10 Perfect Lead Magnet Ideas For Online Instructors
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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10 Perfect Lead Magnet Ideas For Online Instructors

Deploy 10 Awesome Lead Magnet Ideas Specifically Brainstormed For Online Instructors
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6 students enrolled
Created by Mike DeVincent
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build an email list of your students using these 10 awesome lead magnet ideas
  • Turn your courses and your blog into a list building machine while promoting your future (and current) courses
  • Deploy 10 powerful lead magnet ideas specifically for online instructors
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  • You should have online courses, or be interested in creating online courses
  • If you have a WordPress blog, you'll get even more out of this course
  • You must be able to set up a lead capture page, and a basic email funnel for this course to work
  • If you know how to promote a lead capture page, but just want to brainstorm 10 awesome lead magnet ideas for online instructors, then this is perfect

Start Building Your Email List As An Online Instructor! But First, Ask Yourself This Question...

How Would It Feel If You Could Finally Build Your Email List As An Online Instructor, So You Could Attract Your Awesome Students To Subscribe To Your Email List Consistently And Reliably?

The problem with being an online instructor, as you know, is selling your courses.

To be honest, after publishing about 20 online courses (at the time that I write this), I know the main problem most instructors have, is that they just can't generate traffic to their new courses.

That's why I'm so passionate about this course.

Allow Yourself To Finally Build Your Email List As An Online Instructor By Using These 10 Lead Magnet Ideas That Work Beautifully For Online Instructors.

So, how would it feel if instead of banging your head against the wall and struggling trying to come up with lead magnet ideas that you can use to attract new subscribers...

That you could instead skip all of the struggle, and finally begin brainstorming 10 beautiful lead magnet ideas that your audience will love?

The Best Part Is That These Lead Magnet Ideas Are 100% Evergreen! So They'll Work In Virtually Any Niche, Regardless Of What Year It Is.

It doesn't matter if you teach computer programming, Internet marketing, or how to make beautiful delicious cookies; the 10 lead magnet ideas in this course will be super easy to deploy, and it doesn't matter what year it is.

Even better, is that the majority of these lead magnet ideas are super simple to deploy, and they'll build massive rapport with your students.

Grant yourself the awesome chance to finally crack a massive smile the next time you launch your next course.

What’s The Real World Value Of This Course?

If you hired an instructor with as much experience as I have to help you personally brainstorm your own lead magnet ideas, that would easily cost you a few hundred bucks.

And what if you brainstormed these ideas on your own? How long would that take you?

A few hours? A few days? A few weeks? So really, ask yourself how much your time is worth? Truly, it's worth more than a few bucks, right?

That's why you're getting a great deal on this course, and you also get lifetime access and updates!

Enroll In This Course Now And Allow Yourself To Build Your Email List As An Online Instructor!

Who is the target audience?
  • If you're an online instructor who wants to build an email list then you'll love this course
  • If you're not an online instructor, DO NOT take this course
  • If you don't want to build an email list, or hate email marketing, DO NOT get this course.
  • If you can already brainstorm 10 awesome lead magnet ideas easily, DO NOT get this course
  • If you're not sure what a "Lead Capture Page", or a "Thank You" page is, SKIP THIS COURSE
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction To 10 Perfect Lead Magnet Ideas For Online Instructors
2 Lectures 06:51

Have you ever published an online course, but then you felt like curling up into a ball and crying because nobody ever visits your sales page? If that's the case, you're going to love this. So you can finally start building your email list as an online instructor consistently and reliably.

Preview 03:59

In my humble opinion, email marketing is the secret weapon to almost every successful online instructor. Imagine this scenario. Always remember that with an email list, you can easily build massive rapport with your audience, all the while selling your future (and current) courses on a consistent basis.

But there's a massive problem. That problem, is thinking of cool lead magnet ideas that aren't over-saturated and, to be frank, totally lame.

So imagine if instead of struggling trying to figure out what you could give away to your students to get them to subscribe to your email newsletter, that you literally had access to a massive brainstorm session where I talk about 10 awesome lead magnet ideas for online instructors. If that would feel good, you'll definitely love to check this out.

Preview 02:52
10 Perfect Lead Magnet Ideas For Online Instructors
10 Lectures 33:07

To be brutally honest, this is the lead magnet that I've had the best luck with.

So in this lecture I'm going to reveal the secret that enabled me to turn virtually all of my Udemy courses into a list building machine.

It's true that I often switch back and forth between different lead magnets, however, I'm confident that this one is going to work the best, especially if you have a massive library of courses.

The Two For One Method

This method will allow you to offer a massive boatload of content that almost any student will find hard to resist.

Even better, if you have a blog, or a book, you'll be able to prompt your readers with an offer that's ridiculously difficult to pass up.

