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10 Weeks to 10 Push-Ups

The beginners guide to doing the perfect push-up and getting the upper body strength you've always wanted.
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Created by Jonathan Chant
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
10 Push-Ups in a row without stopping
Feel stronger and more toned
Understand how to actually do a proper push-up
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  • All you need is your body
  • You should have no muscle or joint issues that prevent you from using your arms and shoulders
  • You need to be able to get up and down off the floor
  • A couch or set of stairs will be very helpful to do this course

Course Description

If you are a beginner exerciser and wish you had better upper body strength this course is designed for you. It will teach you how to do a proper push-up, help you understand what muscles are involved and give you a step by step program to achieve your goal of doing 10 push-ups in 10 weeks.

Become physically and mentally stronger by progressively improving your push-ups with this course.

  • Learn through video demonstrations
  • Download supplemental motivational tools
  • Follow progressive phases to stay challenged
  • Track your progress

Strength and motivation literally in the palm of your hand

This course is laid out for you, the beginner exerciser, to help improve your muscular strength and build enough endurance to do 10 push-ups in a row. The lectures are video based with supplemental downloadable content, so you understand exactly how to do the exercise properly to get the most out of it and avoid injury. The progressive calendar has easy to follow phases to make it easy to track your progress on your way to getting stronger and more toned. Most importantly this program is simple and we provide motivational tools to keep you motivated and show you how you're improving.

Finally an exercise program you can actually stick to and prove to yourself you can have a strong upper body and the perseverance to do 10 push-ups in a row.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you are a beginner exerciser that want's a stronger upper body specifically chest, arms and shoulders this course is for you
  • If you want to tone your arms and chest this course is for you
  • If you struggle to do push-ups and are frustrated you can't do them this course is for you
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 32 Lectures Collapse All 32 Lectures 01:02:36
Introduction to the Push-up
4 Lectures 09:02

In this course we are going to cover proper push-up form, what some of the different variations are, what makes them different and right for you. Once you understand the proper form and concepts of what makes a good push-up and all the different variations. We will then go through the calendar and specifities of each phase you need to follow to achieve your desired outcome of doing 10 Push-Ups in 10 Weeks.

Preview 01:29

In this lecture we take an in-depth look at the proper form of a push-up, the different variations and how to make your push-ups easier or harder.

Preview 03:01

Changing your hand placement changes how your muscles are targeted watch this video to understand how.

Preview 00:50

Why have you struggled with your push-ups in the past? In this lecture we will discuss the physiology (don't worry we will keep it basic) about why you have likely struggled in the past and what you can do to overcome it.

Preview 03:42
Dealing With Injuries
3 Lectures 03:19

After this lecture you will understand how to modify a push-up if your wrists hurt.

Preview 01:00

What to do if you're getting a sore neck

Sore Neck

What to do if your shoulder is bothering you while you do your push-ups.

Sore Shoulder
Preparing for the Program
2 Lectures 05:28

Even though you're a beginner you will still have a different starting point than everyone else, by the end of this lecture you will understand where your starting point is and what phase of the program you will be starting at.

Discovering Your Starting Point

You're ability to successfully reach your goal of doing 10 push-ups has more to do with your mindset than your physical abilities. At the end of this lecture you will have some strategies that you can use to help stay motivated reach your goals and stay on track.

Staying Motivated and Setting Your Goals
Phases of the Exercise Program
3 Lectures 10:49

This lecture is going to cover some basic terms that are used throughout your program so you understand what they mean, as well we will take a sample look at your calendar so you understand what's going on.

Understanding Terms and Reading The Calendar

Sometimes it can be challenging understanding when it's time for you to move up a phase, at the end of this lecture you will know when it's time to move up.

Moving to Your Next Phase

You may get 'stuck' at a certain level during one of these phases this is commonly called a plateau. This is most likely to happen in phase 4 and/or 5 especially if you jumped ahead a bit and you really start pushing yourself. This lecture will teach you some strategies to help you break through these plateaus so you know what to do when they happen.

Breaking Through Plateaus
The Phases and Workouts
20 Lectures 28:58

This is the first in your series' of push-up workouts follow this along and if it's too easy move up a phase immediately, at the end of this phase you will be ready for phase 2. Download the calendar and print it so you can follow along.

Phase 1 - The beginning
1 page

Your warm-up exercise for Phase 1.

Practicing the push-up motion your Phase 1 Warm-up

Wall push-up demonstration.

How to do a wall push-up

Pulsing push-up demonstration.

How to do a pulsing push-up

We already talked about how to do a push-up on the couch in this lecture we talk about how to do a push-up on the stairs and how to do the proper progressions. So you understand how to make the push-up easier or harder based on your level.

How to do a stair push-up

This is a follow along video of Phase 1 Day 5. I put this in so that you can have an idea of the tempo and how long the program should take.

Phase 1 Day 5 Follow Along

This is the second phase in achieving your push-up goals and where the vast majority of you will actually start. If you find it too easy immediately move up to Phase 3. Download the calendar and print it so you know what to do.

Phase 2 - The middle
1 page

Demonstration of a pike push-up.

How to do a pike push-up

How to do a push-up from your knees so you get the most out of the exercise.

How to do a push-up on your knees

This variation is essential in getting your muscles to fire more efficiently and get stronger.

How to do explosive push-ups

This is a follow along video of Phase 2 Day 13. I put this in so that you can have an idea of the tempo, what do do when an exercise is too easy and how long the program should take.

Phase 2 Day 13 Follow Along

This is where things start to get a little bit intense and you really have to start pushing yourself to get through the workouts.

Phase 3 - The second middle
1 page

This is the top of a push-up hold and is good to strength your core and get you used to holding your body up.

How to do a hand plank

Increasing your time under tension will help improve your strength and push you through your plateaus.

How to do a negative push-up

By now you more or less know what to do and we start offering a larger variety and styles of push-ups to keep your muscles guessing and help push you through that plateau that might be coming.

Phase 4 - You're almost there
1 page

This is the exercise you signed up to not only learn how to do properly but also do 10 times in a row.

How to do a Push-up from your feet

This day might be confusing for you so hopefully this video clears it up if it is.

Day 4 - A bit of clarity

This day might be confusing for you so hopefully this video clears it up if it is.

Day 6 - A bit of clarity

Congratulations you have made it to your final phase, if your goal was to do 10 push-ups from your knees once you finish this you should try the more advanced version of this phase with the goal of doing push-ups from your feet. We don't introduce any new variations of push-up into this phase, so if you forget how to do something just go back in the earlier lectures to check or send us a message and we'll clarify it for you.

Phase 5 - This is your final phase
1 page

It's great that you reached your goal of getting 10 push-ups in a row, so you don't want to stop all your momentum now. As well it's very likely exercise has become a habit for you, this lecture will talk about what you can do next and give you some options for some other exercise routines and a maintenance plan so you can continue to do 10 push-ups in a row for the rest of your life!

Maintenance Plan
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