfall and the crystal singing bowl. 
Find a comfortable place and close your eyes. 
Focus on your breathing and your heart center whilst you do this meditation. Use if for forgiveness, compassion, to send love or healing to another - and even for yourself.

Day 5 & 6: Singing Bowl Rain Meditation (Meditation to open the heart Chakra)

Day 7 and 8: 

Time Allocation: 30 minutes for next two days.
This can be done anywhere. IN the city, the beach, by the lake, in the snow. As long as you are comfortable and not fighting the elements.
The main this is, is to walk with presence and be 100% aware of your environment. Every step is to be mindful. Look, listen, be aware. Be present
Looking straight ahead. If you are distracted, simply bring your attention back to the center.

Preview 03:54

Day 9 and 10: 

A great meditation to help aid the digestion process. When we eat mindfully, we eat with awareness of every mouthful we take. We savor every taste.
Be grateful for all that is on your plate and all of the food that nourishes you and your body.

Day 9 & 10: Mindful Eating Meditation

Day 11 and 12 : A nine minute guided meditation to help enrich your visualization process and be deeper in touch with your 5 senses.

Day 11 & 12: Guided Meditation "The Lake"

Day 13 and 14: 

Allocation time: 10 minutes for the next two days.
Standing comfortably, on a flat position, feet shoulder width apart. Arms resting by your side, and vision just in front of you. Soften your gaze and focus on your breathing. Breathing in a regular pattern, slowing the breath down.
Become aware of all around you. Where your feet touch the ground. Your environment. If you are distracted, simply go back to your breathing, and back to your awareness in your current environment.

Day 13 & 14: Standing Meditation

Introduction to OM

Welcome to one of my favourite mantra meditations using the Sanskrit work OM. The sound of cosmic consciousness.
Used by many religions across the world and is a vibrational frequency of 432 Hz - the vibration of nature itself.

Introduction to OM (AUM)

Join in with me for this OM meditation. I will do the first few with you, and leave you to complete the rest in your own time.
Time: 10 minutes each day.
Please note: This is not about singing. It's all about using your beautiful natural voice.

Day 15 & 16: OM (AUM) Meditation

Grab some dirty dishes today, take some time out (approx 30 minutes) and begin to wash your dishes in the most mindful way ever.

You'll be glad you did.

Day 17 & 18: Cleaning Dishes Mindful Meditation

Day 19 and 20: A 10 minutes guided meditation to take you on a journey into a forest where you will become one with nature and calm your mind.

Day 19 & 20: Guided Meditation "Into The Forest"

Time involved: 2 days - 30 minutes each day. A combination of walking meditation, with an active meditation of drawing in the sounds of nature and breathing.

Preview 02:50

Day 23 and 24: A 10 minute guided meditation to take you into a desert where you will get to meet your "Sand guardian" and choose to manifest yours desires.

Day 23 &24: Guided Meditation "Desert Sands"

Take time out for silence:
First day - first half of day of no communication, no phones, no speaking, no Facebook, Twitter etc.
Second Day - A full day and evening of NO COMMUNICATION at all.
Please let everyone know that you will be doing this ahead of time. If you can escape for this time, do it.
If you cannot last the full day and night, please at least do it for the entire day (8 hours)

Day 25 & 26: Silence Retreat (Digital Detox)

Day 27 and 28: An 11 minute guided meditation to take you into the depths of the ocean. What message will the powerful ocean hold for you?

Day 27 & 28: Guided Meditation "Ocean Beach"

Day 29 and 30

Listen to these soothing spoken affirmations whilst you reflect and meditate on them.
They will be spoken three times, and then space left for you to meditate and reflect on the powerful words...

Preview 09:50

CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you continued peace with your meditation journey!

Congratulations... The End of The Beginning
Sitting With Jason - Short Lecture & Meditation Series: Finding Your Flow
5 Lectures 58:46

In this short meditation, you will begin to understand what being in the flow is all about and how you can get into this flow space. 

Preview 10:34

What activities can you do where you flow the most. Please enjoy this short meditation.

2. Finding Your Flow Through Activity

Did you know that when you are in the flow, all worries disappear? Enjoy this short lecture and meditation

3. Flow to Leave Your Worries Behind

In this short meditation/lecture, you will soon begin to know what steps you need to take to find your flow.

4. How to Find Your Flow

In this short lecture/meditation, you will begin to understand how your life can change when you are living with flow. 

