28 Days to Change Your Life - in Network Marketing
4.5 (23 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
96 students enrolled
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28 Days to Change Your Life - in Network Marketing

Learn the TOOLS and TECHNIQUES to Create the Right MINDSET for SUCCESS, in YOUR Network Marketing Business
4.5 (23 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
96 students enrolled
Created by Will Perry
Last updated 10/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Identify negative voices in your head that stop you, make you feel bad, weak or powerless and CHANGE them to POSITIVE, EMPOWERING voices
  • Use the right words mindfully that call you to action rather then stress or de-motivate you
  • Shatter negative videos in your head so that you maintain the Activities you need to in order to consistently build your business
  • Create your Goals in your Timeline so that you can CLEARLY see what you are working towards, so that your subconscious mind leads you in that direction too
  • Change your BELIEF in yourself so that you become resolute in your actions
  • Prioritise your time and activities effectively, avoiding procrastination and the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Identify a Strong and EMOTIONAL 'WHY' for building your business so that when the going gets tough - you get going!
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  • Before you attend this course you should be in the Profession of Network Marketing, with your own business, trained and operating at a level where you know your Product, What to do and how to do it.
  • You don't need to be at a certain level, you can absolutely learn as you earn, as with your business, so just dive-in!
  • There is a secret FaceBook group associated with this Programme where you can interact with Will and share your progress, though if you are not on FaceBook this is not essential, just a value-added bonus to the Programme

Welcome to the overview of the '28 Days to Change Your Life' Programme.  This course has been developed to help people within Network Marketing develop the right MINDSET to move their businesses forward to the level they desire.

More than in any other business, the Independent Business Owners within the profession of Network Marketing need to have the right, positive Mindset in order to achieve the success on offer - Mindset really is everything.

With the right Mindset you will do the income-generating activities you need to, when you need to, in order to build your business; consistency, focus and determination will be at your core.

This business is very adept at highlighting your negative Mindset; it's all too easy to put activity off, to think you're not worth it, that you can't achieve it, that you're not good enough, that people are ridiculing you, that others will think negatively about you and not be interested in what you are saying.  This is not the place to build a business from.

And the FANTASTIC news is that this is NOT TRUE.  It's NOT REAL.  These thoughts are merely a trace of your past thinking, a result of your past experiences.  You CAN develop a new way of thinking.  A BETTER WAY for GOOD.

In this Programme Will Perry will introduce you to fun and very accessible ways that YOU can train yourself to think more positively, for GOOD.  To SEE positive outcomes, HEAR empowering dialogue in your mind that drives you into action and FEEL energised, determined, focussed and MOTIVATED to achieve your GOALS.

Will explains each stage of the process in 5 key sections, showing exerts of live demonstrations to help illustrate the different approaches we can have.

This Programme is for you if you are relatively NEW to your business and want to progress QUICKLY or if you are STUCK, feeling lost, slowing down and could benefit from a new set of tools and techniques to benefit you POSITIVE MINDSET.

There are LOTS of new approaches to benefit from with support on offer through our secret FaceBook group and, similar to a buffet, not consume all of it, yet there are enough tools to help you create the DIFFERENCE to make THE DIFFERENCE.

Should you choose to enrol now, I look forward to working with you and seeing your progress for good via our FaceBook group.


Who is the target audience?
  • The 28 Days to Change Your Life Programme is aimed at Business Builders who are either relatively new to their Network Marketing business and want to move QUICKLY through having the RIGHT Mindset or business builders who are stuck at a level and need help with their Mindset in order to move FORWARD.
  • This Programme is for people who are prepared to be open and coachable, ready and willing to put these new practices into action!
  • This Programme is not for you if you are not fully committed to building your business, if you are looking for an 'easy' way to build this business and you're not really prepared to do the work, then this will not work for you!
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Curriculum For This Course
41 Lectures
1 Lecture 01:29

Welcome to the '28 Days to Change Your Life' Programme. This course has been carefully developed to help you take your Network Marketing Business to the next level, whether you are relatively new to the Profession or you are feeling a little stuck, seemingly unable to move to the level you want in the business. This Programme will give you the tools and techniques to propel yourself to the level you have been dreaming about by helping you develop the right MINDSET.

Be prepared to work and apply these approaches for the next 28 days and you will see how, with consistent effort, that you can truly change your life - first by changing your thinking.

