Job Interview Skills Training Course | Successful Interviews
3.9 (66 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,715 students enrolled
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Job Interview Skills Training Course | Successful Interviews

Job Interview Skills Training to hit the ground running | Interview like a PRO and achieve success in your interviews
3.9 (66 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,715 students enrolled
Created by Mauricio Rubio
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • How to get the job!
  • You will get a proven 10 Step process for success in an interview.
  • You will prepare for job interviews like an absolute PRO.
  • Tools and tips that you will love.
  • How to perform due diligence, prepare for success and challenge yourself.
  • How you can leverage on feedback and your mistakes.
  • Value for money. Guaranteed.
  • A high quality learning experience.
  • A guide/process to follow.
  • Job Interview Skills to hit the ground running.
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  • An open mind and a willingness to learn.
  • No prep work or previous knowledge required.

Being successful at job interviews is not rocket science. It's actually quite simple. It requires preparation, studying and training. This Job Interview Skills Training course udemy will prepare you to rock your interviews!! 

By taking this job interview training course udemy you will master the skills you need to excel at interviews and move to the next phase of your professional career (a new job). And best of all you will be able to accomplish this in a short period of time with real-life, proven principles based on years of experience, research and observation. No need for investing long hours studying about interviews. This course has been designed from the ground up to ensure a smooth, succinct and effective learning experience with a step by step proven process. It works, trust me!

What will you learn?

  • To get the job!
  • Job Interview Skills to hit the ground running.
  • Job Interview Skills Training practices to interview like a PRO.
  • How to be effective in an a job interview.
  • To Master the Art of Selling Yourself.
  • About the different types of interviews and how to approach them.
  • The concept of differentiation and its importance.
  • How to perform due diligence, prepare for success and challenge yourself.
  • How you can leverage on feedback and your mistakes.
  • To Excel in an interview.
  • To boost your confidence and communication skills.
  • To handle difficult job interview questions.
  • To rock your interviews!

Why take this course?

  • You will get a proven step by step process to achieve success in your interviews.
  • You will get awesome Freebies, including access to a Free Employability Course from one of the leading Universities in the world.
  • You will prepare for job interviews like an absolute PRO.
  • You will get Job Interview Skills to get your dream job.
  • It's based on real life proven principles.
  • It's short, effective and practical.
  • This Job Interview Skills Training course is simple and easy to follow.
  • It's been developed from the ground up with a focus on quality.
  • You will get tools and tips that you will love in this job interview course udemy.
  • It's value for money. You will spend a small amount but gain a lot of knowledge.
  • You have nothing to lose, you are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee!
  • You will get the inside scoop on all my future courses.

°°If you already made up your mind about taking this course just click on the "Buy Now" button at the top.°° If not, keep reading.

How will this help you?

  • You will get the job!
  • You will master the Job Interview Skills to rock your interviews!
  • You will go fully prepared to an interview.
  • You will feel more confident.
  • What you'll learn will make you effective and successful :)

What are people saying about this course?

"I loved it!. Simple, to the point and really effective. I highly recommend." -Luisa

"Excellent course, very comprehensive content that for sure will help many people to improve their performance when being interviewed. Terrific job Mauricio. Congrats !!!" -Cesar

"Clear steps and explanations. Useful tips and tricks to prepare and perform better in job interviews! It makes me more confident for my next interview!"  -Nanning

Who is behind this course?

An Interview Expert and serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, expert Project Manager and MBA (x2). 

This course is specifically for:

  • People who want to get the job!
  • People who want to move on to the next phase of their professional career.
  • People interested in a job with better conditions and a higher salary.
  • People who want to move out of their comfort zone.
  • People who want to Excel in an interview.
  • People with an open mind and a willingness to learn.
  • People capable of taking notes and applying the step by step process in this job interview skills training course udemy.
  • People that are not happy with their current role and want a change.
  • People who are ready to work for what they want, but need a guide/process to follow.

