3 Negotiation Strategies Designed Just for Women
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3 Negotiation Strategies Designed Just for Women

Know Your Worth, Portray Your Strength, & Say What You Mean
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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What Will I Learn?
  • Figure out your self-worth by recognizing your talents and skills as it relates to the subject at hand.
  • Tally up all of your accomplishments over the course of your career.
  • Assess your value compared to others doing the same exact work; compare apples to apples.
  • Recognize strong body language and adopt it to your style.
  • Watch your tone so that you may get what you need from the communication.
  • Use your words carefully to convey the correct message.
  • Adopt scripts that can help you reach your goals with your message.
  • Get ready to roll with the "punches" and prepare for the pushback.
  • Hold steady to your bottom line with these proven techniques.
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  • Students should know their current salary, skills, talents, and career accomplishments.
  • Students should have updated their resume to include all current and previous training, skills, as well as their on-the-job accomplishments regardless of whether or not the organization has recognized them for their achievements.
  • Students should possess a strong sense of self, and have a realistic view of their talents, capabilities and limitations.

Learning negotiating strategies is more challenging than you think. It will involve your thoughts, movements, and what comes out of your mouth. The brain is forced to access information much differently, and this can quickly overload your senses and emotions. This course aims to overcome this challenge, by introducing you to new ways of thinking, moving, and talking to get what you deserve because you are worth it!

3 Negotiation Strategies Designed Just for Women. Abandon the negative myths about negotiation and learn to build relationships as well as get results. You'll be more confident and successful in your career by learning how to:

  • Assess Your Worth
  • Ensure that You're Conveying Strength with Your Body, Tone of Voice & Your Words
  • Overcome Your Fear of Confrontation
  • Polish your communication skills that will allow you to successfully achieve your goals.
  • Develop Your Own Scripts To Negotiate with Dignity and Honor.
  • There are many benefits to knowing how to negotiate. You can become a more valuable employee in a variety of industries, especially since the modern world operates with negotiation as a standard form of communication. You can also get promoted to a better position and more job opportunities with ease if you know these skills.

    But mastering negotiation strategies can be time-consuming and difficult. That's why I have included exercises to train your mind to learn new strategies and put the information into practice immediately and in all areas of your life. The 3 Negotiation Strategies Designed Just for Women created by Michelle Marchand Canseco, makes learning them fun by using games, characters, and exercises to start mastering these strategies right in the course!

    Who is the target audience?
    • Women who are seeking to increase their ability to achieve and succeed through strong negotiation strategies.
    • Women who are top achievers, up-and-comers, and high-potential professionals.
    • This course is probably not for you if you're already earning six-figures, and you're looking to learn more advanced and complex negotiation strategies.
    • This course won't sidestep the important gender-related issues you face; you'll learn strategies and techniques that will work for women in today's environment.
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    Curriculum For This Course
    Why Do We Need to Negotiate?
    3 Lectures 06:26

    Many women get stressed out when they know they have to negotiate. They get angry and think, "Why should I even have to negotiate? Why can't things just be fair? Can't you see what I've done and just do the right thing?". Many men think about negotiation as a game. The problem with this is that if women want negotiation to be fair and men are playing a game... then someone is going to lose. Guess who! You betcha! Women tend to lose. It doesn't have to be this way! If you know how the other side is negotiating, then you can change your strategy accordingly. Is it possible for everyone to win? Will you learn to improve your negotiation skills? Can you negotiate and get what you want? Yes. It may not happen all the time, but using the approach taught in this course it is something to strive for with every negotiation.

    Preview 03:54

    What you already know about negotiation is that what you are currently doing may not be working. To put it more simply, what you do doesn't work for you because you don't get what you really want. Is this true for you? Let me help you by asking you the following questions... Do you want more money? Do you want recognition? Do you want a bigger office? Do you want a large office with a window? If you said, "Yes" to any or all of these things my question to you is are you getting any or all of it? No. Why not? Let me propose that you are not getting it because you think you know about negotiation, but what you know is not getting you what you want so do you really know about negotiation? How can you find out? Well first let's look at what you think you already know about negotiation. Once you understand what you think you know, we can look at what you should know.

    What You Already Know about Negotiation

    When you are in a negotiation, you need to negotiate effectively from a position of strength. The person on the other end of the negotiation can smell fear a mile away. When you come from a place of fear, you weaken your position. How does the person you are negotiating with know that you are afraid? This is what is covered in this lecture. It may surprise you to know it is something simple and can be quickly remedied, but first you have to identify what you don't know that you don't know in order to become a better negotiator. Negotiation can be successful and you can be a successful negotiator, but first and foremost you need to know what you don't know.

    Preview 01:15
    Are You Worth It?
    3 Lectures 07:10

    Knowing your self-worth is half the battle in the game of negotiation. If you don't believe in yourself, how will you be able to negotiate? You need to know your value before you even start a successful negotiation. When the going gets tough, you need to say that you deserve it, "because you're worth it." Negotiation can be successful and you can be a successful negotiator, but first you need to recognize your self-worth.

