21 Steps to Start Speaking More Smoothly & Confidently
4.6 (46 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,475 students enrolled
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21 Steps to Start Speaking More Smoothly & Confidently

Learn how to shift your focus from how to stop stuttering to how to start speaking well. This program shows you how.
4.6 (46 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,475 students enrolled
Created by Michael Williams
Last updated 10/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how and why belief is critical on this journey to excellent speech.
  • Learn how to change your thinking about yourself and ability to speak well.
  • Learn a powerfully effective way to create a new style of speaking.
  • Learn how to improve and maintain high levels of self- esteem and self-confidence.
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  • Students only need to approach this course with an open mind and a willingness to work hard for a sustained period of time.

Would you like to know how to overcome the fear of public speaking?  Wouldn't it be awesome if there were a clear, step-by-step approach to help you stop stuttering and start speaking more smoothly and confidently?  If you answered yes, then you're going to love this complete, practical and effective series of videos.  Michael takes you straight to the point and provides you with client-tested tips and strategies you can begin to use right now to help you become an excellent speaker.

This course will challenge the way you think about dealing with stuttering.  So, keep an open mind because you probably will not find very much traditional thinking here with regard to stuttering treatment. What you will find are extremely powerful ways to really transform your thinking and speech. 

This is a self-paced program that you can take at your own speed.  There are 22 videos including the introduction.  There is a download center where you can download a mobile version of the videos, an mp3 version of the audio and a pdf over of all of the steps.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed primarily for people who struggle with situational stuttering or fear of public speaking.
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Curriculum For This Course
30 Lectures
1 Lecture 04:00

If you stutter or stammer you will absolutely want to register for this free Udemy.com course, The ABC's of Smoother Speech! It's straightforward and is based on recent work with actual clients just like you. It's not theory. It's practical and works. Click below to register now for free.

[CLICK HERE] The ABC's of Smoother Speech

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Prerequisite Video - Watch These Videos First
2 Lectures 01:11:45

A detour is something that distracts, redirects, slows or even prevents you down from getting to where you want to go. If you can anticipate detours, then you can better prepare for them.  And, by being prepared for them, you minimize or eliminate the chances that they will prevent you from reaching your destination.  Watch this video to discover the seven most common detours you're likely to face. 

Preview 31:41

If I could prove to you that you really can learn to speak well, would you take the necessary steps to work on your speech?  If you knew that what you were doing was definitely going to work, would you keep at it until you saw results?  I bet you would.  In this video, I'll ask you two qualifying questions.  Most, if not all of you will answer in such a way that you'll have proof that you CAN start speaking well in as little as 90 days.  

Preview 40:04
21 Steps to Start Speaking More Smoothly & Confidently
22 Lectures 02:22:40
This is a brief introduction to this 22 session course.  It will set you up to begin a journey that IF you stick with it, can transform you entire life.  
Preview 05:25

With hope, there is despair, fear, doubt, desperation and disappointment.  But, with hope there is virtually nothing you cannot accomplish.  Discover what hope is and why it is absolutely critical to your success on this journey to fluency and success.  
Preview 04:35

1 question

Why do you want to stop stuttering and start speaking well?  This may sound like a silly question, but, your answer will determine whether or not you keep going even when it seems like things are not going to work out.  
Preview 05:13

Without this you're done.  There's going to be times when you want to quit for one reason or another.  So, you may as well accept that now, and make firm commitment to stick in there until you results.  Learn how in this video.
Step 3 Make a Commitment

You'll learn that you do have the ability to learn what you need to learn to start speaking more smoothly, fluently and confidently.  You can do this.  Discover why and how in this video. 
Step 4 You Do Have the Ability to Do This

What you believe about yourself and your ability to speak well ultimately determines how well you speak.  This video explains why, and tells you how to change your beliefs. 
Step 5 Your Belief

What you say to yourself is very, very important.  In this video you will learn a specific formula for structuring what you say to yourself on a daily basis about your potential and ability to speak well. 
Step 6 Use the 3P Formula

How you see yourself may have more of an impact on you than you could imagine.  In this session, you'll learn how to picture yourself speaking the way you want to speak and not the way you currently speak. 
Step 7 Picture Yourself

Without this, this system may have little to no impact.  Practice is the cornerstone to this entire process.  Discover why as well as what to practice in this video. 
Step 8 Practice Speaking

Modeling is the fastest and easiest way to develop a new style of speaking.  While it's not easy, it is the easiest way in comparison with other ways.  What I discuss in this video is the secret to this entire program. 
Step 9 Find a Model

Conversations are not all about you talking.  Some of the best conversationalists listen more than they speak.  This little session will give you some great techniques for becoming extremely skilled at conversing with others.  You'll also learn how focusing on them, takes your mind off of you and stuttering. 
Step 10 Become a Master Conversationalist

How you feel about yourself is both impacted by, and impacts your speech.  How can you develop and maintain high levels of self-esteem?  Watch this video to find out. 
Step 11 Improve Self-Esteem

I've had some people tell me that when you "feel" confident, they actually speak well.  The question becomes then, how can you increase self-confidence so that you can speak well all the time?  Discover the answer in this video. 
Step 12 Increase Self-Confidence

As you begin this process you'll need to learn to control your environments.  This means learning how to set yourself up for success.  Find out what all this means and it impacts your speech in this video. 
Step 13 Monitor and Control Your Environments

Yes, there will be set backs, and times where your speech gets worse.  This is just a part of the process.  Accept it and don't be surprised when it happens.  However, just because you expect that this will happen doesn't mean that you have to want it to happen.  Find out the difference and why understanding this is so important to your progress. 
Step 14 There Will Be Bad Times

