21 Days to Rediscover the Feminine Divine
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21 Days to Rediscover the Feminine Divine

Heal your feminine soul wounds and awaken the fire inside. Embody your sexual sovereignty, its time to ignite your life.
4.8 (33 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
323 students enrolled
Created by Sharon Ramel
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Discover ways to release the wounds we carry in our wombs
  • Dream with an open heart to liberate deep hurts, engaging and healing the feminine divine
  • Unlock your minds eye to see life clearly, no longer clinging to the worn out stories that informed your past
  • Come home to the wonder and mystery of your feminine divine soul
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  • A Journal to record your thoughts and feelings in
  • Come with an open desire to leave your past behind
  • That with an open heart you can turn around the damaged threads of your life into a positive whole healthy life

Wonderful daily practice for life :) by Chantal L 

It is time to liberate YOU - the feminine being that pulses with a magnetic beauty and blessings. A life built on joy and love. Reclaim your birthright as a woman. Do you feel depleted, dried up, exhausted? Time to change, time to radiate joy.

I stand here with you all as a woman who embodies the elemental innocence of my youth, the transformational growth of middle age, the welcoming dignity, compassion, and acceptance of my crone years, I embrace the growth and  wisdom of my future years as they unfold. As your guide I am here with you daily to assist answering your questions.

Your creative potential will be unleashed after undertaking this powerful womb healing event. Together we will dive in a feel our way into Shakti the divine feminine energy. You will embrace the divine feminine and release allowing your spirits to soar. If you have suffered any abuse that has lead you to shut down, to withdraw, to become small and timid then this may assist your awakening.

"The womb is not a place to store fear and pain.The womb is to create and give birth to life". Marcela Lobos

It is time for you to become devotional. You will be accompanied on this spiritual pilgrimage by the planet Venus, by Shakti, by Isis, by Saraswati. Be inspired and learn to dream the big dreams of your health and loving womb.

This will allow you to let go and be free of the wounded feminine within, open the doors and learn to think with your heart to heal your wounds. Allow this transformation knowing you are safe, you are loved and respected. The old ways never left left us they are presented here and now to assist your healing your womb wounds.

We have a safe place here together - a kula - a place of honour where we may express our fears, our wounds, our deep desires with respect and love for each other.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent!"  Eleanor Roosevelt

Although focused on women and healing our wounds, this course is of value to both men and women who are struggling to honour the feminine divine. WE are each other not separate from each other.

Some student reviews from my other courses:

"This a beautiful course I highly recommend it!" Gayla M

"Wow! I'm so glad I took this course! Sharon's passion and enthusiasm are positively contagious! I've taken several Udemy courses on similar topics and while I've been pleased most with all of them, Sharon's courses are much richer in content. She is a wonderful teacher and extremely knowledgeable. I've already signed up for 2 of her other courses and have started them and am just as thrilled as I am with this one. THANK YOU SHARON!" Lisa

"I enjoyed this Journey with Sharon and learning the rites. Thank you Sharon for having this. I grew in my spiritual walk as a healer. I look forward to continuing my learning as a Shaman" Thomas

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Who is the target audience?
  • The Course is designed to help women clear the wounds of abuse, thus men may not find it useful. Gents you may enrol to enhance the feminine side just knwo it is slanted towards women
  • Come if you are aware that you are harbouring pain and mistrust in your being. Gain the necessary tools to let go
  • This course is meant for people genuinely wanting to create change in their life. You may be new to personal development or a seasoned seeker and if you are willing to put the energy into yourself you will benefit from this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
Healing Our Divine Feminine Wounds
3 Lectures 09:50


I stand here with you all as a woman who embodies the elemental innocence of my youth, the transformational growth of middle age, the welcoming dignity, compassion, and acceptance of my crone years, I embrace the growth and  wisdom of my future years as they unfold.

Here I am with you today after spending more than 20+ years assisting people just like you. Join me as we work together for it is time for you to walk down the feminine divine path. It is your birth rite. This course it a blend of nurturing healing, an awakening into our true potential as wonder filled luscious women. Fall into a bliss of empowerment and awaken.

We will spend time together to cultivate the healing energy within us. We will walk the path of the feminine divine in our practices together. There are seven meditation practices which you will be invited to do sequentially. Each meditation is repeated for three days and then we move on.

Everyday you will be invited to reflect on the meditation and an inspirational vignette.Everyday you will be called to your journal.

It is my honour to be here with you to engage in the bliss fires of life.

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Preview 04:41

"You will be teachers for each other. You will come together in circles and speak your truth to each other. The time has come for women to accept their spiritual responsibility for the planet."

