2017 Blog Blueprint: How To Turn Blogging Into A Career

The A-Z Guide That Will Hold Your Hand To Earn 6 Figures Through Blogging And Building A Successful Online Business
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About This Course

Published 2/2016 English

Course Description

The Best And Most Comprehensive Blogging Course On Udemy

Are You Tired Of Blogging Courses That Don't Have Any Substance And Only Teach You How To Make Chump Change? Or Are You Frustrated With A Failing Blog That Isn't Producing Any Income?

I know the feeling. For many years I struggled with making money off my blog, and wanted a system that held me by the hand and took me all the way.

Most blogging courses teach you how to set up a website and how to write good content.

They don't take you all the way.

What about how to bring in a massive audience? What about how to generate 25/50/100,000 dollars? 

I've taken many blogging courses and make money online programs which just leave me with more questions then answers.

Courses which don't tell you what to do, they just give you endless information which you have absolutely no idea how to apply and how it will work with you. They make you figure the rest out by yourself.

Do you want a course that cuts straight through the BS and show you exactly what needs to be done to make over 6 figures with a blog? 

My name is Daniel and this is the '100k Blog Blueprint: Become A 6 Figure Blogger' super course.

In this course I will show you:

  • How to set up the perfect blog that costs under $10 that will make it look like it was designed for thousands of dollars and impress all your friends and family
  • How to create irresistible content that will bring in millions in traffic (theres a tested system) so that you can start earning an income faster and getting your name out in the fastest possible way.
  • The main monetisation techniques that will bring in 5 - 6 figures in income and build up your brand in the most profitable way. Using any other method will waste your time. 
  • Why most traffic advice is wrong and how to go about properly generating a massive audience with the 2 part system designed specifically for bloggers. 

And a tonne more.

It's a no bs, 'straight to the answers' blogging course which will hold you by the hand from a to z, and have it all laid out right in front of you. 

In this course I get straight to the good bits and show you how to do it properly. This is how I've done it for years and this is how all the successful bloggers do it.

There are no gimmicks, no expensive softwares you need to buy, you get the exact blueprint with no stones left unturned.

I have been doing this for over 8 years now and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and generated millions in traffic. Not just for me, but for all my clients.

I've even taught a Thai villager who speaks very little english, and he made over $10,000 in his first 6 months with his entertainment blog. Read my reviews on my other courses and you will see that this is the real deal, you can have this success too.

With a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, if you don't feel satisfied at all with the course, I'd be more than happy to return your investment. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So if you are ready to make 2017 your year and commit to a system that has a success rate higher than any others, then this is the course for you. Take the leap now to a freedom lifestyle.

So, what will you be learning here?

  • Module 1 is an introduction and how to use the course.
  • Module 2 is all about building your blog. This is where I’ll show you how to find the perfect niche for you, how to set up a stunning blog in under 30 minutes, how to get an amazing logo that will give your blog a brand and stand out from everyones else boring looking logo, how to track whose visiting your blog, how to back up and keep your site safe, and lot lot more.
  • Module 3 is where we get into content creation. You’ll learn how to create articles that stand out, how to rewrite already popular articles to get you used to writing amazing content and direct all the interest to your blog, the top 10 best types of blog articles and how to write them, how to write perfect headlines, where to find free and stunning images for your articles and a whole lot more.
  • Module 4 is where the magic happens. You’ll learn how to build a relationship with the best blogs and get them to promote your content, the easiest way to bring in viral traffic overnight, a simple Facebook method to send you millions of visitors, see how to write the perfect guest post and the emails to send that will get your blog shared overtime, the style of content that has been proven to generate the most amount of traffic, and a whole lot more inside that module.
  • Module 5 you’ll learn how to build your list. You’ll find out how to build an email list, one of the most important assets by far of any successful blog, why this is the best asset for generating hundreds and thousands of dollars down the line, how to install email submission forms and where the best spots are to put them on your blog, you’ll learn how to create lead magnets which are bribes what will increase your email collection by 300%, the best strategies for monetising your email and a tonne more in there.
  • Module 6 is where we get into detail about the only 6 ways top bloggers use to monetise their blog. I show you step by step instructions to setting your blog up with ads, how to set up a membership site which is the perfect solution to easily generating recurring income, how to create your own products no matter what niche you’re in and make 6 figures from it, how to get the best commissions and sell other peoples stuff, and a lot lot more inside there. 2016 UPDATE: How coaching can earn a low traffic blog thousands of dollars every month.
  • Module 7 is our famous, the Mental Game. Discover mental strategies that no other blogging course covers which is absolutely crucial to your success online, 4 scientifically proven methods that will make you super human and insanely productive, see why most bloggers quit after a couple of months and the perfect solution to avoiding that, learn the mental strategies that people don’t discover until years of failures and road blocks so you don’t have to do through all that yourself, and a lot more inside there as well.