That's why you might love this lecture - so you can feel good offering something that has tremendous value, even though this is super easy to overlook.

The University Method

This is by far the single best lead magnet idea if you're a coach or a consultant.

So maybe you use your courses as a method to generate leads? If so, this could be the single best way to generate massive authority, rapport and goodwill with your students, while at the same time delivering something beautiful.

Even if you're NOT a coach or a consultant, this might be a really cool lead magnet to use so you can get to know about your students, and you'll be building a relationship with your new email subscribers that can last a lifetime.

The Consultation Method

This is by far, one of the best lead magnets you can use. But just a fair warning, it's not for everyone.

To be honest, this lead magnet requires a lot of effort, so if you're totally shy you might want to skip this lead magnet idea and use something easier.

However, if you're not shy of using a microphone, and you want an opportunity to sell even more of your courses to your audience, then this method, in my opinion, is arguably one of the best (and most powerful) that you can ever deploy.

Preview 03:49

This lead magnet is super ninja. Not only will you be able to turn this lead magnet into an additional asset, but you'll also be providing something so valuable, that your audience will love you for it.

And once again, this lead magnet is an asset on its own. So you can literally SELL this lead magnet elsewhere if you want to, or give it away on your blog.

This might require a little bit of extra work to put together, but if your students love your courses, they'll definitely want this lead magnet.

The Audio Method

Maybe you love the idea of providing additional value to your students, but you're totally phone-phobic (like me), and don't like to idea of offering phone consulting to better help your students?

So, in other words, if you love the idea of coaching your students to success, but don't want to manually contact and help your students, then this lead magnet might be totally beautiful for you.

The best part is that you can easily deploy this without any additional time required on your behalf. It's true that this DOES require time to setup once, but after that, it's going to work on near-autopilot, so you can help your students into perpetuity without any ongoing efforts.

The Automated Coaching Method

This lead magnet idea is awesome. It's about giving away a book, BUT NOT just any book.

Because face it. The last thing your students want is another lame PDF report that they're never going to read. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but ask yourself this one question: how many PDF reports have you downloaded and never read? I'm sure the answer is "A lot!".

That's why you might love this lead magnet. Because it's a very special kind of report that your students, especially your faithful students, are actually going to love. :)

The Bookworm Method

If there's one thing I've learned after publishing 20-some-odd courses, is that people are BUSY.

It's something you've probably noticed too. Many of your students, for whatever reason, almost NEVER finish your course. It's not because your courses are bad. It's because, on average, people are so busy these days!

That's why you, and your audience, are going to adore this particulate lead magnet. So your students can consume your course, in a fraction of the time. So essentially, this lead magnet, at the core, is offering something that your students require more than anything; which is of course, time.

The Cheater Method

This lead magnet is all about offering COUPONS to your course. But, there's a very sneaky strategy deployed here.

Want a hint? Well, this lead magnet will allow you to attract prospects who are, I believe, statistically likely to want to BUY your future (and current) courses.

Just a disclaimer: this lead magnet will in all probability attract LESS leads, but, they will be more likely to WANT TO BUY your courses. So, it's an interesting trade off and worth split testing. :)

The Direct To Sale Method

This lead magnet is going to tap into the infinite curiosity of your students.

So you can not only offer more value to any of your courses, but you'll also be driving your students insane with curiosity, enticing them to subscribe!

And, you don't have to feel bad when offering this lead magnet, because your students are going to absolutely benefit big time if you put this lead magnet together as described in this lecture.

The Master Secret Method
Concluding Thesis
2 Lectures 10:41

There are two main situations of promoting your lead capture page as an online instructor.

The first situation, is where you'll be promoting your lead capture page to your CURRENT students. The second situation, is where you'll be promoting your lead capture page to your PROSPECTIVE students.

This lecture covers both, and tells the main methods that I personally use to promote my lead capture page.

How To Get Your Students And Readers To Visit Your Lead Capture Page

By this point in the course, you will have already brainstormed 10 awesome lead magnet ideas that your students will most likely thank you for.

In this particular lecture, I'm going to offer you support and also give you a few pointers on going forward into list building perpetuity as an online instructor.

So you can finally crack a massive smile the next time you brainstorm your lead magnet campaign, instead of straining your neck and banging your head against your desk in frustration!

How To Go Forward With Utmost Confidence And Clarity
Bonus Lecture - Grab A Bunch Of Cool Bonuses
1 Lecture 04:16

In this juicy bonus lecture I'm going to share a huge boatload of bonus gifts, cheat sheets, checklists, reports, and ebooks. Topics include: email list building, email copywriting, social media automation, course creation, my personal Solo Ad Rolodex, and a ton of other awesome goodies.

Bonus Lecture - A Ton Of Awesome Bonus Reports, Cheat Sheets, E-books, And More!
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