The 101% Brand: How Your Corporate Culture Creates Your Brand
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The 101% Brand: How Your Corporate Culture Creates Your Brand

10 steps to brand building to creating a thriving culture, one employee at a time, regardless of size of your company.
4.5 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
35 students enrolled
Created by Bobby Bakshi
Published 10/2011
The 101% Brand: How Your Corporate Culture Creates Your Brand
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In these challenging economic times few companies are paying conscious attention to the impact of employee sentiment on their brand.  Bobby Bakshi, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Resonant Insights LLC, is a proponent of leading with clarity of purpose, one employee at a time.  SIGN-UP for this course to learn how to create a culture of common understanding and intention, starting by each employee getting clear about their purpose and how it connects with that of the company they represent.

Learn from case-studies of those doing a great job (e.g. Zappos sold to Amazon for $1.25 billion) and those who have learned the hard way (e.g. "United Breaks Guitars").

Bobby Bakshi will guide you through the 10 steps to creating a thriving culture regardless of the size of your company.  Remember, as Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) says: "Your Culture is Your Brand."  Bobby believes this happens ONE EMPLOYEE AT A TIME.  This course is a simple way for each employee in your company to connect with your brand by first figuring out their personal brand.

Please contact Bobby to discuss your specific needs and to go deeper into this material:

Also, look for his upcoming course: CONSCIOUS CULTURE CREATES BRAND VALUE

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Curriculum For This Course
23 Lectures
2 Lectures 03:55

Listen to Bobby Bakshi, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Resonant Insights LLC, briefly describe why this course is important for everyone from solo-entrepreneurs to leaders and team members at large corporations.  The building blocks of a great brand are all about clarity of purpose, one employee at a time.  What are your personal values?  How do you personally relate with the vision and mission of your company?  What stories of passionate connection do you share with friends and family about your company and why you are excited to be working there?  These are just some of the areas Bobby will uncover and tactically guide you through in this course.

NOTE: This course teaches employees how to construct their personal brand and then concludes with how to relate themselves to the brand they represent (company or product offering).  This course is based on Bobby Bakshi's book "The 101% You: Seven Steps to Creating the Life of Your Choice."  You can purchase the book here.

Preview 01:42

In this lecture you will learn the definition of 101% and why it's important.  In today's world of scarcity, it is critical to believe that abundance is possible for us all.  Creativity and innovation are after all about abundance.  Learn how you can apply this principle in your day-to-day work.

Need to discuss your business challenges/opportunities?  Contact Resonant Insights Chief Inspiration Officer and Author of the book "The 101% You" here.

Preview 02:13
2 Lectures 03:26

Learn how the foundation of every company starts with the values of every indivual, from the founders down to new hires.  In this lecture you receive step-by-step guidance on how to uncover and live your true values, beyond simple words.  Remember, everyone interprets a word differently.  Get clear about how you, your team and your company define these words.  Make them your own.

Preview 02:54

Like it or not, adhere to them or not--we all have ingrained values in us.  We know when we resonate with certain values and not with others without even thinking about it.  Here are some basic questions to assist in bringing your values to surface.  Make sure to jot these down in your journal for t…
Invitation 1: Your Values
Creating a VISION and MISSION
4 Lectures 04:16

A vision is always ahead of its time and feel impossible to accomplish at the time.  From a "man on the moon" to a "PC on every desk" it took a visionary to believe and then create the offerings that make the vision a reality.  A vision is typically ahead of its time and it takes a visionary to push against the norm and current state of things.  Learn how to create a vision.  If you already have one, learn how to use it to propel you forward to creating the success you choose to have.

Preview 01:40

Now let's dream BIG, I mean bigger than BHAG (Big High Audacious Goal).  It's time to create your lofty vision statement.  There are many ways to come to this.  We invite you to keep it simple. 1. Find a quiet place where you won't be distracted. 2. Close your eyes and take 3 slow and deep breaths f…
Invitation 2: Your Vision

Mission is the "how" you deliver on your company's vision (the "why").  Learn why it's important to have one and to live it beyond a tag-line.  Each and every employee must be clear about the company's mission and know 101% how they connect with that mission, personally.  What's each person's part in accomplishing and delivering on that mission statement?

Preview 01:35

Now it's time to break down that life vision into the HOW you'll get there.  This is the work of a mission statement.  This statement must be SMART, for you to have a deep emotional connection with it: Specific Measureable Actionable Resonates with you Targeted The general construct of a mission sta…
Invitation 3: Your Mission
The 7 Steps to The 101% Brand
15 Lectures 17:48

This is the first step of 7 from Bobby Bakshi's book "The 101% You: Seven Steps to Creating the Life of Your Choice."  These steps can be applied in any area of life.  This course is designed to apply it toward business and entrepreneurship.

Step 1 is about having a clear intention.