What are the requirements?

  • You don't need to know anything. I'll hold you by the hand and show you how to do everything step by step from beginning to end.
  • Webhosting and domain purchasing will be recommended

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build a stunning blog, write irresistible articles, generate a massive audience, collect endless emails, know how to generate 6 figures and more through income strategies and stay motivated throughout the whole process.

Who is the target audience?

  • This blogging course is for both newbies and current blog owners who want to take their blog to the next level. If you are sick and tired of your day job and want a step by step instructions on how to share your value online, then this course is for you.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Start Here

Introduction to the 100k Blog Blueprint Ultimate Course. See what's inside this blogging course and what you'll be getting out of it.

Section 2: Module 2 - Build Your Blog

The first stage of your blogging career is finding out what to blog about. Here I show you how to find the perfect topic for you, and see if theres any relevant interest in your chosen niche.

Every great blog needs a great domain name. It's the brand and image of your blog, so it's important you do it right. Learn how to find the perfect domain for you and our favourite tool that does that.
Now that you have the address to your blog, you need a foundation and structure. That's what hosting is for. Learn where to grab the best host and how to install it.
To avoid all the hassle of learning coding and html, all the top bloggers use WordPress. We show you how to install this amazing content management system with a simple click.

Rather than paying someone thousands of dollars to design you a new website, learn how to install a theme onto your site and have your own stunning web design for free.

Every successful blog needs a great logo. We show you why you must have one, how to go about getting one for yourself and how to place it in your site.

Plugins are like software but for WordPress. From Facebook like box to search engine optimisation, they have many functions. Learn how to install them and the top ones you must have.


It would be a shame after you've been working on your blog for so long for it to all crash and disappear. Install a back up to keep your files safe.


It's important to keep track of your traffic and visitors. Learn how to quickly set up analytics so you can find out everything about your audience.

Every blog should have easy navigations to help people to get around your site. Learn how to quickly install one now.
Section 3: Module 3 - Perfect Content Creation

The source of any great blogging career begins with the content. We show you how to write an article on WordPress. It's as simple as writing a word document. Plus, learn the best plugin to boost your article's quality.


Getting into writing articles is hard. We show you the number one strategy to getting you into the zone of writing and how to write great articles.

From a simple list to ultimate how to guides, there are many types of articles you can write. We show you a variety of ways to write articles that your audience will love.

In the blogging world, one of the most important aspects of your article is the headline. A great headline brings in more traffic, so why not have the best. We show you how in this little video.


Every great article needs high quality visual elements. We show you where to source these without you having to pay a single cent for them.


A simple free tool that will help you write better articles and convey information in a coherent and concise manner.

Section 4: Module 4 - Traffic Generation Strategies

No matter how great your blog is, if no one's reading it then it's essentially useless. Learn our 2 part strategy to generating mass traffic and attracting the right audience.


In the blogging world, the difference between a blog that builds traffic fast and one that's frustratingly slow. Learn how to leverage other already popular blogs to send traffic your way.

This is the difference between a blog that builds traffic fast and one that's frustratingly slow. Learn how to leverage other already popular blogs to send traffic your way.