This course is not suitable for:

  • People that prefer quantity over quality. 
  • People that like lengthy and theoretical explanations. 
  • People who aren't prepared to go through the entire course and take notes.
  • People who expect things to work out without any effort or preparation.
  • People that are trying to get more interviews. This is not about more interviews, it's about being effective in the ones you have.

°°If you think this course is for you, then go ahead and click “Buy Now" and we'll be in touch soon.°°

The Facts

  1. This job interview skills course udemy works! If it doesn't ask for a refund within 30 days.
  2. Unemployment is here to stay. This is a challenge all economies face.
  3. With a growing global population, competition will only continue to increase.
  4. We learn better by following a proven process that is broken up in steps.
  5. You are reading this because you have a genuine interest in being effective in your interviews. And there's good news, I can help you!

Through this Job Interview Skills Training Course you will learn key concepts and practices such as differentiation and the art of selling which will lead to you becoming the preferred candidate for a job. But we will go beyond job interview skills, from rituals and tools, to activities, concepts, examples and reflections. So take this job interview course udemy now to learn what all of this means in more detail and how you can apply it to rock your interviews!!

°°So if you haven't done so already click on "Buy Now" now! Or... What are you waiting for?°°

Production Notes

  • This course was produced in 9 months.
  • The cost of production was >$250K (hours invested x my hourly rate)
  • The creation process involved a high level of attention to detail and a focus on quality.

Pledge to All Students (both current & future students)

  1. Students First. I will never compromise your experience to make money. Never, ever. Yes, this is also a business but to me teaching goes way beyond making money. I already have a full time job and fortunately don't rely on teaching to survive. You are always at the forefront of my courses and I want to ensure you have a unique, valuable and memorable experience. I promise. 
  2. 24x7x365 Support. You can contact me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round, even on holidays, Christmas and New Years Eve; I will get back to you quickly (in a few hours tops) and deliver outstanding quality of service in my support. I promise. 
  3. Humbleness, kindness and social responsibility. I believe in giving back to you and the world. So think of me as your own real-life human "Siri." If you need advice or support just ask. And if I can do something to help you in your journey, I will. I promise.
  4. Australian Made. Recognized in the Industry as a symbol of quality and excellence. All my courses are Made in Australia with high tech and professionally edited. They also include my secret sauce: a lot of passion & love! I also apply in my courses everything I've learnt from years of experience working with technology, projects, entrepreneurs and people all over the world. I promise.  
  5. Quality over Quantity. I will strive to make courses concise, to the point and relevant. Time is one of our most valuable assets and we need to invest it carefully. So I won't make a course long for the purpose of displaying it has more hours; only when strictly necessary. To me it's about quality and if I can deliver that in 5 minutes and save you time, I will. I promise.

Are you a Non Profit or Charity helping the world?

Awesome! The world needs more people like you. Keep up the good work and let me know how I can help. To start with, get in touch with me to unlock free access to all of my courses. Just message me privately and I'll get that sorted for you and your team.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to get the job!
  • Those who want to follow a process or path to successful interviews.
  • Anyone who would like to succeed in an interview.
  • People interested in real life proven principles.
  • People interested in a job with better conditions and a higher salary.
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
Starting the Journey to a Successful Interview
2 Lectures 05:28

This lecture will cover the Introduction to the course:

  • The 10 Steps for a Successful Interview
  • Why this is important and how it will help you achieve your goals and
  • The concept of Differentiation
Preview 02:55

You will learn about your Instructor and his background and how his experience with interviews will help you to get the job!

Background, the "Who" (About your Instructor)
The Basics - Interview 101
2 Lectures 04:41

This lecture will cover the Basics of an interview and what you need to to prior to going to an interview. All focusing on the minimum, the points you have to get right.

Preview 02:15

This lecture will continue to walk you though the Basics but will now shift to what happens during and after the interview. 

The Basics - Part 2
Types of Interviews
4 Lectures 11:08

You will learn about the different types of interview and how to approach them, starting with the Phone Call interview a very typical and early stages interview and generally the first interview in a recruitment process.