Step 1: Your Intention

Our definition of INTENTION is... Your Desire + Your Belief = Your Results Everything begins with desire, consciously or not.  Look around the space you are in right now.  An idea as simple as a glass desk took someone's desire to make it happen.  Nothing begins without intention, and intention begi…
Invitation 4: Your Intention

The next step in the 7 Steps is Your Choice.  Make sure you are signing-up for something with a clear intention and choice.  No one can MAKE you do anything, at least in the free world.  Yes many times we are not keen to do something but make sure to recognize that only you OWN the choice to say yes or no.  Do not be a victim (or a child) about it and accept something you are not willing to be accountable for.

Step 2: Your Choice

We are ALWAYS at choice about what state of being we will live from.  How are you showing up, regardless of what is going on around you?  The best thing about choice is that it can be simple.  Our cumulative choices affect our view of our own selves.  Are you aware of the choices you are making, cho…
Invitation 5: Your Choice

In this 3rd of 7 steps you will learn about how to make your intentions a reality, by committing the specifics of what, how and when you will do what you say you'll do to someone you trust.  Be it a manager, a friend or business partner--this step is critical to your success and must be followed methodically.  Do not take it for granted.  It's simple but not easy to do.

Step 3: Your Commitment

Commitment starts with accountability.  Effective commitment setting is a binary decision.  You are either 100% IN or 100% OUT.  Anything in-between is simply a way to deny, suppress or hide your true desire.  Be clear what you are commiting to and what the expectations are, first to you and then to…
Invitation 6: Your Commitment

In Step 4 of the 7 steps you'll learn to now get into the details of your efforts.  Most businesses and people do not allow enough time up front to do the steps you've done already: Values, Vision, Mission, Step 1: Your Intention, Step 2: Your Choice, and Step 3. Your Commitment.  It's only with that foundation that Step 4: Your Work means anything and sets you and your people up for success- collaboratively.

Step 4: Your Work

We all know of the concept of being aware of what is Important vs. Not Important (on one axis) and Urgent and Not Urgent (on the other axis).  Let's now go beyond that fundamental truth (to work on the Important and Not Urgent--as that's where break-through and innovation occurs).  Let's also go bey…
Invitation 7: Your Work

This is a critical component to creating the outcome you desire--your power.  This word is greatly abused in modern society and seen mostly as a negative.  Learn the positive aspects of power and how we can use it to our advantage toward something greater than ourselves, toward a greater good.

Step 5: Your Power

Do you have the courage to be all of who you are meant to be? Power has a bad wrap AND it's fundamental to who we are as bodies of energy.  Remember we are always at choice: Courageous Complacent Start something Procrastinate Trust Mistrust Love Fear At Resonant Insights we believe when you Know you…
Invitation 8: Your Power

By now you've made it through setting a solid foundation and 5 of the 7 steps.  This is the step when you can start to see the end and yet you are not quite there.  Make sure to not loose focus at this point.  Also look around and notice who's along on the ride with you.  Check-in with them and see how they are doing.  If you've all followed the steps, by Step 6 integration is a given rather than a surprise.  You worked hard to get here.

Step 6: Your Integration

By now in this short but likely intense course you have the building blocks that lead to owning your 101% true self.  We define integration as that point in our life when we embrace all our parts--great, good, bad and ugly.  Everything begins with awareness--be it for you as an individual or for a c…
Invitation 9: Your Integration

This is the last step in the process to creating a 101% Brand for yourself and your company.  Make sure to take this step, Your Gift, just as seriously (as you have fun) as the other steps in this process.  We live in a culture that moves on quickly to the next thing.  Instead, imagine if we all took time to celebrate our small and big wins in ways that are unique.  Leverage these moments as anchors to remember what you created so the next time you feel something is impossible you get started any way.

Step 7: Your Gift

"Life is a gift.  If you do not value your gift, nobody else will." Do you take the time to celebrate both your small and big wins?  At Resonant Insights we believe it's critical to celebrate the small wins.  Those incremental steps on the path to your bigger mission and vision are what get you ther…
Invitation 10: Your Gift

Now that you've done YOUR PERSONAL work, it's time to meet with the people you work with and assimilate these lessons into your organization. This PDF will guide you through the basics of having a conversation about VALUES, VISION and MISSION. Please recognize that "organization" can be a solo-entrepreneur with partners in her network that make it possible to be successful--all the way to multi-national enterprises. If you are in the later, do these exercises for your immediate area of influence and adjust as needed (for instance--skip Vision as you are unlikely to have much direct control over it). When all else fails and you need support--contact Bobby Bakshi at
Summary The 101% Brand
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Bobby Bakshi
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Chief Inspiration Officer, Resonant Insights LLC

Bobby Bakshi is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Resonant Insights LLC, a strategic insights consultancy that blends marketing, branding and people culture into an integrated approach to creating thriving brands and products/services.

Bobby has worked at Fortune 100 companies in marketing, market research, people development and product planning roles.  He is passionate about the new ways of doing business and management.  He is a frequent blogger and Tweeter @resonantinsight.  He is a keynote speaker and workshop leader to organizations across the globe.  Bobby is the author of "The 101% You: Seven Steps to Creating the Life of Your Choice" applicable to all areas of life, including business.

Contact Bobby directly at:

Resonant Insights is a strategic insights consultancy.