I run this Programme via a webinar for small groups of 10 at a time, yet have been requested to make it more available on-line - so here it is!

While the webinar-based Programme runs across 5 x 70min webinars, this Programme is available for you to digest at your pace. All I ask is that you too apply the different techniques to your business (and life!) so that you can also find the specific approaches that resonate best for you, creating the shift you desire for your business and future.

There is a private support group for you on FaceBook where you can share your progress and get specific questions answered, where I'd love you to connect with me. There is a lot to digest on this course, yet everything you need to make the change you want, for the future you dream of - you already have.  I'm just helping you realise this!

Please be aware, while I share some fantastic tools and techniques with you on this Programme, YOU are the one who has to do the WORK and apply these approaches to your life. You cannot press play and simply expect the Programme to do the work for you, though rest assured, I have put my heart and soul into this Programme to maximise the benefit to you and your business - your success is in my interest after all.

Looking forward to getting started!


What you Say to Yourself
14 Lectures 01:18:23

In this section Will introduces himself to you, his background and the structure of the Programme, including the support available to you via the secret FaceBook group and the Questionnaire he'd like you to complete before you start the next section.

Preview 04:03

I look forward to you connecting with me via our Closed Udemy FaceBook group:


Within the Files section of this group you will find questionnaires, summaries of what to focus on after each Section and other useful resources.  Also, I encourage you to get involved in the group by sharing your progress and asking questions.

Looking forward to meeting you there!


FaceBook group details

In this section we explore low Self-Esteem, what it is, where it comes from, how it stops you moving forward with your business and how it compares to low confidence so that you can acknowledge the level of your self-esteem in order to start moving forward.

As a NEW update to this Programme, Will now has a very quick, on-line Self-Esteem Scoring questionnaire that you can complete to identify the Level of your self-esteem - if you do have Low Self-Esteem You Will Need To Address That First - and Will can Help You.  Here's the Link:


Kindest Regards


Preview 04:12

Will gives you a powerful analogy for the negative patterns you have learned in the past so that you can identify that it was just something you learned, showing you can learn a new, more empowering way to be

Your Past

While Will can't interact with you directly through this medium, you can through the FaceBook group, yet in this section Will shares the starting point for other delegates he has worked with, helping you to realise that you are not alone in how you think about yourself. Indeed he will show you that you already have everything you need for all that you want.

Preview 05:25

In this section Will runs through how the brain works, shows you how powerful the subconscious is and why it's vital that you take control of the direction it is sending you in.


Will already appreciates the power of Humour for positive change and in this section he illustrates to you why the course is structured the way it is, fitting this learning style to the speed the brain operates at.

It's a SERIOUS Business

Will introduces you to the first of many simple techniques on how to take control of your mind. In this exercise Will shows you how to change the impact of the things you see in your mind, be they memories or imagined sequences.

Let me CHANGE Your Perception

After this short lecture you will be able to be more Mindful of the specific words you use, how they impact on what you see in your mind and in turn how that impacts on the command you are sending to your subconscious - so you get to be more in control for good!

The POWER of Your Words

This is a Very significant part of this first Section. In this section Will guides you through how to recognise negative and positive voices that you are already listening to, perhaps in your subconscious, which guide your daily actions. Taking control of these voices can have a MASSIVE impact for you and your business. Using live demonstrations Will shows you how to identify and manipulate these voices so that YOU are more in control and these voices are working FOR you, not against you!

What You Say to YOURSELF

Recorded demonstration on this aspect of controlling your inner dialogue. 

What you Say to Yourself (1 of 2)

What you Say to Yourself (2 of 2)

Following on from the last lecture, Will gives you a Strategy to 'interrupt' any negative voices you find yourself being stopped by, where you might doubt yourself or not take the action you planned to - be prepared to be AMAZED at effective this simple strategy is!

A Strategy for You

In this last lecture of the Section, Will recommends two books for you, how to use the FaceBook Group, exclusive to this course and what you can be working on from this Section.

What and How You See
8 Lectures 01:23:15

Will gives a recap from the last Section and introduces the new topic for this Section.

What are YOU Looking at?

In this lecture Will takes you through a fun exercise to help you raise awareness of how you interpret time in your mind, linking this to how you see the future. Will works with some live demonstrations to help illustrate how we are all different, helping you to adjust what you need to adjust in order to clearly see what you want to see in your future.