- The Feminine Face of God

Here is a workbook in the resources section lovingly put together for you to accompany the 21 Days we will spend together. You are free to add you own touches of inspiration, thoughts and feelings as they arise. If you already have a journal you use then please continue to use this as it threads your time in a seemless manner.

Preview 02:22

See how to be in the goddess pose, this is a deeply restorative restful pose that helps us gain a sense of peace and wholeness.

Sacred space is a special place where we honour the ritual of drawing from nature and nurturing our soul selves. It gives us the knowing peace and security that all is well with our universe and conspiring to work with rather and against us. It can be as simple as the setting I show you, some fresh flowers, thirteen candles and a bowl of water, it can be more, it can be less. There are no rules, only that which resonates with you.

Preview 02:47
Sacred Healing We Can ALL Attain
24 Lectures 01:48:39

It's such an honour to be with you on this journey of the unfolding of our experience of Shakti as the evolutionary power of Inner Guidance.

Over the coming days together we will be together cultivating the luminous healing energy within us, our Shakti who is nothing less than the evolutionary power of our own soul. In our practices together we will be focusing on inviting Shakti to illuminate and ecstatically awaken our innate wisdom..

The intention of this online immersion is for you to directly experience engaging with Shakti unfolds of our capacity to receive inner guidance from the Divine Feminine, The goddess rests gently upon you in the form of higher wisdom that comes through the silent mind.

Preview 02:40

Day 1: Shakti Womb Healing Meditation

When you close your eyes,
Attention turns toward the inner glow.
Your heart sees by its own light,
Pulsing with subtle flame.

In your forehead is a single eye.
Here streams of living electricity
Flow together.
The body of substance
And the body of light fuse into one.

Above your head a star is shining ~
The soul, luminous in its own realm.

Life arises from itself
In a swirling motion of flame.
Being becomes body.
In meditation, adore the subtle fire -
In heart, forehead, above the head,
Dissolve into radiance.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

may your luminous body awaken in your practice, don't forget to repeat the meditation from yesterday.
Day 2 Begins Our Daily Inspirational Healing Messages

There is a current of love-energy that flows
Between Earth below and the Sun above.

The central channel of your spine is the riverbed.
The streaming is as delicate and as powerful
As the tingling touch of lovers.

Entering here,
Radiance arches between above and below.

The whole attention resting in the nerve,
Vibrating in the center of the spinal column,
Tracing this current between Earth and Sun,
Become magnetism relating all the worlds.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

Day 3 Once Again Repeat The Meditation From Day 1 Draw Into This Healing Message

There is something you all need to know and it is this. "The womb is not a place to store fear and pain.The womb is to create and give birth to life". Marcela Lobos

Honour Your Womb Healing

Inside the skull there is a place
Where the essence of creation play and mingle ~
The ecstatic light of awareness
And the awareness of that light.

The divine feminine and masculine
Sport with one another in that place.
The light of their love-play illumines all space.

Rest in that light
Ever present, and gradually
Awaken into the steady joy of
That which is always everywhere.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

may the ecstatic pathways of your brain radiate,

Day 5 Be Present and Honour Your Healing

Today for a change of pace we are going to create a mantra. Make it something that you will remember. One suggestion is "I am open in my heart, I am open in my mind, I am open to everything that comes my way.

Enter the space inside your head
See it as already vast,
Endlessly spacious.

This spaciousness that you are
Is permeated by luminosity

Know this radiance as the soul of the world.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

om shanti shanti om,

Day 6 Never Give Up On Yourself - The Universe Is Listening Ask For Healing

Deep Womb Healing

Writing without Censoring

Today I invite you to set aside 21 minutes where you can be alone.

Use a pen and paper rather than a computer, so that you can feel the visceral sensation of your hand moving across the page. The key with this is to keep your pen moving.

Sit in a meditation posture with your spine erect and your shoulders, jaw and womb relaxed, close your eyes, and repeating the mantras “ Om, open heart and open mind to all that comes my way, om” nine times, out loud or silently. Breathing in the clear, luminous, silvery blue white light energy into your third eye.

Place your attention on your heart chakra and ask that your inner power of inspiration, the Divine Feminine in the form of insight and inner guidance flow through your pen.

Start your sentence with, “ When the Divine Feminine expresses through me I feel……………………” and write without stopping for 3 minutes. Then write, I will know that it is the Divine Feminine the voice of Divine Feminine wisdom speaking through me when I feel the signs…………..( explore body, sense, heart, tone, overall state of consciousness and write without censoring yourself until there is nothing more to come out.)

may divine insight flow through your pen,

Day 8 The Pearl Of womb Healing Continues Be Inspired Live and Love Yourself

Asking for guidance upon every rising day

The first few minutes after you wake up in the morning is truly a gift to embrace as you are in a deeply receptive, centred and open state of consciousness.