Get your blog, brand and name out to the world fast by utilising social news sites. They are responsible for viral traffic and inside you learn how to get viral traffic yourself.

In this video we show you the strategies to getting an article on another popular blog. This gets your blog out and redirects their traffic back to you.
In this video we share 3 simple strategies to maximising traffic from Facebook. Build a big fan base and direct traffic back to your site through Facebook.

The biggest difference between a blog with a lot of traffic and one that doesn't is the quality of their content. Take your blogging to the next level and learn how to write killer content that will keep people coming back.

Here we show you how to set up your blog on social media. From finding the best one for your particular niche to how to maximise your reach, we show you everything in this lesson.
Infographics are a powerful way to bring in viral and constant traffic, and makes you stand out from the other blogs out there. Here we show you how to make one and get it shared.

Forums are a great way to learn, share value whilst at the same time directing the traffic there back to your blog. Know where to find the best forums for you and how to utilise them.


Not only can you post articles in word form, you can repurpose them into various media types to extend it's reach out to even more people.

Section 5: Module 5 - Building Your List

An email list is having access to someone directly. Learn why it's so crucial for you to build up an email list and how you can benefit from it.


Here we show you how to convert your blogging traffic into an emailing list. Learn how to install an email collection form and where the best places are for the highest conversions.


A lead magnet is a term to describe an offering to someone in exchange for their email. This means higher conversions as you're exchanging free value for a simple email.


An email list is useless unless you actually send them emails. Here we show different strategies for earning an income from your subscribers.

Section 6: Module 6 - Income, Income, Income
Advertisement comes in two forms, direct and indirect, so we've split this section into two parts. Learn how find, apply and maximise advertisements on your blog.
Advertisement comes in two forms, direct and indirect, so we've split this section into two parts. Learn how find, apply and maximise advertisements on your blog.
Product Creation

If you don't want to create your own products, or want to earn extra cash on the side, selling other people's stuff is another great way to generate income to your blog.

How To Make Money Even With A Blog Generate Less Than 1000 Visitors Per Day

This method is another favourite to generating a tonne of income from your blog. Build protected areas that people pay monthly to access and earn recurring income every cycle.


This method is another favourite to generating a tonne of income from your blog. Build protected areas that people pay monthly to access and earn recurring income every cycle.

Section 7: Module 7 - The Mental Game
See the main reason to why most bloggers create a blog and abandon it after a couple months, and how to easily avoid being part of this group.

These 4 science backed methods are responsible for our success and the success of all those who uses it. Use these regularly and you'll see yourself becoming superhuman.


If you've never looked into your psychology and notice the beliefs that are holding you back, then this video will change your life. Learn how to get rid of beliefs that are holding you back so you can succeed 100x faster.


If you've never looked into your psychology and notice the beliefs that are holding you back, then this video will change your life. Learn how to get rid of beliefs that are holding you back so you can succeed 100x faster.

Section 8: Bonuses
3 Types Of Blog Posts That Gets Shared The Most [Templates]
9 pages
Content Promotion Checklist - What To Do Once You've Published An Article
15 pages
Traffic Troubleshoot Checklist - Diagnose Your Blog Traffic Problems
16 pages
5 Essential Tools Every Blog Must Have
6 pages
The Perfect Blog Post
5 pages

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Instructor Biography

Mr Daniel Boehm, Entrepreneur, Professional Blogger, World Traveler

I've been earning an income online since 2008 when I got serious about my blogging career. I have earned multiple 6 figures through my blogs, and have been featured on major websites with my success in building viral blogs. I'm self taught in internet marketing and online business development, with 8 years of experience. One of my websites was at one time in the top 1000 most visited sites in the world.

I'm also a keen explorer of psychology and how our mind works, and incorporate this knowledge into my teachings. I believe this is why my students have such a high success rate, and this is the difference between someone who has multiple success in all areas of their life, and someone who seems to have life not going their way in whatever they try to achieve.

Whether you want to turn your expertise into an online business, or simply wanting more freedom in your life, I can help achieve your goals in fast and effective ways.

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