Preview 02:40

You will learn how to approach Skype interviews effectively, the Do's and the Don'ts. And I will also walk you through how to manage an interview with a Recruiter and what you can expect in that scenario. 

The Skype Interview & The Recruiter Interview

This lecture will cover the last three types of interviews. Generally the most complex and the ones where most decisions are actually made. You will learn about each one and how to approach them effectively.

The One on One Interview - The Panel Interview & The Group Interview

This lecture will cover one of the future trends of interviews, interviews in Virtual Reality. You will learn what is happening in the market with Virtual Reality, how it will impact our life and why you will end up having an Interview in VR at some point. 

The VR Interview - Virtual Reality
Due Diligence
2 Lectures 04:05

You will learn what the concept of Due Diligence means, why it's so important and which tools you can use in that process. It has to do with research and prep work prior to an interview, a key step to success.

Due Diligence

Through this practical activity you will apply one of the key concepts learnt in this course: Due Diligence.

Course Project - Practical Activity (optional)
Prepare for Success
2 Lectures 05:35

You will learn about key activities that will help you prepare for success in an interview. I will walk you through reflecting on potential scenarios and how you would approach them.

Prepare for Success

You will learn about the concept of Core Competency Interview Questions and how to prepare for those questions. You will be able to prepare for success by going through potential questions you could face in an interview.

Guide to Answering Core Competency Interview Questions
Challenge Yourself
1 Lecture 04:51

You will learn to get out of your comfort zone and prepare for the hard questions. This will be like a good workout in the gym.

Challenge Yourself
Practice, Practice, Practice
1 Lecture 03:00

You will learn how to practice and why even the rock starts practice, why it's so important. You will also learn to review, reflect and adjust.

Practice, Practice, Practice
The Art of Selling
2 Lectures 07:54

You will learn that in an interview you are a product, you are a brand and how you sell yourself will make the difference between you getting the job and not getting it. You will also learn about the importance of being compelling and developing trust.

Preview 02:53

This lecture will continue to walk you through the Art of Selling, now focusing on providing evidence, agreeing with the interviewer, among other key concepts.

The Art of Selling - Part 2
Engage with the Audience
1 Lecture 03:47

You will learn to engage your interviewers during the interview. So basically how to do it, how you can showcase expertise and how to learn and adapt in real time during the interview. An important skill for success. 

Engage with the Audience
1 Lecture 08:09

This lecture will cover the different types of feedback and how you can leverage on each one.

2 More Sections
About the Instructor
Mauricio Rubio
4.3 Average rating
1,167 Reviews
13,209 Students
10 Courses
Serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, expert PM & MBA

In a nutshell, I'm a serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, expert PM and MBA (x2). But at heart, I'm also an Educator. 

Mauricio in Numbers

Founded or co-founded 3 business startups (in the last 6 years).

Invested in 5 personal startups.

Studied 2 MBAs and 1 Bachelor of Engineering.

Teaching thousands of students in more than 160 countries worldwide (that's nearly every country on the planet!).

Traveled to 10 Countries and lived in 4.

Lives in the most beautiful city in the world, frequently ranked in the Top 10 places to live & visit.

Works for a prestigious University, ranked 1st in Australia and 8th in the world among young Universities.

Worked for a Fortune 500 company (Johnson&Johnson) for 6 years. During that time received a High Performance and Global Leadership award.

Was in the Top 40 in the world that were part of J&J's Global Operations Leadership Development program inaugural class.

Speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

Has 2 siblings, 23 cousins, 6 uncles and 8 aunts. 