When you awaken in the morning, before you get out of bed, lie on your back. Take several low deep belly breaths. With each breath feel the luminous presence of Shakti warming your womb.. Then draw the breath up through your central channel and into your heart centre, then to your third eye. Inviting the moonlike luminous presence of Shakti to illuminate your third eye in the form of inner guidance.

Now softly breathe and ask the dawning day, "What Guidance do you have for me today?"

Ask to receive loving, empowering, positive direction for your day.

Now come back to your breath and enter into the silence, wait and pay attention to any thoughts and feelings that may arise.

Trust what arises and take you guidance into your day.,

may the luminous guiding light of Shakti guide you this day

Day 9 Ask Your For Healing Guidance Each Day

Just a quick note. This lecture will be re-recorded as soon as I am able. I had trouble with the audio and winds outside. I do love to film outside however sometimes....

Welcome, we are now looking specifically at heart healing and clearing those wounds with our dedicated meditations, journal writing and daily inspiration.

Preview 01:30

The ancient sages say that when you say something from the core of your being your words can become true. True because they authentically express what you mean and what you feel. The sages would say that the source of power in words comes when we are connected to our heart chakra as we speak.

We will practice connecting to Shakti wisdom as she resides in her subtle form in the heart chakra and linking your womb, heart and the third eye chakra. Allow your words to infuse your thoughts with the hearts power of truth and insight.

Liberate your consciousness and let harmful speech that can create negativity go.

When words flow easily, when ideas come out of an apparent nowhere.

Lets begin today's meditation and contemplation infuse every fibre of your being.

May your heart and mind unite in the delight of this day.

Day 10 - Womb, Heart and Third Eye Mother Earth Shakti Connection Meditation

Rocking, undulating, swaying,
Carried by rhythm,
Cherish the streaming energy
Flooding your body
As a current of the divine.

Oh Radiant One,
Ride the waves of ecstatic motion
Into a sublime fusion of passion and peace.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

Come to your journal and allow it to teach you how to gather the fragments of your Soul, allow it to help you reclaim your lost potential and help you become whole. Let the words flow to find forgiveness embracing a new way to be, releasing all the hurt and anger that has wounded you. Let your words heal your divine body which is the sacred vessel of your Soul, mending all those aspects and allow your Journal to become the reflection that becomes your Medicine Bowl. The the pages reveal your courage to face those enemies you have hidden within. Let is heal your weaknesses and honour the sacred wonderful warrior women within. Allow the pages to be a reflection of your sacred promises to yourself upon your quest to yourself. Never desert the medicine within that is here to help you at every moment of every day.

may your ecstatic heart ignite your mind with divine light,
Day 11 Stay Connected Healing and Opening Your Womb, Heart and Minds Eye

There is a holiness permeating everything.
The senses cannot grasp it and
Images cannot represent it.

It is totally free -
Free to appear as form,
Free to appear beyond form.

Heart and body and mind in unison,
Attend to the unimaginable realm.
An awakening will be born in you
As you join with That,
Which you alreay are,

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

may your heart, body and mind unite as one luminous light,

Day 12 Unity In Heart and Body Leads to Healing Slowly Unfolding Within

The third eye chakra is both the place where intuition and inspiration arises from within us and also the place where the inspiration and intuitive guidance descends on us from above.

In our last meditations together we focused on rising the creative Shakti and allowing her to pierce the third eye, and now we are going to explore receiving the grace, inspiration and higher creative thought.

Day 13 - Lotus Heart Meditation

“Drop your maps and listen to your lostness like a sacred calling into presence. Here, where the old ways are crumbling and you may be tempted to burn down your own house. Ask instead for an introduction to that which endures. This place without a foothold is the province of grace. It is the questing field, most responsive to magic and fluent in myth. Here, where there is nothing left to lose, sing out of necessity that your ragged heart be heard. Send out your holy signal and listen for the echo back.” Toko-Pa

The small self enters delicious omnipresence.
This it remembers, and knows as its truth.
Gradually the luminosity of that truth shines through the darkness
Fills your body to overflowing

Day 14 Ride The Radiant Waves of Opening to Your Healing Heart

When you focus on something,
You forget everything else.
Enter this forgetting,
Meditate on the spacious emptiness,
And rest in tranquility.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

may you rest in tranquility,

Day 15 Rest In Tranquility after The Lotus Heart Healing Meditation

It is time to open yourself to the possibilities of life. You cannot do this whilst you harbour negative sentiments in your minds. Let go, they only serve to harm you.

"When the mind is pure, joy follow like a shadow that never leaves

Preview 01:24

Day 16 Womb, Heart, Mind and Earth Meditation

Consider all the pain and pleasure
You have ever experienced,
As waves of a very deep ocean that you are.