5. Living Your Life with Flow
BONUS: Guided Meditation & Rainfall Meditation - Meditating to Mother Nature
3 Lectures 38:31

Using this guided meditation, you will gain practice in the art of meditation, whilst at the same time, being able to release stress, tension, and unwanted thoughts.

This is an ideal daily meditation.

BONUS: Body and Mind Guided Talk Down Relaxation

Mother Nature Rainfall Meditation

Sometimes, the sound of nature herself can be a beautiful way to meditate. In the following 16 minute session, you will be able to try this out.


1. Simply sit or lie down

2. You can use headphones or speakers for this session

3. Close your eyes and focus on the rainfall (Just allow the sounds of rainfall and gentle thunder to wash over you)

4. If thoughts enter your mind, simply release them on your breath out.

5. Establish a regular breathing pattern Breathing in on a count of 4, hold for 4 counts, and finally let go of all the air for 5 counts. Continue this process throughout.

This is a great meditation to do just prior to bedtime. At the end of this session you will be able to comfortably enjoy the "Rainfall Meditation."

BONUS: Introduction and directions for doing the Rainfall Meditation

Mother Nature Rainfall Meditation... Close your eyes, let go, and allow mother nature to help aid in the relaxation process.

BONUS: Mother Nature Rainfall Sounds For Meditation
BONUS: How to Overcome Problems During Meditation
1 Lecture 04:40

Some common issues that come up when doing your meditation practice and how you can overcome them.

BONUS: Issues arising during your meditation practice
BONUS: Affirmation (Mantra Meditations)
2 Lectures 20:56

Peaceful affirmations to help you relax. Use this next track as a meditation. 

BONUS: How to use Peaceful Affirmations Meditation

Enjoy this beautiful Bonus MP3 affirmation relaxation.

BONUS: Peaceful Affirmations Meditation
Stress and Anxiety Relief -Short Meditations
5 Lectures 43:06
Anxiety & Stress Relief Meditation 1

Anxiety & Stress Relief SOS: for Urgent Use

Anxiety & Stress Relief: White Light Visualization

Anxiety & Stress Relief: Mirror Reflection

Anxiety & Stress Relief : Allowing Thoughts and Emotions to Come and Go
Updates and Q and A
1 Lecture 05:47

Update for September 2017 and question answered about thoughts and too much thinking during meditation

Question? What can I do with these thoughts? PLUS Update!
About the Instructor
Jason Stephenson
4.8 Average rating
20 Reviews
141 Students
1 Course
Meditation, Relaxation Expert from Relax Me Online

Jason Stephenson is the founder and CEO of Relax Me Online and has been involved in the meditation/relaxation healing field for the past 15 years. Having come from a musical background (his parents both professional musicians), Jason understands the importance of music, meditation and its healing capabilities.

He says "Music and meditation have always been a profound part of my life. When I would arrive home from school, the first thing I would hear as I walked in the door was my Mum playing classics on the piano. It would soothe me, even back then as a child. I would stay still in a meditative trance as the music washed through me. I loved to sing when Mum played the piano too."

The importance of meditation came to Jason in his early 20's, when he was entering some troubled times in his personal development. Jason says, "I relied on meditation at this time in my life and understanding that there was more to my life than just the surface physical appearances. I will never forget one experience I had whilst meditating in a local National Park , totally at one with nature, and I felt like in those few moments, I had everything I had ever wanted, could want right here right now. It was an intense experience that left me wanting more, and seeking out more."

Having an interest in Buddhism, Jason attended a 10 day Monastic retreat at Nan Tien Temple in NSW, Australia, where those days really changed his outlook. It was from this point that Jason knew he had to continue on this path of seeking a deeper peace within himself and his world he lives in. In 2009, Nan Tien Temple asked Jason if would like to perform in a Buddhist song contest in Taiwan. It was here Jason performed on stage in Taiwan and won an award in an International Buddhist song contest. Combining his love of music and love of meditation, Jason knew he was on the right path.

Recently, Jason completed a Diploma with H & H Colleges in QLD Australia for Neuro-Psychological Immunity – a course where Jason says, "I really began to understand the power and connection between health of the mind and body."

Shortly, Jason is about to release a book with the highly acclaimed author, Jack Canfield. (Chicken Soup for the Soul author) The book, "Success Mastery" will be a compilation of the secrets of success - chapters from successful entrepreneurs around the world. Jason is now a regular teacher on the meditation app, "OpenSit" and will be releasing his product "Meditation Mastery Secrets" in the near future. 

Currently, Jason operates a highly successful powerful meditation relaxation YouTube Channel with over half a million subscribers!