The Story

My passion for entrepreneurship, technology and education started when I was just a kid. By the time I was 15 I had already started three businesses: candy commercialization at school, newspaper recycling in my community and car washing for family and friends. I had also moved from Colombia (South America) to the U.S. to experience first-hand the American culture, something I was always curious about. By the time I had reached my 20’s I had moved on to a knowledge based business, teaching English. And during my 20’s and 30’s I got married, became a self-taught investor, started trading stocks in the U.S., Australian and Colombian markets, traveled the world, migrated to Australia, did 2 MBAs and started all the startups listed below. I also speak three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), have been to over 60 cities in 10 countries & 4 continents and have also lived in Colombia, Mexico, USA and Australia (my home)

The Entrepreneur

***Business Startups

1) Udemy - 10th course launched, more to come. | Knowledge turned into useful / commercially viable courses

2) Numbby - Shutdown | a crowdsourced/curated source of data, statistics and everything in numbers.

3) Todoenbienes – Shutdown | a social network for selling and buying products and services. 

***Personal Startups

1) Global MBA with Tulane University. Studied in New Orleans (USA), Paris (France) and Beijing (China).

2) Migrated to Australia as a Permanent Resident and Skilled Professional.

3) Started a Street Performance Documentary on YouTube (you can google it, just enter "Street Performance Documentary Mauricio Rubio Parra").

4) MauricioRubio dot com – On Going | Free knowledge sharing. It's my way of giving back to the world.

5) Amazing photography - Find it on Instagram (just search "_mauriciorubio")

***Behind the Scenes

It's not all pink, ponies and rainbows. Even though I have had many successes as a person, professional and entrepreneur, I have also been rejected many times. A lot of people have not believed in my projects or ideas and have not supported me in my journey. Yet, like Jack Ma I have kept moving fwd because I strongly believe I'm doing the right thing in pursuing my dreams and projects (go to youtube and search "Jack Ma rejected by Harvard"). Here is a list of the people who have rejected me recently (to name a few):

1) The prestigious University MIT, twice in 2016

2) The Boston Global Mass Challenge in 2014.

3) The Colombian Government - Trip to Silicon Valley in 2014. 

In addition to the above, you should know this about me. It's not easy for me to share this publicly, but the time has come for me to do it. I always knew this day would come as what I lived has helped others around me and will continue to help many more. It is not a movie, fable, legend or novel. It's a true story, my testimony, my story. 

Whether you believe it or not, doesn't really matter & is probably not really important, but it happened just as I am about to tell you. Like many rock stars, in the past I battled depression, anxiety, insomnia and even suicide. At one point I thought I wasn't going to make it. I felt I just couldn't battle any longer and felt not only lost and weak, but also very alone and sad... But my family stood by my side in my darkest moments, all of them. My mom (or my Angel as I call her sometimes) cleaned the sweat of my forehead as I spent sleepless nights in a battle for survival where I couldn't even get myself together for a simple prayer. Her deep love kept me alive many times. As did the help of good doctors (who were also close friends), two monks who taught me the true value of life, forgiveness, sadness & happiness and the love of a guy I like to call dad. Ultimately, he would save me and would transform me into what I am today. 

All I can say about that experience is that it was probably one of the most (if not the most) painful, sad and hard moments in my life. Metaphorically, blood tears came out of my eyes many times. But it was also one of the moments where I have learnt the most about me and who I truly wanted to become. After spending days reflecting, sometimes alone in a mountain, I left behind my worldly empty ambitions and changed a "promising future," rides in limousines and ten thousand dollar dinners to pursue my passions, like love, helping others, education, technology and even the little things that make me happy such as teaching. So here I am today.  

The Adventurer

When I reflect on what I've done in my life I always conclude that even though I've done a lot, I still feel there's a lot for me to do, to explore. But I'm happy with what I've done so far, so I wanted to share some of those unique adventures or special moments with all of you. Moments that I treasure in my heart and that will always be part of who and what I am. I also realize that not everyone gets the opportunity to experience some of these things first hand, so I feel both grateful and fortunate for all of these experiences:

1) Climbing the Great Wall of China. It wasn't so hard going up, but coming down was a true challenge. I could feel my knees shake all the way down due to the small steps, the incline and the weight of my body. I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath but I made it all the way up and all the way down. 