Changing HOW You SEE Your Future (part 1 of 3)

Changing HOW you SEE Your Future (part 2 of 3)

Changing HOW You SEE Your Future (part 3 of 3)

While you probably know the importance of Goal Boards and Books, Will challenges you to see if you can already see your goals in your timeline. So directly following on from the last lecture Will helps you SEE your Goals in your timeline. This will be a powerful, empowering change for those not already doing this.

The Importance of GOALS

In a completely new exercise Will helps you to realise what you are doing when you create movies in your head that don't serve you well, the ones that create anxiety or fear, stopping you take the action you need in your business. The technique that Will runs through with you will let you take control and create positive, empowering movies, which shatter the negativity.

Taking CONTROL of What You SEE

In this lecture Will makes you aware of the different perspectives you can see things from and how they diversely affect the way we feel, meaning you can deliberately feel more or less about a situation, which is very useful in many situations.

A Different PERSPECTIVE for You

Bringing this Section to a close Will addresses the importance of being able to accept praise, being mindful of your past patterns and sets out what you should be working on from this Section.

It's a small Thing
8 Lectures 01:09:39

Will introduces this Section with a recap so far and the importance of being aware of your past patterns.

Don't let the Past be YOUR Future

In this lecture Will uses two short examples to demonstrate how much we can be influenced by what people say.

The POWER of Words

Will uses a short example to demonstrate the importance of putting yourself FIRST and how that will impact you and the people around you, introducing the importance of BELIEF.


In this KEY lecture Will breaks down the structure of Belief into an exercise for you to do, which he demonstrates for you. This is a PIVOTAL point in the Programme so please take your time, ensuring you have taken all the lectures to get to this point and use the Facebook support group as needed - this exercise can change EVERYTHING for your business!

The STRUCTURE of BELIEF (part 1 of 4)

The STRUCTURE of BELIEF (part 2 of 4)

The STRUCTURE of BELIEF (part 3 of 4)

The STRUCTURE of BELIEF (part 4 of 4)

Will brings this Section to a close, highlighting what you should be focussing on in order to maximise your change from this Programme.

You ARE Changing - are you not
6 Lectures 48:13

This Section is introduced by Will with his usual recap and a few rhetorical questions to check that you are applying yourself to this learning journey.

How are Your STRATEGIES Working NOW?

This short lecture outlines the importance of Discipline towards your business and how you need to structure for good habits.


Will introduces a simple prioritisation matrix, the Power of which is in the personalisation of it for YOU, which he demonstrates to help you. This lecture can have a MASSIVE impact for your business if you sometimes feel overwhelmed or find yourself doing anything OTHER than working on your business - have you ever done the washing, cleaning or anything else to avoid doing the activity you need to do? Then this part is for you!!!

Prioritisation (part 1 of 3)

Prioritisation (part 2 of 3)

Prioritisation (part 3 of 3)

You've probably heard this many times; that you need a strong WHY to do this business? Using the techniques you've covered already, Will helps you to make sure your connection to your WHY is EMOTIONAL. Drawing to a close this Section Will outlines what you can be focussing on to build your business.

A Strong WHY
4 Lectures 32:51

CONGRATULATIONS! Your journey is almost complete! Will asks that, looking back on what you wanted at the beginning, to what extent have you achieved that? He also introduces a concept that we all do, to help you examine the extent to which you have applied this learning to your business.

Are YOU Getting It?

In this lecture Will reviews all the elements you have covered in this Programme, illustrating the extent of tools and techniques now available to you.

Your TOOLS for Going FORWARD

In this penultimate lecture Will takes you on a very Unique journey into your future. You will feel relaxed, positive, energised and have wonderful insights into your unique resources that you will apply in your business and your life.


Will brings this Programme to a close, including what elements need to be completed for your self-assessment.

About the Instructor
Will Perry
4.6 Average rating
119 Reviews
2,203 Students
3 Courses
Self-Esteem Coach

Will Perry has over 15 years experience in the field of personal and professional development.  He was Head of Action Learning at the BBC, where he was also an Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer.  Will is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which informs much of Will's work where he specialises in raising people's Self-Esteem.

Will has been helping people raise their self-esteem to overcome Emotional Abuse for over 7 years, helping to change the future of countless people.  Will also has an established YouTube channel through which he helps raise awareness of Emotional Abuse.

His passion for quick and lasting change are matched by his humour, believing that you learn best when you're smiling!