Look for the small successes.  If you look, you will find them.  Using this strategy helps you shift your focus from stuttering to speaking well.  Learn exactly how to do this in this video. 
Step 15 Praise Yourself

In this video you will learn some very specific things you can do while speaking to help you speak well in a variety of different situations. 
Step 16 Use Effective Speaking Tactics

You are one entity.  Therefore, you must keep your body functionally as efficiently as possible.  Exercise is one way to do this.  When you feel strong physically, you'll feel stronger mentally, and your speech will be affected by this feeling.  Discover more about this in this video. 
Step 17 Exercise Regularly

Unless you've been told by your Doctor to eat lot's of carbs at night, you may want to consider cutting down.  This can add pounds as well as have you waking up in the morning feeling heavy and sluggish.  Obviously, this can affect how you feel and how you think.  Learn more in this video. 
Step 18 Eat Less Carbs at Night

I like to stay up late sometimes.  But, I'm getting better at going to bed earlier because it has a tremendous impact on my mood.  I take naps as often as I can as well.  The point is, when you can, get lot's of rest.  Let's explore some why this important in this video. 
Step 19 Get Proper Rest

Your relationships affect your speech and your speech affect how you relate to others.  If you're in a bad relationship than can add so much stress to your life, that stuttering becomes one of your response mechanisms.  Learn how to assess your relationships and then what to do about them.  
Step 20 Assess Your Relationships

Taking time to refresh yourself is critically important.  However, you do this is up to you, but do take time to refresh yourself.  
Step 21 Refresh Yourself
21 Steps Download Center
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21 Steps PDF Course Summary
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4 Lectures 32:08
At some point on your journey to excellence speech, you may decide that you want to go to the next level.  Perhaps, you're ready to accelerate your progress, tackle a difficult obstacle between you and the success you know you're capable of.  Whatever the goal or desire may be, you may need support.  This video explains each of the PRO90D Approach and how it can help you achieve your life goals.  

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At some point on your journey to excellence speech, you may decide that you want to go to the next level.  Perhaps, you're ready to accelerate your progress, tackle a difficult obstacle between you and the success you know you're capable of.  Whatever the goal or desire may be, you may need support.  This video explains each of the PRO90D Approach and how it can help you achieve your life goals.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION: PRO90D Private Intensive Coaching
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I recorded this video in response to a series of questions I received from a student of my courses. When I receive similar questions or see patterns present in my coaching clients I often create a video or even an entire course to address it. Let me also assure you that these videos also contain solutions based on my experience with clients as well. Let me know what you think about this video.

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About the Instructor
Michael Williams
4.3 Average rating
520 Reviews
13,492 Students
9 Courses
Speech Coach for Professionals Who Stutter

Michael is the founder of The Start Speaking Training Center, LLC, author of "Don't Try to Stop Stuttering, REPLACE It!" and creator of The Pro90d Speech System. He is the author of several courses on Udemy and has over 100 videos on YouTube. Michael was a professor of Student Success at a local community college where he began teaching on campus and later switched to online to give him more flexibility.

One of the careers that has served him well was being a Relationship Coach which he did for more than five years. Being married for over 24 years to the same woman both helped him do this job well and gave him an opportunity to enhance his own relationship.

Currently, Michael has devoted himself to two endeavors. One of them is helping people who stutter, stammer, have fear of public speaking or otherwise want to improve their communication (speaking) skills speak more smoothly, fluently and confidently. The other is helping people like himself who are called to teach reach their audiences as effectively and efficiently as humanly possible.

In 2012 Michael was contacted by a wealthy Indian doctor who hired him, and flew him to India to coach his son who was also a doctor (Update: Michael has completed his second paid trip to India in November 2013 where he spent almost (4) weeks doing life and speech coaching). This doctor found Michael on YouTube. THIS event was a turning point for him because it clearly demonstrated the power of clarity, purpose, passion, dedication and video. He had been working with people who stutter for over three years and wondered if he could ever really do this full time. This experience answered his question and totally transformed his life, business and subsequently the lives of all of those whom he has coached since.

More about the Michael the Speech Coach...

For more than 20 years Michael struggled with stuttering, sometimes severe, and other times mild. He always had this awareness of stuttering which in many ways controlled his life and limited him. There were times when he would stutter so severely, he would bite his tongue trying to get a word out. In school, he wouldn't volunteer to do certain things because it required him to read aloud or speak in public. Even when he knew an answer, he would not raise his hand because he wasn't sure he could get the words out. Although, he didn't completely let this hold him back, it did limit him greatly.

Sometime in his mid twenties, he figured out that stuttering speech was not just physical, but was also psychological. He realized that stuttering was as much a way of thinking as it was a way of speaking. Therefore, if he could change his thinking and create a new way of speaking, he could start speaking well.

THIS was the turning point for him. Once he believed this, it gave him hope, courage and the perseverance he would need to stick in there with this process of changing his subconscious over the next several years or so. He also discovered that it would be better to focus on learning to speak well, by modeling great speakers, than to focus on trying to stop stuttering. He didn't know it at the time, but this would be a great breakthrough.

Michael focuses not on treating stuttering, but teaching and coaching people to speak more smoothly, fluently and confidently. He has studied, taught and used accelerated learning strategies, and student success strategies. He has worked in ministry, and as a Relationship Coach, so he knows the importance of having excellent communication skills. Michael has taught live and online. He's done live T.V. interviews, been on radio and even cable television. He has taught classes in English and Spanish. Although he hasn't worked with Spanish intensively in a while, he understands the challenges of learning new patterns of speech, and more importantly, how to overcome those challenges.