2) Hunting Crocodiles in New Orleans. You can watch this one on youtube, just search "Mauricio the Crocodile Hunter." I had a blast with this experience and probably took unnecessary risks which could have lead to me losing a hand lol, but I had a lot of fun. 

3) Swimming in an Underground River down in Mexico. The water was crystal clear and it was a very unique experience. I loved it. At times I was a bit scared too, but overall I enjoyed it. The trees over the river were amazing...

4) Visting the Salt Cathedral in Colombia. This place is a human marvel. An entire cathedral built on a salt mine, with salt!! Yes, salt!! It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life and on that day I have to say I felt really proud of being Colombian. 

5) Seeing the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia for the first time. You have no idea how excited I was on this day. I almost couldn't believe I was there and could feel my body shake with excitement. For a moment I thought I was going to cry and I guess I almost did. You experience the true might of Australia when you're in Sydney.

6) Climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Seeing all of Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower was so amazing... But even better was having some wine with friends on a bridge, visiting the Louvre, Sacred Heart and Arc of Triumph. All incredible experiences. 

7) Driving 20 & 40 Ton Half a Million Dollar Excavators in North Dakota, near the border with Canada. Oh this was so much fun. Brought me back to when I was 5 years old and playing with friends in the sand with cheaper toys. Fortunately I didn't wreck any of these bad boyz. 

8) Putting one foot in the ocean and another one in a river at the same time in Brazil. This South American country is rich in culture, good food, friendly people and beautiful views. I never thought I could be in a river and the ocean at the same time until I went to Brazil. Definitely memorable. 

9) Climbing the Sun and Moon Pyramids in Mexico. Everything looked so small from up there and I felt so much peace at the top of these places that I will never forget them. You should know that despite of its violent international reputation, Mexico is probably one of my favorite spots on Earth. 

10) Snowboarding & Rafting in Aspen. This place is one of the top ski resorts in the world and its international reputation is well earned. The views and mountains of Aspen make you feel like you're in a postcard. 

11) Eating ants and frogs with the locals. Yep, I've done it but wouldn't do it again. Of course these weren't the typical ants you see around, nor were the frogs. They are both "special dishes" where I had them and to be honest they weren't that bad (the ants were roasted and tasted a bit like nuts), but like I said, once in a life time for me.

12) Visiting Potsdam in Germany. This was once the house of Kings and Queens and it truly is a very unique place. Of all the countries I've been to, Germany is one of the Top 3 places I would go to. I love it. Such a great place. 

The Professional (My CV)

Master of Management and Engineer with ten years’ Project Management experience (Agile certified). Expert in software and mobile development projects (including agile development and digital services) with a strong capacity to drive innovation, productivity, efficiency, improvement, growth and high performance. 

Experience with Higher Education, small, mid-size and large companies; proven track record of consistently exceeding targets, delivering projects on time and within budget (flawless project execution).

I've lead course development, LMS, CMS, CRM, mobile apps, Facebook apps, web development, new product development, IT, operations, sales and procurement projects across a wide range of industries including Higher Education, IT, FMCG and Equipment industries. I also worked for the following companies:

-An Australian Go8 University, ranked in the Top 1% in the world.

-The leading Online Training provider in Australia: e3Learning, part of Open Universities Australia which has big clients such as Qantas, IGA and Tupperware.

-A Colombian compact and heavy equipment distributor: ETECOL, part of Doosan and Bobcat a global company with Billions of dollars in sales.

-An American high tech startup with important clients such as NASA, the White House and the U.S. Department of Defense.

-An American Fortune 500 company: Johnson&Johnson one of the biggest and most respected brands in the world. 

Academic Background

Master of Management - Tulane University

MBA - ICESI University

Bachelor of Engineering - Javeriana University

Professional Development

User Innovation - MIT

Data Wise: A Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching - Harvard University

"I'm not an ideal man, but a man of ideas" -Khodorkovsky