    Acknowledging Your Self-Worth

    Negotiation can be successful and you can be a successful negotiator, but this may mean that you have to get out of your comfort zone. Successful negotiators know how to show their value. They can easily negotiate from the perspective of what's in it for the other person. These successful negotiators use this talent to make the person they are negotiating with feel as if they will not be able to survive without them or their talents. They clearly show what they have done lately as well as currently for the person they are negotiating with, and they also express how happy they are to do it. How do they do this? This is what you will learn in lecture 5.

    What Have You Done for Me Lately?

    Successful negotiators know that there is a fine line between assessing your value and being a braggart. How can you walk this fine line and still be respected as a talented negotiator? Watch this 3-minute lecture on assessing your value and you will have all the information you need to understand the art of successful negotiation.

    Preview 02:59
    Body Language To Convey Strength & Confidence
    3 Lectures 11:20

    To be a successful negotiator, you will first need to act like one and move like one. How does a successful negotiator move? Watch this video, and you will learn all the ways to move to convey your confidence. You will also learn what movements will make you appear weak. This video will also reveal how the tone of your voice, and the actual words you speak tell the person you are negotiating with that you do not believe a word of what you are saying. Learn how to move your body in a such a way that you come across as a powerful negotiator. Make sure that your tone of voice reflects a powerful negotiator, as well as the words that you speak. Once you master all three areas there is no stopping you from being a fair and yet powerful negotiator.

    Preview 05:02

    Winning at negotiation can be done easily, but it takes the right tone in your voice. Successful negotiators know that they must convey confidence through not only the words they speak, but the tone in their voice. You will learn how to watch your tone so that you come across as the powerful negotiator that you are!

    Watch Your Tone!

    Select your words to reveal your readiness to negotiate from a position of strength. Successful negotiators know that they must carefully choose the right words. What are they? You will learn what words carefully convey the message you want to deliver to the person you are negotiating with so that everyone gets what they want.

    This lecture helps you differentiate the successful negotiator from those that don't have a clue. Learn the negotiation dos and don'ts now in this important lecture.
    Select Your Words Carefully to Convey the Correct Message
    What To Say & How To Say It
    3 Lectures 21:07

    Successful negotiators know they need to script out what they are going to say and they rehearse it over and over again until it becomes really natural. This repetition helps the successful negotiator overcome the fear of saying it because it's been said so many times it just flows right out of the mouth. This lecture will help you to overcome your fear of negotiation by encouraging you to repeat it enough times that the fear will just dissipate.

    Practice! Practice! Practice!

    Anyone who is successful at negotiating knows that it is just a game. If you look at negotiating as a game, it may help you to overcome your fear of negotiation. This lecture helps you to prepare for the game of negotiation. Good luck!

    Prepare for the game!

    In lecture 11 you looked at preparing for the game of negotiation, and in this lecture you will look at knowing your bottom line, reciprocating, and your negotiation script. Do you really have to script out what you will say in a negotiation? Yes. Successful negotiations have been carefully crafted by those doing the negotiation. It should not look as if you are following a negotiation script, but rather should roll right off your tongue. That happens by scripting out what you want to say in your negotiation. You will know what to say when you understand your bottom line. Finally, you will also come from a position of strength in your negotiation when you know what you are willing to reciprocate. This lecture covers all those aspects of your negotiation. 

    Know Your Bottom Line, Reciprocity, & Your Negotiation Script
    1 Lecture 03:29

    Throughout this course we looked at how men and most women negotiate differently. How do women see it and how does it differ from the way men see it? Let's see how much you learned by answering these 10 questions. Good Luck!

    What Do You Know about How Women & Men Negotiate?
    10 questions

    Are you able to put it altogether to have a successful negotiation? Did you learn everything you needed to improve your negotiation skills? Find out now. How? You will learn if you have what it takes to be a successful negotiator in approximately 3-minutes with this final lecture. You will also learn if you missed something about the important elements of a successful negotiation. Good news! If you did miss something, you can always go back and review the various lectures on the successful steps of negotiation as they will always be here for you. You can also ask questions and get your answers right here. Please feel free to share your successful negotiation stories with all of us as well. I want to hear them, and know what you did to be an effective negotiator!

    Putting It Altogether for A Successful Negotiation
    About the Instructor
    Michelle Marchand Canseco
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    Michelle Marchand Canseco is currently an instructor for Rockhurst University. She has been an instructor for various Universities for over a decade in addition to running her own consultancy. Because of her background as an actress, she has been selected to teach some of the most difficult material, and she has managed to delight her students by making her classes entertaining and engaging. She is a graduate of the acclaimed "Fame" school in New York City, and she knows how to turn boring material into fun exercises. She is known for her ability to motivate individuals to take action in order to get results. Michelle has helped organizations all over the world improve productivity and performance.

    MichelleMotivateMe is a skills-based training company that helps people to change behavior in addition to acquiring and enhancing skills. This is accomplished through Seminars, Webinars, Online Videos, Teleconferencing, and monthly Newsletters to the public as well as customized programs and literature for organizations.