From the depths, witness those waves,
Rolling along so bravely, always changing,
Beautiful in their self –sustaining power.

Marvel that once, you identified with
Only the surface of this ocean.
Now embrace the waves, depths, undersea mountains,
Out to the farthest shore.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

may your embrace all your emotions as shakti,

Day 17 From the Depths Listen Deeply Healing Words Are Here For You

Abandon all these attitudes,
Of wanting to prolong pleasure
And avoid suffering -
Let the heart be itself, and feel
Whatever is there.

Freed from clinging and avoiding,
The heart regains its poise
And revels in creation.

Plunging deep into its centre,
Discover the heart is moved
By a pulse that is everywhere.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

Look deep inside my dear friends and look for your "Soul's Code". Look for the image, seed and metaphor that is uniquely YOU as it nudges you back on track through your deepest yearnings.

Day 18 Abandon Those Old Stories and Embrace Healing Your Essense

The piano is played by me, it is a piece by Haydn - the Piano Concerto in G Major.

Sit with the essential soul self that is you. Draw deeply from you core knowledge that exists within from here to evermore

may your womb, heart and mind connect as one fluid guidance system,

Day 19 Being With The Essence Of You

Be wildly devoted to someone, or something.
Cherish every perception.
At the same time, forget about control.
Allow the Beloved to be itself and to change.

Passion and compassion, holding and letting go,
This ache in your heart is holy,
Accept it as the rise of intimacy with life's secret ways.

Devotion is the Divine streaming through you
From that place in you before time.
Love's energy flows through your body,
Towards a body, and into eternity again.
Surrender to this current of devotion
And become one with the body of love.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

In devotion to Shakti Ma may she be ecstatically embodied in us all,

Day 20 Be Wildly Devoted To Healing and Living Your Authentic Life

Be witness in your life no longer lost the illusion. Healing occurs a bit like th layers of an onion, layer at a time. Be devoted to your healing journey. It may be tense and uncomfortable that is okay. Come back time and time again until you are filled with the love and light to heal your womb, heart and mind.

may the wisdom of the divine feminine guide you always,

Day 21 Free of the Traumas - Commit To Your Healing Journey
2 Lectures 03:34

Thank you for being here as it has been an honour to share my vision of empowered women through all things mystical and meaningful. When the feminine way of knowing is honored through creativity and intuition, life becomes more meaningful and joyful. When the inner self (womb heart and mind) unite in this place inside of you, you are more peaceful and loving. This is where healing the Self and the planet begins

it takes great courage and internal strength for work to heal the wounds and to retrace a challenging past history in order to transport it into a well spring of self- knowledge, love, faith and wisdom. Live a salve that heals a wound but leaves a scar, a wound to be used to heal and inspire.

Thank you for sharing your stories on the forum, for it is in these stories we may all draw from to transform suffering and pain, coming out proud, tall and stronger than before. transforming into a wisdom of consciousness leading to growth for all. The divine feminine is revealed proud and strong, resonating from to evermore.

Blessed be

Preview 02:32

Delight in these practices, my Adored One.
Play with creation as it plays with you.
Playing become smaller than an atom,
Travel through space,
Drink in the elixir of immortality.

Bathe in the stream of these life – giving teachings.
Flirt with the tingling sparks of vitality
Surging through your body.
Become liberated while engaging
In work, play, and love.
Live your whole life as a festival, a celebration.

Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra -
Translation by Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras

may you remember how to access the deep feminine wisdom inside you always,

Preview 01:02
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I believe in “personal spirituality” and the ability we each have to create a path for ourselves that is of our own making. There are often criticisms against people who create a personal spiritual path for themselves, taking a little Buddhist meditation and adding in a bit of drumming, and then a healthy dose of yoga and some trance dancing for good measure. Interestingly, this is simply judgmental language to label this “cafeteria spirituality”. Whilst I do not advocate that people go from course to course, book to book, finding elements of the sacred within certain practices and adopting them is fine by me!

It is very empowering  knowing what we know in our hearts and claiming it, regardless of whether or not it is popular or approved of by others. Within my courses I try my best to provide the resources that support “the spiritual journey” because it is that Mystery that I serve. I am not inspired to serve something made by humans, controlled by humans, and manipulated by us so we can fulfil.

Weaving magic, spirituality and crafting with nature is the way of my ancestors. It is a gift we all have deep within the core of our beings. However it has been beaten and educated out of us. It is time to reclaim who we really are. What are you waiting for? Over 10,000 people have enrolled in my classes. 

I stand here with you all as a woman who embodies the elemental innocence of my youth, the transformational growth of middle age, the welcoming dignity, compassion, and acceptance of my crone years, I embrace the growth and  wisdom of my future years as they unfold.

Abundant blessings on your path.

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